The ‘cutiielover’ (Amanda Todd) chatlog – continued


Welcome, everyone, to the continuing Amanda Todd story.

The emotional roller-coaster continues. I have received positive feedback which was very encouraging, but sadly one or two nasty people are continuing to harass. Not me, which I can take quite easily, but people who have posted here and elsewhere supporting some of what I am saying. There is not a lot I can do about it. They are so firmly steeped in their malice and hatred that the rules of common sense and rationality escape them.

Just for information. I am Philip Rose, a name I had to use to cover my identity to stop any of the harassers involving any of my family and friends. That is the ONLY identity I currently have, though I have used others in the past. There are innocent people being persecuted by certain individuals, either because they have commented here or on my Facebook page. There has been one example of a person who was threatened by the Amanda Todd supporters simply for being seen as possibly being me.

To me, I find it slightly disturbing that, in a story that involves the terrible effects of cyber-bullying, the Amanda Todd supporters have resorted to terrible accusations against certain people who are completely innocent. I won’t name names here, but representatives from ‘Amanda Todd’s Safe Haven’ and from the ‘Amanda Todd Reporting Team’ have launched scurrilous attacks against certain people, simply for expressing an opinion. Up until yesterday, although I was angered by it all, I had almost grown weary of it. But now, it appears that the Amanda Todd supporters just don’t have any limits.

From time to time I have sunk low enough to try to deal with the harassment by responding with similar activities. There are times when it is much easier to treat it like a joke. Personally, I don’t care what people say or do concerning me. To a certain extent, I’m in the fight and deserve the consequences. And also to a certain extent, some of the victims of harassment are mature enough to deal with it themselves. But the latest victim was a step too far. This has to stop. One last thing though, before I continue with today’s post: the personal attacks from the Amanda Todd supporters on innocent people for voicing an opinion just shows them up for what they are – spiteful hypocrites.

Note: I have contacted the RCMP today.

So – on with today’s post.

This is a continuation of the chatlog that has featured in the previous days. It is from December 17th, 2010 (Canada time). Cutiielover (aka Amanda Todd) controls the room, and most of the comments are  for her, to which she gives verbal responses. Most of what is going on is self-evident, but I will provide notes.

152 viewers means that there are moderators in the room. Amanda is warned – ‘DON GET BANNED’. She is on BlogTV probation. She is warned not to continue.

The discussion, started earlier, about whether she is shaved or not, continues. She is encouraged to prove it. Pictures available online show that she has exposed herself in this way.

There’s a reference to another girl. There is another warning: ‘DONT SHOW ANYTHING’. This is hardly the enticement Amanda mentions in her video.

Maybe the suggestion is to move to TinyChat because it’s safer.  Amanda was also on TinyChat.

Sky**** knows she is about to get banned. He suggests ‘i have a room you can use don’t get banned’

I think the next few comments are about the other girl someone has mentioned.

cris*** writes: ‘show your shaved?????’ Oh dear. Amanda truly is in a cesspit.

you**** writes: ‘more viewers = more chance of ban’. The people in the room know that either the moderators will issue a ban, or that some undercover people will report it.

The rest of the chat needs no commentary.

What can we learn from this? Many things. I will seek to explain in another post soon. However, the blackmail story, the story of enticement or of coercion, the predator-pedophile story – these are all dead. Amanda Todd was a liar. That is a fact that many people must become used to.

I half-believe that Amanda was aided and abetted during the making of her video. I believe that someone – maybe her mother, or maybe her therapists (she was in hospital at the time) – thought that it would be a good idea to publish what is, essentially, a made-up story designed to get Amanda off the hook. And I believe that the processes necessary to try to keep such a set of lies going may have contributed to Amanda’s depression. She would have been attacked – yet again – by the people who knew the truth.

But I will go into that in more detail in upcoming posts. Meanwhile, I just ask her die-hard supporters: surely you now know you have been tricked?

7 thoughts on “The ‘cutiielover’ (Amanda Todd) chatlog – continued

  1. The viewer warning her in all caps is the same one with the pillow joke from before – more of his lame humor. As for the “ausi girl” with 600 viewers, it was not unusual for viewers to try to motivate broadcasters to show by telling them they had competition. No link was given so it’s likely it was simply a weak ruse.

    Another despicable trick they used was “bots”. BlogTV was exploitable in that an external application could produce fake viewer numbers in a given broadcaster’s chat. Viewers could go to the site, select a chat room, and select the number of bots (fake viewers) to send. The broadcaster might not even have 150 viewers in her chat but you’d see her viewer total skyrocket into the 100’s. This was typically used if a girl promised to do something if a certain number of viewers was attained. The site still exists but it’s useless now since BlogTV is gone.

    • BlogTV is now YouNow see – so it’s still going – just changed the name. Maybe due to all the publicity? Somehow I think that I need to say something about this. Parents will have blocked BlogTV, only to find their kids on YouNow. I will mention this in my next post.

