The Amanda Todd story – a fraud and a scandal


Good morning. Or good afternoon, depending on where you are in the world. The saga continues. I apologise if today’s post rambles. My mind is full of conflicting thoughts, so I have just gone into a free flow mode.

For the first time in a long time,  I really confess to not having a clue as to where to go with this blog. I think I am in some sort of delayed shock. I have always known that there was something strange about this story. Part of me actually wanted it to be true; I actually wanted to be mistaken. No-one wants to believe that a young girl, on her own or aided by her mother, has lied to such an extent, let alone done all the things mentioned in this blog. But now it’s clear – it’s all a fraud.

A few months ago, I never knew about the existence of things like BlogTV, TinyChat, Omegle or even worse sites like cameracaptures. I had never heard of the Capper community. It’s all come as quite a surprise. And not a nice one.

To be honest, my mind is in a whirl. There are so many unanswered questions.

Is this a part of a greater fraud? I have now chosen that word – fraud – because that’s what it is. The Amanda Todd Legacy Fund and the Vancouver Foundation have maliciously used this story for publicity and financial gain, knowing full well that is based on lies. Just how great those lies are, we have yet to find out.

The police have said very little. They have stood by and watched shocking online vigilante behaviour almost in silence. They have let real life and online threats of violence proliferate.

The media – the Vancouver Sun, mostly, and the Canadian TV broadcasters – have shamelessly profited from this story, continuing to use the ‘Amanda Todd’ tag to gain readers and viewers, and I dread to think of the income gained from YouTube videos and the R.I.P. pages, most of which are now being used to promote anything from life-revived (a suspicious online website set up to gain advertising revenue) to free give-aways encouraging people to give their details away. It is truly disgraceful. And it needs to be stopped.

I have lost sleep over whether or not I am doing the right thing here. Sure, there has been a lot of attention brought towards bullying, but we now know that this was not at the core of Amanda’s problems. But, in fact, there has been a huge amount of bullying CAUSED by this fiasco. The Amanda Todd Reporting Team (on Facebook) along with Amanda Todd’s Safe Haven have wrongly persecuted people simply for voicing their opinion. And various new groups – like Bikers Against Bullies – are simply uneducated and uninformed hooligans out to ‘expose’ pedophiles. This is a dangerous move in society – lynch mobs out to get people who, without any evidence, they might choose to victimise.

Attention has been brought to suicide. But even that has been misused. By implying that Amanda is ‘in a better place’, that she had a one-way ticket to Paradise, that she is in Heaven, loads of kids, maybe on the verge of making a fatal decision, will think they are doing the right thing. After all, Heaven will be seen as a much better option from the imagined Hell they are living in. And kids who are lonely, isolated, unloved, will see that maybe, just maybe, it’s better to die and get all the attention post-mortem.

Attention has been brought to mental health. But not much. The Amanda Todd supporters film of choice – ‘Bully’ – never mentions the fact that the person at the centre of the story was mentally ill. And people don’t see Amanda’s choices as being based on poor mental health – they seek to blame an imaginary predator.

But what is missing?

Does any of the story concentrate on the dreadful parental neglect? No. The fact that Amanda got away with so much – flaunting herself online, stripping and masturbating, drinking, taking drugs and having sex – all this seems to have been air-brushed out of the picture.

And for me, perhaps the worse thing. Apart from a few references to BlogTV in the gutter-press reporting of Patrick McGuire and Cooper Fleishman, no-one has sought to tackle the major problem of the webcam sites that encourage young girls and boys to do dreadful things online. I shake my head in despair. By avoiding the truth about what Amanda did, important issues are not being dealt with.

Regarding my blog. People say it’s all lies. That is ridiculous. Many of those who complain don’t even bother to read one post, let alone all the rest. I have tried to provide as much information as possible. The lunatics suggest that I have photo-shopped evidence. I can barely get used to using ‘Paint’. The marijuana? A quote from Carol Todd. The drinking? Another quote from Carol Todd. The online nudity? Most of the pictures have been supplied. I have held back from providing the worse ones here.

In the last few days, I am proud of a couple of things.

I tracked down the cameracaptures site a long time ago. I held back. The last thing I wanted to do was to trawl through the terribly upsetting pictures of hundreds of young kids doing foolish things online. It’s heart-breaking. I can tell you now – it damages the soul.

