Amanda Todd flashing – the conclusive evidence

I suggest that readers make themselves a cup of tea or a stiff drink – or both. Settle down and get comfortable – this will probably be a long entry, and at the end of it I guess people may well be stunned. This is the end, my friend. Forget the predator stories completely. Forget the bullying. From this video, we can now fully ascertain just what was going on. And it’s not nice. The story is finished. And so is any pretence that it wasn’t down to bad parenting.

Amendment: When I first wrote this, I thought it was impossible for Amanda’s parents not to know what was going on. With news of Jessi Slaughter (her dad in the background) and Aurora Eller (her dad accused of supplying booze and being quite involved) it was not so difficult. However, in the 5th Estate documentary Amanda writes about going to bed, logging off, and then going back on again. Therefore I conclude that she might have been interrupted in this video. This post has been slightly edited to reflect that. Note: the video I refer to is featured in the 5th Estate documentary.

Original text:

Yes – you read it right. Norm was there, in the same room as Amanda. How could I have been so slow? After getting a huge amount of tips and hints, I have finally seen what I should have seen a long time ago. My readers will know that I purposefully steered clear of the worst of Amanda’s videos. Most people have seen them, and I felt that they added nothing to the blog.

But this video ‘escaped’ just recently. It was seen by someone called DeeJay Bewy, and she almost immediately denied its existence. And it prompted me to take a second look. The video can be found if you look for it. I will provide details at the end of today’s entry but be warned – it’s on a horrendous site.

I’ve seen the evidence before, hundreds of times, but I just wasn’t looking closely enough. Way back at the beginning of the story, I had a ‘eureka’ moment when it sunk in that, on paying really close attention, it was quite obvious that Amanda had never self-harmed – there were absolutely no wounds or scars in any of the pictures, and people will know that she liked to show off her legs and arms a lot. Later on in the story, I was so bogged down with looking for evidence, writing these posts and trying to work things out, that I took my eye off the ball and wasn’t reading Carol Todd’s blog, in which a lot of the lazy parenting is shown. And I simply didn’t look at the video that I describe here today – in which we see Norman Todd and his daughter together for the first time, when Amanda is preparing for what is termed a ‘bate’ session – one featuring genital touching and more.

So here it is. The conclusive evidence – not only that Amanda was addicted to showing off on webcam, but that Norman Todd knew. Without further ado, here is the final condemnation.

The video is 8 minutes and 18 seconds long. However, it has, in fact, been edited and cut down, as there are several parts missing. But it’s enough to show what is going on. Regarding Norm’s appearance, I will be giving two opinions – one that maybe let’s him off the hook a bit, and another in which he is totally and utterly condemned. You can choose which one to believe.

In case anyone raves about this being unfair, I have contacted the police and warned them about what I will be saying. I have also tried to notify close family.

So on with the video.

First off, I have no idea where this is filmed. It looks like a large untidy bedroom, and I would suggest it’s at Missezula Lake (it might be one of the famous ‘Missezula Lake’ events), but I’m not sure. Amanda has the webcam completely set up at the end of the bed, with what looks like a microphone stand on the left hand side, and she is sitting on a chair. There is no sound available, which is a shame, and I won’t even try to guess what is being said. She is in ‘show’ mode, fully clothed.

At 0:42 she gets on the bed in a sort of pose – one like you might see in a provocative movie. She waves her rear in the air. More provocative moves follow – it’s obvious that she is responding to things being said via webcam, as she pulls up her knickers to show them off.

At 1:47 she rather jokingly puts her hand down the front of her jeans, then laughs. She is quite enjoying this. Is it just an individual on the other end of the webcam? I doubt it, as this encounter has been capped. But for sure – Amanda is certainly not 12, this is certainly not the first time she’s done this, and as we know, there is no coercion or threat involved. It could possibly be just for a friend.

She continues looking at the webcam, so I’m guessing she’s getting some written feedback, which would suggest that she is in a chatroom. She is quite happy. Maybe she’s waiting for a few more viewers.

At 3:21 she gets back on the bed to pose some more. It’s pretty harmless. At 3:37 she pulls her jeans down to reveal her knickers – in response to a webcam request, I guess. There is a jump – whether this is an edit or not, I don’t know, but this is where the scene gets strange.

