Amanda’s last appearance as cutiielover


Today’s post is the one which has caused me most problems, and the most consternation. Will it cause major trouble, or will it just become yet another piece of Amanda Todd flotsam, floating on the sea of information surrounding the case? Does anyone really care any more?

I have to stop thinking and just get on with it. I had no idea how to approach this. For me, it is quite a key moment, as this photo initiates, probably, a much deeper investigation. As regular readers know, I have, at times, been lost in the forest – wandering off along cul-de-sacs, getting lost, turning back along paths I’ve already trodden more than once. But occasionally I have come upon glades of clarity – certain information shining light on many of the problems.

An honest and trustworthy source sent me this photo, and I will explain what it shows, just in case anyone wonders.

This is the last appearance of Amanda Todd as cutiielover. At almost exactly the same time as Amanda flashed, she was reported, hence the ‘Inappropriate content’ box in the middle. However, those of you following the story will know that Amanda went to great lengths to return as ‘Announcing Amanda’ very soon afterwards.

Note that she had 191 viewers at the time. This is significant. In Amanda’s video, we are led to believe that the ‘photo’ was perhaps the result of quite an intimate one-to-one webcam chat with a trusted friend. This, of course, shows that to be completely untrue. Amanda was aware that she had 191 viewers – it would have been obvious to her, as she would have seen this exact same screen in front of her. So, to a certain extent, it could have been any one of these 191 viewers who passed her video clip to a porn site. Or it could have been any other person on the planet – this video clip could have been sent around from 191 viewers, through various chatroom sites, to phones and laptops everywhere, before ending up where it did. Remember – Amanda was seen as a celebrity in the Capper world.

However, it is likely that the person who spread the video around was in the room at the time. You will see that names have been covered up. It is highly likely that those names are known. There is even a chance that those names might actually see this and know that they have been found out. The names have been blacked out for the time being, and I am not telling you who they are. However, I think I can safely tell you that Kody Maxson is nowhere near this – if people persist in believing that drivel, then so be it, but it is totally wrong. The story that Kody Maxson coerced/enticed/flattered Amanda into flashing is THE most ridiculous part of this case. It has let a lot of people off the hook. At a later point in the blog, I will investigate this further.

You will also see a few comments – like ‘JUST DO IT’. We can imagine the scene. Amanda has appeared. She is well-known and, as far as we know, relatively new to the BlogTV set up. Already, 191 viewers have crowded into the room. Some of them will be heros, some of them blackmailers, some of them will simply be there for the fun of it. Amanda flirts with her audience. Now, at the moment, I have to state things that are mostly rumour for the time being.

It is rumoured that this Amanda appearance was a two-way thing, in that she played to the audience, and was fully aware of the game she was playing. But, without concrete evidence of that, I will only continue with a kinder version.

So – Amanda is in a room with 191 viewers, most of them being a mixture of stupid kids, rabid Cappers, maybe a few perverts. They egg her on – ‘JUST DO IT’ and so on. And she does it. People have seen the entire scene at cameracaptures. She laughs. It’s just a game.

Surely, people can see that this is light years away from the story we are meant to believe. The media would have you think that, at minimum, everything was the equivalent of a one-off Snapchat type of sexting photo. It was what Amanda wanted us to believe. The media does allow a certain leeway. Somewhere in the middle ground, the media would like it to be a story of one small video, maybe one or two, that were created by a naive, innocent young girl who was tricked, cajoled, coerced by some Devil figure. And, of course, a few of the online news breakers have actually shown more details about Amanda’s BlogTV escapades and more, but the general public doesn’t really want to think about all that.

But what this shows is that, on December 17th 2010, Amanda was a willing participant in what was, essentially, an online piece of tomfoolery. I won’t go on too much here, but later in the blog I will describe what I believe actually happened around this time in more detail.

Now look at more detail in the photo. Amanda clearly admits to being 14. I have to admit to being wrong in the past. I had assumed that Amanda might have lied about her age, as she did in so many other places, but here it is clear that she didn’t. That, obviously, means that people should have been aware that she was a minor, and morality should have dictated that people responded accordingly. Some people – in fact, a lot of people – did, hence the reporting and the ban from BlogTV. But for the rest, remember that the BlogTV situation is feral. There is no concept of decency for them.

But here we enter into a dichotomy. At one extreme, the authorities and fervent – how shall I put it? – uninformed people have cried ‘child pornography’. Yet within the melee of nonsense surrounding the case, more people have stated that flashing is, really, an innocent pastime undertaken by naive young girls. So what do we believe here?