But, after so many people denied the existence of the video, and so many people who did know of it felt powerless, I decide to act. I looked for the actual video – thank God I didn’t have to look too far – and published it here, with links to how to complain. After two or three days, it went. For the first time, I felt like I had achieved something. Even the ensuing online harassment can’t take that away from me. I have left the connection there. After all, it’s not just Amanda. There are hundreds of pictures. Please keep complaining. Hiding away from these things does not solve the problem. Actions do.

Secondly, I think that the stalker story has now been completely destroyed. I still have investigation to do (when will it ever end?) but I think that I can firmly say that the stalker/predator/pedophile story as reported in the video is complete nonsense. In future posts, I will explain EXACTLY what happened. But know this – the Amanda Todd story is almost entirely false. There is barely a shred of truth in it – if any at all.

I should mention my source. I have paced up and down about this. Internet paranoia dictates that I shouldn’t trust him (or her, for that matter). My source knows a Hell of a lot. It’s taken me by surprise. I originally thought that it was just someone piecing together bits of stuff found online to make up a story, but as I’ve said before, liars tend to give themselves away. Although I hold some doubt in my mind, I have 100% trust that the screen caps supplied by my source are true. I trust my source, and thank the person greatly.

The revelations from the screen caps are good. We have specific dates to work on – even the actual time. Amanda has admitted that she already knew about the photos being spread, yet she still continued.

But it’s turned this blog into an entirely different ball game. I have to take things seriously now – that’s why this post rambles a bit. Regular readers will know that  I have interspersed some of the seriousness with humour and nonsense. If I hadn’t, I think I might have gone mad (too late, I hear you say!).

I have written – twice this week – to the police. I have written to the Vancouver Foundation again. Will they respond? I don’t think so. I have found out more information as to how people can block the torrent of danger from the Internet – I need to supply that information in the best way I can.

But it’s not all bad. For every 100 haters, I gain one new online supporter. I now have a handful (including me, it makes five!). But you know what they say – quality beats quantity.

28 thoughts on “The Amanda Todd story – a fraud and a scandal

  1. There is no need to hear my voice. You can read everything here instead.
    To suggest that there is more than one person is a bit silly. Just because I get everywhere.
    Why don’t you ask questions here? It’s what this blog asks for – dialogue. Or are you afraid that your friends will turn on you and start harassment, too? However, I think most questions are already answered here. Why would I be a coward? I don’t understand. I’m wise not to expose myself to the lunatics like Greg and company, I guess. But Brighton is miles away. It’s a shame. You could come and visit me if you were in the UK. I am an upstanding citizen.
    Your last bit is a bit of a laugh. Free shirts and bracelets is hardly standing up against bullying or solving mental health problems. I think you’ll find that most bracelets are sold locally or online, as are the t-shirts. And with the huge amount of money rolling in – 3000 bucks from one small event – I think she can afford the postage. I admire your attempts to stand up for Mrs Todd – but you are so wrong. Ask her how much she gets paid for her appearances on TV and in the papers. Untaxed donations to the Fund – which she then spends on ‘expenses’. And not at work, either. Clever. Please – do leave any questions here. Then we can all see them.
    Just again: were the photos from the video where she showed it all from 2010 or 2011? I really need to clarify that. Any news about the funeral?
    Thanks for commenting so early in the day. Catch you later!
    Oh and by the way. Can you ask Renee Porten if she wants to see the pics, as she must be one of the few people never to have seen them? Cheers.

  2. Philip will you ever stop? Almost 7 months andwhat exactly have you accomplished? You show photoshopped images and screen caps which you claim your good friend “David Sanders” gave you but then you admitted that was a lie since that is your other persona. Brighton now? Gee you move around Warrington closer perhaps. Anyway you mention in this post that you searched through hundreds of video’s of young girls who were screen capped….so you viewed child porn instead of just reporting it? Seems odd. So are you against the cappers who take advantage of young girls and boys on the net or are you okay with them and content to keep blaming the victims? You mentioned back in December 2012 that you had a source who attended Kody Maxson’s trial date on November 30 but then I proved you wrong on that one too since I am local and the info was easy to get. Kody never showed and the court never happened yet you say your source was in the courtroom and saw Kody. Strange. See what you mention about people who lie and get caught is true. So answer me this, what exactly are you hoping to accomplish and why not move onto something else like say Terrorist attacks or something else like that? Why are you so obsessed with Amanda when you claim to be in the UK and never met her? Why do you keep asking the RCMP for info on an open file? As I have told you, our laws prevent that. Have you read the Canadian Criminal Code to become familiar with it? You may want to because judging by all the haters out here and those you have made false, serious allegations about, you may want to get a good lawyer. You asked me for my info where you can contact me and my lawyer so I put that out to you too. If you have nothing to hide and all your claims are true, then you will have no issue with telling me your real info. Where can I find a copy of the unmarked chat logs you have? I would like to look into that more but I can search on the net and find it as well. Played your song earlier but you missed it. Sorry about that. I was at hand torture. lol Hope your day has been a good one perso. x

