I’ve run out of headings!

‘Jo Bole So Nihaal, Sat Sri Akaal’

Well, today was a new milestone for me. I met a reader in real life. Yes, in REAL LIFE. Hard to imagine, I know, but it’s true. Unless, of course, I was hallucinating and she was a bit like Harvey the White Rabbit! It was good to meet someone and talk – it sort of answered a few questions I was asking myself, but it raised loads of things that I obviously need to try to explain.

Where do I start?  One of the main questions was why am I doing all this, and it is probably the most difficult to answer, but I’ll try to be brief.

Truth is important. If we end up in a society in which any person can put anything online and we all believe it without question, we are in trouble. The press have really done a bad job of investigating this story, and have embellished it in the worst possible way, ignoring the core issues, encouraging vigilantes, and simply not taking a balanced journalistic view of it all.

It just gets to me that so many people fell for all this without bothering to check the facts and, as shown by this blog, ignore the facts even when they are presented – saying that it’s all faked or photo-shopped.

There is a time for not telling the truth. If the Amanda Todd video was entirely false but led to positive changes, I wouldn’t really care. I would walk away from it, and let the legend become like that of Red Riding Hood – a fairy tale about growing up and some of the perils of meeting strange people in the forest. But it hasn’t been a good thing – it has seriously bad consequences, most of which I have mentioned earlier in the blog.

What are those bad consequences? Well, suicide ideation for one. The persecution of people who were wrongly accused by Anonymous. Hysterical hatred and malice dished out by the Amanda Todd supporters. The belief for some kids that the best way to get attention is to go on YouTube. Fraud (the Amanda Todd Legacy and the Vancouver Foundation exploiting it all for money). Confusion for kids who really can’t understand the story. The dreadful after-effects of leaving the kids who were directly involved with Amanda in a state of perpetual guilt. The promotion of weed-smoking. All the dim-witted parents who think that letting daughters run wild is OK. The list goes on and on.

Any positives? Not really. Not one item in the press warning people about what BlogTV and the others do. Not one item getting to grips with why hundreds of teen girls go stripping online every night. Not one decent media item about what was wrong with Amanda, and what really drove her to do what she did – all the blame piled on an imaginary stalker in a convenient way to try to explain it all. Not one media discussion about just what the parents were doing.

As for anti-bullying, don’t make me laugh. What were some of the suggestions? Let me think….the bullies should be sent to prison; they should be killed; they should be hanged, drawn and quartered; I think there was even a suggestion that they should be cursed for eternity, with all their children suffering the same fate as Amanda. Hardly an outpouring of love and kindness. The answer to bullying? Violence. Well, that always works – in the minds of cretins.

Hopeless. One school – Gleneagle Secondary, that den of iniquity – decided to make a ‘Compliments Page’ on Facebook, for people to say nice things about each other. And you can guess what happened – all the cool dudes and dudettes spent their time complimenting each other, all the nerds and geeks got left out. If you weren’t popular or good-looking, you simply never got a mention. So that was a good idea!

But the Amanda Todd story completely weakened the bullying strategy – possibly fatally. In real life, ALL of the kids will know what Amanda was like. Making her an anti-bullying campaign icon is like making Bernie Madoff a mascot for wise investments. Amanda Todd is basically a joke in a certain age-group – the story might appeal to 12 year-olds, but your average 14-16 year old will see it for what it is – a load of nonsense. Just look at how quickly the word ‘Todding’ became common in the playground!

But I’m rambling a bit. I think the original question was why am I doing this. So number one: truth.

The next thing is this: people don’t understand that girls are going online and doing outrageous things – Samantha Marie, Giovanna Plowman, the Arianators, to mention just a handful. They imagine that kids are just doing a bit of sexting, a bit of online teen shenanigans, what have you. So yet again they are ignoring the real situation. It’s convenient to do that. Avoidance of what is really happening is a cozy existence choice. Nobody really wants to know that daughters are up to no good. Far easier to put it down to pedophiles, predators or – in the case of Feminists – down to every male who ever lived. (Just seeing if you’re paying attention – that was for the lulz). But until people come to grips with what is REALLY happening, girls will continue to put themselves at risk. There is something very wrong going on in the psyche of some of these girls. I don’t understand it, but air-brushing it out won’t solve the problem.

