The ‘cutiielover’ chatlog – Part Two for today


This is a continuation of yesterday’s post, which showed the first part of this chatlog. To bring you up to speed – this is from December 17th, 2010 (December 18th GMT) – a few weeks after Amanda Todd first registered on BlogTV as ‘cutiielover’, and six days before the police turned up on their dawn raid on Amanda’s home. Amanda is communicating by speaking with her viewers, so I have to guess what is being said. However, the chatlog doesn’t need too much interpretation. I will be more hasty today, and try to provide two excerpts before wrapping it up  tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

The first comment says ‘out of focus’, implying that Amanda might be trying to expose herself. This opinion is enforced by the next comment:

‘can we see spome more of your cut eunderwear’ (of course, cute, not cut, as the write correct himself two lines down).

Someone says she needs 150 to fill the room. There is an explanation of this in a comment on yesterday’s post. What is relevant here is that we can tell that at this point Amanda has 139 viewers. That does not tie in with her story of being cajoled by a lone predator.

The next part of the chatlog is difficult to decipher. I have thought about it, and I think it would be unfair of me just to guess.

Someone says: ‘then you wiil get a waiting room for sure’. I believe that this would be in a response to something said by Amanda that would hint that she will do something at a certain point. I have received and read feedback from various sources that Amanda would often wait until she had a certain amount of viewers before she would display herself. That’s a harsh truth.

The chatlog excerpt finishes with a reference to what has been seen as possibly an even more notorious channel controlled by Amanda: her ‘isabella100555’ YouTube channel. Here, she used to put videos of herself singing and playing guitar but, unfortunately, she also produced videos of her and her friends up to no good. It is also thought that she was confident enough to show videos of herself and her friends smoking marijuana. The channel was later taken down.

So now we are on to the second part of today’s chatlog.


This chatlog takes a different turn. There is a warning that there is a ‘mod’ (moderator) in the room. Basically, that could mean, if the mod was decent, that the room was being watched and Amanda would run the risk of getting banned. However, not all mods were good, and I am highly suspicious that some of them might have been Cappers, and possibly fed through to cameracaptures and other sites.

I have no idea what ‘FLAGGED 4 PILLOW’ means.

The conversation is getting far more risky. Really, all of this just blows my mind. I find it difficult to describe? Feral? Primeval? Amoral? Immoral?

‘we should check your hot ass’ – hardly the way that Amanda describes her enticement by a predator in her video. It’s not exactly having funtime talk with friends. Amanda was fully aware of the fervour surrounding her every move. To be honest, she’s playing this room like a pro. However much I would like to make excuses, or to explain, Amanda knew what she was doing. Later on in the chat, she is warned NOT to go ahead, but she does so. And months later, when she was warned that if she didn’t stop someone would tell the police AGAIN, she still didn’t stop. After receiving her ban – maybe 10-15 minutes after this chat – she made the effort to return as ‘Announcing Amanda’. Internet addiction.

Someone asks if she is going to show again when he/she gets on. A stab in the dark – perhaps Amanda was waiting for a regular ‘friend’.

There are 151 viewers. The MOD warning goes up again.

This room is going downhill fast. Amanda is asked to pull down her pjs, just not to show any bush. That would mean instant ban.

‘she is shaved’ – Good grief! This room is now a cesspit. Amanda is now engaged in a discussion about whether she is shaved or not. Car*** refers to unshaven as ‘carpet’.

Amanda seems to be putting up some resistance to flashing any more than her breasts, but she is urged on by the crowd.

(Note: I am confused about when Amanda really did things online. It is possible that Amanda had already showed more online before – masturbating and flashing on TinyChat. However, I had assumed that those videos came much later – in 2011. But the police dawn raid on December 23rd would not have been over one photo, and I guess that simple flashing would not have provoked such a response.)

The rest of what is said is obvious. We are left with the opinion that two mods are now in the room. I will return to the final excerpt from this chatlog tomorrow. We’ve seen enough for today.

9 thoughts on “The ‘cutiielover’ chatlog – Part Two for today

  1. For those who follow this blog if any ask yourself these questions.
    Why would anyone be obsessed with this story?
    Why would this Person have screen caps of a young teenage convo?
    Why would this person post links to underage porn plus put up a screen cap of her flash when she was 12?
    The answers to all this is simple this person is obviously not right in the head and could be trying to pull the wool over your eyes giving their own version of the truth to cover something that he or she has done.
    Truth is eternal and will be more so for you when your sitting behind bars and realize what you’ve done your mommy must be really proud of you.