Here’s how I put it. The vast majority of people think that child pornography is just that – a level of sexual content in pictures involving children that can be seen as disturbing and evil. It conjures up all our worst nightmares. But flashing is seen just as a harmless activity which, in 99% of cases, it is. The thousands of kids swapping flashing pictures don’t see it as child pornography. It’s become almost a part of growing up. Of Amanda’s audience, many would have seen all of this as just a laugh, all part of the game. The fact that Amanda was 14 was irrelevant – some of the spectators would have been in the same age group. Only a few would have seen the dangers for Amanda, and only a few, if any, would fulfill the criteria of being a pedophile, old-man pervert predator. I will go into more detail later in the blog.

The details show that Amanda is from Canada. It wouldn’t have been difficult to trace her. As we know, her online presence was huge. We can also see the dates of Amanda’s entry into the BlogTV world – November 26th, 2010. Now, surely, this completely destroys the myth that Amanda was 12 and in 7th grade. That is simply not true, but has become part of the mythology. I think I can confidently state that she was 14, at the tail end of being 13, when all this began. The December 18th date is false. That is the date in a different time zone. This all happened on December 17th, Canada time. Shockingly close to the police raid of December 23rd.

Now, what is more interesting is that you can see the half-covered stills from two other archived videos of Amanda – entitled ‘ill be’ and ‘bored’. What does this tell us? It tells us that Amanda’s appearances were archived. She would have not known, perhaps, that she was being capped (I find it hard to believe) but she would have been totally aware that her videos were archived. This complicates matters. Any person could have returned to Amanda’s profile at any point and seen the archives. I don’t know what happened after the ban – I asume that her records were erased. But it shows just how public Amanda was.

Now, this photo really puts the cat amongst the pigeons, and I will have to think hard and dig deeper to work out what happened.

Here is an assumption that I need to clarify: I now assume that this appearance was the one that kicked off all the fuss. We have an absolutely certain date – December 17th, 2010. I assume that this appearance was the one that was passed around her school. I have no data concerning the flash episode where she has her friend with her, but I think it’s obvious that it is around he same time.

So where does this put the blackmailing story? According to Amanda, she flashed once, and it was a year later that the stalker turned up. That is now, clearly, utter nonsense. After December 17th 2010, things must have moved rapidly. It doesn’t make sense. Did a ‘blackmailer’ get his act together almost instantaneously? It’s possible. Within seconds of Amanda’s flash, the picture could have been anywhere, and we all know how quickly things spread. But still, according to reports, Amanda also had time to be banned and then re-appear as ‘Announcing Amanda’, so that would have added a day or two to things. And then the cops arrived on December 23rd.

Amanda’s lies cloud the issue. I hate speculation, but I must admit my gut feelings have, in the past, been very close to the reality of the situation. My gut feeling is that Amanda got caught out about her flashing, and simply panicked and said she was blackmailed.

What I find more confusing is why she continued, and things got worse. This post has gone on a bit too long, and I need to think and find out more details.

Thank you to my source for giving me this information. For my two readers, I hope this wasn’t too much of an anti-climax. I will now revisit the Amanda story – it seems like it’s the millionth time I’ve done so. And by the way – you won’t find any of this online, so there’s no point looking.

I look forward to receiving any comments and any more information that anyone out there can provide. This post hasn’t covered many things today. More will be clarified in later posts.

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21 thoughts on “Amanda’s last appearance as cutiielover

  1. Hmmmmm….191 pedophiles enticing, coercing, innocent trusting niave girl? 191??? I thought it was one? One older pervert who later tried blackmailing her & then maliciously spread her ‘one photo’ (or do we divert to ‘one mistake’ sidetrack again?) You know the “we all make one mistake so can’t condemn” nonsense?

    ‘One photo’ ‘more than one photo’ ‘several photo’s’ ‘video link shared to porn site’ Sorry but I’m confused? How come this story keeps changing? More importantly why doesn’t others ask same question? When I say I don’t believe Amanda’s story I’m told “If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all?” WHY? Why am I suspiciously asked “What’s your interest anyway?” If I go along with the ‘heads in the sand’ crew then I am excepted & not asked this….again WHY?

    I’m just wondering if the people donating to Legacy Fund have any idea they are being deceived? Sure Amanda was bullied & I’m all for a good anti-bullying cause…..but this one is built on shaky foundations (to say the very least) and may well cause irreparable damage to any future anti-bullying initiatives. Guess that just ain’t the point….

