The continuing saga of Amanda Todd

First of all, let me begin with a shout out to the Brighton Reading Group. Hello everybody! Hope you are all well.

As most of you will know, we had some good news yesterday. The video of Amanda that was on cameracaptures has gone. For a while, it was just a blank space, but now it has gone completely. I’m not one to veer towards sentimentality, but if you believe in all that sort of thing, it means that a tiny bit of disrespect of her memory has vanished. But there is still a lot to do. If you’ve been to the site, you will see that there are a lot more captured videos there. Those kids are just as valuable as Amanda. Keep complaining. It is only through the concerted efforts of MANY individuals that progress can be made. But this is going to be yet another lecture.

People will ask why I feel it necessary to try to protect Amanda’s respect by getting rid of the video, yet continue to destroy her story. It’s just unfortunate. Amanda didn’t realise quite how well-known her video would become. It was a desperate attempt by her to provide some sort of cleansing of her behaviour, but it failed miserably. The video has become a source of many problems – vigilante activity, suicide ideation, and so on. The Amanda Todd Legacy Fund and the Vancouver Foundation are immorally using it to solicit donations. The RCMP have wasted huge amounts of resources on it. But as we know now, it’s all lies. And it should stop. If it continues, then at least people should concentrate on the REAL issues surrounding this – the proliferation of online child nudity and vulnerable girls exposing themselves, the dangers of the Capper community and, of course, my favourite – the utter stupidity of most of the parents involved, who seem to let their kids drink, take drugs, go naked online without any danger of being told off.

This story should be allowed to disappear. As a mark of respect, YouTube dropped the video as soon as the news broke. Carol Todd had it re-published. She must have known that it was a pack of lies, so we can only wonder why she insisted that it should be shown. Now, the people in charge of those videos have the opportunity to call it a day. To truly let Amanda rest in peace. But they don’t. The Amanda story has become a source of revenue.

Contrary to what supporters think, Amanda isn’t remembered well. Whereas some may fall for the story, the vast majority know that it is untrue. If she figures in any news reports, it doesn’t take long for people to say something pejorative about her, and for angry exchanges to develop. I know from this blog that a significant majority of people are only interested in the worse aspects of the story – her pictures.

So yet again I say this: let the story go. Let Amanda Todd rest in peace and be remembered by her close friends and family.

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