Where’s my head at?

I’m not in full blogging mode today. The weather in the UK has been grim, but now Spring/Summer is arriving the outdoors is a much better place to be. Blogging is a Winter activity, I think.

Nothing is happening much on the Amanda Todd story. I’ve said this a load of times before, but it definitely is dying out. And maybe that’s a good thing. Her mother should realise that her memory is becoming more tarnished each day, but I think she doesn’t believe that. It’s a terrible shame that more people know now about what she got up to than ever before.

Here is where we are at. We now know with certainty that she was naked online many times, flashing and much worse. But loads of people knew that right from the beginning. We know that the myth of it all starting when she was 12 and in 7th grade is just a fallacy – interpreted that way by the public and the media to make it sound even more scandalous.

We know that she was late 13, early 14 when she really got active on BlogTV. We have her join date as ‘cutiielover’ as being in November 2010. We know that, by December 5th, very soon afterwards, her photo had been spread.

And we know, without shadow of a doubt, that the photos were spread by her friends. There was no stalker, no predator, no pedophile, no older man. Sure, these types exist in these circles, and they may have seen Amanda’s videos. But the stalker myth was created by her as an excuse for her behaviour. Here’s a much truer – perhaps 100% true – version of what happened. And remember, this is backed up by FACTS!

Amanda went online from 2008 onwards. We know that from her activities as mandy_kinz.

In late 2010, she joined BlogTV – around about September/October 2010. Unfortunately, she got into the habit of flashing. She was, at least once, accompanied by a friend.

On December 5th, 2010, we know that her pictures were in the public eye. She told people that her friends had found them.

So this is what happened: she joined BlogTV in November 2010, and soon found out that flashing brought her popularity. She just loved the attention. So she continued. There are hints about just how far she went, and pictures that show her doing a lot worse than just a quick flash.

At some point, either her friend or Amanda boast about what they get up to. Word gets out, and the kids in her school find the evidence. The links are sent around, and pretty quickly half of Vancouver are aware. By December 5th, she knows this.

But this doesn’t put her off. After all, notoriety can be quite attractive. She still flashes again on December 17th, 2010.

Then, on December 23rd, the cops arrive. Just what is going on? A pornography scandal? Child abuse? Amanda is questioned, and quite rapidly tells the story of a blackmailer/predator/stalker.

This was the start of so many lies. There was never a predator/older man/stalker or whatever. She simply made it up. Of course, they existed. In the Capper community, in which Amanda had become infamous, there are plenty of them. So Amanda knew that if she just pointed at someone to blame, she would sound credible. After all, you would trust a naive 14 year old pretty girl, wouldn’t you?

If you don’t believe me, fair enough. But ask yourselves some questions. If Amanda had been so stalked, why did she stay online for so long afterwards? Why did she have such a strong Facebook and YouTube presence if she thought there was some monster out there to get her? Why did she continue getting naked throughout 2011? Poor stalked girl – or narcissistic attention-seeker?

And how come this stalker was never caught? All the messaging that would have been going to and fro, all the spreading of the video by this ONE guy – there would have been a trail a mile wide. The police have had since December 23rd, 2010, to come up with something. But you know why they can’t? Because it’s not true.

So just get this straight. No predator, no stalker. Just lies.

PS: for some reason, WordPress didn’t show all of my first post. Perhaps now it makes more sense.

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