Have a happy Sunday!

Firstly – enjoy the video. This should cheer everyone up. It sort of sums up how I felt after reading some of today’s links.

So – go into the kitchen, put the kettle on, make yourself a nice cup of tea, get some nice dunking biscuits (Digestives are my choice) and settle down to see what further nonsense my critics produce.

In the way of the Jedi there is one phrase that sticks in the mind: ‘May the Fourth be with you!’. And indeed, yesterday it was with me. And the rest of the world, obviously. Not one – not two – but three things published about me, and each one more insane than the previous one. Oscar Wilde wrote ‘There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.’ I’m not so sure about that. It’s nicer to have people saying good things about you, but we can’t always get that.

So, the first link to insanity: http://pedoandliar.com/

Mad. Completely hatstand. I like the way that the main threat is a STRONG MESSAGE. With the spelling not being so accurate, it could mean ‘strong massage’. That would be better. And of course – they are not revealing my true identity, because they don’t know it. It is, in reality, Clark Kent. That saves them the time and effort.

And now, the second piece of madness: http://eugie2012.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/looking-back.html

This guy believes he has Amanda’s spirit in him. Well, call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think so. This is Greg Sticker’s blog – regular readers will already know him. He is on Carol Todd’s list of friends. He’s harmless enough, and in a way I wish him well. Although I laugh at him, that’s a bit cruel. I am actually concerned, so I hope he finds whatever he’s looking for. Stick with it Greg, and take care, mate.

And last – but unfortunately, by no means least – the ongoing insanity from one of my ardent fans. http://bewytchme.com/philip-rose-lies-lies-lies/

I can’t work out her scientific methods of proving something. It seems to be ‘I say it’s not true, therefore it isn’t’. But she does disapprove – slightly – of Carol Todd’s tolerance of Amanda’s weed-smoking and drunkenness. So she’s not all bad.

So there it is. Nothing too outrageous for a Sunday. I hope you enjoy the video – it would be nice if the viewing total could go over 100,000 soon. That guy REALLY knows the proper use of YouTube and the Internet – to make people happier!

And as you can probably guess – the housework is still there. I was maliciously dragged out to see Iron Man 3, after about a 10 second argument about how I shouldn’t really, I need to wash up, and so on. Have a good day!

18 thoughts on “Have a happy Sunday!

  1. I just read that bewytched blog. I guess I’m infamous now? She thinks I’m one of your personas. I’m guessing she pretty much thinks anyone here who might agree with you is you. I may work up the courage to watch one of her YT videos but I’m a bit hesitant. Her appearance on some of those thumbnails of the vids – wow. I might need some sort of protective amulet or something.

    • I am pretty gruesome I agree! lol That’s why I have been happily married to the same man for 30 years. yeah I am a dog for sure. Amulet? If you think that would help. lol

      • Don’t take any of this to heart, Deejay. I think you mean well, you’re just going the wrong way about it. Take a step back for a minute. Go and do some proper research so that you can find out that ‘cutiielover’ is really Amanda, stuff like that. It’s all out there. I see that you sort of disapproved of Amanda’s use of marijuana. If you had just taken a bit more time, you would have seen what I had to say about it in this blog, and what the experts say. To save you time, I will put a link in the next comment here. And all the answers to your questions are right here in this blog in front of you. OK – I tricked you into thinking I was perso – but we all know that’s just a joke. And I’m not Colin, which I think you know. Surely you’ve seen all the Amanda photos by now – you know they’re not fakes or photo-shopped, and you know she wasn’t 12. So think a bit more. Calm down. If you really want to do good, you need to see the truth – that’s the only way the problems can be solved.
        Thanks for commenting. Have a nice Sunday. It’s nearly over here.

  2. Just looked at some of her stuff. She supports Trayvon Martin! OMG, the woman is totally detached from reality. I have no doubt the image she has of him in her mind is the picture of him as a sweet, innocent 14yo little boy that his parents gave the media instead of the 17yo thieving thug he actually turned out to be. His true nature was gradually revealed during the months after the shooting and yet there are some who choose to deny the evidence that was brought to light. Even one of his key alibi witnesses has now admitted to lying about her whereabouts. This ought to be an interesting trial.

    Reading through some of her material, she appears to cherry pick from your blog. For example, she claims you never stated what the intent of your blog was when you did indeed clearly state it before. She goes on and on about the cameracaptures video and sure enough, now that the video is gone, its absence is viewed as evidence that it was never there. She claims you should have reported the site or its contents when you’ve urged readers to do just that. In fact, I posted a comment indicating that law enforcement typically didn’t bother with such sites and why.

    An online friend of mine even sent evidence to authorities of a serious predator on Youtube for THREE YEARS and nothing was done even when the identities of the victims were known. Not until the criminal was caught through sheer accident did the police connect the victims with the predator. I’ve sent him evidence of a Canadian pedophile who victimizes little girls on multiple sites. He submitted our combined evidence to the authorities … and for what? NOTHING has been done AFAIK and the monster still roams free. I’ve just submitted a report about another particular individual who just will not go away despite his numerous sites being taken down by unknown parties. I’ve never reported to this particular agency before but I have no doubt that nothing will be done. It’s enough to make one just chuck it in and give up, or switch sides like I’ve seen a couple of former “heroes” do.

    (How much do you want to bet the Wytch will focus on my use of the phrase “chuck it in” instead of the rest of my comment and claim it as further evidence I’m you?)

    Keep up the good work, Philip (or whatever your real name is). BTW, I find it pathetically laughable that she would think a psychopathic abuser like Perso would risk exposing his identity by bothering to set up an elaborate blog in order to communicate with others in the manner you do. That’s like expecting the late Jeffrey Dahmer to have written a treatise on the evils of canibbalism, or the late Ted Bundy to have hosted a support group for abused women.