    • Well – I think we know who this is from, but thanks for the comment. I will endeavour to answer each question.
      This story is deeply disturbing for many reasons. Trying to get to the truth is extremely difficult, and takes a lot of time and research. Most of the things here are double and triple checked to give them authenticity. Having not reached a conclusion, it is necessary to go on. My personal obsession is truth. Not a lot of it around though.
      The screen caps are important to show what happens in reality. It is not enough simply to say these things – people wouldn’t believe me. So I need to show the evidence.
      I didn’t provide links until I thought it was absolutely necessary. I am ecstatic that, by providing these links in conjunction with links to methods of reporting, Amanda’s video has been taken down. I have left the links there because there are many, many more girls who need protecting – it sickens me that the actual site remains, and only Amanda seems to be important. And the flash is when she was fourteen. She was never seen when she was 12. That is yet another error.
      If I was trying to pull wool over people’s eyes, I would do a much better job of it. If you took the time to read this blog properly, you will see that I have even cast doubt on what I say. I have provided many alternatives for people to make up their own minds and. where necessary, I have provided evidence to show that things I claim to be true actually are. You are implying that I am covering something up about myself. By making a blog. By being out in the open. LOL. But seriously – lying is difficult. Over time – as with Carol Todd – liars give themselves away by saying too many conflicting things. I might have veered all over the place, but people can see that I have remained consistent in my underlying principles.
      I regularly sit behind bars. LOL. Having a drink. But since when has telling the truth been a crime outside of North Korea? I was raised to be honest. I think that my mommy would be proud.
      Thank you for commenting.

      • A quick addition: in the online world, those familiar with things like the Capper community will know that there are people who make it their business to try and combat what goes on, and to try and help those who are getting in trouble. Apart from CEOP and the IWF, who are too busy dealing with much worse things, there are what could be called ‘amateurs’ who do what they can. It is a soul-destroying task. For every one saved, two more crop up. It is very much thankless – if we tell people, we get accused of exaggerating; we get threats from the exploiters; sometimes, we get threats from the kids we are trying to protect. We have to take screen caps to provide evidence, and then the authorities do very little to help. BlogTV even tried banning people who were trying to stop what was going on.
        The screen caps you see here were gathered as evidence. At the time, no-one could have possibly foreseen that Amanda would be quite so famous in future, so they aren’t detailed. The names – though some of them are recognisable – have been disguised not to protect the people, but to stop THEM possibly launching harassment against me or the source. Also note: all necessary authorities have been informed. They will probably be told again. That is if they are not using my blog as a source for info! LOL.
        One of the things seen online though is this: girls go willingly online, and get deeper and deeper into trouble. They are not cajoled, or coerced, or tricked – they are doing it for fun – until they get caught. Then they either get over it, or they get hurt. In Amanda’s case, she made up the blackmailer story to cover herself. This is dangerous, because parents will be led to think that their daughters will be relatively safe as long as they keep away from mythical ‘predators’. This is completely untrue. Daughters are going online and becoming part of this voluntarily. Whilst maybe keeping an eye out for perverts and predators, they are completely unaware that their own 16 year old friends may well be the problem. That is why truth is important. But you don’t get that.

      • You know I am starting to believe you are not from the UK. After all it’s a “pub” in the UK not a bar and it’s “mummy” not “mommy”. One more piece of the puzzle. You know how you say that “liars give themselves away by saying too many conflicting things”? Well how come you have not posted her about what you believe and wrote on another site about Amanda being alive and this was all a hoax? But in this blog you state she is dead. Hmmmm lie. You post the child porn on here to prove what you say? You prove you are a pedophile who looks for child porn and then distributes it online by providing links to it on your blog. Child Porn distribution is illegal. Just one more screen cap of your comments for my blog on you. You really need to stop lying and leave this sick obsession behind.

      • I’m beginning to wonder about this DJ BeWy person. She seems dead set on you not having made the effort to get Amanda’s video removed from that site you mentioned. What’s the possibility she’s a female pedophile? Surely she herself couldn’t be perso, could she? I know women can be far more vicious than men and the real person was just that – incredibly vicious.

    • I agree 100%. He has said to more than one person on line that he is one of the pedophiles named perso which is an anagram of this fake name p rose. I have a ton of stuff on my blog page about him including him saying just a few days ago that he knew she was not dead and this was a hoax. Notice in these blogs he never says that? He said that a month ago. He has also threatened to punch Carol in the head. Not very sane and yes I know you are right. He is a pedo who is obsessed with this girl.

      • Oh dear dear dear. Where do I start? If you read this blog, you will see plenty of occasions in which I say her death is possibly a hoax (to give her another identity and to keep her off the Internet for her own protection). Even now, I haven’t written that one off. No funeral details and no inquest details after so long is a bit odd. And you’re right – if I ever met Mrs Todd (unlikely, given that she’s about 8000 miles away) I would find it difficult not to give her a slap for being…..well, just so awful. In the UK, a pub has a bar at which you can sit. One sits at the bar. Or in the pub.
        You and your ilk suggest that Amanda never went naked online. In the end, I had to prove it by showing the video, which has now been deleted. Please – don’t make me provide even worse evidence. I occasionally use the American version of words because my main audience is from North America.
        I’m off for a fag! LOL

  2. The “flagged for pillow” was just an inane bit of humor from that particular viewer. I know who it is and he’s known for stupidass humor.

  3. Hi, you said you don`t know what flagged 4 pillow means…I looked now a lot of translation books and so on (I`m from Germany)..and I only get one: is a “kissen” sleep with your head in bed on it

    I suppose she (Amanda) made a “pillow-battle” (like everyone has did when he was a child) with a friend..or alone to entertain. I think like you told: This theme is very leads to pornography

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