Well, it’s another fine day for writing about Carol Todd. She’s kind of like the gift that keeps on giving.

Not so long ago, I said that the Amanda Todd Legacy was being used by Carol Todd as her source of income. I guess that not many people believed me. After all, we were led to believe that the fund would be used for various good causes, so how were we to know that it meant trips to Las Vegas and a wage for Carol Todd? But if anyone is still in doubt, then I suggest you look at this latest piece of scamming – all set up as a marketing ploy.

What a fantastic example of online flim flam.

Where do I begin?

The advertising banner at the top? Very similar to the book pushed on the Social Networks Association site – where Carol is now a paid advisor. Does anyone think it odd that the Amanda Todd Legacy is so closely linked to a BUSINESS site that specialises in MARKETING? No mention of charitable concerns here, I notice.

‘Carol Todd is a teacher who works with special needs children and now one of the world’s most innovative leaders of the fight for online safety for children.’

What a joke. Does anyone know when Carol Todd was last in a classroom? Is it not suspicious that she was just able to walk straight out of her job and become ‘one of the world’s most innovative leaders of the fight for online safety for children’? It’s simply amazing that this can be written about her – but not by anyone noteworthy, just a marketing person.

‘Carol runs The Amanda Todd Legacy’

Does she? All the information says that the Amanda Todd Legacy is run in conjunction with the Vancouver Foundation. And what exactly is there to run? Apart from going on trips to Las Vegas, has this organisation actually done anything?

‘….named after her late daughter, Amanda, who died after being a victim of sexual cyber bullying, cyber crime, and sexual crime advertising.’

Now what is that all about? Sexual cyber bullying? What is that really? Cyber crime? What cyber crime is that meant to be? – there has been none proven, of course, unless it includes Carol Todd’s negligence. And what on earth is ‘sexual crime advertising’? That’s a new one.

‘Carol formed the Legacy in order to work on behalf of the movement to keep children safe wherever they are.’

Well, very commendable, but not true. It makes it look like no-one was doing this before. All the funds that went to the Legacy could have been easily passed on to the IWF or CEOP, or the multitude of other honourable organisations. But instead, it basically pays Carol Todd’s wages and expenses.

Now it starts reading like an exaggerated job application:

‘Running a non-profit organization on behalf of child advocacy has led Carol to interviews about cyber bullying from leading media professionals around the globe.’

Running a non-profit? Don’t you mean sitting back and letting people donate money whilst you do very little? And where are these ‘leading media professionals from around the world’? She’s virtually unheard of outside of America. But maybe she classes Patrick McGuire and the Vancouver Sun people as media professionals and not dreadful hacks.

‘Carol has also formed strong strategic alliances with world leaders and organizations such as Red Hood Project and The Social Network Association where she is on the Board of Advisors.’

This is farcical. ‘strong strategic alliances with world leaders’. Like who? President Obama? Angela Merkel? Or have I missed something? The Red Hood Project is not bad, but that’s about as far as it goes. The Social Network Association is just a jumped-up group of self-promoters.

What, perhaps, should be noted is that the original article didn’t use the word ‘organization’ – it used the word ‘business’ before quickly changing it. You’ll have to take my word for it, but they were very quick to change that. But it was much closer to the truth – the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund is viewed as a business. Note that there is not one use of the word ‘charity’ anywhere.

So we are on to Carol’s ‘Tips and Secrets’. Well, she has come on a lot from being a teacher, hasn’t she?

‘Do research in order to be confident in what you promote.’

Could that be better parenting she’s talking about? Blimey – she had better do a TON of research.

‘Research alone is not enough. You must add front line experience.’

Carol Todd was the equivalent of the local Fagin for the wayward girls in her locality. So she has plenty of front line experience.

‘Put yourself in the shoes of those people you are trying to reach.’

Just who is she trying to reach? In all her life, she never reached out emotionally to Amanda – her best buddy Laura said that. Or is she trying to reach out to all those ‘rock star moms’ who like going to Vegas?

‘Value the perspectives you gain from others’ points of view.’

Unless it’s Philip Rose’s point of view, in which case he can be made the victim of hate campaigns by the Carol Todd supporters and be called a liar.

‘Show emotions in public as a strategy to catalyze a cause you believe in.’

Well, that one’s a doozy. What does it mean? Well, on one hand it means show a bit of grief if it’s good for the cause – so showing emotions is ‘a strategy’? Give me strength. But it’s odd that she never shows any emotion. But a STRATEGY? Human emotion and grief is a STRATEGY? Almost time for the f word.

‘Be genuine always.’

OK. Time to stop the jokes. Carol Todd changed her story over and over again to fit with whatever people knew or wanted to hear. She has never once been genuine.

‘Realize grief over loss can appear is 6 months or 30 years, it is unpredictable.’

Or never, in her case. And let me tell you, the grief of EVERY other mother in similar circumstances has been instantaneous.

‘Seek medical, educational, and therapeutic support for children in need.’

No mention of parental support anywhere. That really is so strange. I would have written something like ‘Love and care for a child in need, and give as much parental support as possible, AS WELL AS making sure they have all the medical, educational and therapeutic support’.

‘Early intervention is always best.’

OK readers, I don’t need to write anything here, really.

‘Carol has radar and knows many children have impaired radar and don’t sense danger. All adults need to understand this.’

This just gets weirder and weirder. Is Carol a battleship? ‘Carol has radar’. Just what the Hell does that mean? She certainly didn’t have ‘radar’ to pick up on the danger signs for her daughter – like the webcam at the end of the bed.

‘In Carol’s opinion, women selling to women is harder than women selling to men.’

For centuries to come, that will be quoted as one of the best philosophical sayings of the 21st century.

Well. That was quite odd. What will Friday bring? More oddity, as the entire story is changed yet again by Carol Todd in her radio interview.

Quick messages:

to M in America – are you OK? I hope you and the kids are well. Did they like ‘Diddy Dick and Dom’?

And to Andrew Schumann – you were correct in identifying me as Will Burke. I thought no-one would ever get that. It’s good to see that someone has been paying attention.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts-day

  1. Just spent a good two hours reading your posts…I’ve got a lot more to read (and should probably get off my couch at some point today), but I commend you for seeking the truth and fighting for it.

    • Well thanks for that. The blog does go on a bit, and I’m not sure what order you are reading it in. I have finished it for the time being – maybe forever. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment. Take care.

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