Carol Todd – getting much closer to the truth


Wow! Over time, the truth is becoming clearer. There are times for saying ‘I told you so!’ and modesty forbids me from saying it. But I told you so!

Now – in the original Amanda Todd video, we are led to believe that Amanda flashed just once, and that the ensuing saga was one of tragic misfortune. A year later, a lone stalker sent out one photo, and the cops turned up at 4 a.m. for a case of what was, essentially, sexting.

I, of course, disputed that. But now we get closer to the truth.

Carol Todd now says she knew everything that was going on. She supposedly had all of Amanda’s Facebook passwords and so on. But she also seems to imply that she knew about all the BlogTV stuff (note that she avoids actually naming BlogTV, or UStream, or TinyChat or whatever).

But note the entire change to the story. She now admits to there being more than one picture, and tells us it was videos. She also tells us that the videos were posted on a pornographic website (most probably cameracaptures, as I have already stated) and they then went viral. And now, the pretend stalker is supposed to have posted links to the video – not the photo, as we were previously led to believe. Why, if it had already gone viral, would anyone need to post links? See how the story is just full of holes.

Also note – in Amanda’s video, there is a supposed 12 month gap between picture and exposure. Yet Carol Todd now states that it was a couple of months. Are we now seeing the truth? Or more complex lies to cover something up?

So this supports this view: the police turned up at 4 a.m. on December 23rd, 2010, not because ‘one photo’ had been sent out, but because Amanda had turned up on a pornographic website and it had gone viral. They responded to complaints from the public, and were much more concerned about how a parent could have been so ignorant of what was going on. The police would not have turned up for what was, essentially, just another case of sexting. And certainly not at 4 a.m.

It also supports the case that there probably wasn’t a stalker. If, as Mrs Todd states quite clearly, the videos had ended up on a pornographic website and gone viral, the stalker would have had no power. If everyone knew, what would be the point in threatening to expose it? It is 100% more likely that one of her peers simply got hold of the news and passed it on to all of the school mates. A stalker would not have made the effort to get on to everyone’s friends lists. It also makes you realise that this is the reason why no stalker has ever been mentioned by name or dealt with – the fact is there simply was not a stalker. The video simply went viral, as Mrs Todd has stated.

So – hurray. The pack of lies is falling apart. And the blame falls even more squarely on Carol Todd’s shoulders. If she knew so much about what her daughter was up to, as she claims in this video, why didn’t she put a stop to it?

Today, I feel like I am one step closer to the truth. And I think it is a clear vindication of everything this blog has set out to do – to tell, and establish, the truth. Thank you to all those people who have trusted me.  I hope this goes some way to confirming that trust.

5 thoughts on “Carol Todd – getting much closer to the truth

  1. “the stalker would have had no power. If everyone knew, what would be the point in threatening to expose it?”
    You clearly don’t understand the way these people work. None of your “logic” matters. If they can make a threat, they’ll make it that’s the bottom line. You can ask whatever questions you want but the fact is they don’t matter. If these people can get their hands on material and if they can use it against someone they will. That’s just the way it works.

    “A stalker would not have made the effort to get on to everyone’s friends lists.”
    That goes to show your ignorance to the situation. You would not believe the amount of people who have created countless profiles simply dedicated to stalking a girl. If they get blocked, they’ll make another and do the same thing or they’ll simply create a new facebook under a different identity and try a different approach. You may find it hard to believe that people are so pathetic that they’d go through all that trouble, but they do and there’s a lot of them.

    The reason you have such trouble believing there was a stalker involved is because you have no understanding of the community that was involved. This type of stuff is not uncommon, in fact it happens quite frequently. You would know that if you would do some real research of your own instead of simply reading media articles written by people who are just as misinformed as you are.