    • Oh dear! Right. None of the images here are photoshopped. But I doubt that you will believe me.
      I’m not sure why you say Warrington. But it doesn’t matter. Where I live is irrelevant.
      You know full well that through my actions, the site and the video has been reported many times. The video has gone – that is an accomplishment. And the site continues to be reported.
      I am against the Cappers. But I am also against the foolish girls who go on there with the sole purpose of exposing themselves for the thrill of it. And that’s what some of them do. Like Amanda.
      You mix up the story. My contact in Surrey went to the court at Kody Maxson’s no-show. He will be there again in July and September, for the next appearances.
      I will not move on until the truth about this is told. More young kids are dying from suicide and a combination of stupidity and bad parenting in North America than are ever being killed through terrorist attacks. Bad parenting kills kids. As we can witness here.
      Amanda Todd represents all that is bad about teens and modern social media.
      The RCMP need to tell the truth. They know that this is all a lie by now. They know that there is no stalker, that Amanda lied. How long does it take for them to tell the truth?
      I would seriously welcome an approach from a lawyer. It would give me the perfect opportunity to tell the truth. Why do you think that there has been no appoach so far? Because all I have said is true. They can email; they can leave a note here; even the police could get in touch. But nothing.
      You will not find the chatlogs. They are only known to me and my source. They are nowhere to be found online. The publication of the chatlogs here was their first publication. Unredacted versions exist, but will not be published yet. Copies were sent to the police.
      Thank you for commenting.

    • The uncensored chatlogs are still in use as evidence in other cases involving one of the users who was in Amanda’s broadcasts. As soon as it is certain that law enforcement has no further use for them, they can be made available with all user names revealed. A couple of the users might possibly be pointed out and identified at that time. I anticipate that this may occur sometime this year.

  3. your blog reaaaallly intrigued me, i read over the whole thing once i found it a few weeks ago.. in always waiting for new posts and new information. i find your information really interesting.. it makes you think, i tried to stay up with the “amanda todd story” for as ling as i coudk find anythig and about a month ago i stumbled upon this blog, i really enjoy it, if nothing more a different view, but i deffinitely can undrstand everything you say. hope you keep it up even though people hate every day, i everyday read new posts and comments and read old posts sometimes.. i have no further information about it or i would participate in conversation.. i am just searching for answers and look forward to seeing your whole view, although i pretty much know by now i stilll kepp waiting for more. anyways, really enjoy your blog. thanks!!

    • Thanks for commenting. It’s good to know that people are interested in what I have to say. As you know, the latest information has been revealing – though some people, of course, believe it to be faked. But everything you see here is true. At some point – I just don’t know when – the true story will be released. The police or the family will have to tell the truth at some point. But I guess the police will just say something like ‘case closed – not enough evidence’.
      Let me know if you want any points clarified, or any more details about things I might not have fully covered.
      Have a good weekend!

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  5. In my opinion, Amanda Todd was a tragic case of a mistreated sufferer of addictive personality disorder. If you view her story as that of a young, out-of-control cybersex addict who was tragically prescribed anti-depressants instead of being given proper mental health services, then you have to wonder if bullying is just being used as a convenient attention-deflecting mechanism so that Canada’s woeful mental health system can escape scrutiny.

    • Fantastic! Please don’t think this is me being patronising, but this is one of the best comments I have received. Thanks. I will try to get back to this later with a better response. I think you are 100% correct!

    • Like all this story, there are many things to say, but I think you are not far off the truth. The problem is that no-one really wants to deal with this story – people don’t want to hear about the possibility of a young, idolised girl possibly being mentally ill, they want it to be about something more palatable. They don’t want to think about all the girls doing similar things because it doesn’t fit in with their image of the world. They want it to be about bullies – something they can sort of understand and get to grips with, and the nutters like the ‘predator’ aspect because it gives them something to get angry about. And all the therapists and doctors who did see Amanda don’t want to admit that they got it so wrong (for instance, I think none of them actually knew about what she was ACTUALLY doing in real life, and fell for her made-up story hook line and sinker). As for Carol Todd – well, much better to deflect attention ANYWHERE as long as it is away from any part she had to play in all this fiasco.
      The real tragedy of this story is that it has been so woefully misused. By avoiding the TRUE issues behind it all, much damage has been done, and will continue to be done.

