What will tomorrow bring?


I’ve been watching the Tour de France.  Just thought I would let you know that.

Sometimes, funny things happen out of the blue.

Someone tweeted that Cory Monteith had died from a ‘toxic heroine’ overdose. The importance of spelling!

Well….come on, you know what I thought. I could get an overdose of the ‘Toxic Heroine’. It sounds like a sort of comic book criminal name. ‘Behold, I am the Toxic Heroine!’ announced the vile villain Carol Todd.

I would like to say there are things happening, but there aren’t really. After my sort of ultimatum/challenge a couple of days ago, the response has been….well, you guessed it….’meh’.

It’s odd. It’s kind of like holding a person over the edge of a precipice and saying that they will be dropped if there is no response, and then the people involved CHOOSE not to respond. For that is the current situation. People are aware of my challenge, and have CHOSEN not to respond.

It’s strange, isn’t it? All these people say they are doing nothing to be ashamed of, then when I find the photos, the videos, all the evidence, they do all they can to either shut me up or delete everything. And, of course, we’ve entered into an entirely new ball game now.

A few months ago, the various people involved in naughtiness were still just kids. But now they have turned sixteen, they can be prosecuted. So of course, if I just happen to come across videos of what they are up to NOW, what will be the excuse? No more innocent little children. More like potential Juvie inhabitants.

But I have been told that I can go ahead and publish everything I have. The Todd Squad are fully aware. There has been a last ditch attempt to delete history, but, sadly, this time round I downloaded it all.

So tomorrow? Tomorrow belongs to me. Why? Well, the kids involved – Shylah Watson, Bianca Maria Nitoi and the rest of the crew – could have come forward and said there was no stalker, but they were told not to. Or their parents could have stepped up. Carol Todd took them under her wing and told them to be quiet – if they knew what was good for them. But one word from them would have ended the persecution of people.

But the girls made one big mistake. Shylah Watson and the rest continued on the same path, strangely imagining that people wouldn’t find their latest escapades on Keek, or Torrent, Instagram or iPhonegram, or XTimes, or even Motherless. You would have thought that they would have learned by now, but they didn’t.

One of the reasons I am doing this is that, after the Amanda video, a certain person was persecuted mercilessly and unnecessarily. We know who the individual was, so I won’t name him. But did anyone ever care about HIS mother. She didn’t have to deal with simple cyber harassment – she had to deal with the very credible online DEATH THREATS sent to her son, and still does. Every day. All day. Facebook pages set up to say he ‘should sleep with one eye open’. Facebook pages urging people to kill her son. Facebook pages saying she should rot and burn in Hell.

Did Carol Todd ever extend an apology? No. She worked with Patrick McGuire to perpetuate it. Did she ever seek to protect this defenceless woman? No. Not once has she said anything about the terrible worries and suffering brought upon this poor mother, simply because of the lies of Shylah and Bianca, and of course, because of Carol Todd’s ongoing legend-building.

I have been accused of not having empathy nor sympathy. But it breaks my heart that an innocent woman, an innocent mother trying to do her best, has been the victim of all these lies. I have refrained from mentioning her too much, from fear of stoking the hatred. But enough is enough. This woman is innocent. Her son might not be the best behaved, but he too is innocent. The disgusting Todd Squad spend their time protecting the Toxic Heroine, while she perpetuates the ongoing dreadful suffering of a poor woman. Another mother. One dealing with genuine problems that were not of her own making.

It truly is evil. There is no other word for it. Carol Todd has the power to help this woman – to tell the truth and end her suffering. But Carol Todd’s hateful and lying vengeance-seeking will not allow it.

Carol Todd has the power to end all this nonsense. But she refuses to do so, to the point that she is willing to see the girls who I will feature in the next few days be humiliated – dangerously so. She’s such a saint. She could have stopped it. I gave her three days. But her answer has been ‘go ahead’. She is willing to sacrifice everything to maintain her money-making cash cow.

But it has to finish. Tomorrow will be the first big blow. No doubt I will have to follow with another one. And another. But this nonsense will end, as will the suffering of an innocent woman. So Mrs M, this is for you. I hope peace will come to you.

I have stopped playing around. This is the last phase. The big push.

