Happy Sunday!

The brilliance of ‘Horrible Histories’ yet again. This is for my American friend, who I haven’t mentioned in a while.

What a week! The brilliant blogger known as DeeJay Bewy has mentioned me again.  But she does write ‘He must have super powers’ so I’ll give her some credit. She’s such a cheeky monkey!

Talking of cheeky monkeys, I got some feedback about my pictures. Some young slip of a thing had the nerve to say that I looked feminine! Just because I look more feminine than she does, I guess. OK – so I haven’t got hairy muscle-builder arms and it looks like I’ve got a handbag over my shoulder. Thank God I didn’t go full frontal, or she would have said that my man-parts were too small! Good grief! No wonder I keep myself to myself! But that does prompt the addition of another video.

My tattoo didn’t show up too well, but it’s faded a bit now. However, it reminds me of a story concerning an old friend of mine.

He was in the Navy, and felt honour-bound to get a macho tattoo. He was in a foreign port, and made the big decision. Looking at the choices, for some inane reason he decided that the most masculine tattoo was a drawing of two Colt 45s crossed over each other with the words ‘Gun for Hire’ written above them. Unfortunately, he was unaware of the fact that not just locally, but quite commonly elsewhere, the term ‘Gun for Hire’ signifies something completely different. How can I put this delicately? It was the sign of a male prostitute. But not a gigolo, if you get my drift.

I’ve been sent a couple more interpretations of the latest Amanda video. Quite interesting, as I may have to go back and re-think what I’ve seen. But that’s what this blog is all about – through discussion and different opinions, we can get to a proper result.

I also received my first mention on Carol Todd’s blog comments, which is funny. They all say ‘whatever you do, don’t go and look at his blog’ and, of course, human nature dictates that everyone then looks at my blog. Here’s a couple of comments:

‘I am sorry to bring this up: but who is Phillip J rose, and why is he so obsessed with you and your daughter? Obviously one of the pedophiles, but why is he still revolving his life around you and Amanda?
I wonder why no one brings this up, I know no one probably takes his ridiculous blog seriously – but it’s quite creepy to think that someone is just sat around thinking malicious things to come up with about you’

‘To NoWorries: Yeah this creep is well known but the more people show recognition to him the more he performs, Please do not visit this creeps blog site, he tries for high page numbers, And you can bet that a lot of anonymous are doxxing himand end result will be he’ll be found out and outed.’

‘I’m pretty sure the majority of his only replies are from himself pretending to be other people. It actually really scares me because he apparently lives in the same country as me.’

Really, it is just funny. What goes on in the heads of these people?

And another funny thing. My top blog day got 6,825 views, which is 68 times what I would have been happy with. But now I experience a slight sense of disappointment when I only get 2,000 views. Oh well!

Does anyone else find it odd that Carol’s main support comes from an idiot who calls himself ‘la Punisher’ (aka Rick Carrier from Chilliwack) and a guy called 13thMask who regularly spams my inbox with hate mail? Yet more charming examples of the Todd bandwagon.

And now, more ‘Horrible Histories’ humour. Note that at 3:09 that is the Prince Regent – Brighton Pavilion was his palace by the sea. And also – the Pachacuti at the end:

Anyway, that’s enough for today. Have a marvellous Sunday, and I hope you are all keeping well. Just a note: emails will probably go unanswered for a day or two, and maybe the blog will be left alone for a couple of days. Unless something makes me do otherwise.


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

  1. The Todd supporters remind me of the Tea Party idiots in my country. Despite people shown proof that they’re either wrong or lying on many topics, they figuratively stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes tightly, and go “LALALALALALALANOTLISTENINGNOTLISTENINGNOTLISTENINGLALALALALA”

  2. What is it with you ladies? DeeJay – in her despicable way – says I’m gay, as if that is some sort of insult; you say I’m feminine as if that is some sort of insult; all the feminists say I am too masculine, as if that is some sort of insult. And no – we are not all the same, thank goodness. Personally, myself and my supporters are brilliant people – all the rest are dreadful. LOL. And the likelihood of you being able to determine the truth for yourself is farcical. Only I can tell you that. Double LOL.

  3. You sound like Amanda Todd’s pants in your first sentences. Look babes, you are in my Fan Club – an Honorary Lifetime Member. And I’m in yours. xxx. and btw – it’s hormones, ducky! ROFL

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