For no reason at all – Amanda’s final bullies?


This guy in Sweden knows the answer. Just saying. But I didn’t say it, he did.

Jessica Nguyen @_jessicanguyenn 10 Oct

we had our times & most of them we hated each other. im sorry, you didn’t deserve to die. im glad we worked things out in the end #ripamanda

And Quinn Story and Jessica are Gleneagle Secondary’s royal couple:

But having been heavily accused of being Amanda’s final tormentors, it’s odd that both Jessica Nguyen and Quinn Story are actual friends of Carol Todd.

And those Swedes get it right again:

‘Brandon Reid är INTE en mobbare utan Amandas pojkvän. (Synd om honom just nu)

Quinn är killen som Amanda låg med och Jessica Nguyen är tjejen (Quinns flickvän) som slog Amanda.’

And then why are these names mentioned so assuredly?

and on this YouTube video:

Curiouser and curiouser!

And why did Quinn Story write this the day after Amanda’s death?

‘dude I’m getting all these friend requests from these emo fucks and messages saying I killed her and they’re telling me to kill myself wow!!!! I guess we learned from amanda!!!!’


22 thoughts on “For no reason at all – Amanda’s final bullies?

  1. Philip Rose – I have finally realized that you are a genius who tells the truth. Thanks for all the facts you have provided here. Keep up the good work. I have done my best to publicize your blog. Hugz 2 u

    • Deejay – thanks for all the publicity you have brought to this page. You have really been a good friend to this page, and your contact with Quinn and Jessica has been excellent. My view count is now over 12,000 – which isn’t bad considering I would have been happy with maybe a hundred or so. I am surprised that you appear to be on Jessica and Quinn’s side, though, as this evidence seems to point very strongly at them being involved as the bullies. Perhaps, as you seem to know everything about this, and Carol Todd is your close confidante, you could clarify things a bit. A big thank you for all your help.

  2. Really interesting !!! Truly believe that the last two months of this sad story… august and september 2012… can explain a lot on the sad end of Amanda’s life. Nobody investigated at all on that last part of the story, being mainly focused on the flashing and bullying angles of it. According to her mum, Amanda was getting much better at the beginning of october… when something happened and pushed her over the edge. After the boyfriend decided to let her down… can it be only the harassers ? I wonder, but if Jessica N and Quinn S are responsibles for it, why are they not in troubles with the law ??? The swedish connexion informations are quite interesting, it will be really good to show the complete 75 Facebook comments between Amanda, Jessica and Quinn. That will be the perfect proof of harassments…or not. Is it possible ?

    PS : Having a close visit to Jessica and Quinn Facebook accounts, it’s quite surprising to see that they both just added Carol Todd as a new friend since yesterday… A kind of Dejay Bewy trick ?

    • Unfortunately, evidence disappears pretty quickly. Way back in October, several people cottoned on to the involvement of Brandon Reid, Jessica Nguyen and Quinn Story. As you know, the day after she died, Quinn was accused by people at his school of being the person to blame. From Facebook: ‘Quinn Story: dude I’m getting all these friend requests from these emo fucks and messages saying I killed her and they’re telling me to kill myself wow!!!! I guess we learned from Amanda!’
      But the 75 comments have disappeared. I think the guy who made the video might have the screen capture – maybe I should ask for it.
      As for the Law getting involved – I don’t think they are doing anything. In suicide cases, it’s absolutely impossible to link anyone to the final decision, as they can always claim that they were unaware of the outcome of their actions. And the Law will never prosecute, otherwise you would get a ton of people killing themselves and blaming parents, boyfriends, what have you. And remember – if there was some sort of prosecution, God only knows what would come out of the woodwork in a court case. I would suggest that the combination of teachers who stood by, police who were useless, parents who were even more so, and doctors/therapists who failed to see the risks – they all want this case to go away without any real investigation. I’m not even sure that they want any ‘stalkers’ caught – the Court case would reveal the true extent of Amanda’s online shenanigans. Too many people – including the Vancouver Foundation – have a vested interest in keeping this story as the legend of a saint.

    • John – originally, I thought your theory about the ultimate reason for Amanda’s tragic end was flawed. But I now think you are 100% correct. Brandon Reid’s answers here would seem to support everything.
      The final piece of the jigsaw would be to know what the last message to her mother said. Was it a final plea for help? I guess we’ll never know.
      Somehow, I think this makes it all the more tragic.

