Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

Old skool ska for today. That takes me back. I might do some ska all this week.

The Brighton Naked Bike Ride went well, even though it was relatively cold weather. As I said to the lady: ‘Is it cold, or are you just pleased to see me?’. It was cold. (Clue for Americans – maybe Google ‘Finbarr Saunders’. His character is based on me). And by the way ladies, I would say by the looks of things I’m average, if you get my drift. See – always truthful.

OK – so this is the last appearance of Laura Lynn. Please note – I get well pissed off, and end up losing my temper.

Laura writes.

Philip – Before every word I put to print or speak out loud, I ask myself first:
“What are my “INTENTIONS” in this?  If I can’t honestly answer that my intentions are coming from a good place, then I don’t say it, I don’t write it.
I think you would do well to look closely at your “INTENTIONS”. If you really wanted the truth and to speak the truth, could you not do it without the slander, the name calling etc, the incrimination, threats, crossing boundaries of privacy, crossing boundaries period?
 Initially,  I had actually garnered some respect for your search for truth and
your courage to challenge things…that respect went out the window when the slanderous hateful comments came into play, the game playing, the “threatening” style of acquiring whatever it is that you want.
Think about it, in our difference of opinion, have I ever “dissed” you. No, and yet I still think I managed to make my points. Try it sometime.
I respond.

I never really know what’s going on here. I had imagined that you would slam the door on my face, and that it would be end of story, but you have contacted me again.

I am at a loss to understand your motives, I truly am.

The first thing that I don’t understand is that you seem to be either totally unaware of things, or deliberately not telling the truth. You spoke of agoraphobia in such a way as to make it look like Amanda was crippled, but when I showed you the pictures from around that time, and the comment from an acquaintance, totally dismissing the agoraphobia stuff, you let it pass.

As you can see from the emails, I have swung from nice to nasty, and back again. This is mainly because I can’t trust you if you say things that are so blatantly untrue.

This is how I see the story progressing, and why it annoys me:

Imagine a terrible gambling man. He steals for his habit, he destroys his family, he hurts everyone around him. Then, when he recovers, he claims glory for being a survivor.

I see the Todds as terrible parents, who are now claiming glory. The story has become not one of a grieving mother (LOL – when did we ever see grief) who is a champion crusader, but one of some sort of self-deceiving mother who has turned into a big-headed attention-seeker.

Just by the way: you would never have responded to my blog if it had been bland and non-committal. That’s why some of the stuff is there – it gets a reaction.
The path to the truth is complicated. I might not always get it right, but how easy should it be? YOU could tell a straightforward, more truthful version of the story, but you choose not to. Carol could even more easily tell the truth. Instead, it’s left to me to try and sort things out. You have NO idea of the sort of bad things that have come out of the Amanda Todd story, and it’s too complex to explain here. You only THINK that you know it’s had a positive effect, because you filter out anything negative.
I ask you this: if you truly loved Amanda, why do you allow the videos and RIP pages upon which words like ‘whore’ appear regularly? Why do you allow the sensationalist ‘four hours before death’ video, knowing full well it’s a lie? At what point is enough enough?
In truth, the Amanda Todd story has done a great disservice to the cause. It has caused overload by too much publicity – from ‘how interesting’ to ‘oh not again’ – and, by being so full of lies and inconsistencies, most people’s reactions are now ‘oh for flip’s sake, yet another idiot’ if they hear of another victim. Do you not get that? Even with the Rehteah Parsons mini-bandwagon, it didn’t take long for people to get bored with yet another story of kid who gets into trouble.
By not being honest and straightforward with me, you kind of forfeited the right to any trust in return. Like I said, I still don’t know your motives (did you seriously think I would fall for the agoraphobia story? Please don’t treat me like a mug.)
I will offer you this though. I will publish any decent explanation from you on my blog. This will give your ‘team’ an opportunity to say what they want. Otherwise, everything you say to me is open to interpretation.

Take care.

Laura responds.
Aahhh…language that I can hear. Thanks for that. I think our exchanges have run their course, I will let you get on with catching people’s attention with the reaction provoking nature of your blog… Hopefully, you’ll be moving on soon to a new area of controversy. Take care.
Mmmmm… that patronising? Well, I took it as patronising, so there. And nobody dismisses me. Surely by now half the world knows I have a need to have the last word?
I respond.
Well – it’s all kicked off. Someone sent DeeJay Bewy a link to one of Amanda’s videos. Was it you? Then Tristan Black got DeeJay to censor her blog, which described in detail what Amanda was up to. Then Carol seems to blame Norm as, apparently, it all happened before she took control.

Who is stirring things up? My first instinct is that this is revenge. Someone deliberately leaked the video to one of the most outspoken Amanda supporters. Was it Carol, getting at Norm?

Just one thing – it wasn’t me. But things have now got out of control.

Time to own up?

Which video are you talking about that was sent to DeejayBewy?
Somebody sent a bate video of Amanda to DeeJay Bewy. It got fully described by her, then thug Tristan Black got her to delete the post.
Laura says.
?? As I said before, didn’t communicate with you to get into the “ugly”. DJBewy has a lot to say about you too I have noted in the past, and yes she is on our “team”. Keep up the good work policing the crap though Philip.
Wow- this hit home for DJBewy,  and she has a big following.  This is the loud and clear message that parents need for sure, Philip…job done on that one.
Is she wibbling? DeeJay is on the ‘team’? Does she think that I sent the video?
I respond.
DeeJay has a big following? LOL. I’ve seen her stats – they are miniscule compared to mine. Anyways – the ‘bate’ video will be posted to the blog this week, so no-one will be in any doubt as to what Amanda got up to.