I have to admit to a bit of trying to stand up for males. I have been accused of making this into some sort of gender war. Well, I see the reasoning behind that, and I accept that. It’s unfortunate that the villainous Carol Todd comes in for a lot of attention, but that’s mainly because Norm has disappeared, and doesn’t run around saying ‘Look at me, I’m great’ all the time. And let’s face it – if a boy had made a video in the same way, nobody would have paid any attention. Nobody mentions the boy manipulated to drink out of the toilet; nobody mentions that males far outnumber females when it comes to suicide; nobody mentions male rape. But when it comes to a pretty white girl – well, let the whole world weep!

And this insatiable desire to blame pedophiles, imaginary ‘older men’, predators and what have you. Of course they exist – but this story is not about them. My worry – and I think it’s valid – is this: people will teach their daughters to watch out for pervy old men in raincoats. Fair enough. So girls like Peyton Ramsey and co. will continue going online and doing what they do and keeping away from older men. But in nearly all the cases of this online stuff, the trouble has come from their own age group. It’s from WITHIN their own peer group that the trouble starts. But again – parents just can’t seem to come to terms with the idea of feral children. It’s all got to be down to something else other than woeful parenting.

What else is there? Anti-vigilante activity? I think I’ve kind of covered that. I’ve just about done to death all the aspects of horrendous parenting (which I have to admit is the ONE thing that has made me angry in all this).

I’ve touched upon the wisdom of allowing vulnerable children to smoke weed; the acceptance of sex as a hobby; there’s probably something I’ve missed.

I will revisit all this later on in the week. Maybe I’ll explain just how the press managed to paint themselves into a corner with all this; or why the Vancouver Foundation/the Amanda Todd Legacy won’t speak up. One thing I can’t explain though – how the Hell did Carol Todd get away with it?

If I’ve missed something out, please comment. I’ll try to pre-answer some questions though:

Am I a misogynist? No, some of by best friends are women (alternative answer: I hate all people equally).

Am I an anti-Feminist? Depends if they are shaggable or not. LOL.

A bit of Bollywood for today – now they know how to partaaaaayyyy!

And for whoever you are, this was for you! Laters!

PS: news just in. Tomorrow, briefly, I will be showing a very good reason for why I think Carol Todd is one of the vilest hypocrites on the planet. If this doesn’t show up her and her supporters for what they really are – hypocritical, unkind, unthinking, cruel and heartless – I don’t know what will.

9 thoughts on “I’ve run out of headings!

  1. Gee getting lazy aren’t you? Just changed the blog name? lol Still waiting for your real name for my lawyer. You have nothing to fear right? Nothing you post is a lie right? Including the fake letter YOU created from a screen cap of Carol’s post to her daughter on her 16th birthday on FB. Tick tock.

    • What are you on about? Why are you so profoundly stupid? I just don’t get how you exceed previous levels of stupidity each time you post here. You really are the stupidest person on the planet. Congratulations.

      • And you are the most psychotic, obsessed child predator on the planet who just thinks he is smart because one of his multiple personalities tell him so. Congratulations x

      • You really need to calm down, you know. I have a new friend – Raging Rob! LOL Now he’s something to worry about, not me. Toodle ooo! Have a nice day!

      • Warned Aurora’s dad and her about you and your multiple personalities. They inform me they have a very good lawyer. Maybe find an easier target.

      • Ha ha! She will get creamed. I have more on her than anyone else! Them’s fighting words. There’s no law in the world against telling the truth, don’t you understand that? And I’ve got it covered – didn’t you ever look at my disclaimer at the very beginning of this blog. LOL. Bring it on, bro, bring it on!

  2. I have to LOL at the threat you just received regarding Aurora. OMG, if your stalker only knew the information I have on THAT little chit, and that’s just AFTER she was charged and then had the charges dropped. I only regret I have nothing to show from the days she was active. My online video-chat education was just beginning, but screenshots of her profile pages could likely have been used in court to convict her had they existed. Of course, the “victim” preyed on by some anonymous (or should I say Anonymous blackmailer who in actuality ended up being her “love” interest) predator makes for much better headlines, so charges would likely never have been pressed anyway.

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