Light the blue touch paper and retire immediately


OK – I’m getting a bit desperate. I have decided to resort to Yahoo! Answers to see if I can plug any of the holes in my research.

And by the way – there are no prizes for spotting my real name. LOL.

The new commenter – Roy – has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons. It has become apparent that there is still a huge amount of this story to be clarified.

I still question the need to continue with all this, but I am convinced I need to do it for many reasons. There is something distinctly odd about the way this story has been treated, but I can’t put my finger on it. We are still lacking details – no-one will ever know where the funeral took place, there has been no official announcement regarding the death and the circumstances, the police have just burbled on about the investigation continuing, when they have had more than two years to sort it out.

And now I need to ask more questions. How come Carol Todd isn’t back at work? Does she get paid by the television companies? But more importantly – I’m guessing that the ‘Amanda Todd Legacy Fund’ must have had many donations, but does anyone know what they are spent on? Of course, I’m saying that they cover Carol Todd’s ‘expenses’. Quite a lucrative career, I would say. But then again, it would take one Hell of a cynic to suggest that Mrs Todd and the Vancouver Foundation are milking it. And what ever happened to Norm? One tends to forget that there was a father involved somewhere.

And this is a dreadful suggestion for all you conspiracy theorists out there. There’s been no inquest results. Mmmmm…..Coroner: ‘Just what caused all the bruising?’ Lawyer: ‘CPR’. Of course. Not throttling.

9 thoughts on “Light the blue touch paper and retire immediately

  1. For me? Bruising? CPR? I think I know what you might be talking about but not sure? Not throttling???? You are being mischievous & puzzling?

    I’ve just woken up from a very Long & deep sleep (insomnia getting its ass kicked nowadays!) so it might be me? Haha!

    • My implication was that the coroner would find bruising on Amanda, and wonder where it came from. My suggestion would be a physical assault, but the given answer would be CPR (supposedly to try to resuscitate her). This is, of course, ridiculous, but then so is the rest of the story.

      • You amended your original post but why did you say it was for me? Myself (& others) are wondering? I don’t really care much for ‘the others’ but it is important to me.

      • Colin – I have two regular commenters, and you are the one who appears most interested. When I write this blog, it is really meant to be a conversation, a bit like a letter sent out expecting a reply, and, as you know, I had always hoped that it would be a discussion, but it hasn’t really worked out that way. You seem to be the only person who receives the metaphorical letter, so I simply put your name on it. Rather than put something like ‘Dear Readers’, I simply put your name. 99% of the people who visit this blog are a mixture of anti-me Amanda supporters or those simply looking for salacious gossip. A handful – probably less than 5% – are actually interested in the truth about the story. When I write this blog, it just happens that you are the only person I can envisage actually bothering about it. I took your name out of the original because I know the loonies would make something of it.

      • I was hoping it was something like that but I was concerned that it was tied into a comment about CPR on Amanda. I usually get your mickey taking, wind ups, or jokes but I didn’t get this one so thanks for clearing it up 🙂

        I say I don’t care about the ‘others’ but I’m really just fed up with the suspicion & hate. Amanda’s story has changed repeatedly over time (especially recently) but no one bats an eyelid? In fact they blindly still comment as if nothing has changed? I do care about this blog because you are the only one who

  2. For some reason my comment was cut in half???

    Anyway I was saying you are the only one that challenges the story. Anyone who dares to do this, no matter how loosely, gets attacked. It happened to me on this very blog. I’ve been labelled ridiculous & pathetic names & been banned from some Amanda sites, but here’s the rub….when or where have I EVER attacked the girl? I have had some serious issues with some of her ‘supporters’ but who in their right mind wouldnt?

  3. One last thing, I’m not sure where your blog is going at moment. The mention of CPR & your desire to publish some photos. Heavily censored or not if people still believe the original story then NOTHING is going to change their minds now. These people are in some sort of sleepwalking sheep following denial & there ain’t no cure for that!

