Amanda Todd – the true story

The Amanda Todd story is one of the saddest stories in a long time, but not for the reasons so many people attach to it. It’s sad because she was simply allowed to be the architect of her own destruction – from going online, taking drugs, turning to drink, all the way through to underage sex. And nobody stepped in to prevent it. And now, even after her death, the sadness continues. All of her R.I.P. pages have turned into scam pages and troll pages. They have become an insult to her memory. Any online reference to Amanda is met, almost straight away, with some kind of argument about whether she brought it upon herself or not, and the words used are unbelievably derogatory. Running this blog has shown me the type of interest remaining. WordPress tells its bloggers the source of any queries that have led to a visit, and I can tell you that the queries are all prurient – ‘amanda todd tits’, ‘amanda todd boobs’, ‘amanda todd flash’ and so on.

And the same sort of thing happens for her mother. Most of her appearances online are now met with comments criticising her behaviour. There’s not much support left.

So now I will publish the true story of Amanda Todd. It’s as true as you will find online, and most people are aware of what really happened, so it’s nothing new. Tomorrow,  I will publish another version explaining how I think that a lot of the story has been embellished, and how I came to a conclusion that the story’s end has been faked. But for now, this is simplest the truest version of the whole story.

Amanda’s destiny was determined from a very early age. There are many scientific arguments that support a genetic predisposition to self-destruction, and it was just unfortunate that Amanda, with her pre-set genetic instructions, also happened to find herself in a family that allowed her  terribly destructive behaviour patterns to flourish. And although many people will now cry out that it was all the fault of stalkers and/or bullies, that simply isn’t true. Amanda recovered from the stalker incident, only to stumble into the bullying incident, and even that episode was far enough in the past not to have any major influence on her last act. Her life was just a set of disastrous circumstances, many of them set in motion by her, and none of them tackled properly by those close to her. And right from her very first naked appearance online, it could have all been prevented.

We can guess that Amanda’s parents doted on her. But there is such a thing as too much. Amanda was, I would say, put on a pedestal. She wasn’t treated as just a normal child. I think she was too much the centre of attention. But it was the wrong kind. I’m guessing that Amanda, never really being treated just as a child, was never given any boundaries, any chastisement, anything negative. Thus, she simply got into the habit not only of doing everything she wanted, but of not thinking there would ever be any harm in what she was doing. She was just allowed to do whatever she wanted.

There were two fatal flaws in Amanda’s early development. One was the cheer leader attitude, the other was her learning difficulties.

The cheer leader attitude was fatal for Amanda because it introduced her early on to the fact that showing her body would get her attention. At eight or nine years old, when she started, she wouldn’t necessarily have been aware of anything sexual about it and, indeed, perhaps there wasn’t. She would also have been surrounded by similar types of girls – and she would have learned about the importance of looks and boobs from some of the older girls even, perhaps, getting her first stories about boys and what they do from them. But she would have learned that people would give her praise for performing – not just her mum and dad, but whole audiences. Her attention-seeking genes would have been at maximum fulfillment.

Now couple that with learning difficulties. Her mother, again from an early age, noticed her child’s learning difficulties but made another fatal error – she made too much of a big thing about it. Many parents will think that they are doing their kids big favours for constantly trying to find the best education methods and to make sure that any learning difficulties are noted and dealt with. But do this too much and the child will begin to realise something different – that, in a way, their parents aren’t satisfied by them, that perhaps their parents are even ashamed of them. And I think that’s what happened here – Amanda realised that her parents just simply couldn’t accept their child for what she was, and came to resent it.

So, we have a child who is getting massive positive attention for cheer leading, but self-esteem damaging massive attention for not being intelligent enough. And a child who is allowed to do whatever she likes. A recipe for disaster.

Now introduce into this mix the parental problems. With the parents about to split, and paying more attention to themselves, Amanda had free rein. So what did she do with it?

At some point in 2009, having been online since 2008, Amanda got chatting to boys on webcam. The next fatal error. We have a teen girl, surrounded online by teen boys. The first realisations of sexual development are of course present. There is flirtiness, there is teasing, there is seduction. Amanda, as we have seen, likes to perform. She is on BlogTV (possibly more channels) which isn’t designed for one-to-one encounters, but for performances to crowds. She gets attention. Then one day she innocently flashes. It’s not done as a pre-determined sexual thing – it’s purely just an act of childish stupidity. But it’s the next fatal error.