An addition:

The Todd supporters have reacted in the way they do. One of their most popular spokeswomen has written this, concerning Mrs M who, I might remind you, is the mother of someone who the police have defended, the press have admitted as being not involved, and who is still regarded as ‘the stalker’ by the Todd maniacs:

‘Poor poor pedophile mom. Her son is a pedophile because she was not a good mom. Why does Carol owe this woman anything? lol Quick what’s her name perso? I’d like to call her and ask her why her son is a pedophile.’

This is truly, truly disgusting. It’s worse than disgusting – I just can’t think of the right words, or any words, to say quite how bad this is. The woman who wrote this is described as being on Carol Todd’s team – so we get to see just what sort of scum we are talking about.

This vile woman goes on: ‘I’d be ashamed if I were her. Her son is a child lover. How can you be proud of that?’

Again, words fail me. The Todd supporters talk of forgiveness, understanding – yet use this sort of language. It’s an absolute total and utter disgrace on so many levels – not only implying that her son is a ‘child lover’ – which is false – but that Mrs M should be ashamed of him.

I hope that the woman who wrote this will one day come to realise just how hateful and malicious this all is. Until then, this kind of hatred that emanates on a daily basis from the Todd supporters will continue.

And just in case anyone wants to read the full details, it’s here. And no, I didn’t abuse 9700 children, and I’m not whatever she says I am. Think about it. 9700?


33 thoughts on “What will tomorrow bring?

  1. You are often your own worst enemy & I’m seeing it again. You have worked too long too hard to throw away that by this course of action. Todd Squad are a bunch of repulsive malicious bullies but you are now playing their game. You are now dancing to their tune. You are way smarter than that but you are letting your impatience & frustrations get the best of you here.
    I’m done with this story but it was your blog that helped me reach my own conclusions from the story. I would hate to see you throw that away now. I have suffered looking for these answers as well – as you know, & some you don’t know.
    The truth always comes out – and it will. Probably from these girls – or the many others in this story.
    Carol Todd can say Amanda was stalked & blackmailed by bored visiting aliens & her followers (aka sheep) will just nod. They are not your audience.
    Be patient – be smart. Don’t run out of steam now! 🙂

    • Hey – long time no see. I have unfortunately run out of patience, as you can see. This has turned into like a war now, and I want it finished so that I can move on. The truth doesn’t look like it will come out – far from it. There have been plenty of opportunities, so now it’s the time for killer blows. I have found the weak link, and I am going for it. If it takes another catastrophe, then so be it. 3000 people come here each day now, and I can have all this info spread like wildfire – schools, colleges, dancing classes, teachers, potential employers. Carol Todd could have ended all this ages ago, but she is prepared to see girls be completely ruined for the cause. So it’s on her head, not mine. She knows that it is happening – the great and wise Renee Porten has just said for me to go ahead, near as damn it. I have played like a pussy for months, but now it’s time for revenge. That’s just the way it is. Carol Todd was prepared to watch Kody go down, and make her mother suffer. I will avenge their suffering ten-fold.
      I have learned how to wield this blog to maximum advantage, and I have only been playing around up until now. 3000 people a day can be steered to wherever I want them to go. Each day and every day. I’ve only just started – fight fire with fire, dude. Stand back.
      Nice to hear from you! Take care!

      • Philip I hear you & I have some knowledge of what is going on in background. It’s frustrating as hell but it wont be on Carol’s conscious. You know that. This will be more on your conscious – & mine.
        Renee is a decent person but her objectives are simply in her group – she simply blocks out the rest – I almost admire that. The whole Happiness = Denial thing 😉
        The truth WILL come out. Yeah its probably gona take some time & a saint like patience but it will. Too many youngters who will turn into adults in near future & see this for what is it. People like Cassidy who cared about the forgotten people in this. She will speak loud & clear one day real soon.
        What happened to Kody & his family was & is still repulsive. Everyone has a mother whom loves them & he & his family didn’t deserve the disgusting treatment at the hands of Anonymous & rest of the witch hunt. This isn’t the way. I mean will you get passed this? Move on? Knowing at the end you lost your patience?
        Be smart & try chill out.
        When I’m advising you its time to chill out then its time to pay attention! Haha! 😉