    Once again thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding. I know nothing of Amanda’s death except what everyone else knows, or think they know. What’s more I neither WANT or NEED to know. Now I can go back to being just nicely labelled creep, weirdo, pedo, friends with the pedo etc… get my drift! Haha! 😉

    • Cheers, Colin. I need comments to keep me on track. The CPR remark was, perhaps, stupid, but I did it for a reason. The lack of any clarity in this story causes a lot of problems. The RCMP should, by now, have at least provided some sort of information about what is going on. Without trustworthy information and a proper exposition of what happened, the floor is open to rampant speculation and gossip, and none of it worthwhile. Even though it might be expected that an inquest would take time, it would be helpful if there were some details provided. But I suspect that all the authorities concerned want the story simply to fade away, which it is doing. The RCMP investigations will have turned up nothing of any consequence. Whatever might have happened, there is no reason to think that her suicide was anything more than a relatively simple tragedy. The story shows that the events of December 23rd 2010 were barely more than an irritation, as Amanda still carried on regardless. The second occurrence of the imaginary stalker was inevitable – it simply is not possible to do the sorts of things that Amanda was doing without some sort of backlash, and she would have been fully aware of that. The bullying incident had even slipped into the past – things like that happen on a daily basis – and again, it looks as if the hate campaigns against her were almost inconsequential. If they had been meaningful, Amanda would have kept off social media, but as we all know by now she still insisted on maintaining her presence. The story of the last few months of her life do not show a nervous, wounded child – far from it. The photos and YouTube presence show the prevalence of her nature, which was to revel in her online attention. Had she not gone to such lengths to concoct the litany of lies in her September video, her story might have remained credible, but lying so much betrays her real personality. But I think it worked against her. All of those around her would have run out of patience. There is only a certain amount of attention that even close friends can give before they are exhausted. Perpetual suicide threats end up in a ‘cry wolf’ situation; perpetual stupidity (going online so much despite major warnings) mean that even caring people begin to despair. It’s strange, but needing people to care so much nearly always results in those people not caring. Being so needy sucks the energy out of people close to you. They might want to care, but they are exhausted. School moves didn’t work; house moves didn’t work; the police turning up didn’t work; indulging every whim (drugs, drink, sex) didn’t work.
      You asked where this blog is going. To be honest, I don’t know. What I do know it that I’m not really the person who should be doing this. It deserves a lot more attention, and a lot more input from reliable sources. Some of what I have said has been aimed at provoking someone to join in. It’s sad that one of the best responses I received was from Cassidy. There is something odd about that. I had half-expected some sort of response from the parents – wouldn’t you think it odd if your kids were subject to strange questions and accusations online? It’s a crying shame that Brandon seems to be on his own in all this. No counselling? No protection?
      This blog will continue until things are resolved – so probably forever. It needs a lot of tidying up. You are right though. People refuse to contemplate that Amanda was doing what she did. Every excuse is put forward – mainly to blame the imaginary predator for it all. But more frightening is the sort of aggression shown towards you and other people who have been linked with me in any way. The attempt by Nicky to besmirch you was absolutely shameful. Unfortunately, I think it stops a small amount of people commenting here – two or three other people have told me that they don’t want to be seen to be connected to me in any way.
      I am not perfect. The odd thing about this blog is that it becomes addictive. Having not been bothered by how many views I get, I now get annoyed if the stats start going lower, so the temptation to chuck in something controversial gets the better of me. That, plus a combination of laziness/boredom/frustration. I am proud of the fact that some of the things that I have said have been shown to be true. However, if I say too much in a gossipy fashion, all the trust will be lost, and I need that.
      I’ve noticed a couple of things. If I criticise parenting, people like that. If I say something naughty, it gets some attention. Unfortunately, if I get too serious or in-depth, it puts people off, I think. But people do not seem to like anything that shows up Amanda in a bad light. It’s a straightforward need NOT to believe that children, especially girls, can be hardened drinkers, drug takers, and online strippers. By not coming to terms with this, a lot of the problems will be overlooked. This story should have been used to help ban all the channels like BlogTV and the rest, and to impose huge restrictions on Internet use for children. Instead, it’s just become a nothingness – or, of course, a source of income for Carol Todd through the Legacy Fund. See – I just can’t stop myself from being mischievous.
      Take care Colin. And ignore the idiots. But not me, though! LOL

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