When Amanda first flashed, I’m guessing that the response pleased her. She was getting just what she wanted – approval from people her own age, based purely on what she looked like and nothing else. No need to do anything, no need to get good marks in an exam, adoration pure and simple. It was addictive. The attention-seeking show-off part of Amanda was even more fulfilled. And the more she did it, the more approval she got. But like all addictions, it demands more and more. Boys would have flocked to see her, and would have wanted more. And she gave more.

Meanwhile, parents had no clue this was going on (though, now, Mrs Todd likes to  pretend she did). Until December 23rd 2010, that is.

The police arrived at 4 a.m. Not because one photo had been sent out – that’s not worth a 4 a.m. raid. No. Amanda’s online behaviour was now well-known. Her videos were on, and she had become a celebrity on the Daily Capper less than a fortnight before. The police arrived as part of a dawn raid to make sure that any evidence of a possible child porn ring could not be destroyed.

But how had all the videos gone locally viral?

Amanda was part of the Capper community. She had spoken with them, and told them of her ip ban, and a couple of weeks later she got in touch with them to say she was being blackmailed. She would have known all about the awards for camwhore, for heroes, and for blackmailers. And she would have been 100% aware of being captured online – after all,that’s why the Cappers are called that name. But for some reason, knowing all the risks, she had got involved with it all. She even carried on after her ban, so it’s not like she didn’t understand that what she was doing was wrong.

So what REALLY happened? Anyone familiar with the Capper community will know what they do. The Daily Capper publicised it – it was hardly a secret. Basically, one of the Cappers put one or more of Amanda’s videos on display at cameracaptures and may or may not have sent the link to one or two of Amanda’s friends – that’s all it would have taken for it to spread like wildfire. Who was it? Who knows. It could have been anybody. Viper, perso, rOra, Kody1206 – all known Cappers.

But that’s all it was – a vindictive release of a stupid girl’s online performances. The blackmail story is just an embellishment. I’ll explain why:

Amanda goes online and gets chatted up. She flashes. She goes online many times, flashing and worse. Her images get recorded. She is aware of this, because she is on speaking terms with the Capper community. Now, we know that the video/s went to cameracaptures and went viral FIRST; apparently, the link was sent out to her friends later.

When the police arrive, Amanda is well and truly up shit creek. How can she admit to doing everything that she did online without getting into trouble? By blaming some evil person who forced her to do it. But this is where the story goes wrong. In the famous video, Amanda has spun a story that it was just one picture. And the picture was released because she DIDN’T perform for him. So how does that explain all the other videos and appearances? It doesn’t, of course. If there had been a blackmailer over a period of time up to December 2010, Amanda would have said in her video that he forced her into performing many times. That would have saved her from a lot of trouble. But she doesn’t – not once does she say she was a regular on BlogTV, or that she was banned. That’s because if she actually brought any attention to the multiple appearances, any idea that she was being coerced would have gone out of the window. One photo could be seen as a mistake; a virtual online porn industry would have reaised some eyebrows – as it already had done in 2010.

So this is what I think is VERY close to the truth. Amanda was just one of the many girls performing on a regular basis on places like BlogTV. Somebody who didn’t like her, or who was simply immoral, put her video on cameracaptures, and then someone – maybe even the same person – sent the links out of pure mischief. Simple. No ‘older man’ pedophile network; no evil stalker; no predator; just a game played by idiots that got out of hand.

But then the big question – what happened next? And this is what causes the problems. On December 23rd 2010, it supposedly hit the fan. What would have been a normal response? From Amanda, if she was frightened or perturbed – get off Facebook and YouTube, close down for a while, let it maybe blow over. From parents – total lockdown for a while, much closer supervision. What happened? Virtually nothing.

Amanda and her friend were still online three weeks later. Amanda sent a message to the Capper community less than a fortnight later. She was still all over Facebook and YouTube. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE IN HER ONLINE ACTIVITY. That is very strange.

So another chapter opens up in Amanda’s path to self-destruction. I’m guessing that mother tries a clamp-down, and Amanda then decides to move to live with father, who I guess is more indulgent.

Having made no attempt whatsoever to protect herself online, and with the parents allowing unfettered access to the Internet, Amanda continues on the path to destruction. Only this time, she adds in marijuana and alcohol, two of the most destructive things a depressed person can get involved with.

So what do we have – an attention-seeker who simply can’t get off the Internet, even after the police arrive; someone who smokes marijuana, which will make her feel euphoric for a while, but will make her feel worse in the longer term; someone who drinks alcohol, that well known cure for every problem; parents who really couldn’t give a damn. Just what more do we need?