  2. Colin – I’m surprised by all this. After all the Todd Squad did to you? It’s time to fight back, surely? The truth won’t come out. Renee spoke of me being the only ‘roadblock’ to the Todd plans, and that she would like to be rid of me. What plans might those be? To spread more lies, hatred and suffering? I brought the Kody thing to her attention, and her reaction was basically ‘who cares?’. Well, you know who cares – me. At any point, the Todd Squad could have stepped in and said that the Maxson story was a lie, but they prefer to see people suffering for their iniquitous cause. How many times have I asked politely? How many times have I stated the truth? Only this week, yet another idiot sets up a pathetic blog in a vain attempt to attack me. The Todd Squad rabid dog pack has nipped and harassed me for months – and they included you and defenceless women in those attacks. For what? The crime of commenting here, or supporting me in any way. They play their games, but it’s time for them to realise that I play better games. They are prepared to sacrifice these girls. I have given them days to respond, but the reaction has been to let them suffer. My info will not simply stay on this blog, it will spread throughout every avenue I can find – and any attention brought to it will result not in prosecution of me, but of the girls involved. Who wants to employ criminals? But know this, mate – no-one cares. Renee doesn’t care, Carol Todd doesn’t care. The parents don’t care. It’s like sitting back and watching someone drown. A few words could have protected Kody – but no-one spoke up. No-one considered HIS pain and anguish, nor that of his mother. When dealing with people who are heartless, it is necessary to also be heartless, I’m afraid. One thing that this has taught me is that kindness counts for nothing in this world. Renee and her chums virtually told me this today, and it was the final straw.
    So get to sleep. Have a nice day. For the war begins tomorrow.

    • Well I care as well. I do this for you (admittedly for the blog as well) because you are missing the lessons that people like Malala teach. She’s not just a kid – she’s not just a teenager – she is a natural born leader! The world can’t be all that bad if it throws us leaders like this.
      Todd Squad will not take away my empathy for others. You are right – they are thugs & bullies & they disgust me but if Malala can talk of forgiveness & education as the way forward after what she has gone through then who are you or I to differ? She is on a higher level to both you & I my friend & its time to pay attention. Listen to her speech again. Hate against hate – anger against anger – violence against violence = weakness with no answer.
      I hope you listen. Todd Squad are nothing. 🙂

      • Blimey! I don’t hear from you for ages, then all of a sudden you appear like this. I’m no Malala, agreed. The Todd Squad are winning, mate. Whatever you say, they are winning. Which means I am losing. If I give up, then I have lost. I desperately want this ended, and the only way is through extremes. I’ve learned that now. I appealed to Renee’s sense of kindness regarding the Maxson story – to no avail. These are people who call themselves kind, then feel totally happy inflicting misery upon other people. Don’t kid yourself that they will stop – don’t kid yourself that they will ever tell the truth. I’m going to create havoc, now. It’s kind of like blowing my own self up. I might not be around, but I sure as Hell will take some of them with me! LOL

      • ha ha ha. Renee has lost it big time. I am perso, apparently. I am in her group, apparently. I am Andrew Schumann apparently. It’s farcical.

  3. I have come today Rose to ask that you stop this. I am worried that your followers will rip these girls apart. They do not deserve to have hatred follow them around. Hatred is what will come if you release the info you have stated you would. I am not naive..I realize the world is full of evil. Until I met you I was unaware of the malice flowing online. I did not know teens were falling into these horrible traps. I do thank you for opening my eyes. You have done good things in the last 9 months. I have agreed with some and have been so angry with others. This new version of your story is far to much for me. As much of it has been. Renee has chosen not to respond online and that is her choice. I myself have fought with you till I was blue in the face. It is okay that the others know this. I do not have anything to hide. I just want you to know that often people care a lot. Often they will make choices that have nothing to do with online activity. If only the whole world would stop relying on it so much. So here is my plea to you, you have given the truth. You have provided so many people with information. I ask you now with bended knee to please leave the young girls out of this. Please don’t send evil to them. It means more to me to ask you to stop then how others will view my post here today. If my words have irritated you and you feel the need to respond in a negative way, that is also up to you. The power is yours. I will not respond to anything I feel irritating or anything directed at me in a mean way. I am here with one word only…the most important. I will add a second word because I am nice. Please Stop.