I do think it is fantastic that you are now pursuing the truth as vehemently as I am, so all this will be sorted very soon. Thanks for your support.


Laura replies.
Hi Philip – I can’t condone the posting of the bate video to any blog…no one needs to see it, people know about the videos, that’s enough. If you post it, you are as guilty as the “creeps” who are involved in perpetuating this madness. I don’t deny that Amanda got deeply enmeshed in a world that was less than favorable, but again, I don’t have the stomach to go there and many people don’t. Again, I think posting the video will lose you support in your search for truth and your vision of making people look closely at what lies at the heart of many controversial situations.
I respond.
Come on, Laura, grow up! Half of the hate attacks against me are from people denying the existence of the videos, so I am forced to – much against my will. People believe that it was a one-off photo – a lie that you have perpetuated. So I have no option. Sorry.
Laura responds. (after reading my blog post).
P.S. How’d you know I was menopausal?? lol lol You better believe it. ( – =
Philip – how much info to do you think anyone will ever give you in your search for truths when you blatantly state that you will honor anonymity and do the opposite? Good luck with getting future information on anything from anyone in the know about controversial stories. Just sayin’.
I reply.
I don’t need information from your side. For goodness sake, the world exclusive screen caps were a stupendous coup – all you have fed me is a long line of BS.

You said you were being honest, and you weren’t – end of. I’ve currently got a brilliant story coming in from White Rock from a bunch of kids who ‘knew’ Amanda in the carnal sense. They were round her house. I’m keeping their identities closed, because they are not lying.

I’ve dismissed many claims, so yours are pretty useless because they are biased.

For Pete’s sake – ‘in the know’ – I probably know more than you! Don’t make me laugh. If I can get as close to knowing Amanda’s bra size, do you honestly think I have no other information? Get real. After this weekend’s post, you’re going to look pretty foolish.

Good job on DeeJay Bewy though.

The publication of the emails will bring me MORE information.

This is just so lulzy.

Laura responds.

White Rock? That is over an hour away from where Amanda lived…I never met anyone from there that knew her…maybe they partied together one night, so I guess they knew her really well. lol , not.
Anyways, I have not perpetuated any lies. I never knew that Amanda had posted more images in bad taste after her first post, Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me…she was having a hard time making good decisions. Anyways, I will stay out of the parts that are not good for my soul, and have company coming and my menopausal self is getting antsy to be prepared.
This is odd. Bear in mind that I know a LOT, so I know about White Rock. And ‘I never knew that Amanda had posted more images in bad taste after her first post’ yanks my chain completely.
I respond.
What in God’s name……what planet are you on? Either you are mentally deranged, or you are playing me for a fool.

I have researched all of Amanda’s friends, and they are from all over. For God’s sake, I know what parties most of them went to – raves mostly. All the East Van sloots….have you been living in a cave? I am shocked, deeply shocked. I mean fuck me – I always resort to f when I am exasperated – just what did you think Amanda was doing? After her first post? Crikey – after her first post (whichever one you think that was) she became famous, wanking for 150 guys a time – but you never knew?

I’ll calm down. Were you aware that girls can go online in rooms and get gifts for their performances? Were you aware that, when people said Amanda couldn’t be a ‘whore’ because she was not selling herself, people queued up with the evidence that she DID sell herself in such a way? Did you not know she went into rooms and promised certain things when there was a certain capacity in the room? Christ almighty, cutiielover got banned at 191 viewers – 191 people ogling her while she waited to flash?

Are you unaware of her weed-smoking performances as isabella100555 with that little friend of hers Shania Staar? Or Sophie whats-her-name? Or Shylah fucking Watson?

Fuck me – I need a lie down. You are more stupid than I first thought.

And then I end the conversation with:
I’m just getting a story in – ‘Parties at Missezula Lake’ – does that mean anything to you? Pictures as well, but I haven’t got a clue who lives or has parties at Misssezula Lake. LOL.
So – what will happen next? What was the mystery of Missezula Lake?
Anyway – after this the blog might change. It’s time for something positive, like Malala Yousufzai. We’ll see.
Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

  1. dont change the blogg!! this is the only place i could find and new info and it took me until a month or 2 ago, im really into it, even if u take a different approch people are still talking to u.. ii admire u, and wish i had the resources you do.

    • Samanthaaa – yet again, thanks for the comment. You are lucky that you can’t be traced – as you are probably aware, the Amanda Todd Mafia attack anyone who comments here under a real name. I’ve had a bit of information overload recently, so this week might be a bit of a pause to think. Have a nice day, and thanks for your support!

  2. I’m getting more and more digusted of the way you handle this situation. I get interested in some cases, but I never spend more than a couple of days reading about them. Why are you so obsessed with a person you didn’t even know in real life? I don’t think you’re a pervert or a stalker, but I’m starting to think that you’re mentally deranged.

    • If you are getting more and more disgusted, why not leave? That is the question about the Internet, isn’t it? Amanda Todd is no longer a person – she is a myth, an online creation. Her existence as a person stopped the minute her mother turned her into a fake celebrity. I’m more interested in the workings of the story – it really is an incredible masterpiece of manipulation.
      mulțumiri pentru a comenta

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