(By the way – you can discount all the ‘sitting alone’ at school nonsense. All the subsequent reports say that Amanda was surrounded by friends, she was popular and bubbly. There are many photos showing this.)

Right. Let’s see. Amanda has carried on regardless – on YouTube as ‘Amanda Todd’, ‘isabella10555’ and on Ustream and elsewhere. She’s a hardened drinker, a drug-taker and, though liked by her friends, she is hated by many for showing-off and bullying tendencies. People are probably aware of her online activities, and so a year later somebody makes a Facebook profile aimed at hurting her. Good grief! It’s not uncommon. Facebook and other social media networks are the perfect place for vindictive enemies to attack someone else, and unfortunately Amanda has a lot of enemies. If she had simply calmed down after the events of 2010, she might have escaped all this. But no.

But even then, that hurdle is jumped. Just remember this: most people had forgotten the December 2010 debacle. Kids have short memories. It was a thing of the past. But Amanda just walked into the next attack. And even if we say that the second attack was atrocious and never should have happened, and that she was a poor innocent victim, Amanda walks into problems AGAIN.

Having had the 2010 episode and not learned,the 2011 episode and not learned, for some reason Amanda keeps resolutely on that path to self-destruction. Everything is relatively fine, and she blows it yet again by having sex with the boyfriend of some girl. All the hatred re-emerges. She chucks herself in a ditch; she drinks Clorox; she overdoses; she kills herself. We know that part of the story off by heart by now.

Or do we? During the later stages of her life, we know that she had a boyfriend – from around at least May 2012 to September 2012. Although the story says she hardly went out throughout the Summer, there are pictures of her with her friends Shania Staar, Cole Rentiers and others.

So I think there are two stories side-by-side. We have Amanda with her friends on one side – drinking, smoking weed, having sex – and Amanda’s haters on the other side – hating her for her attention-seeking, her ‘cheer leader and jocks’ life. And we have the happy Amanda – drinking, smoking weed, having sex – and the unhappy Amanda – with learning difficulties, and incapable of dealing with the problems in her life. We have a mixed-up Amanda who simply does not understand how to cope with everything. She’s confused. Panicky confused. Overwhelmed confused.

She get hospitalised in September 2012. And it is here, I believe, that she gets encouraged to make the video. I think that it is done as part of her therapy. And I think that is why it’s a pack of lies. She has told her therapists, doctors, anyone who will listen, that she is the victim in all this. She has made up a convincing story of one tiny mistake and what it made her do, and the therapists have fallen for it. They are convinced that all the antipathy towards Amanda is unfounded, and they too are convinced that none of it was her fault. They think that the video will be the lifesaver – the big cathartic exposition from which Amanda will emerge cleansed and victorious. But it was the opposite. The video stirred up the past yet again. It wasn’t one picture – it was many videos; she wasn’t a nice person, she was a bully; and so on. Amanda, in her heart of hearts, knew this. She asked for ‘no haters’ on her original video, anticipating that she would get some. She knew that the story – her never-ending story – would not go away. It put her under even more pressure. She desperately needed someone to hold her hand, to love her, to look after her – it was her final plea. But mother never even bothered, and here is the key – her boyfriend broke up with her around this time. This truly was the end.

It wasn’t the blackmail that killed her; it wasn’t perhaps even the drink and the drugs. If you’re looking for the first domino in all this catastrophe, it could go back as far as her first cheer leading episode; or the first time she got disapproval from mum for her school grades; or the first time she went online; of the first time she went on BlogTV. There are many many occasions which could be described as the boarding point for Amanda’s train ride to doom.

Amanda managed to recover from the blackmail (if it had ever occurred). She didn’t turn to alcohol and marijuana for relief – everyone around her was doing it, and she enjoyed it. Even the second stalker episode didn’t kill her.

The real spiral started when that dreadful killer – love – entered into the equation. The desperate sex shenanigans resulting in the fight showed that she couldn’t trust a boy, but she went on to find love again. Amanda would have thrown everything into this relationship – heart and soul. If this relationship broke down, it would be the end of the world. And it did break down.

But throughout all of this, there could have been a lifeline thrown many times. And it was never used. The story is not one about bullying. nor is it one about promiscuity, drug taking, drinking, blackmail, bad parenting, mental illness, loneliness, heartbreak – it’s about all these things. When Amanda was aged about 12 or 13, she did the equivalent of falling into quicksand. Her struggles, and the complete inability of those around her to know how to help her, just meant she went under quicker than most.

