Malala Yousafzai

The beginning of a new direction for the blog. A positive inspirational role model. There’s a lot about Malala online, and the BBC are showing a relevant documentary on Wednesday. I will try to put together more information later on in the week and do justice to her story. This is someone who truly deserves recognition.

“If I lost my life in speaking up for the rights of the girls…it was not a big deal for me…”

I will also be featuring, amongst other things, more young positive role models, so I would welcome any suggestions in the comments. Also, I would welcome suggestions about any other topics that would be of interest.

But I haven’t forgotten humour. The ZZZ section at the top of the blog will be featuring videos that I find funny.

Thanks again to all my supporters. If my daily views fall to half a dozen, at least I’ll know you stuck with me.

Take care, and love to all.

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