Are Canadians stupid? Or is it just Carol Todd?

Well, people will already know what I think of Patrick McGuire, chief editor and fabricator of ‘news’ at Vice Canada. This is the person who should be driven out of all journalistic environments, and to whom Carol Todd was only too willing to give salacious interviews about Amanda in the search for publicity for her ‘predator stalker’ lies.

Is anyone surprised that Carol Todd not only gave exclusive interviews to Vice, but also counted Patrick McGuire as one of her many friends? And yet ‘Commentators and mental health charities slammed the ‘sick’ photoshoot’. As usual, Carol Todd shows fine judgment.

So what has this delightful organisation been up to?

Founded by Suroosh Alvi, Shane Smith, and Gavin McInnes, the magazine was launched in 1994 as the Voice of Montreal with government funding, and the intention of the founders was to provide work and a community service.[5] When the editors later sought to dissolve their commitments with the original publisher Alix Laurent, they bought him out and changed the name to Vice in 1996.

Apparently unhappy in Canada, and in search of more streetwear advertising income, the magazine’s personnel relocated to New York City, U.S. in 1999. Smith has stated: “I grew up being a socialist and I have problems with it because I grew up in Canada [and] I’ve spent a lot of time in Scandinavia, where I believe countries legislate out creativity. They cut off the tall trees. Everyone’s a C-minus. I came to America from Canada because Canada is stultifyingly boring and incredibly hypocritical. Thanks, Canada.”[6] In 2008, the magazine was read by over 900,000 people across twenty-two countries.[7]

So – yet more anger-making nonsense. Is there no limit to the stupidity of anything the Canadians can get involved with? Or is it just in British (that makes me ashamed) Columbia? Glorifying the activities of the wonderful Amanda, setting up her mother as the epitome of good parenting, and now….well, has suicide now become a hipster way of life over there?

There MUST be some rational Canadians, surely? Why do they support such nonsense? Isn’t it time for all of you sane ones to take some sort of control?

So – enough of that today, and let’s talk about tomorrow’s pictures. In a move away from the normal subjects in my blog, I will be showing exclusive photos of Brighton and…….wait for it…… of me naked! Isn’t that what all you ladies have been waiting for? Legally, I can’t be held responsible for broken marriages or the mass migration of every North American female to my country. I just urge all of my fans to keep calm and carry on.

Oh and by the way. I’ve been chucked off Facebook twice this week, which is annoying. It takes me about ten minutes to get back on again, but it’s just a wee bit tiresome. And people should remember – each reincarnation of me on Facebook just gets more angry, and I’m about two bans short of going green like Dr Banner.

And don’t think I’ve forgotten about the ‘Stripper’s Club’. Boy, are there going to be some pissed off moms and dads.

So ta ta for no. Have a nice day. The UK is having its one hot day of the year today – perfect for photos. Be kind, be nice, be happy!

11 thoughts on “Are Canadians stupid? Or is it just Carol Todd?

  1. so the amanda vids are still online somewhere. If they’re soooooo shocking would at least want to see them. I guess it’s just pure curiousity since I’m neither male nor old. It’s just really interesting.

    • Everything is available online, as you know – it’s just that not many people are going to publish them! If you haven’t seen them, then you haven’t been paying attention. The early one is of Amanda and Bianca looking quite young, and just playing about in their bedroom. It’s nothing more than a couple of kids messing about. Later, it’s just a bit of flashing for the ‘room’, just to get likes. Only later did it all really kick off, with Amanda upping the level to masturbation scenes. There are some well-known pics of her cavorting about, but it’s pretty indistinct – I guess she just liked showing her private parts. Rumour has it that this was all done to gain viewers (e.g. if I get 150 viewers, I will do x y and z) but some said she did it for online gifting and money, which would kind of make sense. What she did as isabella100555 is unclear. Her vids are on certain sites – cameracaptures was one, where she might still be, but I’m not searching. And apparently motherless has them all somewhere. They are not particularly shocking in this day and age – not as bad as Aurora Eller, I think, but it IS difficult to make out exactly what she is doing and with what in the most common pictures. It’s not the videos that are interesting – it’s all the codswallop that’s followed. Thanks for commenting!

  2. yeah I just want to see what the big deal is basically, because tonnes of people have seen these vids and it’s impossible to find on google since all the ‘R.I.P amanda todd’ things come up, and everyone wants to pretend they’re against the videos. But I just saw the one on motherless and ddn’t even see any masturbation. If that’s all — then I don’t believe she committed suicide over that, people such as her parents should have just told her the human body is nothing to be ashamed of if she was getting bullied over only that. Maybe girls were jealous she was pretty hot. On cameracaptures she might be hard to find since they definitely won’t list her name as everyone’s obsessed with Amanda Todd & her being underaged..

    • The motherless video is, I think, an edited version of a longer session, it’s difficult to tell. Where does she disappear to at the back? I’ll have to analyse it some more. But really, the videos are just a minor part of the story. She was ‘Little Miss Sleep Around’ and ‘Big-Show-Off of the Year’ and let’s face it – she was just hated because of what she was like, which isn’t anything new. Hated by the ordinary kids, and loved by her fellow…..erm……skanks.
      Cameracaptures don’t name anyone – Peyton Ramsey, MorganFay and the rest are all there. Even Aurora Eller as well, I think.
      The idea that other girls were jealous of Amanda is a bit of a joke – she’s not really THAT hot. She was just plain horrible. And we already know why she committed suicide.

  3. no, have no idea why she committed suicide over some online underage porn ’cause it’s not that big of a deal. I guess the reasons must be making bad decisions due to her disabilities and not really getting enough attention, She could have got a boyfriend easily, maybe got too unconfident.
    And what evidence do we have that she was really horrible? – sleeping with someone else’s boyfriend is not the worst crime ever, since the boyfriend is the one supposed to be in a relationship – more him that must have not been able to control himself. Silly girls too stupid to realise this – and I bet that girl stayed with him.
    Sexuality is just part of human nature, some people more open about it than others.