  2. Well Philip I gave you a chance to do a interview via skyoe to let your voice be heard and clear your name to bring involved in the Amanda case.
    Since you obviously decline all your info has been stored and is ready to be presented to the proper people.
    You have continued to harass Carol Todd and also threatened to slap her if you ever seen her.
    You continue to shit on her daughter saying her story is a lie when your version of the truth is a load of hot garbage.
    Nobody ever said it was only one photo but our was one photo that started her downfall.
    That photo was around grade 7 and she died in grade 10 so you do the math she was not 14 like you claim when she flashed.
    You have also put up screen caps of your personal collection of Amanda and say you have more which is distributing child porn same goes for the link you put up.
    Only thing left for you now is to stop what you are doing and move on if you don’t then we have 6 months of screen caps ready.
    I really don’t care if you know we who I am or my IP address cause your nothing but a low life scumbag who has nothing better to do.
    And the fact you chose to target this case over others is not because you think the case is morally wrong it is because you are involved in it.
    Who else would spend almost 7 months going after it nobody in the right mind would.
    And this goes beyond your blog you even write on other Amanda related things news stories and you even tried multiple times to comment on Carol’s blog.
    It’s time for you to leave her alone and leave this story alone it has gone too far and if you have any decency in your black heart you would stop.

    • Derek – please see sense. It’s not a lot to ask, surely?
      I don’t really see why I should Skype with you. As I have told you, I don’t even have a webcam.
      I’m not sure what information you have stored, but it’s irrelevant. I assume that by ‘proper people’ you mean the RCMP. That’s OK. All the info you have on me is utter nonsense. Go ahead. I have already contacted them – way back in December, via email and Facebook. No response. And I have contacted them today, offering to share information.
      I have been a bit mean to Carol – but heck, she asks for it. She is part and parcel of the trickery and fraud in this case. I would welcome any chance to have it out in court. And a threat to slap someone who is 8000 miles away doesn’t really constitute a capital offence. In fact, it has gone through my mind to sue her for deliberate misrepresentation for financial gain. And then slap her.
      Amanda is a liar. That is a sad fact. My version of the story is as close you will get to the truth anywhere online. Just learn to live with it.
      The whole world has been encouraged to believe that is was one photo, one little mistake. Her flashing continued on way past this current episode, until November 2011. Her downfall commenced way before all this – parental neglect. But to keep saying it was one photo that caused all this is ridiculous. Even her own mother now says it was a video. If Amanda hadn’t been quite so prolific in supplying naked photos of herself, this would never have happened.
      The photo wasn’t around grade seven. Really, I get exasperated. I have already explained why people have cooked up that idea. In her video, she says she was in grade 7 when she went online. That is true. But it was later that she started flashing. In her video, she states that a stalker waited one year to do something (a lie of course). The date of the police raid was December 23rd, 2010 – when she was fourteen. Even allowing a full year, she would have been 13 when the alleged photo was captured. However, her own mother (yet again) stated that it was a video sent around a couple of months after Amanda went naked, putting the date at somewhere around September/October 2010. Amanda would have been 13, then 14. Grade 8, is that? Not that it really makes much difference. Just get the story straight. She was 14 – December 5th 2010 (or around that date). 14. You do the math.
      These are not screen caps of my ‘personal collection’. Don’t be so melodramatic. 99% of the photos are available online. I am proud of the link I put up. It achieved something that you and your cronies never did – the deletion of Amanda’s video from the site. The fact that you lot are now saying it never existed – well, at the end of the day, so what? To a certain extent, you are pushing me to show the pictures. It seems the only way I can prove to you what the truth is. Can’t you just Google them like everyone else does?
      I will not stop. It is partly your approach that keeps me going. Carol Todd has had plenty of opportunities to tell the truth. And as you know, it is the truth that is important to me. Please – feel free to do whatever you want to do with any screen caps. Perhaps I should have kept the death threats I received from the likes of Greg Sticker, Katherine Coulombe, Corinne Johnston and many others.
      Now – you really need to think rationally, rather than emotionally. I am not involved with it. Doing one’s research, gathering facts, deducing the real truth, does not mean I was part of it. 99% of everything here is available from the Internet. Which I own.
      Has it really been seven months? Seems like longer. That’s how difficult it is to get to the truth.
      I comment on other news stories to give balance. Simple as that. I’ve noticed recently that comments get shut down as soon as a few people say the story is wrong. I find that odd.
      Of course I have tried to comment on Carol’s blog. I think my first comment was way back in January (18th, I think) when I simply asked her to tell the truth. But no response for some reason.
      I will not leave this story. I’ve come this far. I have the beginning sorted – up to about January 2011. And I have the end sorted – from March 2012 onwards. I need to cover the middle part – and I have a feeling it’s not going to be nice.
      While you’re here, any help? I’m trying to get a date on the flashing video where she appears with her friend Shania or Sophie. I had that down as early 2010, but I now think it was more like November 2010. And the one where she goes Full Monty? I had that down for mid-2011, but now I think that also may have been in 2010. Thanks for any help you can provide.
      Thank you for commenting.

  3. You must be delusional if you think I’m going to give info to a black hearted son of bitch like you.

  4. Hi I travel the Internet a lot read what people have done in life, I saw story on Amanda Todd that I did not know her in life and saw what she went through that wasn’t her fault what was done, that a lot people online that think is funny thing I wouldn’t say that I been through been bullied in life, pick on when I was in school years long ago that I had God on my side that brothers and friends family made sure I been safe. If you saw what Amanda Todd went through she done a good thing not doing her demands to a predator stocker online not giving her info out to do what person ask her to do. If Amanda had post her plea for help I would read it and went save her life. I like to say be safe online and not over do what people ask you do something tell him go fly a kite. They not follow God simple rules that kids have a life to live. thank to Bars and Melody on anti bullying.

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