      • Thanks Philip. Like i wrote somewhere before on your blog, it was obvious to me that the end of this sad story was never really said to explain properly this tragic death. Whatever happened before, Amanda was getting better… till her hopes of love vanished sadly away. Last august she wrote herself on her Twitter account these premonitory words “what would i do without him”. What more to say ? everything is there…

        Can we blame Brandon ? I can’t tell, life is much more complicated than a black and white picture, but from what you are showing us today, he’s obviously full of remorse and have to carry this heavy wheight on his heart for the rest of his life. Just for that, i don’t want to say.

        See, Cassidy was right, trying in her way to clear very honestly some parts of the story.

        About the last message to her mother, i don’t think that will give any answer. It’s probably a very sad emotional farewell, telling her mum how much she loves her and feel so sorry to have to go to stop the pain she can’t handle anymore. It’s private really and should stay this way.

        Like i wrote before, Amanda was not a bad person, just a romantic teenager girl of today, lost in a sad modern technology tragedy. Love is so important when you are 15. Lose it… and it’s the end of the world. Human private history is full of this kind of tragic end.

        May she find peace now.

    • Does anyone know the whole truth? If you did, I think you would be a very special person. I’m quite prepared to think that Jessica and Quinn may have been accused unfairly, but it is surprising that they are pointed at in this way. Why did the emos accuse Quinn if he is so innocent? They must have known a lot more about what was going on. On a more serious note – the problem I had with the Amanda Todd story is that it was never reported properly. There has been so much speculation and so many lies that it is no wonder that people spread malicious gossip. By trying to wring as much publicity out of it as possible, Amanda’s mother has simply exposed everyone involved to close investigation. If you do, indeed, know the whole truth, then surely it can be told here?

    • Cassidy, i’m close to believe you, you seems really sincere… but to hide the truth is not the best way to end this so sad story. If Jessica’s comment was just a “joke” to Brandon about Amanda, you must admit it was a very very very bad taste joke !!! Especially coming from a close friend who probably knew that Amanda was very fragile at the time, after a few visits at the hospital and at least one suicide attempt, desperately trying to rebuild something new with her ex-boyfriend… as a last hope. I truly believe Amanda was a nice person victim of bad circumstances, something happened the last few weeks.

      Maybe a simple and honest explanation will clear it all and will leave Amanda repose finally in peace. Just a wish…

      • I will tell you everything I know and I am friends with everyone that is mentioned. First off, Jessica’s comment was NOT towards Amanda. It was for Brandon and she didn’t mean it. She was just saying you should kill yourself ahahhahah if Amanda is your everything!!! I don’t honestly know what it is but I know a lot of kids at Gleneagle say “you should kill yourself” It’s a slang here. You see someone wearing something weird, you turn to your friend and say “you should probably kill yourself if you wear those shorts.” or “if you have to wake up at eight, you should kill yourself” it’s a joke like that and that’s what I truly believe Jessica was saying. It’s really weird how Jessica and Quinn get accused for a lot of things when rather they were friends. I also personally know the girl who had jumped Amanda with her friends because Amanda had slept with her boyfriend. I won’t mention her name because I don’t want her to get death threats or stalked. I also know a bunch of girls who posted the Bleach pictures to Amanda’s wall when she first tried to commit suicide but those girls don’t ever get mentioned. It’s all big drama about Jessica and Quinn when they really did no harm compared to what everyone else did. I know Jessica showed me texts of Amanda the day before she killed herself. Amanda had texted Jessica that she needed something but Jessica didn’t have her phone. I’m not too sure what that was exactly about. I have explained why the “emo fucks” have said what they said. They didn’t know what was going on and they didn’t attend our school. Our school basically said no one that attended her was involved in Amanda’s death. The school would not cover bullies, they would suspend kids and even put kids to trial if they believed someone caused the death of Amanda.
        Secondly, at the time Jessica posted that I don’t think Amanda was too fragile. Her and Brandon went to parties and there are many photos of Amanda drinking on Facebook, going out having fun with friends. I believe the visits to the hospital came after the comment, I dont ever recall hearing Amanda Todd was in the hospital.
        If you want to hear what I believe, it’s that the fact Amanda and Brandon weren’t together anymore was why she killed herself. I have had sources tell me that Amanda and Brandon talked all night the night before she passed. She really wanted Brandon back, she even made a video about it and how much they had together because he was one person who always listened, cared and loved her a lot and when he didn’t want to be with her anymore, her world came crashing down. You have to remember that she was 15, and when your best friend/boyfriend wants nothing to do with you, it feels like everything is gone and you have nothing and you get sad and depressed and of course she had a lot of other problems. So she decided it wasn’t worth living, or she was suffering too much and that’s why she killed herself not because of bullies.
        I also don’t think her mom could have done anything really or helped Amanda. She was too lost in her world already. Carol did her best and tried to support her daughter. I know there’s a lot of things about me that my parents don’t have a clue about. It’s just how things work here. Parents can’t keep tabs on their kids and know whats happening 24/7. But yeah, that is what I believe.
        If you have any further questions just let me know, I’d be more than happy to answer and clear things up.

