Happy Birthday, Philip!

OK – today is not the day for too much insightful blog work.

However, regular readers might want to get ahead of the curve by researching Aurora Eller.


Note one quote that is VERY important:

“I have more suspicion her father was involved in this,” Smith said.


The Eller family, when caught, claimed it was all down to an online predator. Sound familiar? Yet when it came to Court, there was no mention of a predator. Now why would that be?

But of course, other people know better.


Quote: ‘whilst she may have been bm’d at the end of her camwhore career (who knows), all the well known caps, and there are many, she did on her on volition. she just got busted by her dad and was all “they forced me to do it”. it’s all bs. she was just some horny chick that when word got around decided to play the blame game.’

Enough for now. The Amanda Todd story is sadly falling apart. There are hundreds of Amanda Todds and Aurora Ellers, unfortunately. I am slowly but surely getting closer to the truth. Actually, I was there a long time ago, as were so many others, but it is only over a period of time that enough real evidence has arisen to show that the story, really, is a pack of lies.

So I say again. This story isn’t about sexting; it’s not about bullying; it’s not about mental health, or any other issue that has been attached to it – except one: the webcam activities of many young girls and all that goes with it. There are activities happening online every day, and each day girls – some innocent and some not so innocent – are getting caught up in it.

For many reasons, older people choose to either ignore it or gloss over it. Why do you think all of this was made into an anti-bullying campaign and not an anti-webcam campaign? Because society doesn’t really want to tackle the nastier sides of things. Much better to think in terms of innocent young girls and evil predators – not jaded 13 year olds and their neglectful parents.

Amanda Todd, Aurora Eller, Giovanna Plowman (to a certain extent) and all the rest – simply reflections of themselves.

The Amanda Todd story needs to be shown. Someone needs to have the courage to tell the truth. We need to take a long, hard look at the likes of Stickam, BlogTV, Wicked Cam Chat – the list is almost endless. They might have changed their name, or disappeared, but there are many sites out there where girls can exploit themselves or be exploited.

To regular readers – it’s been a long haul. Getting to the truth has been slow. But we’re getting there. Later on this week I will be back to the blog with more news. I just need to work out how best to deal with this.

Meanwhile – learn all about Aurora. There are startling similarities.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Philip!

  1. Hope you enjoyed your birthday. It’s not everyday we turn into teenagers! Haha!

    Aurora’s story is mega depressing. No wonder twats keep their heads in the sand. I wish I had the same selfish ability. Anyway your next move might bring back the most crazy of the Amanda ‘supporters.’ I can hear it already……

  2. Let me know what you need on Aurora Eller if you want to do a little research on her. I’m far more versed on her, agencies contacted, etc than the Todd case.

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