An ultimatum

Always work. Go to church. Respect those in authority over you. Do right.”

His head is not his memory.
Visions coming, one, two, three.
Trickle up, trickle down.
Wearily, we come unwound.
Sensoria, sensoria, sensoria, sensoria.

In hard times, hard thrills.
Reaching for the chosen pills.
Dragnets will pull you in.
Tell you that you’re deep in sin.
Sensoria, sensoria, sensoria, sensoria.

OK. I’ve thought long and hard about this, and I have decided to issue not so much an ultimatum as a challenge. I am fully aware that this might alienate some of my supporters, and I apologise to them if, after all their support, they feel that I have betrayed them in any way. But maybe respect the fact that I didn’t go in with all guns blazing and create collateral damage.

So the challenge goes out to the Todd Squad:

You have hounded and harassed me from day one. You have accused me of lying – all the other silly accusations don’t bother me. And yet all the lies, hatred and malice have come pouring from you. At some points I joined in the little games – it was just amusing to see what bizarre reasoning you could apply to every situation. Could I really be a ‘killer’? A ‘murderer’? Was it right to be accused of being a criminal based on the fact that ‘he knows too much’? When I spoke of forgiveness and understanding, you replied with death threats. When I spoke of kindness, you attacked. And when I used reason and logic, you responded with insanity.

Those attacks did weaken me from time to time. Not on a personal level, because they were too ridiculous to be considered, and I’m strong enough to know that your words were empty. But my soul was drained by the utter hypocrisy and stupidity of it all. When hated, it’s difficult not to hate back. But they also strengthened me. My resolve grew greater. There were times when I thought truth would lose – but, of course, truth never loses. Hatred, spite, and ignorance will never win.

Now – I know that the Todd Squad read this blog. Some of them might be too scared to admit it, due to the threat that the Todd Squad heavies will unleash some sort of retribution. And I know that they all have a hotline to Carol Todd, to whom they run like little boys snitching in exchange for favours.

So tell Carol this. Or – Carol – if you read this, then listen up.

I have always been surprised by your willingness to use kids as pawns in your little games. You have allowed certain people to be left in a state of bewilderment without extending any forgiveness or understanding to them. You and the Todd Squad have encouraged the vilification of children – suggesting vengeance on the bullies, and I have witnessed what I can only call terrifying responses to young children who voiced their opinions online – your verminous Squad tracking down parents, friends and teachers so you can tell them that young Johnny or Jane said ‘She brought it upon herself’, spewing out your ghastly venom. And in some cases, these were young kids aged 13, they were threatened horrendously – I should know, because I had to protect some of them from your supporters’ viciousness.

And yet – the only Amanda video that still allows commenting (e.g. terrible rows in the comments and awful slurs on your daughter’s character) is the one that YOU control. Why is that? Still courting controversy?

You have done nothing to counter the disgusting Kody Maxson lynch mob. Your Squad went all over Facebook looking to victimise anyone who dared say anything bad or truthful about Amanda, but they left the ‘Kill Kody Maxson’ pages completely untouched.

In your bid for fame, you’ve plastered your daughter’s image everywhere, and with it goes her true story. You seem to be totally unconcerned that her videos and pictures are watched all over the Internet – pictures and videos that would have drifted away into history had it not been for your lust for publicity. And in every interview, you deny that these pictures even exist.

And then, to support your cause, you wheel out Amanda’s partners in crime for the woeful memorial service. Are you willing to drag them further into this mess? Drag them down with you? Just how far are you willing to go in perpetuating these lies? Let’s find out, shall we?

This week, I will be releasing controversial and incriminating evidence concerning Amanda’s friends – starting with Shylah Watson and moving on to others. They are no longer children – they are older than 16 now, and therefore can be prosecuted. As Kody Maxson and all the kids your Squad hounded were fair game, then so are these girls.

But you have an opportunity to stop it. You say that you live in a tight knit community, and that you know everyone now. And the likes of Bianca, Shania and Shylah are in regular contact with you, so I guess you know their parents.

So – if you can be bothered, or if any of the girls’ parents can be bothered, you can leave a comment here and we can discuss things sensibly. Blackmail? Perhaps. But it’s a simple request.

The result – my guess is that no-one will reply. None of the parents can give a damn. Mr and Mrs Watson? Mrs Nitoi? Mr and Mrs ‘Staar’? The Finley family? The Thomas crew? All you have to do is just comment here, and I will respond.

And before anyone wishes to complain to the police, I’ve told you a hundred times – I’ve contacted them before. And it really is a bit foolish to report someone for showing evidence of criminal activity, don’t you think?

And before anyone gives a shrug – I too have my dogs of war like the Todd Squad. They have seen a bit of action recently. Those viewer figures are genuine – I get disappointed if I get less than 300o now.  I could, if I wanted to, cause havoc, but I don’t – not that the Todd Squad will respect that.

You have a couple of days. I will give you plenty of time. After that, we are in high risk territory. It is only because I am aware of that high risk that I have held back – something the Todd Squad should learn.

So – ta ta for now. I look forward to hearing from you. Truth is eternal, you know.

3 thoughts on “An ultimatum

    • Well – what do you think? The ball is in their court, but it won’t be returned. Carol Todd will spare nothing in her quest – a little collateral damage won’t stand in her way. It’s a shame it had to come to this, but I’ve just grown impatient.
      Thanks for commenting again. I hope that something turns up from this as well.

  1. yeah i wish i could say i thought they might actually talk to you, but i doubt it at this point! should be interesting to find out i guess! 🙂

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