Amanda Todd ‘four hours before death’ nonsense

This video is typical of the exploitative rubbish that the Todds allow for publicity. It is supposedly from four hours before Amanda’s death, and it has been posted by someone who is in cahoots with the Todd family – all for money!

If the Todds wanted it off YouTube, it’s easily done, but they don’t.

Over 900,000 people have seen this tosh, and many of them believe it to be true. But of course, if you Google Mandaa&Shyy….

….you can find the original, in which Amanda moans about moderators at 9:23, and her friend Shylah Watson then takes over because ‘They like to see me’.

I have featured this video before on the blog, but it bears repeating. I have had many an argument here, and I’ll show you some of the things that are being said in the comments. If that idiot Carol Todd seriously believes that there is an Amanda Todd legacy, then here it surely is:

‘She didn’t just flash her breasts. She also has multiple masturbation videos with her friends and forced a boy to cheat on his girlfriend with her. I wouldn’t say she deserved to die but she could’ve expected to get hate from it. Rest in peace.’

‘Her “mother” let her have a comp and internet behind a closed door, drink and smoke weed. Yay “mom”. Apparently you can not force a 15 yo to go to hospital for drug/mental issues. Or so Ive heard. Why she didnt tell her “mother” what was up and came clean about her online activities I dont understand. Things could have been dealt with. Her “mother” was apparently in denial of there being any problem. Despite her moving to a different school at least once.’

‘yup i bet we all had sex with a boy/girl even though we knew they were in a relationship and show everyone on omegle our body parts over and over again … i mean if you want to be a little whore (im sorry but its true) become a damn porn star at least get paid for it -_-‘

‘I feel for her . But you live for consequences and once things happen like that . You can’t nothing back . Amanda was a kid that had very stupid and hoe ish ways . She’s not the only one who has done this . So get over it . Pray love and keep moving . Because kids do it ever day . R.i.p’

‘It’s funny how my comment has received too many negative votes. People most likely couldn’t even fully comprehend what I was saying. Which is understandable, considering society consists of a bunch of people who will ignore all the kids who REALLY need help and then act like they all of a sudden care about this girl who self-sabotaged. I really hope this planet does get wiped out soon cause good god humanity needs a fresh start.’

‘And no, I won’t. Cause I’m not so stupid and attention-seeking to go out and do things that will obviously not have a good affect, and then go cry about it and ask “oh why me why doesn’t everybody love me?! why do people not like that i had sex with someone else’s boyfriend?! why don’t they like that i’ve made mini pornos with my friends on the internet?! i don’t understand why i’m being called a whore!”‘

‘she didn’t have to sleep with that lad but she did, she thought he liked her. if he liked her he wouldn’t have a gf. it was her decision to sleep with him. if he asked she could have just said no and blanked him out but she didn’t she slept with him. she brought everything upon herself then have the nerve to complain about it. I’m not hatin, just rationally criticising.’

‘I don’t think anyone deserves to be bullied no matter what they do, if they’re sorry for what they did, I think it should be dropped. But saying that, it was her choice. No one made her do all that, and in her pictures when she’s flashing (no, I didn’t look them up, if you search amanda todd some of them show up) she has a grin on her face and happy to be doing that. Also, if she knew it was wrong, why would she do that multiple times? I’m not hating, I feel bad for everyone included in that.’

‘Nasty whore stripped for pedophiles and greasy old men on video chat, fucked her best friend’s boyfriend.

Hell, this stupid bitch even bragged about using drugs and cutting herself in her famous video.

Hope the retarded c*** died in great pain. Hehehe Hahahaha’

‘Maybe this worthless slut should’ve gotten one. People are being brutally tortured daily in Syria, people are living in civil wars and chaos in Africa, and this stupid bitch did this just because of some dumbass fucking American teenager problem. I will piss on her grave.’

‘i’m going to sound like a bitch but it was her choice to flash she could have just got off the cam and reported him but no, she flashed. it was her fault. she didn’t have to sleep with that lad but she did, she thought he liked her. if he liked her he wouldn’t have a gf. it was her decision to sleep with him. if he asked she could have just said no and blanked him out but she didn’t she slept with him. she brought everything upon herself then have the nerve to complain about it :/ my opinion :/’

‘Thousands of innocent people are dying every day. Who cares ? Who fucking cares ? humanity ? my ass, that little bitch deserved it.’


And look how the legend has taken hold:

‘When people say Amanda is a idiot for committing suiside they are right but what goes threw a persons head that that I’m gonna black mail this girl for 3 years Let me tell you something who ever made her committe Suiside is an ass and should die for what he made a girl half his age do so yeah Love Amanda. God be with you. Up there in heaven ! R.I.P’

Three for the price of one: blackmail (a total lie); a girl half his age (total fiction); in heaven (just don’t go there!). But at least this kid knows she’s an idiot.

But let’s see what anti-bullying has taught these kids:

‘what rite do you have for saying that huh!!!!!!~! she was just a little girl, dammit do you have any pity she didn’t deserve peoples shit while she was alive and she doesn’t deserve it while she’s dead! and you know what i hope you die in pain i hope someone kicks your ass’

‘most of u bitches are sad! if ure a bully bec of the crowd well all i have to say is i hope u rot in HELL! FUCK U GUYS!!’

‘And you, you heartless stupid ass bitch who looked up this video had to put some mindless comment on here. Die in hell mother fucker, cause at least she went upwards, unlike you will.’

Note also that Amanda’s words have been covered up by music.

Welcome to the sordid Amanda Todd legacy.

P.S. As tomorrow is Sunday, I’ll post something nice and light. I haven’t decided quite what that will be, but we all need something a bit happier, don’t we? As usual – love to all.

4 thoughts on “Amanda Todd ‘four hours before death’ nonsense

  1. Isn’t it ironic how some of the most vitriolic, threatening, and “bullying” comments seem to come from the so-called anti-bullying supporters?

  2. Wouldn’t it have been MORE PRUDENT of the Todd family (or whoever uploaded this) to have NOT uploaded it at all, thus attracting AS LITTLE attention to the original vid on Ustream as possible?? This seems like a really stupid move on their part if, in fact, the family or a friend of Todd’s DID upload and cut part of it off. Why not just LEAVE the video on Ustream…? Very odd.

    • The people who upload this crap do it to gain viewers. The ‘four hours before’ was a great sensationalist headline. And remember, most of the idiots on YouTube aren’t going to bother to check for veracity. And of course, the actual original is pretty revealing.

  3. My only question is your definition of “forced him to sleep with her” he had full capability of saying no and removing himself from the situation. In this case, both Amanda and the boyfriend were at fault. Unless she raped him there is no way she could have “forced” him to have sex with her. Shouldn’t both participants be given some blame?

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