Pictures of Amanda

Now, any of you aware of the infernal Amanda Todd story will know that she was a sad, lonely individual who never went outdoors from about 2010 onwards. So where these pictures came from is anyone’s guess. And by the way – these may not be world exclusives, but I think they are pretty rare. And who are all the mysterious people? Well, we’ll get to that later on in the week.

However, I will give you a taster of information:

‘believe me Philip, everyone around her knew what she was doing, neighbours, Aunts, Uncles, parents, teachers…everyone in our community – it was not pretty, no one is trying to paint a pretty picture of it all’

Anyway – enjoy the pictures:

amanda and laura

amanda boys

amanda cable caramanda cake

amanda heart

amanda hiddenamanda hiding

amanda idaho

amanda laura2

amanda odd

amanda possibly

Well – that’s sort of it now. During the week, I will be publishing the nonsensical exchange of comments and emails I have had recently. According to feedback, this information was fed to keep me occupied during the big vote last week.

If anyone wants more information about the photos, they were sent to me by the ‘mystery’ person, who won’t remain a mystery any more, I guess.

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