What can I say? – some fantastic news.

Well, what can I say?

I think, and I hope, that I can announce brilliant news. (If the video returns, I’ll be well pissed off!)

On checking today, I think that Amanda’s video (the one referred to earlier in my blog – from cameracaptures) has gone. I have double checked, triple checked. It’s not hidden elsewhere. I think it’s gone.

I am ecstatic. I can tell from my blog stats that at least 40-50 people complained directly to CEOP and the IWF, and I don’t know how many others might have complained to the relevant people in their own countries. Add to that the possibility that people complained directly via cameracaptures…..but it doesn’t matter, it’s gone.

Of course, I always find ways of bringing me down. What about the other poor mites still left on there? That saddens me. I would have preferred to see the whole site destroyed. But you can’t have everything, I guess.

And – LOL – my site stats will sink without trace, I think. Or maybe not. I would say that 50% of the views were coming from people looking for the video. But never mind – I achieved what I wanted to achieve regarding the video. For Christ’s sake, can’t we let Amanda’s memory go now?

And just one more thing – all the deniers will now say the video never existed. So I’m a bit fucked when it comes to proving anything.

Will I get a round of applause? Will I fuck. The Amanda Todd supporters will no doubt claim all the credit somehow, and continue to harass me and others.

But hey, fuck you! I have posted one of my all-time favourite videos, and I will be doing the Pachacuti tonight.

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