    • Really, you need to understand a lot more about this story. I am fully aware of how the Capper community works. I have shown their behaviour in this blog. So it’s not new to me.
      We have some basic problems here. Amanda was fully aware of the Capper community. She was in close contact with them – informing them of her ip ban, and later sending a message to them in January 2011 concerning her ‘blackmail’. So we can’t say that she was naive. If she hadn’t been aware of the Capper community, then I would be prepared to see it as some gigantic mistake, but unfortunately, she knew what she was up to. Her need to expose herself can be seen in the fact that, after being banned from BlogTV as ‘cutiielover’ she managed to return as ‘Announcing Amanda’. If someone is banned from BlogTV, they would have immediately got the message that what they were doing was wrong, but she went to the trouble of making a new identity and returning.
      Now – we know that the Capper community essentially played games. We know that they had awards for heros, camwhores, and blackmailers. Amanda would have known that, as she was on good terms with them. She would have known that the likelihood of her being capped was almost 100%. Amanda would have also known that she was exhibiting herself to large audiences – BlogTV is not designed for one to one discussion. And we know from pictures and commentary that she exhibited herself many times.
      So we have all the ingredients for disaster. We know that at least one of her videos appeared on the cameracaptures website – that has already been mentioned in this blog. If you go to that website (which I don’t advise) you will see just how many kids turn up there.
      Amanda was simply too wrapped up in it all to think about the consequences. We can discount the idea that she was in some way naive – her multiple identities are not the product of someone with learning difficulties, they are the product of someone who actually knew quite a lot about going online. And to imply that in some way she was enticed online is a joke. Maybe her initial flash was a bit of online seduction, but her continued exposure was simply down to the fact that she liked the attention. And really – a shy recluse does not call herself ‘cutiielover’, or ‘Announcing Amanda’ or ‘isabella100555’ and all her other titles. And don’t you think it is odd that mother seems to imply that she knew everything, yet never stopped it happening?
      Now you have to look at other aspects. She was captured online, that’s for certain. She was ‘a celebrity of sorts’ on BlogTV – that’s for certain. (How mother never knew is odd). And all her info is online – she never kept anything private.
      And so her pictures escape. It is very likely that someone decided to spread the photos around. That’s typical of the Capper community. But remember – in Amanda’s video, it was one ‘picture’, not one video, or several. The story is now that it was a link to a website. So the story changes over time – which one are you prepared to believe. And Mrs Todd implies that it was the video from the website that went viral – e.g. that people knew all about this before anyone spread the link. So what’s the truth there? And Amanda says in the video that it was one year later, not a couple of months. Someone isn’t getting the story straight.
      Now consider this. It IS highly likely that some mean-spirited person sent the link to some, or maybe a lot, of Amanda’s friends. But why do I doubt that this is a sophisticated plan? If the person had sent out all these links, someone somewhere would have known who it was. The stalker would have left a trail a mile wide. If they had friended so many people, someone somewhere would have had an idea of who it was. And if this same person HAD been blackmailing Amanda over a period of time, how come Amanda’s mom never knew if she was so vigilant? And she says that her and Amanda were always so open about everything.
      So we are left with a couple of thoughts. Either the way I think – that her videos simply leaked out virally to her friends – or that someone kicked it off by actually sending the links to people. But to a certain extent, it’s irrelevant. They would have gotten out sooner or later. And it might have been one of many of Amanda’s admirers. There were hundreds. What is more weird about the story is this – after this catastrophe, Amanda STILL existed online as Mandaa&Shyy and isabella100555 at least. That’s peculiar, and it kind of betrays a lot more. For some reason, Amanda STAYED online, continuing with the same sort of stuff. If she had learned her lesson, or if it was all so terrifying, why didn’t she quit? Or why didn’t mother make her quit? It was this continuing online stuff that culminated in a SECOND online threat.
      As time goes on, we are gradually learning more and more. The ‘one off’ photo has now become ‘celebrity’ on BlogTV; now, we see it wasn’t a photo, but a link to a website showing a video – one which had already gone viral. The 12 month gap between photo and exposure has now become a couple of months.
      But you need to ask yourself this – just why would police turn up at 4 a.m.? Just why was no stalker ever found? Why was there never any names mentioned, even though he contacted so many people? Why did Amanda continue online as if nothing had ever happened? Like I’ve said over and over again – there’s something not right about this story.
      But I will finish with one thing – there would have been no need to stalk, as Amanda was too openly online. The idea that someone would have to make an effort to find out who her friends were and so on is ludicrous – Amanda was simply too well-known. There would have been no need for the stalker to insinuate his way into her life – one or two online communications would have been enough to make it spread like wildfire. And it is hugely likely that the second occurrence was simply someone from amongst her peers who didn’t like her. Simply a vindictive act by a vindictive person. But that’s the Internet for you. With Amanda being so ‘out there’ all the time, a lot of this was inevitable. Like you say, it’s not uncommon. But you still can’t escape from the fact that she should have been much more supervised.
      However – note that the media has turned this into an anti-bullying campaign, not an anti-Capper campaign. Had the truth been told in the first place, then this story could have been used much more correctly as a huge warning against BlogTV and so on. The main story of the dangers of Cappers has, to a large extent, been ignored, turning into a story of one little mistake – not a huge series of errors over a period of time.
      The Amanda Todd story is unique in that it encapsulates so much – from mental health to parenting, from drink and drugs to Internet addiction, from underage sex to schoolyard bullying. It should have been treated with much more respect by the media, and the truth should have been told from the start. By not facing up to the facts about Amanda and her troubles, valuable opportunities have been lost.