    • Cassidy, thanks a lot for your honesty. Love can be a wonderful thing… but also a terrible weapon when somebody you love madly just decide let you down. Really sad. I already guessed it, so i’m not really surprised. So the sad end of Amanda was unfortunately her last desperate way to escape from an abandoned love.

      Anyway, i trust and believe you, you convinced me. Let’s hope Philip Rose will too…

      • Yeah, I didn’t really want to get involved with everything but seeing how Jessica, Brandon, and Quinn get death threats when its really none of their faults was making me really angry. Also seeing how Phillip Rose posted to the Gleneagle Compliments. If you knew these people in real life, you’d really like them. Thanks for believing and trusting me John. That means a lot especially when it took a lot of courage to post on this.

      • There was one thing that put me off believing anything you say – you posted on a video by Deejay Bewy. You and Deejay have a mutual interest, I guess. But note – you have to be accurate (a trait not shown by Deejay). I have not posted to the Gleneagle Compliments. I mentioned them, sure, but there are no posts. And, of course, I can find no trace of you on Facebook, so I assume that Cassidy Smith does not exist. I have gone through EVERY possible link between you and the story, and there is none.
        I find it a BIG stretch to think that not only do you know Brandon, Jessica and co., but you also know who the girl who jumped Amanda AND the people who posted on Amanda’s Facebook page. So I assume you would know the boyfriend involved. Now – to post on someone’s profile, I guess you have to be friends with them. Why would Amanda make friends with people who hated her enough to post bleach pictures? But if Amanda had a Facebook page for her own personal use, doesn’t this yet again echo the fact that she wasn’t very good at staying private. Rumours are that some of the pictures she used online were a bit saucy – were they on this page? Or on her profile?

    • You’re welcome Cassidy. I believe you are a more close friend to Amanda than you wrote and i completely understand why you had to join anonymously the debat on this blog. Amanda’s real story was never clearly told from the beginning. We’re leaving at the XXI century now and you can’t hide things for long so easily today. Whatever happened before, it was obvious that the last few weeks were “hide” in some ways. You are right, it was a mistake to accuse Jessica and Quinn, i agree with that now …you convinced me…but like you wrote yourself, Brandon was clearly the bad final luck in the sad Amanda’s love quest. Like i wrote somewhere before on this blog “with a real understanding, a bit of tact and a strong support from her last boyfriend…Amanda will be still alive”. It’s also a bit strange to see him madly in love with her around the beginning of august…to just let her down at the end of the same month ! What happened between them two in only two weeks ? What made Brandon change his mind ? That’s a mystery and maybe you know the answer… Jessica and Quinn are Facebook friends with Amanda’s mum…but not Bandon. That means a lot.

      PS : To Philip, Cassidy was enough honest and brave to give us some kind of explanations, please don’t be too mean with her, i believe she’s telling the truth.