  6. I personally think the charities and the Todd’s are just trying to benefit from a negative actions from Amanda. By blaming others for her mistakes have led to her as the sole victim. She is the victim, but from her own behaviour. I am sure people did contribute towards her mental health in a negative manner. But it is sad that those that go out there and do stupid things then ruin the lives of others because they play the victim card.

    Years ago when I was back in school, we had a person that would do stupid things all the time. That person always tried to be disgusting and mentally torture other students. So one day when somebody put that the person in their place, guess who got in trouble? The original victims were now the bullies because the actual bully went one step further and got a reaction from every body. Now the stories are not like for like but complete similarities.

    I believe this is all a huge tragedy, but to not actually highlight the key issues and to pull the victim card is not good enough. The world needs to know what happened. We need to know that yes these things contributed towards her death BUT this is why she was depressed and put in to this situation. Look what AMANDAS mistakes led to. This is why was harassed etc. Now I am not saying that she deserved the mistreatment, harassment etc because she doesn’t one bit and nobody ever does. But we need to educate those not to put themselves in this position the first place because then these negative things happen.

    I think those just attacking this blogger should stop attacking, be neutral and work together. What is funny is that everybody wants the same outcome here. But believe you me, that so many stories in todays world are completely different from we are told.


    • Thanks for leaving this comment. The charities will have gained a fortune from this story, and they will never put it under close scrutiny. As for the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund, that is purely Carol Todd’s cash cow, enabling her to go to Vegas and give up work. No wonder she tried to keep it going. As I have said before, the story is hugely complex, and I swing between the view that Amanda was a manipulative and cunning liar, and the other option – that she was completely destroyed by the influence of bad parenting. As in most cases, I think it will end up being a combination of the two.
      Your story is familiar – the kid who is a pain in the ass suddenly becomes the victim when someone reacts to it. In real life, Amanda was a bragging show-off with no concern about other people – her
      sadness wasn’t about what she did to others, it was because she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t worshipped and adored.
      It’s not a huge tragedy – certainly not. What’s huge about it? Seriously? The Titanic was a huge tragedy. Syria is a huge tragedy. This is, in the great scheme of things, virtually a non-event. If you think that it’s going to change things, Google ‘Jenna Bowers’. ‘It will never happen again’ they said. ‘She will never be forgotten’.
      This story will fade into history – indeed, it’s almost over now. Nobody will bother to look in detail at the whole thing simply because they don’t want to – nobody likes the truth, unless it involves fluffy kittens. The idea that not all 14 year old girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice is an idea that most people want to avoid.
      Finally – people don’t want the same outcome. The Todd supporters only want to hear that she was bullied by psychopaths and stalked by a pedophile. They would just as easily believe that she was abducted by aliens, rather than face up to the fact that she was simply a narcissistic liar with appalling parents.
      But you are right when you say ‘educate’. That is singly the most important thing to remember. People need to look at the facts, get educated – not only regarding this story, but just about every other story the media presents to them. We are increasingly relying on others to tell us their version of the truth, so we can take it on as our own.
      Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. And thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  7. I completely agree with what you said. She wanted the attention, not in a bad way, however all the bad things she had done where completely looked over and ‘photo-shopped’ out of the picture and illegal. If I where to do what she did, I would lose all respect from everyone, but I would still have my friends, for her to lose them she must of done something utterly terrible. I have a lot of mental illnesses, I’ve only told my close friends about them,I have cut before, to punish myself in places I hide and don’t tell anyone about. In the girls changing rooms I forgot about them and got changed normally and everyone stared. I got called an attention seeker, ohh she’s only doing it because she thinks she will get attention, she saw what that Amanda Todd girl did on the news and is trying to get popular, when all I ever did was hide them, no one knew. I’m 16 and I’ve had sex (Its legal in England), I get called a slut, but I’ve had it with a guy I’m still going out with now and have done for a year, when I was ready with someone I trust. I get called the whore, the slut, the emo. When girls send pictures of them selfs sleep around, it was a mistake they’re still beautiful and perfect. Me I’m just a piece of dirt. Girl’s like Amanda Todd get so much attention that they crave because they want it, all I want to do is give it to someone else. People have been is worse situations and still decided that living is a better option. Suicide is now a glamorized thing, when you die people will think you’re beautiful and say how everyone make mistakes, 9 times out of 10 this isn’t the case. Suicide is a cowardly way out, her stalker could of been dealt with, everything that happened could of been dealt with she just chose to let it stay. I’m sorry if this is a ramble, I don’t hate her, I just hate her story that everyone views with rose tinted glasses