    • Well, what can I say? The girls who stripped with Amanda, who lie and cheat, deserve some mercy, but Kody Maxson doesn’t? They deserve every ounce of hatred that follows them round, Kody and Mrs Maxson don’t. But that’s not the ‘Amanda Todd’ way is it? Oh no. The ‘Amanda Todd’ way is to spread hatred and malice as far as it can go – on to innocent people. I will indeed rip these girls apart – they had their chances, but Carol Todd kept them quiet. The world is full of evil is it? An evil that states that these girls are innocent, but everyone else is to be condemned without trial? Renee has chosen not to comment because she is full of the same malice and hatred, yet she states that she is kind. Kind enough to allow the horrendous persecution of Kody and others just to worship the Holy Todd, the Toxic Heroine.
      One word from these girls, one word from Carol Todd, and the persecution could have stopped. But no. They continued their lies and deceit.
      But just for you Lisa…….well, honey……maybe just for you……

      • hahahahahaha…..Renee has just undone everything. LOL. ‘you are perso afterall’ – well, just as I was feeling nice, good old Renee steps in to ruin it all.

  4. If I could have stopped Anonymous from making their mistake I would have done so. It has caused much more whirlwind. I still ask again that you spare the girls. Fight the fight if it has to be done. But they do not need to go down also. Those that read here hopefully will take care of the activity they are choosing. If your readers are upset that you back out from giving them information on these girls then they follow evil also. I only want them to be safe. Safe from more evil. Because it will come. and you are going into it knowing that. Please don’t

      • Don’t be silly, nothing is undone. It is all up to you. I vote for “change” in the direction of your blog. I vote that you leave the girls be. Please. I don’t care what Renee has said to you. If she has called you names or if she is angry with what you are doing. It is still your choice.

      • So – I should allow Renee to call me names, and accuse me of doing things I simply am not capable of doing? Like ‘grooming’ Andrew Schumann? And you don’t care about she says to me? Why is that? She has special permission to say such things?

  5. I am not sure what you are referring to exactly. But you control your own actions. The ones you are about to take are yours and yours alone. I can ask a million times for you to stop. Beg even. It wouldn’t be the first time. Most likely won’t be the last. Again, the choice is yours Chris. I posted as myself today, because what I am saying here I would say anywhere. I am not worried about my own fallout. If people no longer trust me because I have stated for you to stop and leave these girls alone, so be it.

    • Renee just called me perso. Oh – and Andrew Schumann. Who I groomed, apparently. I think she is insane, but she’s put it back to a war footing again. That Todd bunch are truly insane.

  6. Alright listen, I gave you what you asked for, I spoke with you. We do not agree. My comment about being perso was me being ironic, clearly you can’t see that. My point was that by saying you are in posession of such materials makes it look very much like you were there front row and centre. My responses were based on what your threats are based on. You wanted a comment. You got one. You win. Now will you leave these girls alone.

    • OK – now you’ve commented, the REAL you has arrived. Why is it that you want these girls left alone, yet you want the persecution of other people to continue? I will keep this short – why do you support a group in which your members not only support the persecution of innocent people, but actively go round encouraging it? It’s a simple question – maybe not a simple answer.

      • I have always been the *real* me. And time and time again I have said that my support lies in the children we are helping TODAY. I am not in control of 12,000 plus people, I don’t know what is going on in private messages or emails, I am not the internet police. I can manage what is posted in our group, and I can deal with people who are reported to me as being abusive. I can not, however, change the past, or predict the future. Nobody in our group, or our team is encouraging any type of abuse. So again, let it go. Stop using little girls to throw a tantrum. I won’t be commenting here again. I told you before, I have a son and a wife and a summer to enjoy.

      • Well, I think you’ll find that one of your fellow admins – Will Burke – masquerades as several other identities and spreads hate and violence wherever he goes – hence his recent ban from Facebook. Derek McColl – another – does much the same. In fact, it’s quite widespread. However, I have told you that – other people have told you that – and his reward was to become an admin. Not content with that, you also attack people actually within your group if they dare to step out of line – Colin being one. Are you aware that your members initiated such a terrible campaign on a woman – who just commented here – that she had to close her email accounts? Well, perhaps not, but you are now.
        Now, within that group of 12,000 people, you have had the opportunity time and time again to stop rumours and to tell the truth. You could have spoken up for Mrs Maxson in the past couple of days, but you don’t. So – when you say ‘nobody in our group’ you are not telling the truth. Why am I not surprised?
        Now – you say tantrum. That’s odd. Trying to have some kindness shown to a poor woman who is an innocent victim, and giving you days and days to deal with it, does not really constitute a tantrum. You have a son and a wife and a summer to enjoy. Well, think of Kody and Mrs Maxson while you’re enjoying your summer.They have no enjoyment, due to the lies spread by you and your supporters. So enjoy yourself while other people suffer.

