Sexualization of Children

This guy will have a heart attack if he’s not careful, but I like him. But maybe we’ll take a look at the young Amanda Todd.

cheer leader

Really – is it any surprise that Amanda eventually came to the decision that her body was the most important thing about her? Not all kids do, of course, but for her, it became so. I find pictures like this disturbing – idiots find them cute.

More and more kids are being encouraged to think that the world is all about how good you look, how sexy you look, but without any of the backup of some sort of moral education, or even just basic warnings about the big wide world out there.

Look – this isn’t cute. It’s not sweet. It’s a picture of a young girl copying all the poses of adults, learning that her body and her poses will get rounds of applause and adulation. Many, many young girls will come through this phase unscathed, but many others will go down another path – self esteem issues based on how they look; anorexia; bulimia – all the sorts of problems based around appearance. And for Amanda, it led to BlogTV and multiple naked exposures.

A definition of cheerleading:

Legal soft-core porn performance for horny teenagers and perv dudes at public events.

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