      • I’d like to hear more about her father. You raised some points about how she’d go with him and he’d essentially give her free reign with loads of parties and stuff. That really got me since he’s hardly been mentioned or milking the gravy train of his daughter’s suicide as much as Carol. I’m actually really angry people think Amanda is some epitome of self-harm or suicide since I’ve struggled with attempts myself. This girl’s interest was purely driven by seeking attention. Making a YouTube vid to chronicle what she believed was her sob story and indulging social media to the max and flashing with no concept of consequences–there was less self-harm and depressive behavior so much as there was dramatics if you ask me. It was bad parenting that led her to rationalize and continue these activities.

        Norm’s role in all this is odd. The two links above show a semi-serious approach and a jokey approach.
        OK – I’ll try to be brief. Amanda’s parents were involved in the usual seperated parents crap, e.g. playing each other to see which parent would be most ‘loved’. How much of this was also taken advantage of by Amanda is open to debate.
        I’m not sure when Amanda left to live with dad – possibly around 2009-2010. When the cops called on Carol in December 2010, Amanda was not there then. However, it looks like all of her online behaviour peaked at the time she was with father.
        In my research, there is evidence of girls in Amanda’s situation having ‘daddy’ problems – certainly looks like it with Aurora Eller and Jessi Slaughter. At one point, Amanda’s online persona was ‘foreverdaddysgirl’.
        OK – was there anything weird going on? On a gossip level, of course I would love to speculate, but without evidence I can’t say for sure. Basically, I think Norm was an idiot.
        As far as I can see, Amanda was pretty much a manipulative and spoilt brat. Her parents indulged this – partly from some sort of parental guilt e.g. she’s not happy so it must be our fault, but I also get hints of Verucca from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – a girl (Amanda) who would throw all levels of tantrums if she didn’t get her own way. Therefore, I think that Norm simply let her do all her stuff for sake of an easy life – far easier than confrontation of the problems. Being so dumb, he was really unaware that his lovely innocent daughter could possibly be getting up to any mischief online or in real life. What would be the harm of letting a 13 year old like Amanda play with teen boys in her room? Weren’t they just all having fun?
        It has gone through my mind that he MUST have had an inkling, but then again, my research shows that most parents are completely stupid when it comes to keeping an eye out for trouble.
        What is odd is that Norm – in the realms of Carol – doesn’t seem to exist. There’s no mention of him in any of her blogging. She has sought to point blame in his direction, but apart from that, it’s as if he never existed. I find this all highly suspicious, but I’m guessing that Carol is more media-friendly, and that maybe, if questioned, Norm would have been like the accomplice who eventually cracks and tells the truth.
        The gravy train seems to be over. Carol keeps trying to keep the wheels on the bandwagon, but it’s pretty much stopped. Turning her daughter into a brand with bracelets and T-shirts, and hijacking everyone else’s story had sort of killed it.
        It’s a shame that Amanda’s story has been so badly used. By now, it has actually turned people OFF thinking about the problems – they are sick and tired of hearing this story. It’s very typical – the one attention-seeking girl and her family soak up a ton of attention, when genuine cases get ignored. And yes – it might sound harsh, but it was attention-seeking. The sob-story was just another in the constant stream of Amanda’s ‘look-at-me’ activities.
        You mention bad parenting, and people know that I have filtered out all the bs and come to the conclusion that it was the idiot coupling of Carol and Norm that was mostly to blame.
        Amanda’s story wasn’t one of some sort of tragic lost soul, it was one of tragically appalling negligence. Although she might have been part of the problem herself, and have contributed to her own downfall in so many ways, it was really up to those close to her to have staged some sort of intervention. They had plenty of opportunity, but failed miserably.
        Amanda was like a train wreck waiting to happen. The parents provided the faulty track.

