Carol Todd – Liar of the Century

It’s not true. How perfect for this post.

Well, you wait for one more piece of Carol Todd’s fantasy to come along, then three come along at once. This woman is a liar on a monumental scale. She’s back from her ‘vacation of sorts’ funded by all the sympathetic donors to the Legacy Fund, and she seems to start lying with new vigour.

I think that for the first time I’ve actually linked her blog, but that’s because this one really takes the biscuit as far as compulsive lying goes. If it wasn’t such terrible lying and misdirection, it would really be quite funny. But it’s not funny – it’s verging on criminal.

Where shall we begin?

The Social Network Association. A scam. The great thing about the Internet is that it enables any fool to create any image they want. I must admit that this one is done relatively well, but it’s just opportunistic publicity seeking. You know, I don’t really have the energy to explain it all, but here are some examples of the things the people involved actually concern themselves with:

Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success

Leveraging the power of blogging to extend your brand online.

Developing your brand promise.

As you know, I know a scam when I see one. This is all about marketing and branding, trying to ride the bandwagon of social enterprise. And it’s only been around since May of this year. It stinks, basically.

But let’s move on. Look at this site:

This is just yet another marketing ploy. What they do is just send out ‘press releases’ that aren’t actually press releases, they are just called that. They are nothing to do with the press – they are just marketing publicists. In exchange for a small fee, other websites will include these announcements. And who might one of those organisations be? The Wall Street Journal:

All looks quite professional and exciting, doesn’t it? Except when you read the disclaimer:

‘The Wall Street Journal news department was not involved in the creation of this content.’

It is, quite simply, an advertisement made to look like a piece of news. But it is the epitomy. Not the epitome. She’s even making up new words.

So – we’ve got Carol in on a marketing scam calling itself ‘The Social Network Association’ who in turn put out scam ‘press releases’ for publicity. But where does all the money for this come from? errrr…..The Amanda Todd Legacy Fund. Look on the Association’s Home page and there it is – one of the ‘partners’ who fund it all. So at least you know where your donations are going (and it helps if Carol Todd is a paid advisor, of course). Scams all round!

But let’s move on in this preposterous mountain of lies and fraud.

Those of you familiar with the Carol Todd lying machine will know that she, quite simply, has sought to give her daughter god-like powers. Early on in the story it was a long winter in British Columbia. Who was responsible? Well, not THE God, obviously. And not various weather patterns. No – it was down to ‘Princess Snowflake’. Apparently, later on she was also responsible for rain and sunshine as well. It seems her daughter’s spirit powers are infinite.

But not content with just controlling the weather, her daughter also controls the movement of luggage at various Canadian airports. When Carol Todd’s luggage went missing on one of her many Legacy Fund jaunts to expensive hotels, who was responsible? errrr….not the vagaries of luggage handlers and transport systems. No – you guessed it – her daughter. Crikey! She gets around.

But now we come up to date. Carol Todd returns from yet another expensive holiday (ooops…I mean special fact-finding tour) and what has happened? Her daughter has slipped something into the luggage? What can this mystery be? A message from beyond the grave?

‘ Weird thing, I found the item below in my suitcase after I got home.’


Well, it’s obviously a sign. Except it isn’t. It’s a picture from a brochure for a brand of jeans and other accessories called “Miss Me” who have a range called “Do you Miss Me?” With each rhinestone-covered garment, they supply these spares, which they display in their brochures. Don’t you think it odd that Mrs Todd would choose to lay out the packet alongside the rhinestones? In much the same way as this other picture from the “Miss Me” brochure?


Just when is this fantasist woman going to stop? It really is about as bizarre as you can get. Has she truly gone mad? Has all the fame gone to her head? We all now know that her whole story is a fabrication, so is she just seeing how far she can push her luck? Who knows? All I know is that she is definitely liar of the century, but making up all these ‘miracle’ occurrences goes a bit too far, don’t you think?


10 thoughts on “Carol Todd – Liar of the Century

    • This is a very typical comment. Please can you be more helpful and point me in the direction of where you think I have lied? I think you were one of the believers in the ‘one-off photo’ story, and that has been shown to be utterly wrong. So could you get back to me? Thanks.

      • Because you really are the pedophile perso365 and you know you are. How do you know who I really am? I might have friends who are on both sides of the law. I may have talked directly to law enforcement personnel. Also I may have talked to gang bangers and showed them too your online presensence. You see. The internet is pretty mysterious. You never know who people really are. Just because i act like “oh she lives inside me.” We all know that is medieval bullshit. I am an atheist in reality. You are a fucking pedophile. You will go down. One way or another.

      • Nice to hear from you, Greg. Do you really talk to gang bangers? Shame on you.
        You really need to learn about peace and inner calm. Have a nice day. Be kind – and perhaps don’t mix with all those gang bangers you speak of.

      • You see the internet is beautiful. You hide behind your alias. So Do i. One way or another you will be caught. I am watching you little man!

    • Samanthaaa – it seems like ages since I last had a comment from you! Thanks. Do you keep in touch with the DeeJay BeWy blog? She thinks that you are me, or I am you, or that ‘we’ are Lord Lucan and a handful of other people. LOL. Take care.

  1. Carol Todd is a liar and a fraud. There is absolutely not one iota of doubt about that. If liars and frauds are allowed to get away with it, then lying and fraud will become accepted. People should make a stand against it in every way they can.

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