What happens next?

Good morning! An interesting video for today, for my American readers – well, one in particular who likes history!

The Amanda Todd story? – well, not today. I have been tempted to stop now. All I seem to be doing is saying the same sorts of things each day, and most people are now aware that a huge amount of the tale – if not all of it – was baloney. It’s simply not true.

It’s become slightly boring. There’s no new sensational revelation; very often, it’s the same few people who comment nasty things over and over again; those people who choose to believe the story simply say that all the evidence is faked and so on. At some point, I will make another effort to sum up the whole history as it now stands, and I will, finally, also provide my version that lead to the conclusion that is could be ALL fake. After today’s news about the three girls being found alive, it just seems that anything is possible!

It’s been an interesting past few months. And not really good. The amount of online idiocy is astonishing, and the hatred and malice spewed out by supporters of anti-bullying campaigns is beyond a joke. Has it been worth it? I don’t know. One or two people have had their eyes opened to the perils of the Internet and, as I said way, way back – well, two months ago, but it seems like forever – if one person is helped by this, then that’s a positive.

So I’ll take this opportunity to thank a few people. To my two regular new friends, thanks for the support and, to a certain extent, the laughs. To my source of information – many thanks, and keep up the good work. You deserve a medal. To my latest new arrival – take care, enjoy history, keep your kids safe. Don’t let all of this get to you. And Samanthaaaa, and brelephant…and to any other commenters who have contributed – thanks.

Like I said, this week I will probably do a couple more posts, and then maybe pause for a while. This blog will remain as a source of reference, and if anything new crops up, or anything informative, I’ll post it here.

So – have a nice day. Be kind. Be nice. And I hope the world brings you happiness!

Love from Philip


3 thoughts on “What happens next?

  1. And whoever the real Philip is, thank you for stopping now. It’s time to just let her go and find something else to talk about. No use in arguing. The one thing we both agree on is that the internet is not a safe place and that all parent’s need to be more involved in what their children do online. If only we could get them to listen. Have a nice day and again thank you for stopping. Let me know when you write on another interesting topic as I do enjoy reading what you write. Fiction is fun. Hey I had to get one little bite in there or people will think we really are friends. lol Now get those dishes washed and the housework done. heheh

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