  2. My name is Greg Sticker. On Oct 10, 2012 a girl name Amanda Michelle Todd took her life. The story around her was tragic. Sensationalized in the media, and not a few R I P Facebook pages were born. I became interested because I felt sympathy for her. I then started to have dreams with Amanda in them. At first I was creeped out. Then I decided after the third dream to go with it. I knelt at a prayer altar and meditated one night. That night I had a dream where I was reading Matthew 9:18–-26, which is the raising of Jairus’ daughter. Amanda was sitting on my bed. She spoke. The first time she did. There were three previous dreams. She said,”pay attention to what you are reading.” After that night I prayed for other dreams. Now the dreams total around twenty some odd Actually I lost count.
    But they are more intense. I believe she is actually wanting me to befriend her. As do I. I actually prayed she was or would be my guardian angel. I have a blog where there is a story called, “Her Birthday My Life Lesson. The story is based on one such dream. I wanted to know if there is a way she can cross over to me, come out of dreams, and her spirit actually follow me on this side. She is so gentle and she knows I want this because I said it aloud one night. I had a candle lit and no lights in my room. I meditated on seeing her image. Then a cross fell off a wall. I don’t know but I feel it could have been her? The story of her short life matches mine. Though born decades apart, there are similarities. She was said to have felt as an outcast. Few real friends. The ones she had she
    got into trouble with. I felt like a loner, I was a loner with few companions.
    My birth date is April 3, 1965
    Amanda Michelle Todd November 27, 1996 until October 10, 2012. It may be
    important to note that Michael the Archangel is my baptized patron saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church; that all my life in the many spiritual homes I have had I always felt an interest in him. Amanda’s middle name is Michelle. Feminine form of Michael. Two weeks ago I had a dream. I dreamt we were in the home of my sister in Tennessee. In the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. I took Amanda walking up to an empty lot I knew about. We look over the town below. Amanda starts telling me that when Lucifer was an arch angel, he bargained with Michael to divide up the kingdom. Well the rest as they say is history. Amanda and I were spiritual bodies. Flames. She was and is a bright pink. I am a deep orange. She said we both sided with Michael to retain loyalty to God and the Lord Jesus Christ. In the rebellion Amanda was severely wounded by a fallen angel who incarnated as an abuser her life time. I was incarnated in 1965 too late and miles away from her.
    Amanda connected with me again after her death because she is a Twin Flame. A Twin Flame is a soul’s other half. They are rare. They only connect after one of the soul’s inhabitant dies. Many who have twin flames though share many personality traits. Mine and hers definitely were found to be oddly similar. Drugs, alcohol, feelings of anxiety or depression. She said in the dream, that the Era of the Second Advent is soon to approach. Michael needs all people who were called by his
    name to come to form our past alliances.
    Preparation for Armageddon. She told me in a previous dream. That she
    and I knew each other from “before the rebellion.” I was
    told by a psychic medium that Amanda is a twin flame. Never meant to
    meet in this life, but now that her soul is just that a soul, she is
    in limbo and neds to contact me. We both need each other equally.
    last week was a full moon. I meditated and said Orthodox prayers
    outside. I felt Amanda so close. I know when I am dreaming. It’s how
    I can ask Amanda questions or make suggestions. We fight like cats
    and dogs but then when we make up….. well. In the dream last
    Monday night she told me that the world will soon be deceived. She
    was complaining of stomach sickness. She said she missed her period.
    Then she sauid,”Baby, this child is ours. but Aaron Nicholas
    will NEVER see this god foraken planet.” “He will be raised
    in the New Kingdom. “Baby read the freaking paper and watch the
    tv news. This world is so jacked up Greg. Wars famine, just like
    Jesus said it would be.” “But baby, watch ad wait. Michael
    told me to tell you that there will be a man soon who will seem to
    have all the answers for the world. But he will NOT be the true
    king.” She kissed me then said,”Baby go to work before you
    are late.” Then the alarm woke me up.
    Peace Out.

