The continuing saga of Amanda Todd – Part Two for today


This is a screen capture of a conversation with cutiielover (aka Amanda, of course). In this conversation, Amanda was actually talking to her viewers, so it is difficult to know what was said. However, I have made intelligent guesses where necessary, and it should be relatively obvious from the tone of what was written that the subject matter was Amanda.

The screen capture should be seen in conjunction with the video, which has now been removed from cameracaptures and may no longer be available. In the video, Amanda is having fun. There is no hint of coercion or fear. After her flash, which happens during the conversation, she is seen to laugh, and she remains online for some time after that. As news spread, the room reached 191 viewers, which she would have known from her screen information provided by BlogTV.

As far as I know, this screen capture has never been published before. So let’s start.

The date at the top is given as December 18th, 2010, GMT. This means that in Canada it would have been late evening, December 17th. Six days before the police arrived at her house. It is twelve days after she went online and announced that her photos had been spread about by her friends (see earlier posts in this blog). So it appears that, for some reason (I’m guessing addiction to the attention she received), she still continues.

It is believed that during this conversation, Amanda liked to talk about herself. She allegedly referred to herself as being a slut in response to questions. I am not sure what had happened before all this, but I can guess that she was also on TinyChat, and may well have performed a few times before this date. Just how much is unknown, but for a room to attract so many viewers so quickly is indicative that they knew she would flash. She was infamous by this time.

XoX writes: tell (an invitation for her to tell the audience about her). Someone writes ‘nope’.

Someone – a commenter or Amanda – must have said she was flat-chested, because Rya*** writes: ‘no u arent flat’.

Someone writes: ‘we have the hottest girls here in Canada’. People knew Amanda was from Canada. People would have known Amanda’s details.

‘you***’ writes: ‘you are smexy, be serious?’ The word ‘smexy’ means ‘smart and sexy’. I think Amanda might have said this about herself, and this was the reply.

‘flat? I dont think so’ – then ‘TINY SUCKS NOW’. This would have been discussing Amanda’s appearances on TinyChat, I believe.

‘that looks nice ;)’….’can’t tell with your shirt on’…..’nice boobs’ – the stage is being set up for Amanda.

Is Amanda trying to build up the audience? She allegedly used to say that she would flash when she got to a certain level of viewers.

‘being a tease helps though’ – I believe that Amanda knew her audience. She knew what was going on. At any point, she could have closed the room, ended it all, turned away. But she didn’t.

‘USTREAM IS BETTER’ someone says. Amanda was also on UStream with her friend – as Mandaa&Shyy. She was everywhere at this point.

xxF*** asks to see something ‘real sexy’. He knows what is going on, and is probably getting impatient.

Someone asks her bra size, and then XoX*** has a guess ’32b?’.

Someone asks her to put on something ‘exsay’ and to tease.

Now there is a slight change in the atmosphere. Amanda’s on probation by BlogTV. She has been warned, and her account could be banned. People know this, and know that anything serious will likely result in her being thrown off. In fact, she was very shortly after this, only to return again as ‘Announcing Amanda.’

Zap*** says something that could be taken two ways. He is either telling her to swap rooms – to get out and stop, to get away from the situation – or to possibly to go to another less crowded room where the chances of a ban might be less. As I have said before, nobody knows whose side Zap*** was really on. He was well-known, and a suspected double-agent – either a pretend-Capper who was a hero, or the other way round. It’s complicated.

Amanda must have answered about her bra size – she must have said 32C. XoX*** says he was close….’lol’…..then Sky*** says ‘C is nice’.

XoX blames it on the dark shirt. Jas** says that c is perfect. abs** says ’31g’.

ste*** says: ‘only ops can switch rooms’ I don’t know much about that.

lef*** says something I don’t understand fully. But he does say he remembers her, which implies she is well-known.

At this point, I’m not sure what happens. you*** says ’32C is not small at all’. Maybe Amanda has complained that they are small.

jas says ‘nice’ but I’m not sure what is ‘nice’ at this point. As far as I know, this chat is building up to flash. Nothing has been shown at this time, I think. So I’m a bit lost as to what is going on. Just what match her undies? Has she displayed her undies? And at the end, just what is out of focus?

That’s the end for today. I would like to simply rush through all this and get it out of the way. But I know that viewers tend to like to digest bits at a time. This screen cap will be mentioned over the next three days.

As usual, it leaves many problems, but shines light on a lot of things. I have said before – the idea of a ‘one-off’ innocent flash is now out of the question. We now know that it was her friends who got hold of her picture and passed it round. We can’t be sure of who of her friends first came across Amanda’s pic, or how, but at this point a blackmailing predator story seems far from the truth.

We know that Amanda was fully aware twelve days prior to all this that her photos had been spread, but still she continued to flash. A whole book could be written about the possible psychological reasons why she did all this. Maybe it was a desperate cry to get attention – not from her viewers, necessarily, but was this all to do with something against her parents? If she wasn’t getting attention at home – there was a family split at the time – maybe she truly felt lost. She would have wanted to rush to her parents for solace, but if they weren’t listening or unapproachable, she might have felt the need to do something so over the top that it was guaranteed to get a response. Or she could just simply have been addicted to the feedback she got from her exhibitionism. Maybe one day we’ll find out.

Thanks for reading this. I will continue tomorrow. Please leave comments – though try to make them constructive, or at least positive.

Meanwhile, thanks to all of those people who took the time to complain about cameracaptures. It just goes to show that something can be done.

Until tomorrow….

7 thoughts on “The continuing saga of Amanda Todd – Part Two for today

  1. Hey Philip how about if your not scared you meet this person whose bothering you on skype and do a interview.
    Then you will get a chance to address all this rubbish and tell why you are doing it.It may also give you the publicity you crave for something you have never received in your life.

  2. When Amanda was being advised on how to switch rooms, she’s being told how to switch between the main chat room, which could accomodate a maximum of 150 users, and the overflow “waiting rooms” where users ended up if they joined too late to enter the main chat. Users in the waiting room could observe Amanda and talk among themselves but could not communicate with her or with anyone in main chat. As users left the main chat, the ones who had been in the waiting room the longest were automatically moved to the main room.

    A broadcaster could move their interaction between rooms so those who were “waiting” wouldn’t feel so left out, but this wasn’t common. Based on the broadcast screenshot that showed 191 total viewers, there would have been 150 in main chat and 41 in the first (and only) waiting room.

    Sidenote: Some of the DailyCapper videos discuss the 150 user limit in the main chat and speculate on whether a moderator might be surreptitiously watching the chat when the viewer count for the main chat mysteriously “locked” at 149 or 151 or 152 for short periods. I e-mailed a moderator about this once and got a snippy reply for my trouble. I still have those e-mails and I don’t think anything conclusive was ever determined about the unusual viewer counts.

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