    • Colin – are you a glutton for punishment? This story has gone too far. Tomorrow’s news will surely end this fiasco forever. This story is truly, truly worrying. I think the blackmailing story will be ended. In fact, I would go as far as saying it definitely will be. It’s over.
      The one photo story is dead. There will be die-hards who will no doubt accuse me of photo-shopping or falsifying things, but it’s finished.
      There are still many loose ends to tie up. And I need to remain calm and sensible. But I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: there is something terribly wrong in all this. Vigilante activity, personal attacks, hatred and malice – all caused by one girl and her supporters, all of whom are telling lies.
      You are right. The Amanda Todd story has already caused irreparable damage. You know the extraordinarily sad case of a young man left with unanswered questions; of young people coming here to defend people because the adults won’t do it. It truly is a shocking disgrace. For every person who has been made to think about bullying, there are many more who have seen this as an example of the immoral lies of the older generation, and the ineptitude of the authorities to deal with the truth. If you can’t rely on your elders to be honest, then who can you rely on? And so on.
      The story will continue tomorrow.
      Thanks for your support.

      • No I’m not a glutten for punishment but I wont be pushed around neither. People attack you for having a fake account but this has been your blessing & my error. I’m fed up with all the suspicions, accusations & hatred piled onto me because I dared to ask for the damn truth!

        Anyway I hope you obliterate this nonsense of a story & I can’t fault anything you say…….young lad left to feel guilty over events well out of their control. It’s disgusting!

        Btw this story was obliterated a long time ago. Just my opinion.
        I would still like to see you remove the video though…..

  2. What’s funny about this is the screen cap is the same picture from the same video you keep linking us to and no proof of any more but yet you claim it was more than one your going in circles scratching and clawing to find more info but you provide the same thing

    • Erica – if you have paid attention to my blog, you will be well aware that I have posted links to another video, in which Amanda appears with her friend. And I have been relatively fair in not showing the worse evidence, in which Amanda does more. I have, to a certain extent, been quite restrained.
      I thought that, by now, anyone with a knowledge of Google would have found the evidence for themselves, but obviously not.
      Have you not seen the other evidence? I guess not. You seem to want me to provide more, but I don’t think I should do that.
      Believe it or not, all this worries me deeply. I have given people ample opportunity to tell the truth, and I have recently, yet again, asked for the truth to be told, so that I don’t have to release it in an unkind way.
      I guess you think that I might be doing all this to be mean, I can understand that point of view. But as I’ve stated many times before, it is important to tell the truth – to make people realise that kids are up to all sorts online, that kids desperately need warnings about what they do online, that kids should not be allowed to smoke marijuana, or to drink….and so on and so forth.
      And it is also paramount to show that there are lots of lies on the Internet. I firmly believe that Amanda is being exploited by the Vancouver Foundation and others for financial gain – getting 100s of thousands of dollars and never actually telling us where that money is going. And there is a lot more to worry about that I haven’t mentioned. Ask yourself this – just exactly who are life-revived.
      You have, unfortunately, been severely tricked. That’s the fact.

      • You pride yourself on how it is important to tell the truth yet you hide behind fake names and are not telling the truth yourself.
        Maybe people would take you more seriously if you gave a little background on yourself.
        Explain why your so attached to this story when there’s so many other story’s you can pick apart.
        There’s bigger conspiracies out there then this case all your doing is showing how obsessed you are with Amanda Todd.
        This ultimately is not a good thing for you cause what if your reader’s think you had a hand in Amanda Todd’s downfall and your just creating all this to cover up yourself or someone.
        How can people believe you with your past lies like claiming your perso365 or saying that Amanda being treated at cottonwood lodge when it has been closed for years,
        Listing links to underage porn to please your customers as you say well Colin is your only active customer and I’m sure he does not spend his nights yanking his shaft at underage porn.
        You posting that is walking a fine line and you seem to enjoy walking that line.
        But before you continue exposing your truth to the Amanda Todd story and making her family life more of a living hell let me give you a ultimatum tell us the truth about you or we will release info on you.

    • Somehow, life wouldn’t be complete without you, Deejay. It would be nicer, but maybe not complete. I have been many people, Deejay. Stop trying to promote your blog, and just put the screen cap here. I confessed to being perso, to having molested 9263 children under the aliases of ‘Father Christmas’, ‘The Pope’ and ‘Scout Leader’, and so on. It was a joke, and I assume that the details were so far-fetched that you would realise that the ‘confession’ was fake. It came after you said that I was obviously a pedophile, and that I must be the person who did it (whatever that means) because, to quote ‘I knew too much’. LOL. Nice to see you again.

