Where’s my head at?

So it’s another day and another few things to think about.

The last few days have been messy. If you’ve been keeping up, I have exposed a few members of what I call the ‘Stripper’s Club’ – the assembly of Amanda’s friends such as Bianca Nitoi and Shylah Watson, who were all involved with the online stripping routines, her weed smoking and other activities.

Certain people have been giving me snippets of information, and there are still many things to be resolved. Just how I am going to try to resolve them is a different matter.

Just one thing. Philip Rose never gives up. He often loses – that’s par for the course – but if he sees something that needs addressing – well, tenacity or obsession, call it what you like. I firmly believe that two things conquer all – love and truth. We just have to keep fighting for both of them.

Eventually, the truth about the Amanda Todd story WILL emerge – truth always has a way of doing that, whether it’s through people like me or simply by the oddities of fate. At the moment, I feel like I’m losing, but I have faith that the right result will happen sooner or later.

For readers who might want to give some thought to things, here are some seeds of doubt:

Why, when this blog has reached a very, very credible description of what occurred, do the police not issue at least a small statement about what the situation is?

Does it seem odd that Carol Todd has suddenly been able to give up her day job, and dedicate a lot of time to gallivanting all over the place?

Does it not seem peculiar that Carol Todd has still shown what amounts to zero grief, and that there was an air of preparedness about all this?

Is it not strange that none of the Amanda Todd reporting features her online appearances?

Why has Norm been almost wiped from the entire story?

There are many questions still outstanding.

However, I am still concerned about the role of this blog to try and educate parents, so I have provided a link below to an article in a UK newspaper – the Metro. Although the main aim seems to be much younger kids, it raises some important points, and I hope that one or two people will find it interesting.

I was also concerned today by another piece of news in the UK concerning Stuart Hall. He was given 15 months in prison for a series of sexual assaults. Compare this with a 2 year sentence handed out to a man who recently vandalised a Rothko painting (I’m not a big fan of his work!) and it just doesn’t make sense. There is something drastically wrong with a justice system that seems to hand out lenient sentences for people who actually do harm to other people, but is more likely to heavily penalise people for voicing opinions or protesting about something that is dear to their heart.

Tomorrow or the next day might provide some light relief. I will be publishing photos of me and my life – it’s about time. So until the next blog entry – toodle 000, have a good day, be kind, be nice, be happy!




2 thoughts on “Where’s my head at?

  1. So is Linda the DeeJay Bewy idiot? I thought she’d “seen the light” when somebody sent her a copy of one of Amanda’s vids.

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