At 5:09 she’s out of her jeans, and seems to be getting in to bed. At 5:22 she puts the light out, and it looks like she covers herself up to go to sleep.

At 6:00 another person can be seen entering the frame at top right. Who is this? This is crucial.

This is what I think has happened: Amanda has gone to bed, but someone – Norm? Laura? perhaps even Carol? – has heard her talking, and has come up to check. Amanda has raced back into bed, in comes the mystery figure to check that she is asleep and to say goodnight. I think it is Norm.

But could it be something more sinister? Surely, no-one could have missed the light that was coming from the webcam? Wouldn’t a parent figure have told Amanda to switch it off? Or did Amanda disguise the webcam behind a table lamp? That is the big question. Just who was the mysterious figure?

I was first tempted to think that there was an observer in the room. There are, as far as I can recall, pictures of Amanda from the side of the bed in this performance. But she could have just moved the webcam. And this video is, I think, cut short, with a few more incriminating acts to come. However, it could be possible that the other pictures were from ANOTHER video in the same room at a different time. It’s difficult to tell. But I can’t figure out if it is an observer, as Amanda seems to be oblivious to anyone else in the room

I think it’s a man. I think that the glint on the person’s arm is either a wristwatch or some kind or arm bracelet thing. But what does he do? Does he pick up some sort of jacket or something from next to Amanda’s bed? Or does he strike in in some way? I think he’s picking up a jacket. Could it be a boyfriend? Or even her brother? But then why did she rush into bed and put the light out? At this point, I offer it up to readers to make their minds up, but I think it is a parent figure who has come in to check on what’s going on.

Nothing much happens until 7:39 when Amanda’s arm appears from nowhere, then at 7:58 she’s back again. At 8:08 we can see that she is now naked below the waist, and I think that it is at this point that the show gets worse, as other pics would testify.

So there it is. The video can easily be found – just Google ‘Amanda Todd motherless’ and it’s there. HIGH WARNING: THE MOTHERLESS SITE IS A LOT LOT WORSE THAN CAMERACAPTURES AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED BY ANYONE UNDER 18.

So I’m done for a while. It’s time for some time off. We all now know that Amanda was a webcam addict, that she enjoyed it, that there was no coercion, no predator – that it was all a pack of lies. She wasn’t twelve when a ‘one-off’ photo was taken; she wasn’t followed around by a stalker; none of it is true. She wasn’t depressed, she wasn’t agoraphobic, she wasn’t a friendless isolated soul. Just look at all the pictures.

Amanda was just a wayward child, allowed to run riot by useless parents, who eventually came to grief through her own actions and the terrible inaction of all those round her. A tragedy? No more than a kid starving to death, beaten up regularly, or without access to clean water. What is tragic is that Carol Todd has managed to achieve sainthood through stupidity. And that Canada seems to accept it all.

But what truly disgusts me is that Carol Todd continues to reap the benefits of her daughter’s infamy, knowing full well what she did, and knowing full well why her daughter attracted such adverse attention. All the time, she has concocted a story to make her appear blameless, whilst encouraging everyone to believe a mythological tale of poor old Amanda and fantastic mother.

By now, people know what to do. Complain to the IWF or CEOP about these videos. Here are the links again:

Mrs Todd may not care about these disgusting videos, but at least someone does. Complain, complain, complain! My evidence might be destroyed like it was last time, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Amanda MUST be allowed to finally rest in peace, and getting rid of these things is a small part of it. People will know that I get angry, so it’s time to sign off.

Thanks to all my supporters. Love to all – and remember – be kind, be nice, but above all be happy!


Just in case you’re wondering: the selfie in underwear is rumoured to be Amanda’s Facebook profile picture. Personally, I think it’s photoshopped.

And in the collage of photos, the top two on the left are from this video. The pictures below them (rather vague) are, I believe, from later on in the same video, but they could be from another show. All the other pictures on the right are from earlier flashing videos – the one where she is with Bianca, and the one as cutiielover on BlogTV.


29 thoughts on “Amanda Todd flashing – the conclusive evidence

  1. 7;39 arm is not Amanda’s. It is too big. No point in deleting this video it doesn’t show anything anyway. It’s a pretty dark creepy video – especially considering how she died.