  3. What I am about to tell you is proof positive that either I am officially insane or Amanda, sweet little Amanda, is really inside me. Or that’s my theory okay? For the past three days I was feeling a strange vibration. She is calling it a strange frequency. I have had people remark that there is a glow on my face. Three so far. I also have checked the mirror. I have a pinkish rash on my face. It was kind of funny because one of the people that noticed it was an older black woman that works at my hotel. She said I had Roseau A skin condition. She is wanting to rub a tube of some cream on my face. She actually pulls a tube of face cream out her purse. Okay. Odd occurrence number two. Just last night, Amanda asks, “Can I drive home please Greg.” I actually feel like a voice or rather thought ran through my mind. I read a site that dealt with Twin Flames. Some guy there posted his twin flame communicates telepathically with him and has for six years. He carries on conversations mentally. When in public he just of course does not act as though she is within. But get this, he says that when he meditates deep enough, he can actually as he put it, feel her presence as if a actual person is with him. He said this in an email. not on the public forum though. I also feel like a new energy. I am learning to adjust. At first I felt weird around people ya know? But now I am beginning to actually like it. Alright. Now I have to tell you Amanda and I were conversing. I as I told you before like am able to talk. Telepathically I guess you can say? Any way for example, I felt like a female voice go”baby, can I drive home?” And I said, in my head of course “yeah sure Michelle.” She answers”I’m Amanda.” So of course to anyone else looking I am just getting in the car like normal. Then while driving home I find myself listening to a station on the radio that is well, a teeny bop station. I listen usually to Classic rock. But a conversation is going on between us. It is a serious one. She mentions an old friend of mine. “Greg. I don’t want to hear the name Darin, come from your lips again. That piece of sh– is a demon.” Then I sit in silence. driving along radio on. Then that female feeling voice says seriously,”I gotta say something.” Turn that down, or off.” I turn the radio way down. Then she relates to something about how this Darin was a lower ranked angel who sided with Lucifer in the rebellion. He was the one who got another fallen angel to try to get her to join their camp. Amanda naively joins up. Only after Michael finds out does he send me to go retrieve her. Well a fight ensues between me and this fallen angel, Amanda is no where to be found. The fallen angel in question turns out to be the one who when they were incarnated on Earth was Amanda’s abuser. The guy I’m theorizing is the boy who slept with Amanda and his gf finds out, then beats Amanda up. The other fallen angel turns out according to Amanda was incarnated on November 27, 1968. Darin. There is a checkered past with a friend named Darin. Amanda told me, “You know that bad wreck in October 1988?” “I was not yet born but dude, I was pissed. I tried to overstep my bounds and I caused that to happen. That’s how bad I hate that creep.” I am in shock. I think a thought in my head. “Amanda Michelle, I almost died!” She screeches,”He had more injuries baby then you! I wish he did die.” “Amanda, if you are on Jesus’ side, why then do you hate Darin. Or anyone.” The conversation goes on. Darin is revealed to be this demon who she neva eva wants his name breathed by me… Now, if I am going schizophrenic, I want to know. But Amanda just tonight warned me to “never ever act like you are talking to me dude. Watch your body language Greg.” She then says,”We’ll talk with our thoughts.” half smart alecky I think,”Well can you do dishes with me?” She goes,”Dude you are so weird! Can you take one thing seriously in your frickin’ life?”
    I could go on but I think you get the picture. I feel like a girl is inside me, my face is pinkish, and there’s a girlie feeling thought that expresses itself. She also says she is just as nervous as me, but we both have to make adjustments and so forth. “Greg, we are going into where angels fear to tread… just please don’t let anyone know this is going on.” Final thing. I do think that this experiment will lead to wonderful achievements. Oh and she has already proved that she is loyal to Jesus Christ. I found myself reading the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist. She partook of a piece of bread from church, and some wine I had already had. I read aloud some parts, then got quiet while mentally reading some. It was then that the “girl thought took over. After it was done, she goes,”Now, if I am a fake or demon, I would never ever take the body and blood.” Calmly I felt like she put the prayer book back on my altar.

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