Have a good weekend!

Good morning!

I hope you all slept well, and are feeling fine for the weekend.

This post may not say much today. For a bit of background, I have a lot of work to do today. I have a habit of accumulating washing up and tasks, especially when my human dish washer is away on holiday. There’s only one thing more frightening than all my haters – and that’s the cry of  ‘Just exactly what DID you do when I was away?’. Apparently, washing up, doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, or doing a quick Hoover is more important than this blog or watching TV. I don’t think so!

I’ve got to make vegetable soup (so as not to waste the veg that I couldn’t be bothered to cook); I’m going to make some flapjacks; and all that after cleaning 722 mugs that seem to be lying around the house. Well – probably more like ten.

But – as you can probably guess from the tone of today’s post – I need to get away from it for a while. It can be depressing, especially if each day brings more lunacy from Amanda Todd supporters, and one particular person. During the next few days I will recap where we are in all this, more for my sake than the reader’s.

I have been tempted to show more pictures of Amanda Todd ‘doing what she does best’ in the words of the Capper community. This would be mainly to seek to show that what I have said is true, because there are still people out there who believe the ‘one-off’ photo myth. But I’m not sure if that’s necessary. Most people are aware of the existence of photos, and I hope that most people, even if they have not seen these photos, trust me enough to know that they exist.

What I would like to know, though, as I have asked before, is this: who was the girl in the earliest video? Shania or Sophie? Surely, she would have come forward to tell the truth? I am thinking that it might have been Shania or Sophie who first blew the story. Thirteen or fourteen year old girls are not renowned for their ability to keep things quiet. I think that Shania or Sophie (or perhaps even Amanda) simply went to school and told their best buddy ‘You’ll never guess what we did last night’ – best buddy told another best buddy, he/she told another – you know what it’s like.

So I’m being a bit lazy today. I have cut and pasted two of the emails I sent – one to the police, and one to the Vancouver Foundation. I have sent others. And my video post for today is a bit of weekend humour.

To the police, January 27th, 2013, headed ‘Complaint about your handling of the Amanda Todd case’. There has been no reply.

‘I’m finally writing to you to complain about your handling of the Amanda Todd case. I will try to be brief.

Firstly, I am shocked by the lack of information you have provided to protect Kody Maxson. You are no doubt aware that there are Facebook pages and YouTube videos accusing him of various things, but I cannot find any attempt by you to try to stop this. There was one announcement way back in October, but since then you have gone quiet. You could quite easily provide updates on your Facebook page, and I can find no trace of anything on your website.

Secondly, why no updates on the Amanda Todd case? You have had ample opportunity – since December 23rd 2010 onwards – to find information you may need. You have, supposedly, had a full team on it since October. But nothing reported – not even a ‘still looking’ update. You supposedly monitored all the Facebook/RIP pages, but that is doubtful, as you would have been allowing ongoing scams. But your email address seemingly remains open for ‘tips’, whatever they may be. Rumour even has it that I, myself, have been reported to you, but you’ve not got in touch. I even left a couple of comments on your Facebook page, but no response.

Thirdly, I am going to up the ante here. I have done a lot of research on this – all the way from Amanda’s first appearance as mandy-kinz, through Mandaa&Shyy, the appearance of her video on cameracaptures.com, one Hell of a lot. This has led me to believe that a vast portion of the story has been faked or, at the very least, covered up with lies. And therefore, it would lead me to believe that you, the BC RCMP, are, in some way complicit with a certain degree of fraud.

I would value your response, and thank you in advance for your attention.’

And an email to the Vancouver Foundation, March 9th, 2013. I have also contacted them again this week. No response.

‘Dear Faye,

I am writing to you because I am extremely concerned about the messages that Carol Todd seems to send though her blog.

I am mainly referring to this blog entry to be found here for February 18th, 2013 – http://caroltoddsnowflakes.wordpress.com/2013/02/page/2/

This is the quote: ‘So, looking through all the pictures of Amanda and her friends, I was happy to see her in good times, fun times, drunk times and even stoned times. Yes, she told me about the times she ‘blazed’. I commend her for being honest with me. There are still alot of her friends that find it hard to talk to their moms and/or dads. Amanda’s blazing was just a small piece of her life and problems. As we all say ‘We (as parents) pick our battles, and that wasn’t one I was picking.’ She wasn’t operating machinery or driving a car. So it wasn’t such a big one to me. Also, my friends who are parents and are around my age, what exactly did you do when you were in your mid-teens? I know that I wasn’t exactly honest with my parents and I did things that were quite similar to what teens do today. Did you? Now be honest with yourself… LOL!!!’

