A small break – a video and a question

I’m taking a small break today. I have to think about the next steps for this blog.

One question I have been asked, though: what about Norm?

How come he never gets mentioned? He was around at the beginning, and he seems to have disappeared. No word of him in Carol Todd’s blog. No references to him. I could guess that he is a busy man. But wasn’t Carol Todd meant to be a teacher? When did she stop working? It’s been seven months, and no sign of her going back to work.

Just one more thing. Does anyone know exactly what the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund is being spent on? I see plenty of fundraisers (money in) but no activities (money out). That just seems odd to me. As if the funds might be going directly into someone’s pocket. Can anyone find out?

4 thoughts on “A small break – a video and a question

    • Good afternoon! Or good morning to you! Nice to see you. Have a nice day!
      But while you’re here – any info on why complaints were coming in around November 2011? But just one thing does weigh on my mind – did anyone you know attend the funeral? It’s just that I can’t find any news about it anywhere. I think that it was an alternative ceremony – you know, one without religion – and I have heard the 221 – or was it 122? – people went. But Mrs Todd never says she visits the grave or plaque or whatever it might be. Does anyone know more about the funeral? Thanks for your help.

    • Thanks for that. There was a mention that some of Amanda’s ashes were included in the ink for Norm’s ‘Stay Strong’ tattoo – but that sounds a bit over the top. But I haven’t anything online to confirm what you say. Thanks for your help.

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