    • Arm is Amanda’s, it’s just close to the screen as she reaches across. If it isn’t Amanda’s, then it’s even more creepy – to whom does the arm belong?
      Who is the mysterious person? You don’t mention that. Any guesses? Also, I think this video is just the prelude to worse stuff – it just matches closely with other pictures, unless, like I said, she makes anoher video on another day. But don’t you think it does show quite a lot – that even though she had a pretend ‘stalker’ it never seemed to put her off? How old would you say she is here? 14? 15? She’s certainly not 7th Grade, and it destroys the ‘one off’ story – just how many more pictures of Amanda flashing do people want to see before the truth sinks in?
      I think this is a Missezula Lake incident.

  2. You can actually lodge a complaint directly with Motherless and they will take vids down – done it before. The problem is that the poster can just go and upload it again, but then I suppose the whole idea is to track down the uploader. Of course, I now wonder if it’s possible to upload to that site via a well-thought-out proxy strategy that might thwart such tracking.

    So what makes you think Norm had a hand in Amanda’s video productions? (Note: I have not seen the video referenced in this blog) What makes you think he was present and not just “checking” on her momentarily as she feigned sleep?

    • OK. At this point, we roughly know that the uploader could be anyone. We know that many people watched Amanda through webcam rooms, and we know that many copies of the videos are out there. I doubt that Motherless would let anyone know who uploaded it, and I also guess that most uploaders will protect themselves quite well. What is most shocking is that Motherless is allowed to do this type of thing in the first place – they would know who Amanda is, and know that she was a kid, thus making the video illegal in most countries. But you already know that.
      My view that it’s Norm? That’s based on some pretty poor detective work, but here goes: in the video, it looks like she may have gone to bed and put the light out because she hears someone about to arrive. As we know that Carol wasn’t around for most of the time (from 2010 to 2012) I’m guessing that the only people about would be Laura or Norm.
      BUT – the video is poor quality. As you know, this blog was sort of designed to ‘crowd-source’ an opinion, so I’m hoping that other people might shed some light on it. I have already received a plausible alternative that actually gives a worse account, but I’m not sure.
      What makes me think that some parental authority was in on it? There are two ways of thinking. Either the parents KNEW what was going on (police arrived December 2010, public complaints November 2011, so they must have known something was going on) and let her do it, in the same way that Carol allowed Amanda to smoke weed and get drunk and go partying OR they were just incredibly stupid, and thought that the microphone stand and the ever-ready webcam were just for her to sing and meet friends. Of course, with Amanda’s singing videos, there would have been a lot of evidence to support the fact that Amanda WAS singing, which again raises the question of just how clever Amanda was in covering her tracks.
      But surely – if the cops had turned up in 2010, and there was this terrible stalker/predator threat all the time, is it wise parents who allow a webcam and a microphone stand at the end of the bed? Or crazy parents who should be carrying the blame for this fiasco? I think you know where I stand on that.

  3. Now that I’ ve read your blog I don’t know what to beleive anymore about this amanda todd saga dunno whether to believe the media or what you say about the suicide and everything else. tbh its difficult to beleive anything nowadays as the world is full of corruption and lies. But im enjoying what you are saying about the amanda todd suicide, bad parenting etc etc. Goodbye from Cornwall, UK!

  4. Hello from another Brit. I only recently found out about the Amanda Todd story after trying to understand what the hell was happening with Hannah Smith, quite recently reported in the media for us in the UK as you know. Then I found the tragic tale that is Amanda Todd Story…

    It’s tragic and then rapidly becomes obvious that it’s bullshit! Seriously why the fuck is no-one else just applauding you for uncovering this as a 9 minute lie-fest and the obvious neglect that led to her death? Oh and where the hell has Norm been? Is it too horrible to put 2 and 2 together and make about 50 with the theory that she was abused at home? Women who do porn are often quizzed why the can even consider it and it’s well known many of them are abused and use it as a way to try and regain “control”. Fucked up yes but it maybe explains Amanda’s uncontrollable desire to keep exposing herself, 4am raids, the lack of normal mother daughter relationship and the complete “do whatever she wants” existence, any form of discipline and she threatens to tell??

