Just what did Amanda Todd do?


This is not going well at all, if I’m honest. This blog has not gone the way I wanted it to, in many respects. As far as I know, only a very small percentage of viewers are concerned about what happened, and a few are simply vicious, wicked trouble-makers, out to bully people who come to this blog and make comments.

However, I shouldn’t be too dismayed. My hope with this blog was that it would turn into a dialogue – that has, to a certain extent, failed. I hoped that a few people might find help – a few people have. And, from my blog records, it looks like complaints about her video have been made – maybe something good will come from that. I haven’t particularly become a better person – depending on how tired or angry I get, I am prone to mischief-making and outbursts of aggression, which I feel guilty about later. I feel, sometimes, that I let down my more sensible readers, for which I apologise.

But it’s not all bad. The blog was also intended to be a sort of personal diary – a conversation with myself, setting down all the conflicts that were in my  head and trying to reach a conclusion. I wouldn’t really have been worried if no-one else read it. (The fact that now I get concerned about whether I get 100 views a day or 1000 is neither here nor there now. LOL)

So let’s continue with today’s information. Firstly, let me say again that I believe this to be true. Most of the fakers in the story are either too amateur, too obvious, or too stupid. If I or anyone else was trying to fake things, I would do a lot better job of it! I am a worrier, and it has gone through my mind that this is all part of an elaborate plot to make me look like a fool. Or it’s an even more elaborate plot to put me off the real story. But simply standing back and clearing my mind, all of this makes a lot more sense than the rest of the story. It’s easy to grab hold of information and make it fit, or present it in such a way that it fits an agenda. But my readers, I hope, can make up their own minds. So let me state once again – the information in yesterday’s post and in the following posts is true. Make of it what you will. So on with today’s screen cap. It is a continuation of the December 5th conversation, shown yesterday.

The first statement, I guess, may be from a hero in the room.  I could guess that the commenter is called ‘Spirit***’. But the comment is irrelevant.

From Dun***: ‘she bated on cam to ppl’.

Just in case, ‘bated’ is an abbreviation meaning ‘masturbated’. This is confusing. If it’s true, it shows that Amanda really was in it up to her neck. It also causes me concern, because I think it might be referring to the ‘black top’ pictures of Amanda, which I thought were from much later. But it could also be just a bit of mischief – ‘Dun***’ could just be trying to annoy, and make it look like he knows what is going on. However, Amanda doesn’t reply to deny it.

Amanda’s next comment as cutiielover: ‘and sent my boobs out to everyone in my city’ is a continuation of her previous statement that her friends found her pictures. So we have the scene: Amanda’s friends have found her pictures, and, of course, now half the town has seen them. The news would have spread like wildfire. But remember – the blackmailing story is dead in the water.

Many people online have said that it didn’t matter what Amanda did, it was all down to the blackmailer/stalker/predator. Now we know that this person never existed in the way she described. We are now beginning to see that maybe the rest of the story is false, too.

Dun*** continues his statement that Amanda bated with ‘other nite’ which would make sense. Kon***, in a world of his own, continues to talk to himself about why he likes sluts. Dun*** writes: ‘slut’. I don’t think this is the first time Amanda has heard that word but remember – it is possible that she doesn’t take this as an insult.

I believe I know who Zap*** is. There is a strong possibility that he is a double agent type – he comes into a room pretending to be nice and friendly, but might be a Capper. ‘Hey Cutie, whats up?’

Cra** writes: ‘oh daaamn’. This is his response to the revelation that Amanda’s friends have found her pictures. Dun*** continues with his annoyance: ‘still a slut’.

Jak*** asks: ‘are they still ur friend’ to which Amanda/cutiielover answers a firm ‘no’.

At this point, if everything ceased now, one would have to feel sorry for Amanda. She sounds like she is upset, and she knows she is possibly in deep trouble. But, as we know, she is back a few days later, still flashing.

Rumour time: there have been heavy hints that Amanda appeared in pictures smoking a joint. There is evidence to show that this is likely, but I have found only hearsay stuff. If she is in a state of mental confusion, smoking weed will have created a situation where her worries would have disappeared for a short while, and her inhibitions would have lost. There is a distinct possibility that Amanda, though fraught with worry and anticipation of the consequences, might well have been acting ‘under the influence’ later on. (Who says I don’t go out of my way to provide excuses?). However, there is also the possibility that later she might have thought ‘I’ve done it. I’m screwed. So what the heck.’

Whoever jak*** is makes quite a decent remark. These people aren’t completely devoid of sympathy. ‘gotta be careful who u trust’

Then the odd statement from Amanda: ‘iim moving out of the counrty now’. What can we read into this? Were there plans to move? Did people know already that she was in trouble, and had made plans to move? It doesn’t look like it. There is no record of a move to another country, though it’s a possibility that there were people Amanda could have lived with. But I think this is a red herring. The police didn’t arrive until December 23rd. I think that Amanda might be doing one of two things: being a drama queen, or trying to put people off her track.

