Carol Todd continues with her blog, but there’s no real truth to it. It is important to note that she keeps switching the blame from imaginary stalkers, to real life bullies, to online bullies, to mental health issues, to anything but her own inadequacies. I have included the whole post here with my annotations in bold. Make of them what you will.


What words can ever make the title of this blog post OK?  I don’t think there are any.  All I know is that it’s been a tough night.  In Amanda’s laptop, I found some more different pics.

If the police were making any in-depth investigations, the laptop would have been one of the first places they would have looked. They would have stripped it down and looked for any possible clues. But of course, what was there to investigate?

Her You Tube video in colour.

This is the same YouTube video that was pretty obviously a cry for help. The one that Carol Todd saw, but never asked about. Strange.

About 12 videos of her singing which were from the weeks prior to October 10th.  Some videos of her in happy times with friends.  Just listening to her voice and laughter made me so very sad.

We are told over and over again that Carol Todd’s daughter was almost crippled by depression. But obviously not enough to stop her making videos of herself and having happy times with friends.

What else I found were the screen captures that were sent around on Facebook back in August.  They were posted by teens in Maple Ridge that must have hated her so much to continue to make her life miserable.  I mean really.

Now, what screen captures were these? Quite clearly, the screen captures of Carol’s daughter’s online exhibitions were being posted on to Facebook by all the local teens. But this is in August 2012. Why didn’t Carol Todd just stop her daughter from displaying herself? Or did that not cross her mind? And we’ve already discussed the phenomenal levels of hatred, the reasons for which Carol chooses not to explain. But wasn’t this all down to a stalker who never existed?

To those teens who ganged up and assaulted my daughter — You laughed about the whole thing after the fact and even after her death.

This is odd. Is she talking about the ‘in real life’ fight episode? In which case it was just one girl who assaulted Amanda – not really a gang attack, though it would have been intimidating. But the confusing thing is that we hear also of her daughter being surrounded by friends. So where were they? And we are also led to believe that these kids HAVE been punished, so isn’t it time to forgive?

You posted comments on Facebook with pictures of bleach and ditches and words that my daughter should die.  You continue to post 6 months after the incident with no remorse or guilt.  But … I know you laughed about it then too.

The online attacks were dreadful, and there’s no excuse for it. But again, you have to ask some questions. Carol Todd knew that her daughter was vulnerable to online problems since 2010, yet allowed unfettered access to the Internet. Remember – Carol Todd is described in the Press as being well versed in computer technology, so why didn’t she either just keep her daughter away from it all or, if she knew people were doing this, why didn’t she deal with it then? According to her, she knows who the people who wrote the things are, so why not raise the issues at the time?

Our communities are too small to not find out.

So why not deal with it when it was all going on?

And those screen captures of what was posted in August of 2012 on a teen girls Facebook wall about Amanda.

This is slightly strange. Just what was going on in August? Now – surely this teen girl would be known, as Mrs Todd has just written ‘Our communities are too small to not find out.’ And why screen capture it all, unless there was some cunning plan? And doesn’t it seem odd that someone would screen capture all the online hatred? It reminds me of the kids who complain about Ask.fm, but then continue to use it. And what has happened to the so-called stalking, which was supposedly all to blame?

They have all been screen captured with names attached.  Each one of them.  For those that wrote the words, I have to wonder what your parents would think.  What your own children would think about their own parents writing and thinking what you did.  Is it something that you think about ever?  Is it something you would want your own children to ever do?

This gets back to the vigilante revenge attitude. Again, this is odd. She’s piling the blame and the guilt on to children once more – a terrible attitude for one who is so much a part of this disaster. All has been discussed at length, but it boils down to this – Carol Todd’s daughter  was a child, therefore should be forgiven; the Facebook offenders were children, therefore need punishing. Hypocritical. There’s no sign of forgiveness from Carol Todd – except for herself.

Remember, what goes on the internet, stays on the internet like a digital concrete footprint.  In schools today, we warn kids about not posting things as their future employers will see things.  Universities and colleges screen their applicants for what they have posted on social media.

What is all this about? What in God’s name would future employers have made of her daughter’s footprint? I still don’t know just how much Carol Todd is in denial or completely ignorant.

I hope that each and every one of those young persons thinks about their actions. I guess it would be nice if they could step forward to apologize for their actions.  But that would mean that they would accept responsibility for their actions.  That would take a person who has gained maturity and insight into what is right and what is wrong.

This is disgusting. The first bit is OK, but to then talk about accepting responsibility for their actions is simply disgraceful. Carol Todd managed to raise a daughter who seemed to have no concept of right or wrong, and Carol Todd has never accepted one iota of responsibility for what happened. But wait – that would take ‘a person who has gained maturity and insight’. Unlike Carol Todd.

I don’t have my daughter anymore.  She has no future in the real world.  The only one now is her legacy to teach others to be more KIND to each other.  Just like what she would have wanted.

Carol – your daughter would have wanted to be left in peace, not have her activities spread far and wide over the Internet, exploited for fame by you. You tried to save her memory, but it’s not worked. Accept that, and let your daughter rest in peace.

On July 10th, LIGHT A CANDLE and perform a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS.  Share your story on a site related to Amanda.

Amanda Todd Official

Amanda Todd Safe Haven

Both of the above are dying out. And by the way – perform kindness every day. Forgive. Understand. And tell the truth.

I think I spooked some people on Amanda’s Skype account tonight.  The account is still active on her computer on so when I turned on her laptop, Skype started working with her name.  There were alot of pings with WTF.  One brave soul actually asked the question ‘Who is using this account?’  I chatted with him  for a bit as Amanda’s mom.

Right. Amanda’s Skype account would have been very useful to the police, and they would have asked all her contacts for information had there really been an investigation. Her laptop would have been impounded for evidence. Did Carol stop to think that the ‘predator’ might have been there? No. Because no such predator existed and no police investigation ever happened. And yet again – a Skype account for the highly-threatened, highly-vulnerable teen girl renowned for her online exhibitionism? Doesn’t that reek of stupidity?

And for any theorists out there – you need passwords to Skype. Maybe someone was using Skype. Someone who wasn’t meant to be using it. So this would be an explanation of how someone’s Skype was suddenly active. Just a thought.

And … Amanda’s bench is now at the pond.  I can’t go down there yet.  Still raw and emotional.  Rob went down and took a picture.  Wow … emotional.  I will get a photo eventually.


Yeah – hugz 2 u 2


Tomorrow? Proof that Carol Todd is running the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund as her own new business. Check out the latest article, and don’t say I didn’t tell you it’s a scam:


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