    Far fetched maybe but considering how weird the whole thing is anyway, I’m going to stick with my theory. Thanks again for at least proving the whole media coverage and Todd story is , as you say pony! Carol’s behaviour? Words fail me…

    • Thanks for commenting. The Hannah Smith story is yet another complex problem. As soon as it broke, the UK papers went mad as usual, and for the same reasons – pictures of 14 year old female victims make a much better story than the hundreds of males who die each year. The usual questions were never asked – like why she kept on returning to it for two months, like why she felt it necessary to share all her problems there. And then we get the news that 98% of the comments came from her own computer. Until things are cleared up, I can only add one bit of speculation – if it wasn’t her, then maybe it was a family member.
      The Amanda Todd story is indeed complex, and I guess we’ll never know the whole truth. But how the parents have escaped criticism is for me, as it is for you, completely beyond comprehension.

      • Hi Phil and thanks for taking the time to reply. I’ll try and tone down the profanity for future comments in your posts, it’s just this case, in particular Queen bloody Snowflake makes me SO angry!

        Will we ever know the whole truth? Good question. At least you’ve worked tirelessly to uncover the lies with substantiated evidence, you should be commended when and yes I do believe we will. The silence from the police suggests in my view that a significant investigation is still underway. More than likely the pictures and full length, unedited versions of all these horrible tapes need to be gathered and I imagine that’s a pretty shitty 9-5 for any team. I don’t blame them for taking their time to get the facts right knowing the tsunami of media attention they’ll have when the story breaks.

        Hannah’s story? I just find myself lost in the abject stupidity of modern parents; “blame teh interwebz”… Really??? The one thing I will say for the Smith family is the emotion is so contrastingly raw and genuine and I do feel sorry for them and their tragic loss.

        Just as a side note don’t let the loons (oh hi Deejay) slow down the excellent work you’re doing. Apparently everyone to them is a “sick, sick, bad-naughty-pedophile who they are going bring down” She really should just blog about something she understands, like, um, menopause.

        See you on another post sometime Mr Rose and thanks again for such an excellent blog.

  5. Looks like the video’s already been taken down… -_-

    The “anti-bullying” forces in the Todd case will stop at nothing to keep the lie going, won’t they?

    • mmm….a veritable kettle of fish. There is a concerted effort to deny everything. EVERYONE has a vested interest in keeping the lie going – the police, so they won’t seem incompetent; the charities, as no-one wants to give to a lie; the Todds, who want to look like ‘innocent’ parents; the media who don’t want to look like suckers and so on.

  6. any chance you could upload screenshots of the various points in the vid you refer to specifically, tho? Would be a big help

    Unless you DID, in fact, d/l it before it was removed and can just reupload it or send it my way… somehow.

  7. This video, after all, sounds like a GOLDMINE of counterevidence that denies the veracity of the original story. Just what I’ve been looking for… You sure know how to do your research 😉

    Even I don’t think I could’ve found this all on my own!

  8. Hell, I didn’t even know about this “Shylah” character, and I BARELY had heard previously of “Bianca.” Now there’s also a “Norm”??

    • mmm..a bit new to the story? Norm is Amanda’s dad. Pay attention at the back of the class! Shylah is from Mandaa&Shyy, Bianca is the girl in the ‘double flash’ who, I think, blabbed about it.

  9. Wait…

    Is this the “legendary” pervert-capper PERSO???

    Oh, god…
    Did I seriously praise the capper Perso in such a glowing manner…??

    • Oh good grief. I’m not perso, and I have explained that somewhere in the blog – God knows where, and I can’t be bothered to repeat it. But think to yourself (it seems no-one ever does) – would ‘perso’ take the time to write this blog?

  10. And did you SCOUR A CHILD PORN SITE just to find this, as a PERVERT might??? If this “video”, in fact, even EXISTED AT ALL on Youtube… Can anyone PROVE it here? j/w

    • Oh goodness, the pervert remarks are a bit unnecessary. There was a tip that she was on cameracaptures, and I held off for a while. When I looked, it was actually front page as being most popular, so it didn’t take much hunting. In case you’re interested, Peyton Ramsey and the others are there. And remember – this isn’t a secret site, it’s open to everyone on the Internet, and it’s not actually a child porn site as such. But seriously, you should try to differentiate between this flashing nonsense and true child porn, and not be quite so hysterical. According to so many commentators ALL (not just a few LOL) teen girls are doing this. That’s a hell of a lot of ‘porn’. If you want to mention porn, try Aurora Eller.