  8. You make such good points and it’s a shame that her legacy will just inadvertently incline teens more to pursue romanticized aesthetics and sentiments about self-harm and suicide from all the sensationalism and propaganda selling her as some kind of martyr. In recent cases, like Tallulah Wilson for example, we can see how this fantasyland mentality is becoming rampant amongst young folks. You even hear commenters in Wilson’s case (kids her age even) remarking at how creepy her online indulgence was, as if she was competing or asserting how far she could go. When does it ever become real pain or misery and not popularly when social media’s involved? The Internet has become less about escapism and more about attention-seeking, casual competitions to see how “far” or “real” or “honest” people are regarding these morbid trends. Someday, even suicide will be seen as “uncool” against the grain of attention-seeking stunts or trends.

    I half-agree with your view on Norm Todd albeit I guess I just think that parenthood goes beyond that defense of differentiating the particularity of the sexes. I don’t think being a “guy” can be used as a defense against idiocy. There are lots of great fathers, single or not, of daughters who contend with and acknowledge the gender difference…and there’s no “stupid” involved. The real clincher is that neither mother or father put their foot down which could’ve been done regardless of this could “relate” or not.

    • Mmmm….thanks for commenting again. I’ve watched this story develop over the months, and in a way I think it HAS worked, though not as Carol Todd or the others intended, but of course it’s a mixed blessing. On one hand, the saturation of the media with this story has meant that any chance of a sensible and reasoned discussion has vanished, destroyed, I would say, partly by emotional fatigue. That is the biggest shame, in that now genuine cases will be overlooked. However, it has also taken away that attention-seeking look-at-me culture that was creeping in. It has now become uncool to go online with this type of story, as it attracts the ‘Oh you are only copying Amanda Todd’ remarks.
      The Tallulah Wilson case is yet another ‘wtf?’ story. When you look at the background, there are certain things in common. The worst thing about the Internet is that it facilitates this kind of bs. Why the heck weren’t huge alarm bells triggered off by tumblr? At some point, I think it will be shown that social media actually LIKES this kind of stuff, Facebook is the prime example. What do people do to show their moral outrage? Make Facebook pages and bring more traffic to Facebook. Brilliant for Zuckerberg!
      The problem with the likes of Tallulah and Amanda is that it’s like an addiction. Amanda flashes – hullabaloo! But then interest wanes, so more flashing, and then more antics to keep those ‘likes’ pouring in. Tallulah exposes her self-harm life, and has to keep feeding the beast.
      I can, really, only have guesses as to what makes certain people do this. A cry for help? Not necessarily. I still think that Amanda wanted fame at any cost. I’m guessing that for Tallulah, the attention she got online was just a replacement for the lack of attention in real life (I don’t have to be a PhD to suss that out). Of course, people argue that Tallulah and Amanda and the others DID get attention, but I argue that it was not of the right type. But maybe I won’t go into that now.
      Being a guy is no defence at all in this day and age, but (no offence if you are Canadian) Canadian men seem to come across as Neanderthals compared to the average European (yes, I know that is a vast generalisation). I just think Norm may well have been the epitome of some of the worse aspects of ‘masculinity’.

      • Fair enough. A part of me wishes that he’d break down publicly, point fingers at Carol and admit his idiocy in plain view but it’d be useless now considering how the story’s died down. However, I still hear lots of stories about her and others in my area of study. It annoys me especially when inexperienced undergrads reference her and her family (and girls and their families) as victims of the “toxicity of social media.” The legacy these girls leave and the people they leave behind perpetuate is the real toxicity and does a disservice to real victims. It’s amazing how hardly anyone knows about Sakia Gunn or pays as much attention to the morbid tragic trends of aboriginal women who’ve gone missing or have been sexually assaulted (or murdered)–but you can be damn sure they’ll spare some sentiment for Tallulah Wilson all the way in the UK or some other “Amanda” out there.

