Amanda Todd – One step closer to the truth.


Sorry about the jpg. Just click on it.

As soon as one thing seems to get resolved, something else crops up that turns a lot of the story upside down again. There is a lot of grief in this – not just for the main participants, but for those other, more innocent victims of the witch hunts, the hatred, the suspicions. And for all those people from all across the world, all those genuine people, all those kids who have cried about this, it’s a terrible shame.

We have – and it saddens me to say this – been severely tricked.  I thought that  I would be jumping for joy as I learned that more and more of what I was saying was coming true, but instead I’m simply becoming more disheartened.

The details I have posted today are true. I will seek to evaluate them as clinically and as precisely as I possibly can. At first, I was just tempted to post the screen cap and leave it up to readers to make up their own minds. But, as usual, I will try to analyse what is behind all of this.

As you will see, the capture is from December 5th, 2010. That’s ten days after ‘cutieelover’ aka Amanda Todd joined BlogTV. What she did, or where she was prior to that, I don’t know at the moment. This is eighteen days before the police arrived on her doorstep on December 23rd.

Note that the BlogTV rules are absolutely clear. I have criticised BlogTV (now YouNow) for allowing things, but to give them credit, they were quite clear about the rules, and very quick to ban people who broke them. There is no real excuse for not knowing that nudity was frowned upon. As we know, cutiielover was banned twelve days later.

Amanda is quite well-known. It is possible that, from the commencement of her membership of BlogTV on November 26th, she could have received quite a following – reputations grow fast online.

Note: this may not be the full online conversation for December 5th. I originally thought that this might be the beginning of it all, but it is possible that there were earlier comments.

The first comment available is a cordial ‘sexy’. The second comment from cutieelover is – well, what? – poignant? Could that be the word? I don’t know. Or it could just be straightforward. Who can tell?

‘im not like that anymore’

What can anyone read into this? It sounds quite forlorn, like she’s realised something, and has decided to stop. On it’s own, it sounds like it’s a finality, but, sadly, we know that just a few days later she was flashing again, and that this behaviour continued on for quite some time. Can we deduce any period of time from this? Like I said – and I hope – her reputation might have simply grown in the previous two weeks, but I retain a slight idea that these are the words of someone who has been quite known for some time. But that is irrelevant, really.

It looks like one of her fans issues a ‘sigh’ of disappointment. Or of shared sadness?

I guess that the next comment is from someone new to the room: ‘what were u like’.  The answer is horrible.

‘a slut’

What in God’s name would make a girl say this? Here are some attempts to explain, but first let me say that it is significant and important. It points strongly towards why so many people used the word ‘slut’ to describe her – it’s the term she has applied to herself. It is actually Amanda herself who first uses the term to describe her own behaviour. People would have read these comments, and no doubt her friends would have heard her say it.

There are two reasons why she should have said this. The first is quite a cold-hearted suggestion; the second is gut-wrenchingly sad. I would prefer to choose the first. It kills me more to choose the second.

The first reason: Amanda is relatively proud of being seen as a slut. It’s a sort of show-off, attention-seeking phrase – ‘Look at me! I’m a slut! I’m not a mundane nobody, I’m someone who boys queue up to see! I’m the centre of attention, and that makes me feel important!’

Look at the news. We live in a society where sluttish behaviour makes you rich and famous. You know the names, I have no need to make a list. Reality TV praises the slut, denigrates the nice people. Look at the magazines aimed at later teens, read by 12-year-olds. In the UK, it’s ‘Nuts’ and ‘Zoo’. And those idiotic cretins who invented ‘slut walks’ – be proud that you look like a slut! Have they ANY idea what they are doing? (OK, reader, I’ll get down off my soap box)

Like so many words these days, slut has lost its meaning. It’s tossed around school playgrounds as easily as the old words like ‘fatty’ and ‘foureyes’. There is a distinct possibility that Amanda uses the term ‘slut’ as a badge of distinction.

The second reason: (this is appallingly sad) Amanda might have had such low self-esteem that she had become used to calling herself a slut. Why she would do this, I don’t know. From family background, I would guess the origin lay elsewhere. There are plenty of vile parents who will destroy their kids’ self-worth, but I don’t see that here. If anything, it might have been the opposite from her parents – they might have built her ego up to massive  proportions.

So why would she tag herself a slut? Did she go online, get naked, expect to get praise but get called a slut? Did she find that the only way to get the BlogTV viewers interested was to behave like a slut? It is extraordinary how dependent kids are on online feedback, and we know that Amanda was addicted to it.

Another, less probable but viable view is this: we know that Amanda possibly suffered from learning difficulties. She may well have had a huge sense that she was, in some way, a disappointment and failure. She had tried desperately to publicise herself online and elsewhere – singing, cheerleading – but it looks like the only thing she, as a person, felt that she truly excelled at, and that got her the attention, was to be a slut.

