Strippers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your clothes!

Interesting video. It depicts a typical evening at Missezula Lake, with Norm mentioning Laura (his girlfriend) who, for some reason or other, he wants to send back to Missezula (or is that Missoula? I think, for the sake of naughtiness, that he says ‘Missezula’). Art imitating life or life imitating art?

Warning! This video may have restrictions on it, and it’s not very nice.

Jeffrey Dahmer, person harmer,

Was often said to be a charmer

And, as today is only Monday,

‘Handsome’ was the word for Bundy

And all the friends of Frederic West

They often said he was the best

But I must admit I find it odd

There’s nothing good in Norman Todd.

So, we run on with the list of members of the ‘Stripper’s Club’ run by Carol and Norm. There are quite a few members.

Ad infinitum, we’ve already had Amanda. And we’ve seen Sophie and Bianca. Now let’s get a move on with Shylah, though there’s not too much to be found about her.

Shylah is, of course, famous for being not the first of the strippers in the club – that was Bianca – but for being the mysterious person in the ‘four hours before death’ fiasco.

This video has had over 900,000 views – most people believing it to be four hours before Amanda died. Really, just how gullible can these morons be? The person who uploaded this video is yet another friend of Amanda. These videos rake in money, and it’s no wonder that the Todds and people connected to them don’t want them to go away – they are pretty lucrative. Just how low can everyone involved in the Amanda Todd story go in order to exploit it? Answer? You would be surprised. Or maybe not, if you’ve been following this blog closely.

The original video, as already mentioned in this blog, is here, on Mandaa&Shyy’s Ustream account.

And maybe we all know now, though I will refresh your memory: at around 9:23 in the video, Amanda complains that there are moderators (so she can’t show her tits and vag), but then Shylah chips in about a minute later that ‘They like to see me’. So – two little innocents doing what two little innocents do. Strange that this is all less than three weeks after the cops supposedly called on December 23rd, 2010. The thought of a stalker/predator has really discouraged Amanda, poor little soul.

I must say, though – Shylah has come on a bit in the looks department. Back then, she would have put me off (by being about 4 years too young) but I’m guessing Norm liked her. From what I hear, anything much past 14 was too old for him. (and by the way, I will be looking into why Norm was attracted to teachers – they would know a lot of young girls, especially vulnerable ones. Not, of course, that I am saying that Norm had easy access, through Carol and Laura, to girls who were easily exploited – that would be a cruel and heartless thing to say. It is pure coincidence that both women dealt with vulnerable and impressionable girls – pure coincidence. And it would be totally bizarre to suggest that some girls who found their way to Missezula Lake never returned – after all, vulnerable girls do have a habit of disappearing).

So – anything else about Shylah? She’s friends with the rest of the strippers – Sophie, Bianca, Shania and God knows how many others.

So, on the grand scale of things, Shylah is a bit boring. Far more interesting is the delectable Shania Staar, who I will get to later this week.

And just a reminder for any regular readers: a simple answer to a story can be the right one. But it is very often the least expected answer that is bang on target. And I’m quite a sharpshooter.

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