      • John, it means a lot that you believe me. Yeah, I don’t think Amanda’s real story was clearly told and I don’t think it is clearly told now. I only know a bit since I wasn’t too much of Amanda’s friend. We had a lot of mutual friends. I know Quinn, Jessica, and Brandon more since we do have classes together though Brandon doesn’t really show up to our classes anymore. I’m glad you understand that it’s not fair to say Quinn or Jessica was the reason of death. In high school, it’s hard having a relationship. One minute you’re super happy and the next you’re down each other’s throats screaming. Brandon and Amanda had a lot of problems each of their own. You’ve heard of Amanda’s… with the nudes, the girls who didn’t like her and all. Brandon had a lot too, he was in a car crash and hurt himself pretty badly, he had trouble in school. It was too much stress, is what I think. And what I think you saw in August was just pictures. There’s a lot you don’t see in pictures. What changed Brandons mind was I think the stress of keeping balance of everything. Amanda needed Brandon’s attention all the time and he couldn’t give it to her. Also, I just checked and Quinn and Jessica are both friends with Brandon on Facebook? I don’t know what you’re saying there. Maybe he has his settings like mine? I’m not too sure… Also thanks for standing up for me. 🙂

      • Philip, I agree with a lot of what Deejay has to say. I don’t think you really have any business in Amanda’s death. She passed away, she’s gone and its done and over. But obviously you still want answers, still searching for something so I might as well give you all those answers before you go falsely accusing people like Quinn and Jessica. I know you didn’t post in Gleneagle Compliments but people from your site did. There are no traces of me on Facebook because you can’t search for my name. There is a privacy setting on Facebook where it allows you to stay hidden when people search for you. I changed my profile to this setting before putting myself on this site to protect people from knowing how I look and endangering myself. I have them all on Facebook, how do you think I know a lot of details about the story? We all live in the tri-cities, my parents got divorced when I was little and I had to live with my cousins who live in Pitt Meadows since the divorce was very messy. While living in Pitt Meadows, I made friends and went out to parties meeting a lot of people, people in Maple Ridge. And those people were the people who jumped Amanda, posted pictures that Amanda should drink bleach, etc etc. Amanda wasn’t the smartest girl… I don’t know why she had them as friends and I don’t know why she get the posts and pictures up for so long that I was able to see them a few days after. Amanda does have a Facebook page for her own use??? I have her on it and maybe her account settings are the same as mine. I’m not too sure since I do have her as a friend already. I don’t know what saucy means we don’t use that slang here.

  3. Not everything you read is true. How oblivious are you? You have absolutely no real idea of what exactly happened. You need to stop blogging, stalking, and writing complete BULLSHIT about these kids. The “facts” you have provided in your post are not true at all. Why don’t you go out and get a real job instead of sitting at your computer obsessing over something that is none of your business. People like you irritate the shit out of me. You’re so quick to jump to conclusions, yet you have no clue what you’re even saying. Also why the fuck are you talking about some book that had a Jessica Nguyen in it. That’s not a coincidence, you’re just completely out of your mind. It’s also completely messed up that you are exposing what school they go to. I suggest you go get a hobby instead of writing complete nonsense on the internet. Thanks.

    • Ryan – unfortunately, you are 100% correct about everything you read being true. Just what is the truth? We were led to believe that it was one photo of Amanda – we now know that is completely untrue. We were led to believe that the stalker took a year to respond – Amanda’s own mother now says that it was two months. At one point, we were told that the stalker was 30 years old – another complete lie. It is highly likely that there are other falsehoods involved – like the extent of self-harm. So we know the story is full of lies.
      So how do we find the truth? By people like you providing it. But the strange thing is, you never do. You say it is all BS, but never offer anything to support it. Do YOU know the truth? If so, why not share it?
      The reason Jessica Nguyen and Quinn Story have been mentioned is because they have been accused publicly. And it is interesting that Quinn received accusations from the emos – why would that happen if there wasn’t something worth investigating?
      The information about Quinn and Jessica was tracked down independently, and anyone with an ounce of sense would have been able to track down the school they went to – Brandon, Quinn and Jessica are certainly not shy when it comes to Facebook. You may also know Dominic J Stone, for instance. I think he hit the nail on the head when he wrote that Amanda committed suicide for her self, and that it was inevitable. Surprisingly, his comment is one of the most succinct ones I’ve seen.
      But I would just ask – in future, if you say it’s all BS, please supply something as an argument. Thanks.

