Gloomy Sunday – no humour – adults only

Apologies for the gloomy Sunday video. Maybe you should leave this blog until later in the week – or even leave now!

You know, really this has now become too much for me to bear.

There is something distinctly strange about this story, but there is nothing I can do about it. It’s like King Canute telling the sea not to return.

Carol Todd is off enjoying herself in Las Vegas, lapping up her new-found fame. Meanwhile, her daughter’s name gets dragged through the mud time and time again. If I was her, I would be dedicating all my existence to clearing the Internet of all the videos and of all the terrible slanging matches that go on in the comments on YouTube and on the dreadful R.I.P. pages. But not the charming Mrs Todd. There’s too much money at stake. This is her new career.

The video at the end of the post appeared recently on YouTube. It’s off-limits to under-18s, and I guess that most readers might have to register with YouTube to view it. I don’t know how long it will remain before people complain too much. It’s a cut-down version of a video that gets worse – the one on Motherless actually continues beyond the point at which it is edited.

What got to me about it? Why did I feel it was in some way worse? So far, there are two reasons why most of the Amanda Todd videos are posted all over the place – one is to seek to bring her actions to the attention of people to somehow try to show the truth and explain what she got up to, or criticise her behaviour; the other is purely for salacious purposes.

But this one makes her an object of ridicule and derision. It is purely for entertainment, and to have a laugh. It truly is sad. Amanda’s story has run the whole gamut of emotions – from love to hatred. She has evoked sympathy and antipathy alike, and sparked off waves of anger and malice from both her supporters and critics. However, the mockery before has been relatively hidden, consisting of a few photoshopped memes that do the rounds of the Internet for a bit of a joke. But this video takes perhaps one of Amanda’s worst moments, and simply invites people to laugh and scorn. It’s just that one step too far. Wear headphones while listening to it, as advised.

It was time to stop all this ages ago. Carol Todd MUST know that she should, for the sake of her daughter’s memory, start to really do something about all this. It is simply unimaginable that Carol Todd is unaware of what her daughter truly did, and it is ridiculous to contemplate that she doesn’t know the truth. If she had any remnant of human dignity left, she would call it a day. But she continues relentlessly.

I feel bad. When people work in sewers, they lose the ability to smell the stink, but it permeates their clothes and their skin. This is what it has been like doing this blog. I lost the ability to respond rationally at times, and resorted to actions that, in all honesty, I would never have seen myself doing.

Carol Todd and her supporters are disgusting. There’s no two ways about it. Carol Todd has overtly supported the persecution of bullies, with no moral consideration, no air of forgiveness, and actually with cruelty – planting the blame for death on young, stupid children who, though they may be misguided and naughty, were in no way to blame whatsoever. It is heartless and evil. And I don’t use that word lightly.

Carol Todd has joined in, and been delighted by, the online vigilante activity against innocent people accused of pedophilia, stalking and even, as she would like to put it, murder.

Carol Todd has done very little to raise questions about the use of Omegle and other sites. It was down to me to bring cameracaptures to people’s attention, and thankfully Amanda’s video was taken off. People will be complaining about Motherless, and no doubt they will also try to deal with this latest YouTube effrontery. But it’s a drop in the ocean – with all of Carol Todd’s resources, you would have thought she would have done something about it. But it would have raised too many questions, of course. We couldn’t have people asking about just how and why Amanda was allowed to expose herself so much. Far better to look for imaginary stalkers, and cast the blame elsewhere, than to deal with the core problem – complete lack of parental supervision and guidance.

Carol Todd represents the worst type of parenting, in which huge mistakes are made, and the children and those who seek to help them are left to pick up the pieces. As for the ‘Amanda Todd Legacy Fund’? It simply pays her expenses and for trips to Las Vegas. Any decent person would give all the proceeds to the people already working hard and who know what they are doing – the Internet Watch Foundation would be one decent organisation. But no – Carol Todd deserves all that money for being such a good person.

Her machinations have brought about misguided malice to those mistakenly suspected of bullying activities – children. She has purposefully left the door open for accusations against Amanda’s boyfriend – a child. She has allowed the likes of Shylah, Bianca and others – children – to become enmeshed in this fiasco, by dragging them in as ‘expert witnesses’ to Amanda’s perfection in the trumped up memorial service. All the time hiding the real fact – that it was her parenting that caused it all – behind the facade of crusading mother. And let’s not forget her brilliant recommendations that weed-smoking, drunkenness and substance abuse are areas not to create trouble over.

But I became part of all that crap. There were times when I was ashamed of the arguments I got into online. There were also times when I felt proud, and it would be a mistake not to acknowledge some of the positive things I’ve done. But I became tainted by the stink. The Todd stink.

So it’s time to change. Amanda Todd needs to be left in peace, and I will do that now. Everything has been said – over and over. Some people believe me, some people don’t. I will go back through the blog. Things will be left there, some things may be taken out. But future posts will be Amanda-free. As for Carol Todd – well that’s a different matter.

The story has been shocking. But it seems that no-one on this planet can stem the tide of stupidity, ignorance and, in Carol Todd’s case, self-serving arrogance. But at least I tried, and I at least contributed a tiny amount.

As for a conclusion – well, I don’t think there will be one for a long time. For what it’s worth, I think this:

It’s some sort of scam. The story is just too full of contradictions to be fully true. No mother alive would exploit it to the extent that Carol Todd does, knowing that her daughter’s online memory is so besmirched. It was a set-up that went out of control.

For any readers in Canada, simply ask the police for an update. They never respond. It’s a pack of lies, but telling the truth has now become too politically dangerous for them.

So – Monday? A different blog. Thanks to all who supported me so far. It’s been a bit of a blast.

Here is the YouTube video that is the last straw. Strange that Carol Todd should allow her daughter to have that microphone stand and webcam at the end of the bed, what with all the online problems and all.

And a response:

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