Heroes and villains

First – it’s soapbox time. People may have noticed that I have dedicated this blog to Bradley Manning, truth-seeker extreme. All right-thinking bloggers should dedicate their blog to this person – he is a true hero. I am but a miniscule shadow in comparison with him.

We live in strange times when the warmongers and liars – Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell, George Bush and nearly every politician – can walk freely in this world, and the truth-tellers are persecuted and imprisoned.

Guantanamo closed? Weapons of mass destruction? All lies.

Bradley Manning exposes the military for what it is – full of degenerate, bloodthirsty civilian-killers and led by even more degenerate Fascist neo-Imperialists. Penalty – prison.

The leaders of Government lead us into wars based on lies and the desire for cheap oil. Penalty – nothing.

Seek the truth. Be the truth.

I am now off my soapbox.

Well, it’s been a strange few days, I can tell you. But I need to pause awhile, and extend some thanks to people. They know who they are, and without the support they’ve given me over the past few weeks, I would have given up. I would also like to thank ‘Trixterus Rex’ whoever that might be, for the comment left some time ago on a video:

‘Philip, you win again, bro! Keep winning, my man – keep winning. I’m with ya 110%. Every time you feel like you’re ready to give it up — like this battle against ignorance & media lies is no longer worth the tremendous effort you’ve been making — remember you have at least one person on your side. Hang in there, bud. It must be hard and lonely bearing witness to the truth — especially when the truth is so radically different from the hype. The sheep will never understand. Right? You know it, bro; you know it… It’s ’cause they can’t HANDLE the frigging truth, my man! Just can’t handle it, those silly sheep… Truth hurts, ain’t it? Sure does… You know it and I know it, my man; we both do. Remember, no matter what, never give up the struggle! The world needs to hear the other side of this story.’

And, of course, some accusations:

For the Vancouver Foundation and the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund – fraud and lies on a grand scale, all to get donations. Check out the details – the Vancouver Foundation has over 700,000,000 Canadian dollars worth of assets, and pays its CEO over 250,000 Canadian dollars. There’s money in charity.

For all the Amanda Todd Facebook supporters – thugs and threateners.

But enough of that. This week, regular readers will know that Norm Todd’s girlfriend, Laura Lynn Edwardson, got in touch. That took me by surprise. She promised to give me a truthful account of what went on with her, Norm and Amanda, and I was quite hopeful. Instead, it turned into a delusional account of what Laura THOUGHT had happened, based on no information whatsoever.

For example, Laura tried to state that Amanda was virtually crippled by agoraphobia in the last six months of her life. When I showed her the pictures of Amanda out and about, the response was like ‘whatever’. Then she tried to say that Norm and she knew everything that Amanda had got up to, but on the other hand they had never seen any evidence of the videos.

I had intended to publish the full exchange of emails now, but something else arose that is even more peculiar.

Where do I start? Readers might be aware of someone calling themselves DeeJay Bewy. She is – how can I put it? – very much against me. To be honest, I think her heart is in the right place – her brain isn’t. She has said and done some spiteful things, but I genuinely think that she thought it was all for a good cause, so I can’t fault her on that.

What I can fault her on, though, is her inability to work out fact from fiction. But maybe all that changed yesterday.

DeeJay is what could be called a firm believer in the Word of Amanda Todd – so much so that she still thought that Amanda was 12 when it all kicked off, and it was all to do with one innocent little photo. All that belief structure came crashing down yesterday, when someone sent her a link to an Amanda Todd video.

No – it wasn’t me. And I’m not sure what video it was. Rumour has it that there were 30-40 videos, but I can only 100% vouch for three – some of the rest have to remain as allegations only. I reckon it might have been the ‘black top’ video – one that I haven’t seen, but know to be fully explicit.

What was DeeJay’s reaction? Well, it was odd. What I would have expected was for her to blame me in some way (she thinks I am to blame for everything from the temptation of Eve onwards), but instead she wrote a blog post, railing at Amanda and her family, which makes me think that the source of the video was known to her, and trusted.

In her post, she described Amanda’s actions in detail – it was a ‘bate’ video. She also was of the opinion that Amanda’s parents HAD to know what she was up to – a complete turn round from previous posts.

However, the only remaining evidence we have that the post was to do with Amanda is this tweet from DeeJay: ‘Why? Why do teens like Amanda do what they do?’

Shortly after publication of the post, Tristan Black stepped in with threats as usual. For information, Tristan Black is a potato-headed thug who makes money from ‘Bikes against Bullies’ and ‘Amanda Todd’s Safe Haven’. He’s a good friend of Carol Todd. Using all types of threat, he forced DeeJay to drop her original post and remove ALL references to Amanda and the Todds. Here is the revised post:


Tristan Black is TB, of course. The ‘victim’ is, of course, Amanda. Ask yourself – how else would she know who the parents were? These videos don’t come with a cast list.

Unfortunately, there’s about 8-9 hours difference between me and Canada, and I’m in bed when things happen, so I don’t know what the next move might be.

But here’s a thing. Shortly after DeeJay made her post, Carol Todd launched an attack on Norm, saying that all the videos were from Amanda’s time spent with him, and piling all the blame in his direction.

My view of what’s happening? Norm and Carol are at war. Norm is fed up with Carol’s lies, and all her hogging of the publicity limelight and the last straw was the ‘Me to We’ award. Laura knew what was coming, so sent me a defence of Norm that kind of back-fired. Someone – I guess it was either Norm or Laura or someone quite close, decides to send DeeJay a video of Amanda in a kind of atomic bomb mutual destruction effort. We shall see – only time will tell.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget: DeeJay would have had me sent to prison and the Amanda Todd supporters would have seen me crucified. Thanks to freedom of speech, and a lot of effort, DeeJay has now seen the reality of things, and has written – for the first time – a sensible post (does it remind you of anything I’ve been saying for the past 6 months?).

So stand up for Freedom of Speech. People have died for it. People still die for it. Given half a chance, the American government would like to see Bradley Manning die for it. It might not always work in everyone’s favour, but without it we are doomed.

Thanks for reading this. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Heroes and villains

  1. I am SO far behind, I would have so loved to have seen DJ’s original blog. I wonder if she realizes that whoever sent her the vid committed a felony. I’d reply to a few more of your blogs but this week I’m at a remote location and computer access is quite dodgy. More in a week maybe.

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