  4. OK – so things have taken a different turn. What, really, can we believe or disbelieve? With the way this story has gone, nothing can be trusted. The above comments point to a very credible conclusion to the story – but can we leave it there?
    I’m interested in the fact that the girl who jumped Amanda seems to have got away with it, and the girls who posted pictures of Clorox to Amanda’s Facebook page are also cleared. Did they ever get any form of punishment? We can guess why they did it. The cruelty of teens is phenomenal.
    Perhaps it is just wiser to move on if lessons have been learned.
    The timing of Amanda’s video seems to coincide with the break up from Brandon. And it would make sense that the last big conversation she had would be final confirmation of the end of it.
    What continues to annoy me is the fact that Carol Todd never fully explains any of this, yet she should know what went on.
    As usual, I’m also puzzled by the description of Amanda’s activities. Cassidy seems to imply that Amanda was always partying, but Amanda’s video says that she hardly went out all summer and Mrs Todd talks in terms of rare days out. Yet again, two confusing sides to the story.
    Is it wise that Amanda should have still been doing drink and drugs at this late stage? Can I assume that Jessica and Quinn and Brandon were also into drink and drugs?
    I’m going to have to give this some thought. At the moment, this version of the story would seem to imply that the online pictures were irrelevant, and that the bullying was also over – that Amanda was basically enjoying life until Brandon left. So all the vigilante nutters who blame stalkers or bullies are, in some way, wrong. But then again – it was just the last straw. I guess that everyone who Amanda should have been able to trust let her down. Mmmmmm….

    • Philip, those girls got suspended off school as their punishment and maybe something else? That was all I heard. I am sort of annoyed that Carol Todd never really told us why but I assume it was Brandon. If you actually knew what was going on around here you’d agree. Kids here all drink, most do drugs, not everyone does. I believe Quinn, Jessica, and Brandon don’t and I’m not too sure about Amanda doing drugs but I know for sure about drinking. Everyone drinks here it’s what we do on weekends.

  5. If only everything was as simple as we would like it. It’s strange. What would have been, in the past, no-one else’s business, has, by the introduction of social media, been made everyone else’s business. Amanda and her parents made it everyone else’s business by making so much of it. Is anyone aware that YouTube, out of respect, took the video down – but Mrs Todd made them reinstate it? YouTube did the sensible thing – Mrs Todd didn’t.
    The truth IS everyone’s business. The misuse of this story has led to so much trouble – including these accusations. To a certain extent, Carol Todd holds responsibility for this. But the disgusting behaviour of the TV and press, and the failure of the police and other authorities to properly explain what happened, has just left a huge vacuum open to be filled by speculation and paranoid nonsense.
    While people seem to rally round to protect Amanda’s reputation, they have done little to complain about the extraordinary lynch mob mentality that has suggested death for various people, ranging from suspected pedophiles, through unknown bullies, and even to anyone who has dared to question what is going on.
    While people have sought to put the blame on a multitude of things – most of them wrong – no-one has sought to truly understand the complete picture. There are still some who say that the drug indulgence was no big deal, despite rafts of evidence to the contrary. There are still those who refuse to contemplate that Amanda might have been mentally disturbed. And there are definitely those who think that, in some way, parenting has nothing to do with it.
    In my opinion, the Amanda Todd story should have been an opportunity for people to take a long, hard look at where things are going wrong. It sort of brought together so many strands of current problems for teens – the Internet, sexualisation, parenting, drink, drugs, sex and so much more. But really, it’s resulted in nothing. The responses have been simply ridiculous. Something’s gone astray with personal responsibility. It’s like saying that if your kid gets injured after playing in the middle of a four-lane highway, the solution is to build better hospitals – not to educate your child. Or that building bigger, better drug centres will cure drug addiction – not looking at the reasons behind it. And it’s odd. Parents now seem to be so dumb that they can’t even instil basic principles into their kids, like not bullying – no, someone else has to do that.
    I hate it. The one clear message that should have come out of this story is that love, kindness, understanding and common sense are important. Instead, all we have seen is malicious bullying-the-bullies, rampant ignorance and stupidity, and an overwhelming desire from parents and authorities to cover their own complete lack of ability to cope.
    The RCMP should tell us EXACTLY what is going on. The schools could have told us – without mentioning names – exactly what was done to prevent further problems. The doctors could have supplied more information. And the vile press – with all their resources, they could have supplied much more of the truth. And seriously – Carol Todd should now tell the truth. Bring it all into the open.

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