Yet more from Carol Todd


Over a period of time, Carol Todd has revealed more and more about the true story of Amanda. From her drinking habits, and liking of having a blaze, and, in her latest online revelation, she actually revealed that it wasn’t a photo that did the rounds, it was a link to where one of Amanda’s videos had ended up. So it is only fair that I thank her for all the information.

Here is Mrs Todd’s latest blog entry – or at least an extract. It requires close investigation.

‘Another rant I have is this.  The media is varied on their reporting of Rehtaeh, Audrie, Amanda and even Phoebe Prince.  The media talks about rape (sexual assault) and then sexual expoitation with the photos over social media.  Some reporters leave Amanda’s name out. I wonder why.  Amanda’s life ended 6 months ago. Is that a long time in media standard?  Hate the saying but … old news????  BUT ….. Amanda was also sexually exploited online.  Not only by an online predator BUT by other kids who she thought were friends.  Once that picture was posted, young people copied that picture into their devices.  And yes it was shared many times.  Amanda knew some of the kids that shared.  She told the RCMP names.  They investigated.  I loved that at those meetings both the kid and their parents were in attendance and involved in the process of the discussion.  More impact.  More strength.  So yes, Amanda’s picture(s) were shared and reshared during the span of 12 months. That is SEXUAL EXPLOITATION. What we have to remember is that  it can’t be defined as a one time event.  It can be ongoing.  We need to teach our children and youth the values and importance of not condoning behaviours like that.  Bystanders need to be the voice and SPEAK OUT.’

Let’s begin. ‘Some reporters leave Amanda’s name out. I wonder why.’ Well, wonder no more. I will tell you. There is a vast difference between a minor who gets into trouble, as Rehteah did, and a minor, like Amanda, who was totally out of control. For Christ’s sake – Rehteah was raped. Even if anyone would try to tone down the story into one of sexual assault, whatever happened was a vile and evil occurrence which looks, yet again, as if it has been badly mishandled by the authorities. Audrie Pott was similarly physically abused, as was Phoebe Prince. Compare this with Amanda, who repeatedly went online to get naked of her own free will, and you can see why sympathy is beginning to disappear. It is disgraceful that Carol Todd wants to feed off the suffering of others in such a way. At least the Press are learning that any involvement with Amanda is likely to taint the story, not help it.

‘Amanda was also sexually exploited online.’ What? That is complete nonsense. It really is time to see this story for what it is. Amanda was a narcissistic attention-seeker who enjoyed her online notoriety. No-one forced her to flash – she was a willing participant. She loved performing online. There was no pedophile/predator/stalker coercion – that is an utter falsehood, carried on by Carol Todd in an increasingly vain attempt to cover her appalling lack of supervision. Just remember – the photo hoo-hah was on December 23rd 2010 – Amanda’s online behaviour was still so bad a year later that members of the public were driven to complain to the authorities. There is a strong rumour that she flashed for likes, and there is an even stronger rumour that she did it for money. For those of you who are ignorant (God forbid) there are sites on which young girls can go on webcam. They can put a price on their acts – say $100 for a strip. Viewers can use PayPal to send in any amount of money – from $1 to $100. Once the target is reached, the girls strips and gets the money. Yet another revelation from me. Didn’t anyone wonder why so many people online were calling Amanda a ‘whore’ and saying she did it for money? Well now you know.

The next bit is even more interesting. My regular viewers will note that I said – seemingly such a long time ago – that it was much more likely that her ‘photo’ spread amongst her friends, and not simply from one pretend-predator source. Well, rack up yet another success to me. Read it and weep, all you who doubted my judgment!

‘Not only by an online predator BUT by other kids who she thought were friends.  Once that picture was posted, young people copied that picture into their devices.  And yes it was shared many times.  Amanda knew some of the kids that shared.  She told the RCMP names.  They investigated.’

Other kids she thought were friends. Now think back. The original pack of lies was that ONE person – yes, just one person – managed to contact all of Amanda’s friends and family and spread ONE photo. How much of that is now shown to be true? Like I said, it would have had to have taken a massive effort to do that, and like I said, it was MUCH more likely that the picture simply went viral though her friends. And Carol Todd has admitted that it wasn’t a photo, it was a link to a porn site. I flipping TOLD you so! It was passed around by her friends and contemporaries – not some imaginary 30 year old pedophile predator bollocks nonsense, but by the kids themselves. So what are the RCMP supposed to investigate? Some kid who went naked online all over the place, and whose friends got hold of the pictures. That’s all it was. All this predator nonsense has been invented to cover up the truth.

‘So yes, Amanda’s picture(s) were shared and reshared during the span of 12 months. That is SEXUAL EXPLOITATION.’ No, it’s not really. Amanda showed herself online simply for the fun and the thrill of it. Even when the pictures went viral, she supplied more and more. The lid should have been put on all of this in December 2010. But the stripping continued well beyond that date. Amanda was not exploited. She simply performed naked, and received the audience she craved. Remember this: Blog TV banned her; the police told her not to do it; members of the public told her not to do it. But she did it. There were more people trying to get her OFF the Internet than there ever were wanting her on it.

‘Bystanders need to be the voice and SPEAK OUT.’ Well – they did speak out. BlogTV spoke out against Amanda, seeking to stop her with an ip ban. The police went round her house and tried to get her to stop. Online White Knights and heroes tried to stop her. Even the jungle laws of the playground tried to beat some sense into her – there were reasons why she was hit and hated. But no – the lovely Amanda was just left to do her own thing. By the equally lovely Carol Todd.

So Carol – did you get the message yet? The Press are getting fed up with you; the public are tired of you. Stop the lies now. Tell the truth. Let Amanda’s memory finally get laid to rest. You knew damn well what the truth was, but you let her concoct that video in a desperate attempt to rescue things.

By the way. It has come to my attention that some people still do not believe that there is more than one photo. Risking everything, I will be publishing the available photos in heavily censored format soon. And as Carol Todd is well aware – it’s not just a boob flash.

Until the next revelation…..ta ta for now.



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