    • She committed suicide because she got dumped, not about much else. She was getting quite a lot of attention, just not the right kind. Getting a decent boyfriend would have been difficult, because she was seen as such a slut, and she was so demanding. She would have been borderline pariah – not because of what she did, but basically because she was such a flaming drama queen. The evidence we have that she was horrible was the huge amount of hatred that was sent her way during her life, and the even greater amount that came after it. Do the research, and you will find some horrendous messages online – along the lines of ‘I will not rest until the world knows how horrible she was’ and a lot worse. Nice people just don’t generate that amount of strong response. Good grief – even her ‘friends’ told her to kill herself! Amanda knew what she was doing when she slept with the guy. You’re right that sexuality is part of human nature, but Amanda’s behaviour was slutty by anyone’s standards. Is it really human nature to masturbate online for likes? And then lie so much about it when you get caught?

  4. ‘is it really human nature to masturbate online for likes? And then lie so much about it when you get caught?’ — maybe, if you feel undervalued as a human being and you’re not getting support/attention from anywhere else. Then you’re given the impression it’s such a bad shameful illegal thing, there’s nothing much else to do aside from be embarrassed and not dare tell the truth that you might have enjoyed it.

    Where are all these hate messages like
    ‘I will not rest until the world knows how horrible she was’ ?
    I am open to other views.
    But all I’ve seen are people who knew her saying how sorry they are and having a pic in memory of her on their facebook.

    People jump on hate bandwagons all the time without even bothering to actually think about the details. Just whatever is cool to hate at the time. Especially naive, not-too-bright teens.
    Basically you pretend to dislike Amanda because you’re ashamed that you’re attracted to a few underage girls so you pretend you’re completely against erotic teens or whatever. You may as well be open about it because not everyone is closeminded or will start crusades against you. And if you weren’t, you wouldn’t have a whole blog about it. So you must have found Amanda attractive in some way. Now you kind of feel bad she’s dead so you take your bad feelings and turn it onto ‘skanks’.

    • Where do I start? There are two letters somewhere online – I have referenced one on this blog somewhere, and the other I have ignored for being so vitriolic that it sounds too much to take on board. Both letters are supposedly from people who knew her. Plus there were, at the height of the R.I.P. madness, tons of stuff coming in that was verifiable. And the letter that the Amanda Todd photos was pretty bad, but that’s no longer online, and I don’t think I have a copy. I will endeavour to find references – you should know I don’t make things up.
      The reasons for her doing what she did online have been discussed over and over again on this blog with no real conclusion. She was either a narcissistic, manipulative little bitch, or some sort of lost soul – or maybe a combination of both. Readers will know I put all blame on the parents.
      Whether or not what she was doing was right or wrong is a difficult one to answer, but in short I would say that what she was doing wasn’t healthy, if that makes sense. By all means go nude in a naturist way, or even in some sort of experimental way, but I think Amanda knew that what she was doing was quite sordid, and it was detrimental to her psychologically. To imagine that a 13-14 year old is mentally prepared for all that is a bit too much. There was something wrong about all this.
      The nice things being said about her – well, I would be cynical and say that most kids will respond like that. Don’t you think it’s weird that all these suicide-lonely kids suddenly have tons of friends after they die? And even you will see that 90% of the praise is ‘I never knew her but…….’
      The last bit is just a laugh isn’t it?
      To be bluntly honest, I would be hard-pushed to say that I found Amanda remotely pretty. I find her skanky posing quite vile, in reality. So I guess you will now say something about me repressing my innate wishes by stating the opposite. I’m more of a milf man myself – virtually a gerontophile (and no doubt you’ll have something to say about that). Joanna Lumley is more my type. And I have to admit to a weird crush on Jo Brand (now that IS weird). Really, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. The thought of Amanda makes me shudder – not because she’s young, underage or whatever, but she’s just the worst example of young girl I can imagine.
      To a certain extent, you’ve missed the point about this blog – it’s not particularly about Amanda’s situation – to again be perfectly honest, she is just an ant in the big Universe of things, really. It’s about finding out the truth, and taking steps to understand things to stop this happening to any more INNOCENT kids. And while I am in still honest mode – good flippin’ riddance to her, really. From what I can gather, she wasn’t a huge addition to humanity. There are many more kids out there who deserve looking after – this stupid story is a BAD omen for their future.
      So basically – your effort to explain things about me is poor. Try again!
      btw – thanks for commenting. It is only through this form of discussion that any progress can be made. If only more people would join in!

      • I find it interesting that frostgrrrl would hypothecize you to be repressing some sort of desire of younglings while in the previous blog expressing interest in finding copies of Amanda’s videos for “her”self. I’ve seen this several times before, but the accusations were leveled by online predators, pornographers, etc at those who interfered with them. Their “logic” was always the same – the only alleged reason online heroes, whiteknights, etc got involved was because they didn’t have the fortitude to be open like they were in their desire for underage products. I considered such “reasoning” to be more like reflecting their own desires off others to distract from themselves.

      • I get baffled by the amateur Sherlock Holmes types that are online. Show them ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ and they seem to say that it’s all innocent fun; try to expose the filth online, and they accuse people of being in on it.
        But what is more weird are the guys who get on the pages like ‘Amanda Todds Safe Haven’ and say ‘she is beautiful’ and ‘I’ve made a shrine for her’, and appear to make videos and collages of Amanda in her most coquettish poses. But these guys (Will Burke, of course) are seen as quite normal when they say such things about a 15 year old dead girl. But hey….sensible people know what’s going on.

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