I must move on. The newbie answers a plaintive and shocked ‘oh’. Someone posts a picture.

‘lol….i kinda like sluts’ – seen as positive feedback?

The newbie asks her what made her change her mind.

‘idk why’ is Kon*** basically answering his own statement two lines above.

Another person enters the room.

Dun*** writes: ‘she is a slut she still is 1’. How is that meant? How is that taken? A joke? An insult? Horrifyingly aggressive male words? Or teen nonsense?

And then we have it:

‘all my friends found my pic’

Not ‘I’ve been stalked’. Not ‘I’ve been blackmailed’. All her friends found her pic. To me, this proves that the blackmail case is now closed. She said this to cover herself. There WAS a lot of stuff going on a la Peyton Ramsey, and it’s all very convoluted. But you can strike ‘blackmail’ and ‘stalker’ from the notebook for now.

I will leave it there for now. Tomorrow, there will be more about what really happened. It might take me time.

So – return to this blog – same Philip time, same Philip channel (that’s old skool Batman, just in case no-one knew).






7 thoughts on “Amanda Todd – One step closer to the truth.

  1. Some clarification. The chatlog was entered already in progress so there is no way to know what the conversation was prior to the first line of text. Secondly, the “picture” represented by the X’ed box in the chat is simply one of the many emoticons that were available to BlogTV users. When chatlogs were created, they didn’t always translate properly into the html formatted log and so ended up as little X’ed boxes. They could be anything from smiley faces to thumbs-up’s to hearts. Thirdly, where you say another person enters the room and comments, the person was likely already in the room. When one entered a broadcast on BlogTV, the acknowledgement appeared at the point of entry, so it’s the person who created the chatlog who entered the room at that time, not the person posting the line of text at that same time. The excerpt you posted is only part of the captured chatlog from that night.

    • I must pay more attention. I have re-read the ‘entered the room’ comment, and I now realise it’s directed at the person who capped these responses. In other rooms, it says things like ‘Fred Bloggs hase entered the room’ when each person appears, and I didn’t look closely enough. This comment is aimed at the person who is just logging in at the time. I see that now. I have amended the post accordingly.

  2. Forgot to mention something. You said BlogTV was quick to ban TOS violators. I’m afraid that’s not quite accurate. BlogTV’s TOS enforcement was unpredictable at best. I wish the BTVQuestions blogspot was still around – the author documented months and months of irresponsible moderator action and inaction.

    Let me put it this way – if no “heroes” or “whiteknights” happened to be in a broadcast where illegal or inappropriate things were happening, the viewers would sure as hell not do anything to curtail the show. If, and ONLY if, a moderator happened to be monitoring a show might some sort of action take place. Even then, a submitted flag often resulted in no action taken at all. To make things worse, BlogTV appeared to be suffering so much from loss of ad revenue that even flagging forced one to listen to advertising and fill in a blank to show one had seen the ad before they could fill out and submit a flag.

    The most surefire way I ever found of getting a show stopped was to take a screenshot (BlogTV even had instructions onsite on how to do this) and e-mail it to the moderators for action. Most of the time acion was taken. In a few cases, the moderators would get snippy or downright hostile. The BTVQuestions blog was rife with stories of users getting banned for reporting misbehavior. The mods also used a convenient excuse to let little children broadcast. Upon being contacted by e-mail, the mods would say there was nothing they could do until the broadcaster admitted in the chat text what their age was. There were 7 and 8 year-old children being enticed by pedophiles and BlogTV did nothing about it! Some mods even entered the broadcasts, watched the perverted comments and enticements, and then just left.

    I also witnessed such activities and did my best to get the little ones shut down. I’ve literally watched shows with two female pre-teen broadcasters (different kids) draw over 100 viewers in less than 20 minutes, and on a couple of occasions well over 200. The only way to successfully intervene was to get there first and if possible, engage them in private messaging, letting them know what was in store and what to watch out for before the room filled up. It was exhausting work.

    Humorous memory – ironically enough, I did get one pedophile account closed during a chat once. I recognized the user name as one of Avery C*******’s accounts. Avery was about 32 at the time but had a “16 yo” account. I openly asked him if he was still 32. He replied that no, he wasn’t, he was 16 this time. I sent the chatlog to the moderators and *poof*, that one account of his vanished. Sometimes, good things happened, but far too rarely.

    • Like always, I have to digest these things. I have heard rumours that the BlogTV mods have tried to blacken a certain persons reputation, and that there are links with /b/ I have also been followed around by some Israelis – you might know why! At one point, I had suspicions that cameracaptures and the rest were using BlogTV and the others as feeds.
      I’ve had minor successes – Victoria Mossart, Evie Deschanel, Erin Foster and the crew. I had one guy have his video collection deleted by YouTube – he has reappeared and he is back up to his old tricks – he’s on my ‘to do’ list. I’ve a huge list of trouble-makers. One of my old identities is well-known to them. But like you, I semi-retired.

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