That’s the story. End of.

16 thoughts on “Amanda Todd – the true story

  1. An addition: During Amanda’s friendship with her boyfriend, Amanda came to be the subject of harassment from two of his friends. These names have been mentioned online, and I won’t repeat them here. This would have been in August of 2012. When Amanda died, these people were accused by their school colleagues of being the cause of Amanda’s death. My guess is that these two caused the split between Amanda and her boyfriend. I have not named them because they cannot be held responsible.

  2. Probably the most close version of the full story… even with some parts probably still missing. Amanda Todd was not a bad person, she was a teenager of today, obviously quite romantic and fragile… a lost girl looking for love in too many wrong places. In a way, her story is a kind of modern tragedy, a unfortunate long search for hope and love, through the dark side of modern technology, finishing sadly last summer when her quest crashed into the wall of an abandoned love. With a real understanding, a bit of tact and a strong support from her last boyfriend… notably againt her last two harassers… she will be still alive. Really really sad indeed.

    • Thanks for the comment. As you know, it’s REALLY difficult to formulate the true story, as there is so much contradictory stuff out there. I see it more as a series of disasters – the online stuff, followed by complete ineptitude of the parents, followed by cruel taunts – like a one-sided boxing match. I would have thought that by now the press would have the guts to tell the full story with the help of Mrs Todd – it’s not like there is anything to hide any more. The TRUE story would have been much more beneficial, as it would have brought so many important things to the fore – like the Cappers, BlogTV, mental health, online security, the dangers of drugs, drink and sex for young teens not yet ready to cope. But instead it’s just turned into a mishmash. And really, I don’t think much has been learned. The alleged bullies have thrived, BlogTV and similar outlets continue…but maybe some parents are more aware. We can only hope.

      • Greg – to a certain extent, this blog relies on any feedback from its readers. Can you help ensure that what is said here is correct? I would be really grateful. Thank you.

  3. What I am about to tell you is proof positive that either I am officially insane or Amanda, sweet little Amanda, is really inside me. Or that’s my theory okay? For the past three days I was feeling a strange vibration. She is calling it a strange frequency. I have had people remark that there is a glow on my face. Three so far. I also have checked the mirror. I have a pinkish rash on my face. It was kind of funny because one of the people that noticed it was an older black woman that works at my hotel. She said I had Roseau A skin condition. She is wanting to rub a tube of some cream on my face. She actually pulls a tube of face cream out her purse. Okay. Odd occurrence number two. Just last night, Amanda asks, “Can I drive home please Greg.” I actually feel like a voice or rather thought ran through my mind. I read a site that dealt with Twin Flames. Some guy there posted his twin flame communicates telepathically with him and has for six years. He carries on conversations mentally. When in public he just of course does not act as though she is within. But get this, he says that when he meditates deep enough, he can actually as he put it, feel her presence as if a actual person is with him. He said this in an email. not on the public forum though. I also feel like a new energy. I am learning to adjust. At first I felt weird around people ya know? But now I am beginning to actually like it. Alright. Now I have to tell you Amanda and I were conversing. I as I told you before like am able to talk. Telepathically I guess you can say? Any way for example, I felt like a female voice go”baby, can I drive home?” And I said, in my head of course “yeah sure Michelle.” She answers”I’m Amanda.” So of course to anyone else looking I am just getting in the car like normal. Then while driving home I find myself listening to a station on the radio that is well, a teeny bop station. I listen usually to Classic rock. But a conversation is going on between us. It is a serious one. She mentions an old friend of mine. “Greg. I don’t want to hear the name Darin, come from your lips again. That piece of sh– is a demon.” Then I sit in silence. driving along radio on. Then that female feeling voice says seriously,”I gotta say something.” Turn that down, or off.” I turn the radio way down. Then she relates to something about how this Darin was a lower ranked angel who sided with Lucifer in the rebellion. He was the one who got another fallen angel to try to get her to join their camp. Amanda naively joins up. Only after Michael finds out does he send me to go retrieve her. Well a fight ensues between me and this fallen angel, Amanda is no where to be found. The fallen angel in question turns out to be the one who when they were incarnated on Earth was Amanda’s abuser. The guy I’m theorizing is the boy who slept with Amanda and his gf finds out, then beats Amanda up. The other fallen angel turns out according to Amanda was incarnated on November 27, 1968. Darin. There is a checkered past with a friend named Darin. Amanda told me, “You know that bad wreck in October 1988?” “I was not yet born but dude, I was pissed. I tried to overstep my bounds and I caused that to happen. That’s how bad I hate that creep.” I am in shock. I think a thought in my head. “Amanda Michelle, I almost died!” She screeches,”He had more injuries baby then you! I wish he did die.” “Amanda, if you are on Jesus’ side, why then do you hate Darin. Or anyone.” The conversation goes on. Darin is revealed to be this demon who she neva eva wants his name breathed by me… Now, if I am going schizophrenic, I want to know. But Amanda just tonight warned me to “never ever act like you are talking to me dude. Watch your body language Greg.” She then says,”We’ll talk with our thoughts.” half smart alecky I think,”Well can you do dishes with me?” She goes,”Dude you are so weird! Can you take one thing seriously in your frickin’ life?”
    I could go on but I think you get the picture. I feel like a girl is inside me, my face is pinkish, and there’s a girlie feeling thought that expresses itself. She also says she is just as nervous as me, but we both have to make adjustments and so forth. “Greg, we are going into where angels fear to tread… just please don’t let anyone know this is going on.” Final thing. I do think that this experiment will lead to wonderful achievements. Oh and she has already proved that she is loyal to Jesus Christ. I found myself reading the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist. She partook of a piece of bread from church, and some wine I had already had. I read aloud some parts, then got quiet while mentally reading some. It was then that the “girl thought took over. After it was done, she goes,”Now, if I am a fake or demon, I would never ever take the body and blood.” Calmly I felt like she put the prayer book back on my altar.

