Mmmm….I dun goof’d

Well, first things first. This video is for the morning person – chosen specially for you on a potentially glorious Sunday. That’s if you get to see it, of course.

I have to apologise for part of yesterday’s post – the bit about the letter.  I had remembered it as being quite different. I didn’t exactly lose sleep about it, but I was annoyed with myself for being too inaccurate and too hasty.

I got rather ridiculously drawn into an online argument as well – sometimes my inner 10-year-old gets the better of me – and I ended up being reported to the cyberpolice again. But as we all know – Philip Rose owns the Internet, it’s under my bed, and I can do what I like with it! D’oh! There’s that 10-year-old again!

So have a nice Sunday, everyone. Take care. Be happy.

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