  11. What’s the deal with this Bewytched woman, anyway?? She seems VERY obsessed with you (to say the least)… hm

    sorry for the mass number of comments, btw. However, if you AREN’T Perso, it would be a helluva strange coincidence that a guy WITH THE EXACT SAME NAME (or at least first and last) would be posting so much about Amanda Todd…
    But perhaps I’ve gotten the “real identity” or name of Perso365 all wrong…? DO we even “know” that Perso is in fact called “Philip Rose”?

    She even claims to have had “contact” with you (or someone else with the same name) on FB, where supposedly ‘revealing’ info was mentioned aplenty, although I DID think that was pretty suspicious and assumed one “Philip Rose” on FB was just trolling her for a good laugh cuz she’s a moron, it seems.

    • The Deejay woman is a nutcase. Really, that says it most succinctly. And worse, she is an uneducated nutcase. The reason she mentions me at all is just to get views on her blog.
      The problem is that she is 100% certain that I am perso, and whatever I say won’t change her mind. And I made a big mistake a long time ago. She kept on and on about me being a pedophile, so in the end I ‘confessed’ in such a way that I assumed it would make her see how ridiculous it was. I told her that I had abused 9763 children, using the name ‘Father Christmas’, ‘The Pope’ and ‘Scout Leader’ and that I actually had a child on my knee at the time. Unfortunately (groan) instead of seeing that this was utter nonsense, she took it that for some unknown reason I had decided to tell her the truth. Oh well, we can’t go back in time.
      As for the Philip Rose = perso, that, I must admit, is amazing. The name is totally random, and I don’t even know where I got it from – it was simply the first name that came into my head. Now, P. Rose = perso. ha ha. Really, you can believe what you want. But I ain’t perso. LOL. Think about it. Would I write to the police and the MLA? I don’t think so. Would I write a flipping blog? No. But then again, DeeJay will but that down to a sort of double bluff. If I had called myself Zbigniew Zsyywygs she would no doubt find out that it’s Martian for ‘I am a pervert’. LOL.
      If you want to see the latest moron stuff, she thinks I have ANOTHER blog. For Pete’s sake, I would make a better job of it.
      So sorry to disappoint you. btw – when I was being harassed by her and her cronies months ago, I was also accused of being Belial (???), the Son of Satan, and at one point THE Satan. And again, I ask you: if I was THE Satan, I would be spending my time enjoying myself, not writing what has become a relatively pointless blog.
      Oh. And DeeJay’s my mom. LOL.
      Thanks for commenting.

      • No disappointment at all. I’m actually relieved that this is all out in the open. I guess I sort of jumped to conclusions the moment I discovered Deejay’s blog and saw claims that, “PJR is Perso”, albeit accidentally. I sort of PANICKED at the thought that you were Perso365 and were just using this blog as some sort of “cover story” to deflect possible police attention.

        In retrospect, of course, that DOES sound pretty ridiculous, so I apologize also for prematurely accusing you.

        And come to think of it… I DO remember her going on about how you “admitted” to being someone named “Lisa” and also a “David Sander”! hahahha…

        Also… I just remembered/realized that Perso actually lives in WISCONSIN. If you do a basic pastebin search of him, it’ll easily tell you that he’s from Sheboygan, WI, whereas Deejay keeps claiming he’s from the UK, as if she’s done NO RESEARCH on who Perso365 really is.

        The info about “the real Perso” is widely available through YT and Google, for christ sake!

        One last thing: I was curious about your opinion of this Daily Capper fella or gal? They were VERY mysterious, to say the least. WHO do you think it is, and what was their ‘objective’ or motivation? Was it just some “totally neutral person with ‘connections’ in the capper community” who “loved documenting” (for whatever weird reason…) the activity? Was it AN ACTUAL CAPPER HIMSELF who wanted to “brag about my/our exploits”? Or was it a ‘mole’/”hero” within the ‘community’ itself who simply wanted to GET AS MUCH ‘DIRT’ ON THOSE PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE for “when the opportunity arose” to ‘take down’ the cappers and/or blackmail THEM? I wonder…
        Weirder, too, is the fact that they DISAPPEARED right after the last video in Nov. about Amanda Todd.

        disclaimer: the caps here are typically just for emphasis, not angry statements (no italics option)

      • Dear John (boy, does THAT sound strange),

        The DeeJay nutbag believes that several contributors to this blog are simply socks of Phillip, including me I believe. Regarding the Daily Capper, I’ll try to shed a little light on this.