  4. What a load of garbage. You are a prime example of what’s wrong with the internet. You think you are so smart you figured the whole thing out. All this from the confines of your home and computer. You post supposition, fantasy and innuendo as fact. And you have the nerve to post this at the top of your blog.”Problems can only be solved if we know the truth about the problems.” The real truth is you and clowns like you are the problem.Your ridiculous garbage will be re-posted as fact by people like GregSticker. Whom I might ad according to his post has some serious issues. And in time after it’s been re-posted over and over. It becomes internet fact and the truth is lost. Stop playing amateur detective, because you are not even remotely good at it and you do a disservice to the friends and family of a dead child.

    • Well from everything we have heard this is about the closest to the truth we can get. It’s people like you, yes you Gregory, that twist shit around. Coming from a person probably younger than you and a little older than Amanda. I have to say, people don’t get blackmailed into this. That is every girl who I’ve heard do this says that’s why they did it. One girl from my old high school was a girl who couldn’t stand not being the center of attention so she broke any couple up she could and slept with anyone she could. At first she admitting that was her plan all along just so she could stay the center of attention. When people started disliking her and calling her out, her response was and I quote as much as I can ” Well so and so and other people where blackmailing me into doing it. They said if I didn’t bad things would happen to me and my family.” Well a investigation occurred to which they found put the people and groups of people she name had not made any statements like that. Some honestly didn’t know her or her family and others were people who stopped hanging around her because they didn’t want to be influenced by her. She was later arrested and charged with child pornography because she started selling pictures of her body for drug money. Is this entirely her fault? No parents should have stepped in but in this day and age when a parent tries to discipline their child others call it abuse. If my child was acting a fool I’m going to discipline them whether its taking their stuff away or a spanking. Teach kids right from wrong. If you are going to have a child do not let them walk all over you and do what they want. That’s what was Amanda’s problem and the girl I was speaking about problem. So before you come back at me. Please get your facts straight not your opinions. Thanks have a nice day(:

      • Bravo, Angela. Please note that in the Eller case, the girl even went on national television, while facing several serious child porn charges, with her story of being blackmailed into her numerous performances. Less than two months after the charges were dropped, she was going one not one, but TWO, major online forums that were notorious for the exchange of illegal content. Her reason? To blame all her former “fans” for the problems she got into, while at the same time admitting she had made the “blackmail” statements for the benefit of the court.