    • Erica, please note a couple of things. Cappers, the men who actually record the video and audio streams of live broadcasts, typically don’t care about what’s going on in the chat portion. All they want is the video window. Still pictures from the video will also obviously only show the contents of the video window. The screenshot sent to Philip shows the entire screen of the user who was viewing this. This includes the chat window and in this case, it also shows the basic broadcaster details found on the user’s channels. I don’t believe that has ever been brought out anywhere before.

  3. Oh goodness. An ultimatum? Feel free to release whatever information you want. I hide behind fake names because I don’t want to end up like Colin – stupidly harassed and abused simply because he makes comments on this blog and wants to know the truth.
    I’m attached to this story for personal reasons. For many reasons. If you had been more polite, I might have told you. But truth has always been important to me.
    It’s nonsense to think that I had a hand in Amanda’s downfall. This blog has already worked out why she committed suicide.
    I have a quandary now. This story, shown to be an absolute pack of lies, is becoming more of a mystery. I have not completely dismissed my earlier theories.
    As you will see, I have quite a few readers. And it’s increasing. If 1% of them learn anything good from any of this, I will be happy.
    Please – release info about me. I’ve almost forgotten who I am and where I live. I am a bit like your mate Greg Sticker, except I’m possessed by a spirit called Philip Rose. LOL.
    Thanks for commenting. If you ask questions more politely, I’m tired and you might get a response while my guard is dropped.
    Take care.

    • Why do you insist on presuming Philip is perso when that’s all been explained, or do you have some ulterior motive? Feeling defensive maybe? Who are you trying to protect? I, for one, know exactly where the screenshots came from and it wasn’t from Philip. The source may be made known soon, not that it will do any good for those who persist in believing fairy stories about “innocent” young girls and non-existant blackmailers.

  4. Always the smart ass eh? Haha! I have the numbers saved….just in case! Anyway I’m gona settle down with some ‘Once Upon A Time’ Works everytime. Don’t let this desend into mud slinging. Go to bed.

  5. Sometimes I wish you did not exist and what kind of grown man refers to Winnie the pooh and children’s British shows.
    Its funny you say fictional cause that’s what this blog is complete fiction of the truth.
    It is time to give it up and accept it for what it is and not put your own spin on things.
    And plus it is not really your business anyways nobody else is attached to this like you are and some of the content you put up is bothersome to say a least.
    Posting links to underage porn,saying you would punch Mrs Todd in the face if you seen her.
    I know your a troll and a very good one at that you’ve caused a lot of shit made plenty of enemies but it’s time to drop it all before you become that teen from New Zealand whom got arrested for trolling.

  6. Erica – truthfully, I have some respect for you. You are trying to protect something that is dear to you, and that is highly commendable. Thank you for remaining polite.
    I happen to like British children’s TV shows – I find them a refuge from the insanity of the world. If only everywhere was more like Trumpton.
    This blog is as close to the truth as you will find. Although I have been mischievous at times, perhaps to my own detriment, I have supplied a great deal of helpful information. It is just unfortunate that the circumstances surrounding this search for truth are so tragic, but I hope you can see that my intentions are honourable. If we don’t understand that young girls are doing these things, we will never be able to tackle the fundamental problems.
    The content I have supplied is bothersome. It’s meant to be. I hope it does bother people. My link to the porn site has resulted, unfortunately, in the wrong type of interest, but, as I can see from my blog records, it has also resulted in many complaints about the site being sent to the IWF and CEOP. Hopefully, that will achieve something.
    Punching in the face? Well, I have to confess that I would find it difficult not to. But in reality, I am more civilised than that. I would slap her.
    Please – don’t call me a troll. It’s a term applied to many people who simply have either different ideas, a different point of view, or who disagree with something.
    Thank you for commenting.

  7. You keep accusing Philip of fabrication, but … have you done any research on your own to prove or disprove what he says?

  8. Don’t forget screencaps of Greg Sticker, Amanda’s “twin flame”. Her spirit now allegedly resides in his body and occupies his fevered dreams.

    • Ask yourself a couple of questions:
      Why would I bother to lie?
      Wouldn’t I make a better job of it?
      With the availability of photoshop and such, I could make pictures or documents that are much better than the ones in this blog.
      The point is with lies is that they are actually quite difficult to maintain.
      If I needed to lie for some reason (maybe just out of trollish behaviour) would I really go to the extent of creating such a long blog?
      You can search Amanda’s cutiielover identity online, and nearly all of what I say here can be validated by checking other sources.
      If you have any questions, let me know.
      Thanks for commenting.

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