      • Mmm…I do have a certain theory (entirely a product of bored day-dreaming) that the Todds may well try to make more of this story in future – maybe a film or a book. Therefore they may be thinking twice before talking too much now.
        I have noted that the Todd story seems now to have crept in to the educational sphere – in gender studies, communication studies, psychology and so on – but not in a good way. Nobody seems to be questioning it and I find that bizarre.
        I have a list of names for you – I expect you know of them: Giovanna Plowman, Aurora Eller, Samantha Marie, Hannah Novak. Those were the REAL show-offs. As far as tragedies go, I would rank Megan Meier way up there, Felicia Garcia, I would rank Hannah Smith as most perplexing, and possibly Daniel Perry as the saddest (for me). And if you look back at Marjorie Raymond, everyone then said ‘never again’ but she was rapidly forgotten. Most pointless hooha? Well, I’ll stick my neck out and run with your very own Rehteah.
        Unfortunately, there is a definite race, gender and class thing going on. Somewhere in the blog I quoted an article which basically said that if you are a upper/middle class girl, everyone is concerned and the behaviour is seen as either not normal or a product of experimentation, whereas similar behaviour from the working class is seen as a dreadful indication of how bad they are. In the US, to a great extent it doesn’t matter unless you are white and in Canada no-one seems to bother about the Nunavut or other indigenous people. As for boys – well, seriously, despite the horrendous statistics of male suicide and other problems (males tend to off themselves or turn to major drug/drink abuse) nobody seems to give a shit.
        Is it human nature or the media? Or a mixture of both? A lot of this sickens me, to be honest, in that the value of an ‘Amanda’ seems to outstrip hundreds of abused females in India, Africa, in warzones and in areas of poverty. But they don’t raise the numbers of readers, do they?
        I’ve linked an article:
        from which I quote:
        ‘We must use this visibility, not to justify increased punishment, but to help young people who are actually crying out for attention.

        The internet is also a place where people share their pain. In light of highly publicised – but often inaccurately portrayed – cases of teen suicide, seemingly driven by peer cruelty and “dangerous” social media (Tumblrs containing self-harm images, forums where people with anorexia share “tips”), combating cyberbullying and curtailing what teens should be able to do online has become an obsession. Recent tragedies, such as the death of Tallulah Wilson, who took her own life in 2012 after a battle with severe clinical depression and who posted self-harm images on Tumblr, and Hannah Smith, the 14-year-old who killed herself last year after apparently being bullied on, demonstrate that the dark side of social network sites is not always straightforward.’

  9. Also, Carol is still fairly persistent in the media. A few days ago she was featured in some news article about how she felt the word “bullying” wasn’t being taken seriously after some pink shirt rally thing. How can anyone take anything with people like her affiliated seriously? I can’t believe this woman is actually a teacher. I can’t believe people wouldn’t use that to criticize her. All this media is just one big circus to detract blame from where it rightfully belongs: with her and Norm, and the semi-intellectually capable Amanda. It’s a wonder she hasn’t lost her teaching license. Do any of these kids actually ask her what the bloody hell was she doing while Amanda turned to social media and nudey shows, or how and why she didn’t take Amanda’s computer and cam away?

    • Compared to her position a few months ago, Carol is way out of the news. I watch her activity in my usual obsessed manner, and she really is damaging any chance of proper inspection of all the surrounding complexity. Last week, she featured in a talk about protecting kids. Most of the time was taken up in telling the story – predator, coaxed online, my Princess Snowflake and all the accompanying bs – but even at this late stage, she had no strategy, no new information, no cunning plan. I think she is at that stage where she has become a liability. She was dropped out of all publicity for the Snowflake Walk in her area, and the Todd name is not so prominent any more.
      Carol has a propensity to drop herself into trouble. She likes to say she is a techno-wizard, but then shows remarkable lack of knowledge and, of course, that invites even more criticism of why she let Amanda have so much web-freedom. And she changes the story to suit whatever audience she thinks she need. And so on. I, too, have been surprised by the fact that she is/was a teacher, mainly because her communication skills are so low.
      Oh dear! The last bit of your comment is becoming a question more people are asking. The media was incredibly soft on Carol Todd, and never posed any problem questions. No-one in media is ever going to touch the story in Canada – who wants to be seen as the rotten person who destroys the myth? However, maybe one day the story will be approached more realistically, but I doubt it. The Amanda Todd story is rapidly becoming ancient history and to be honest, not that many people care about it now.
      Oh – and I’ll chuck in my theory (it’s one one of my blog comments somewhere): Carol Todd, in a perverse way (Google ‘Munchausen by proxy’) not only liked all the hooha when Amanda was alive, she revelled in it even more after the event.
      Thanks for commenting!