‘come to america’…..’lol no’

Then cra*** says: ‘well you are super hot’. It’s a shame. Those words would have acted like a spur for Amanda. Whatever she’s feeling – sad, conflicted, scared – the compliment of being ‘super hot’ would have kept her in the game. If only at this point someone had said ‘Get away while you still can!’. It’s sad.

So what do we know for certain after this conversation?

We can forget the whole predator/pedophile/stalker malarkey as described by her and the media. It is a complete fallacy. The idea that she was capped when she was 12 and so on is complete and utter rubbish. Just what precisely happened, I will go into at a later date. Amanda would have encountered various people in her adventures, and some of those would not have been nice.

It is almost impossible to know who first spread her photos, but we now know it was done close to this date. Again, there are several possible scenarios. I will begin with the most likely:

Amanda went online and flashed and did whatever she did for fun. A Capper capped her actions, put it on to cameracaptures (possibly the video where she was accompanied) and sent a link to people – it went around in an instant.

or…..the person who accompanied Amanda blabbed – either through boasting or simple stupidity – and it went from there.

or….it is possible that Amanda herself bragged about it, actually being the first person to send a photo of herself out to a friend (the one who appeared with her) and that was a big mistake

Personally, I think it was a mixture. I think she was capped, but I also think she or her friend, or both, let the cat out of the bag amongst her friends. There have been allegations that she was boastful about what she did. We know she had plenty of enemies (girls who hated her at school) and they would have been looking for every opportunity to take revenge. Add into that mixing pot the actions of teen boys and their habit of passing round nudie pics of people they know, and the whole thing is set for disaster. A tsunami of sorrow.

The tale of an innocent flash is also destroyed. Kids are relatively tolerant of flashing – most of them have done it, and it’s seen as no big deal. OK, it might be a weapon to be used in school arguments, but not a great one. But what kids won’t tolerate is boastfulness and showing off, and there are limits as to what is seen to be acceptable behaviour online. Amanda would have crossed a line by displaying to large audiences, and by masturbating (or even simply showing genitalia).

I was astounded by the remarks passed around about Amanda. It looked like the kids were pitiless. But a lot of what they said – clumsily – was close to the truth. Amanda brought a lot of this on herself. She walked, or even ran, into the disaster zone. There can be no ‘she was naive’ nonsense any more – we can see that the warnings were clear. She knew very much what she was doing, and it is likely that she would have been aware of the consequences, but she was just too wrapped up in it.

Had she not lied so much in her video, it might have been a different story. People might have sympathised more with someone who told the truth. The video was a desperate attempt to clear her name, and it didn’t work. In fact, the video may have even been the cause of her downfall – her friends and allies would have had their tolerance tested just that once too often, and become tired of the constant attention seeking.

A sad tale. But not finished yet. Twelve days later, Amanda was back online flashing. There is a possibility that by this time she had attracted even more attention, and therefore from worse types of viewer. But we know that the photos were out there. Her friends had found them.

I am not 100% sure what happened next. It takes a lot of thought to put the pieces together. What I am trying to say is this: Amanda, at this point, was not being blackmailed. She was not coerced, forced, tricked, whatever. Her photos, as she says, were already all over the city. She MAY have encountered a stalker later on, but I strongly doubt it. She was aware of what went on in the Capper world. And when the police turned up on December 23rd, she was quick enough to try to turn it into a story of blackmailing. That is just not true. Everything she did around now, she did of her own free will.

Thank you for reading this. Please leave comments. The story will continue tomorrow – there are many loose ends now!

3 thoughts on “Just what did Amanda Todd do?

  1. Nobody has ever claimed that there was only one picture or only one occurrence. Amanda’s video was about the one picture that was circulated and caused the downward spiral. Nobody cares Philip, nobody but you and your other crazy followers who are perverts and want to seek out a child who was cought on film making a big mistake. She owned that mistake. So Philly, silly philly, you have proof of lies do you? There are no lies. And you nor is anyone else entitled to any further explanation around the circumstances of her death. You have proof that will rock the world? then bring it on Philip. Stop blowing smoke, and threatening nonsense and just bring it on. Where are these so called pictures? huh?

    • I think you’ll find that the entire Amanda Todd myth revolves around her story that it was just a one-off little mistake, and making her look like a victim.
      The story that it was just one photo that was circulated is complete nonsense. Even her own mother now admits that it was a video.
      The downward spiral you speak of was contributed to by Carol Todd, who also freely admits to letting her daughter smoke weed and drink alcohol. Note that the ‘photo’ event on December 23rd, 2010, was not enough to discourage Amanda from stripping, and she was reported later in November 2011.
      She never owned any mistake – if so, she would have given us a lot more detail about what she did online. Instead, she just lied.
      Everyone is entitled to an explanation. She and Carol Todd have lied and tricked thousands of people.
      I have still kept away from showing the worse pictures, but you seem to want me to show them for some reason.
      Thanks for commenting.

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