  3. You know Roy when you speak all I can read is blah blah blah. Glad you are a reader on my site and please feel free to bring your friends who support GZ because I will be adding my info about him which I have actual copies of and which are being used in the actual trial. These documents were freely available online to the public before they were considered state’s evidence in the trial. Maybe you can leave a dead girl alone and fight for some trashy, racist guy who begs for money online because he murdered someone and then makes it worse by making a site where his parents beg for money because their son killed someone. Would be nice cause your hero is still alive. Why go after a dead girl?

    As for the site which Philip posted and which I became aware of yesterday as well, I am unsure who created it and as for the spelling and grammar it is obvious to me that this person does not have English as a first language. It’s not a stretch to believe this is a European based page. Thank you for calling me an ardent fan however I do not fit the definition. Not so much a fan as a profiler. Figuring you out one fictional word at a time. Doesn’t it ever make you wonder why it’s been 7 months almost and you are still obsessed with this girl? I have proven the claims you made to be false which is why you never posted a rebuttal. You’d have to have proof and as we all can see throughout your blog, you have none. What you have admitted to having on your blog and your computer is a ton of child porn. You admitted to actively seaching through “hundreds” of child porn images to find one of who you say is Amanda. Why did you do that? what purpose did it serve to revictimize the victim? You also admit to going through “hundreds” of video’s containing child porn in search of the one video you claim is Amanda but which was never seen or uploaded. Proof is what wins a case and not speculation. I am pleasantly surprised that my Anon friends have now decided to pay attention to you. I wish their op well. Okay as much fun as this has been, I do have to head out now as I am going to enjoy this beautiful, sunshine filled day and go for a drive with my hubby. Hope your day was good and keep posting, I will be watching. xxx

    • The site is based in Chicago, Illinois. It’s not European. Good grief! Don’t guess – KNOW!
      btw – post each of your claims here – concisely and precisely – and I will answer them all. Stop being foolish.

  4. I may have to take back a little of my ire with law enforcement now. I’ve just been given some awesome news. A case I was marginally involved with has finally resulted in an arrest. Please see here:


    This creep pretended to be an agent of Ikon Modeling, a legitimate modeling business, in order to try to entice young girls on Youtube into improper acts. I interceded with a couple of potential victims before and attempted to contact both the real Ikon Model Management site and the founder, Cynthia Saldana, to advise them that somebody was impersonating them for illegal purposes. I never received a reply from them but Youtube shut down his fake channel at that time.

    He apparently re-surfaced after I had “retired” but friends who are still “anti’s” on Youtube discovered him again. Diligent effort with identifiable victims finally paid off. Those folks deserve a big round of applause for helping take this predator down.

  5. That is amazing Roy. Good work on your part. Nice to hear that something is actually happening now. Takes a village to raise a child they say.

    • Thank you for the positive comment. I’ll copy/paste it to the “anti” who was most involved in this. i think she’ll appreciate it also.

  6. So Phillip or whoever you are.Do you have anything new you are going to write about?Other than spreading all this bogus crap about Amanda.Or have you finally ran out of resources to get info from.Surely someone like yourself that has this much time on their hands must have quite the imagination.I’m still waiting on your reply to my other 2 posts that I have made.You say you always reply back to whoever comments on this Bogus Blog of yours.So how about you pull your head out of your ass and have a answer for this post.Or are you too scared to answer it?

    • Will – none of the information is bogus. I have looked at your other two comments, and there was no answer to provide.
      If you have any serious questions, please put them concisely and precisely. But it’s time to realise that you have been severely misled. The whole of Amanda’s story is bogus.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. As you can see for yourself, none of the information I have supplied can be shown to be untrue. It is all truth.

  7. It’s only true in your mind Phillip.What really amazes me is that you seem to know a lot about Amanda.Would you like to clarify on just how you seem to know all this info?And further more something about this Blog that really doesn’t sit well with me at all is. Why would you ever post a link to a child porn site on this Blog?What is wrong with your sick twisted mind.I find that to be very disgusting for anyone to want to look at little kids in that manner.Oh hold on I know exactly why you posted it here and I quote,You clearly stated you have to keep your audience happy.You are very sick and in need of some serious mental and phsycological help.

    • Will – stop being foolish. If you look closely at this blog, you will find enough evidence to prove that it’s not only true in my mind. And of course I have a lot of info on Amanda, but apart from the recent screen caps, everything is out there on the Internet to be found with a bit of research.
      Do you people not read or something? I have made clear, more than once, why I left the link to the porn site there.
      Will – you have been taken in and tricked by all this nonsense. So get rid of the shrine you have (don’t you think that’s a bit odd for a grown man, to be idolising a minor? and I dread to think what you dream about) and just grow up.
      Thanks for commenting.

  8. Well Phillip that shrine I have happens to be from the Tributes I was asked to make for Amanda’s memory,So you can think whatever you want.At least I don’t going searching for child pornography sites,To me that is just being sick.You really do need help.And just 1 more thing I hope Anonymous does publish your name because I already have a good idea on who you are.Phillip Rose isn’t your real name and just incase you decide to try and edit my comment I already have it screencapped of what I have wrote here.

    • Will, I strongly suspect you are a pervert. It’s weird to have a shrine to a dead 15 year old girl that you have fantasies about. Get some therapy, before it’s too late.

  9. I am far from being a pervert u piece of trash keep making lies up cuz that’s what ur really good at.You are replying to someone that’s daughter was sexually assaulted u fuckin lowlife scumbag.Make sure u have your facts straight before u open your mouth.And don’t bother replying back this time.I can see that I have wasted my time with you and your bullshit.

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