        Who is he? AFAIK, he’s a former capper who had a falling out of sorts with other cappers / blackmailers a few years ago, especially the one known as Coke (allegedly one Brandon Reichstein from the Houston area). I believe DC started the Youtube series (also archived on Metacafe) as a way to get back at his former associates in an informative and darkly humorous manner.

        I learned some valuable information from him and passed on some to him as well. He appeared to maintain a strictly neutral position between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”. I know of two names associated with him but I won’t say here just yet in case it might interfere with any active investigations. This is the same reason I redacted the user names in the chat logs previously submitted here. I’m afraid I don’t have any idea why he disappeared except for a single Halloween video he did in 2011, exposing several chat sites as apparently being operated by predators for the specific purpose of producing child pornography.

  12. I see! Much thanks for the info

    It’s been so hard to find ANYTHING of substance about the DC’s “true identity” or WHY it was set up, but this does shed a fair amount of light, at least. And I kind of figured that, since there’s been no videos uploaded on YT since late last year, why bother PMing the account, right? What’re the odds that the guy who runs it STILL logs in and browses the site with it, ya know…?

    Then again…

  13. After study of the video I have to admit I believe your final analysis if the video maybe off.
    You see I believe the video shows Amanda being alone but not sleeping. In fact 5:09 you can see she not only being pants less in the video but also carrying a bottle til she reaches for the loght. She then for a few brief seconds gets up again to grab something off the right side of the screen. What it is I dunno. Then around 5:40 is you can see she is facing the wall. And then for a moment you see her right arm reaching around near her backside. As if she’s either grabbing something.. In my analysis she is actually using the bottle as a instrument for masterbation.
    Seconds after her hand is there if you see closely,her head arches down as if she is in reaction to the moment, in organic if I am cerrect, my guess is she is in full masterbation mode. Within the shadows you can see her same right arm moving slowly in a motion as if it is going back and fourth. Within the movement she i6s still visible, yet still in masterbation position. Until til we get to the 8:08 slotted time when she reaches for the webcam.
    Now knowing my vision very perceptive, her arm is very visible due to her skintone. Plus the fact the entire room was empty there is a speculation norm maybe there or not. I believe he was not there. And as for the reason how the footage was taken, clearly during the time it was shot there is many sources online that someone could have recorded the footage during the chat session. Some hackers have that ability. I believe even Skype allowed that once. So if anything I’m sure Norm or anyone else may have recorded the footage, giving full reason to edge her peer pressure on in her actions shown on the video.
    If you’re asking why would she master bath in the dark, as mentiomed, she was reported several times so she may have wanted to not been visible enough to have been known what she was doing in the dark, hence why her need to switch the lights off during that time frame.
    I have done 10 years of video editing to have been able to sum up this accusation. While it is still tragic, the fact that she was alone and what she was doing in the footage is now obvious to many who knew of her history with both videos.

  14. i took a very long break from this story and happy to say that i saw none of the vids. my question is, why is it that none of the msm reported the truth of the story and corrected the cyber stalker angle, that led to at least two guys to be falsely accused?

    • By the time the story took hold,the single stalker opinion was stuck as fact. No part of the media is going to destroy the Amanda Todd myth because it would be too much trouble. The 5th Estate documentary hinted heavily at a more truthful account, but steered clear of the non-stalker aspect.
      It would be far more complicated for the mainstream to deal with the truth, so they’ve avoided it.
      The first accusation provided enough for most people to believe. They wanted there to be a stalker so they could live out all their hatred and outrage. Nobody really cared about how true it was.
      The second accusation (Aydin Coban) is more interesting. The RCMP were looking bad. Hours of investigation with nothing to show wasn’t a good place for them to be. So along comes someone who looks bad and can be made the perpetrator. If you look at the Coban story, it’s another one that is so full of holes it’s impossible to believe,but it’s very convenient. If he’s found innocent, people can claim the courts got it wrong; if he’s guilty of other things, he’ll still be the one.
      What will be interesting will be to see if he is ever brought to trial in Canada. My guess is that it will never happen,as it would be horrendous – his defence would bring out every detail (including the vids), and that would not be good.
      I’m also guessing that the RCMP hoped that the Dutch courts would find him guilty and they could then say that he had served his time, been tried, and that was enough.
      Anyway,we’ll have to wait and see.
      Thanks for commenting.

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