  5. Hi Philip!
    I was reading your searches about Amanda’s case and thought about some points, say what do you think about it please:
    We all now know that Amanda showed herself more than one time (many) on BlogTV and internet in general. But my hypothesis is maybe she was doing this things in a secretive way, without no one of her school friends suspect/know about it. This would be the reason for the blackmail. I began to think in this way after see a Daily’s Capper video where Amanda was first presented. On this edition they said Amanda was a “mysterious girl” because her videos were too much repetitives and they suspected that Amanda was actually a robot (loop videos). I thought this fact weird and think that probably were already the recorded videos made by blackmailer that put them on air…I don’t know, but if this really happened, in some way Amanda wasn’t that “exhibitionist” and make sense the video she put on youtube asking for help.Also I think she slept with that boy in a relationship because of loneliness after blackmail. Just some issues…

    • hello Athena! Thanks for the comment. One of the problems I have is trying to sort out what is really true, and what is rumour, and it’s a great task. Each time I think I’ve got a hold on it, something new or contradictory shows up.
      I have not got a clue as to why these kids seem to actually like going online and risking so much. I’m not sure how secretive Amanda was. As you will know, she was accompanied by a friend in at least one video, and she seemed to be online with her pal Shyla a lot. I can guess that she probably didn’t publicise it, but I can’t comprehend that she never thought she would get caught out at some point. Personally, I’m now more certain that there was no blackmail as such. I think that someone simply felt vindictive and passed her video link about. If she HAD been blackmailed to the extent she was, it wouldn’t explain why she remained online for so long afterwards. This is what I don’t get – if the events of December 2010 were so traumatic, why remain online and continue doing much the same thing, even through to November 2011?
      I suspect that someone capped her video, and may well have displayed it over and over again. That has been one suggestion but like I say, it’s difficult to know who to trust. If you look at the evidence of the three videos, I think they are spread out over some time. The ‘green top’ and ‘yellow top’ look as if they are close together, but the ‘black top’ looks a lot later.
      If Amanda hadn’t lied in her September 2012 video, it would have been much easier. By saying it was a one-off incident, and that it was one photo, she makes it look as if she is covering something up. Also, when she says that there was a year between the photo and it’s publication, this doesn’t tie in with what her mother says – that it was a couple of months.
      The reason why Amanda gets the ‘exhibitionist’ label is simply that she never got off the Internet. With her isabella100555 channel, followed by ‘Amanda Todd’ and ‘The SomebodyToKnow’, preceded by cutiielover and all the rest, she certainly wasn’t shy.
      Also, there are two sources of information that state that members of the public complained to the police. I wouldn’t expect that to come from just minor nude appearances, and you must ask yourself why the police originally turned up in a dawn raid at 4am over what was just ‘one photo’.
      Unsubstantiated online gossip says she used to go online offering certain acts depending on the likes she received. The reason I don’t dismiss this possibility is simply that people wouldn’t go to such lengths to besmirch a girl’s character. What has been said about Amanda has been repeated so often and so consistently that one has to think it is true. I’ve never known one person to receive such an onslaught of criticism – there is a usual amount of troll activity in every online case, but with Amanda it was a sustained attack. Somewhere along the line, she must have made a lot of enemies.
      I think the video of September 2011 was an effort by her to clear her name. It just didn’t work. Amanda kept on and on making bad decisions. I think this video was not only an attempt to clear her name, but it was a plea for help – possibly from her boyfriend. She didn’t realise that it would more than likely make things worse
      Sleeping with the boy? That truly is sad. There are some kids who can handle things at that age, but many who can’t – there is a reason why sex at that age is discouraged. I guess that Amanda needed love (don’t we all?) and affection – sex very often makes us believe that we have it. But when the love illusion collapses, it’s devastating. She wouldn’t have slept with someone because of loneliness (that aspect of the story has been over-exaggerated, as you can see from all the pictures of her and her friends) and she seems to have shrugged off the blackmail. I think she just desperately, desperately needed to be wanted, loved, needed, what have you. Haven’t we all been there at some point? But something was missing from the equation. People have tried to call it depression and mental illness, but I’m not too sure about that. To feel – or even be – unloved is not a mental illness. Extreme sadness and confusion are not necessarily illnesses. Somewhere along the line, something went severely wrong, and Amanda was always vulnerable. Personally, I think she wasn’t supported enough. If you are searching for love and attention outside of your family so much, there is something wrong at home. If you are allowed to smoke weed and to drink so early on in life, there is definitely something wrong. I can understand the teenage devastation of lost love, but not to the extent that one feels the need to plead for it on YouTube.
      Anyway – I’ve wittered on too much. One day, maybe, somebody will tell the whole truth about this tragedy.

  6. The video and Amanda Todd story never made any sense to me, but your version is much more plausible. Who knows how close to the truth it actually is, but I feel that it’s closer than Amanda’s video. Her story was just a girl’s version, edited like the experienced online video author that she was.

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