      • Oh, I totally get what you’re saying; I’ve actually been looking at this in my studies. My major is psychology (social psychology, really–but no one has it in specific categories) and this area of “teen suicide” is something I see many of my academic peers (some are superiors) either scratching their heads at or capitalizing on. To go against it, they risk relentless vitriol as others have and people tend to pussyfoot around it. I feel like a sociology major would be better suited to take it on since they could call out the obscenely obvious privileges these girls had and how they were sensationalized. I wish one would. I’m so tired of seeing these “pretty” privileged girls (and I also believe race plays into how they’re prioritized) be heralded as staples for tragic or noble causes–and I’m tired of seeing their parents’ embarrassed crocodile tears…

      • Psychology, eh? What would you make of someone who has spent the best part of 13 months on this God-forsaken blog? I have a TON of stuff to say about teen suicide (most of it all said before) and (again) somewhere on the blog I have an attempt to distill it down to ‘family difficulties’. For me, I don’t think it’s anything new (what really is, these days?). The suicides get much more publicity (but note that the Todd coverage would have been entirely different in Europe) and are always linked with dramatic words like ‘epidemic’ or ‘contagion’, but I suspect that there were as many incidences throughout history, and it is likely that they were either unreported or dismissed as an accident, families not so willing to broadcast it as much as the Todds. What probably IS on a huge increase is this suicide ideation and self-harm, but I put a load of that on to the idiots like Demi Lovato who never realised that as soon as she said ‘I self-harmed’ a good number of her fans would copy the behaviour. However, there are many, many things at play here – too many to talk of now. It’s no wonder that trick cyclists scratch their heads.
        The relentless vitriol is a big problem. Views – mainly that all 15 year old white(ish) middle-class girls are innocent angels – are so firmly entrenched that if Amanda had slaughtered kittens live online it would have been seen as someone else’s fault. I have in an Internet way shouted until I was hoarse that Amanda went online voluntarily, but even when the evidence is shown, people invent all sorts of reason why I must be lying. In a very joking way, I would say that any male psychologist who stood up against the tide would never get to sleep with a woman ever again, and any female would be seen as some sort of traitor to womankind.
        However, maybe we should note that the Todd thing is not quite the worldwide phenomenon Carol thinks it is. Outside of Canada and the USA, she is barely known, even in mental health circles. And there are less and less references to her in articles.
        Anyways – thanks for taking the time to comment here. If you have any further questions or need any clarifications, let me know.

      • Your blog was/is actually really…I don’t want to say “inspirational” because that sounds corny but, it voices the inconvenient truths and I think that’s very commendable given all the sensationalism and loaded language people ascribe to these cases.

        There’s even evidence surfacing now that Hannah Smith apparently created profiles and posted the predominant “bullying” content herself to her profile on; they’ve deduced that glaringly high likelihood from going through her computer and tracing things to her IP. I’ve even had subjects and read a slew of case studies with teens who did that–and the entire thing was a gimmick to glean sympathetic followers. I believe Amanda was conscious to an extent of what statement she was making in her notorious video with her signs; she was aware what she did was wrong but sought to shift the ultimate responsibility to her “bullies” instead of emphasizing the accountability she had. The overall message was aimed at bullies, “be careful what you say, words hurt, it’s so sad, etc.”, instead of cautioning kids to be more conscious of what they put on the Internet or just going online altogether. Instead of discussing the pitfalls of spending too much time online or the aspects of obsession in maintaining an online persona, she tells people not to “bully.” It becomes, “Look at my pain. Look at what the bullies have done with me. Don’t bully. I’m agonizing.” The whole sense of altruism or pity falls short because you see it’s ultimately yet another show for attention and self-reference. People suddenly band together to eliminate bullying without actually stopping to think of the larger picture and the parts they play.

        I’m still surprised the online social networks involved weren’t/aren’t taken to task on this up to now. They explicitly state in their policies that they don’t tolerate that kind of material and yet it’s still so rampant. One could even speculate that this is some corporate conspiracy to enable more web traffic (since they effectively cover their asses with disclaimers in their community guidelines) at the expense of the odd deluded suicider beguiled by the romantic imagery. Instead of having the intiative fall upon users, why not have the avenues involved? Does no one really ask these questions, especially given how easy it is to track people down or save information? Yeah, bullying is bad–so, don’t be a bully but trolls and cyberbullying is such a big deal because it’s inconsequential as these digital bodies twiddle their thumbs and the futility of the “report” button.

        This willful ignorance is so very annoying. It’s not just the people who romantically suicide too. It’s everyone: parents, online enablers, the system, the social platforms… The list goes on. It’s not just about suicide either. Teens online can be pretty obsessive, especially when it comes to celebrities. It’s so frustrating to argue this point even for the sake of academic panels who essentially tell me I should be more “sensitive” since it could be construed as controversial if I don’t omit words like “attention-seeking” or “solipsism.”

        Thanks for replying; it’s a shame you don’t make any more posts!

    • Thanks for commenting – it’s not very often that I get a positive comment. I think that only a few people now have faith in any of the story which is a shame because they will turn their backs on all the real problems.

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