There are other similar indications of what I can only term as being Amanda’s dangerous behaviour throughout the blog and – indeed – throughout her life. However, if we put to one side just what Miss Todd was allowed to do, perhaps it is important to look at the possible connotations of this blog statement. To me, it seems to accept the fact that Amanda Todd smoked marijuana as something of little importance. Indeed, she says ‘it wasn’t such a big one to me’. It in no way attempts to explain the pitfalls of marijuana, especially for a young, vulnerable teen, and it in no way seems to say that this illegal activity was worth bothering about.

Carol Todd is free to say what she wants, and to parent in the way she wishes. But this blog is being used as part of the Amanda Todd Legacy and thus falls under some responsibility from you as head of the Vancouver Foundation. The blog is read by people not just looking for a story, but also for some sort of advice or learning experience. It may also be read by teens. Evidence has shown that, in cases where there are young teens with mental health issues, marijuana is extremely damaging. Yet this blog has done nothing to show the perils of drink nor drugs – simply writing a statement such as the above and finishing it with a LOL.

I believe that the Vancouver Foundation has a duty to bring the harmful aspects of marijuana to the attention of the readers of this blog. Indeed, as a charitable organisation, it has many duties, and warning about the use of drugs must surely be one of them.

I have already complained twice to Peter Jackman about the complexities of the Amanda Todd case and how badly it has been handled – leading to problems such as suicide ideation, and condonement of destructive behaviour patterns. However, maybe up until now, that has been ignored as being too judgmental. I also believe that the Vancouver Foundation has been too hasty in using the Amanda Todd story as a source of revenue and publicity. However, I feel I can no longer just sit idly by and let this sort of thing happen, and this attitude to the use of drugs was the final straw.

I would be grateful for any response you might give. A simple addendum to the Carol Todd blog would be sufficient – warning about alcohol and drug abuse. Unfortunately, I feel that I will be forced to take this further if this problem isn’t dealt with.

Thank you for your attention.’

To all my readers – thanks for reading this. Have a nice day. Hope you enjoy the video.

6 thoughts on “Have a good weekend!

  1. Hello 13th Mask and thanks for the work you and the other Anonymous are doing. I will continue to be of any help I can and will provide you with any info I have. Feel free to contact me. I am sure we have spoken in the past. Thank you also for the post on Carol’s blog to let her know they are not alone. Thank you for seeing Amanda as a victim and for trying to get the criminal or criminals who are still targeting her now. Good work. xxx

  2. Hello again Philip. So in my blog I have asked you for an apology to Carol and her family and friends which you are aware of because you also read mine. Sounds like it’s time to do that before things change for you. You have claimed in the past to be part of the Anonymous but they are now doxing you? Why is that? Oh just another lie. You were never part of the Anonymous. I have broken down this blog and shown your lies and will continue to do that until you stop. The choice is yours whether you choose to stop or not. I hope you make the right one.

    • mmmm? I think you’ll find that I am against Anonymous. That just goes to show you don’t read my blog! Of course, I will make the right decision – to continue telling the truth. Thank you for commenting.

  3. I’ve been following and supporting this entire blog because it is unbelievably fascinating. But you just lost me when you started talking about the dangers of marijuana. There are no dangers of marijuana unless you are already stupid or dysfunctional. I will give you the benefit of the doubt because as stated before, Amanda had mental disabilities. So these disabilities coupled with marijuana, could potentially be dangerous for her. But you can’t blame marijuana for this. With mental dysfunction, she probably shouldn’t have been smoking.
    I’m going to keep reading on just because I find this fraud very interesting, especially with how the internet reacted when this all first happened. I just ask you reevaluate your stance on pot.

    • I 100% agree with you. I’m not sure what I wrote in this post or elsewhere, and I won’t go into too much detail (any research can be done on the Internet). For Amanda, if we assume certain things,like she was possibly depressed or mentally ill in some other way, it was not a good option to allow it, my view being that, even if it’s a tiny risk, it should maybe have been avoided. Also, you are probably aware that it lowers inhibitions. Given Amanda’s risky behaviour online, not a good idea. Finally, you can find more research about the impact of marijuana on developing brains. Amanda was possibly too young to indulge. All in all, I hope you can agree with me that – in THIS situation, it would have been wise to take ALL precautions. And of course, I don’t blame marijuana as being central – contributory,perhaps, but not a main cause. You will know by now where I squarely lay the blame.

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