  7. I cannot control the tongues of others as I can not control yours either. Please think about what I said. Please leave the girls out of this blog and do not lead the wolves directly to them. Of course as I said, the choice is yours. Nobody has permission to treat people badly. Don’t you realize that? But calling people names and thinking you know them 100% is part of this whole problem.

    • The ‘Amanda Todd’ group to which you belong openly contains members who are violent and thuggish, who go round threatening people and sending hate mail – not to me, but to children and innocent people (Will Burke, for one). By being a member of that group, you are, tacitly or otherwise, giving ‘permission’ to those other members each time you allow them to go unchastised. Carol Todd does certainly not have permission to spread her hatred and malice, thinly veiled behind her hypocritical, self-serving attitude, yet she joined with Patrick McGuire in encouraging the online vigilante behaviour. Yet, when I simply ask YOU and others to extend some love, understanding and kindness to INNOCENT people, you either refuse, change the subject or, in the case of the people with whom you seem to have so much in common, send me hate mail or words of malice. The wolves are already released. And they have been starved for nine months. LOL

  8. i really cant believe she says your all of these horrible things but is so easy to believe something so ridiculous as u raped 9000 whatever kids and are perso… why was that so believable. anyone with common sense would realize that was you being sarcastic to her stupid accusations lol!! shamefull!

    • Thanks, Sam. She is completely barmy. I certainly don’t care about what she says about me, and I didn’t particularly mind when she attacked Colin (I think he can handle it), but she has attacked one of the female commenters on this blog, and now she talks about Mrs M in what can only be described as…well, DeeJay is filth!

  9. Hi Philip, Funny how Carol Todd seems to be the only family member of the Todds hogging the spotlight whilst Norm stays pretty much dormant not saying much oh and i may be wrong but I hear that Amanda had a brother? If so he’s been completely silent. Ok I sound like im against Carol but i’m not it just seems to me that she is the only one getting the attention whilst the rest of the family don’t seem to want to join in, I wonder why? I’ve been interested in the amanda todd story since she died back in october 2012 (where the bleeding heck has the time gone?!) and i did a lot of research about her it’s amazing what you can find on the internet can you believe there’s a guy claiming that amanda todd was his ‘twin flame’? some people are jusy crazy oh and i also found what is supposedly the video of amanda todd getting beaten up by the girl whose boyfriend had sex with amanda although it was a bit confusing for me and looked fake. Keep up with the effort Philip the truth may well shine through one day.

    And talking about Chris Froome who is about to win the Tour de France it hasn’t been a bad year for British sport apart from the England Under 20s and 21s getting knocked at the group stage in the football tournaments but at least there’s been positives with Andy Murray winning Wimbledon to end that long 77-year wait for a british to win Wimbledon, Manchester United winning the Premier League (the only decent team), Chris Froome about to win Tour de France and hopefully England will win the Ashes. Cheerio!

    • Hello Wez – it’s been a long time since your last comment. I guess you might like surfing – and the weather’s been great the last few days.
      The absence of Norm has always been odd. Carol has never even acknowledged his existence. He’s either being sensible – refusing to be part of the circus – or it may be that Carol piles all the blame on to him. Who knows?
      Yeah, Amanda has a brother. I feel sorry for him. For years, perhaps all his life, he will be known as ‘Amanda Todd’s brother’ – not an individual. But at least he’s kept out of it, too.
      I have a feeling that Carol passed on her genes to Amanda – the same need for attention.
      Ha! Greg (or Eugie) and his twin flame. Yep! He calls me the spawn of Satan. He is totally hatstand. LOL.
      The fight videos are fake (true events given a ‘Todd’ tag). The most popular one shows the ‘Todd’ figure actually ending up on top. It is a bit weird that, supposedly, all these kids were taking pics but none of them have been seen. Oh – and the fight is indoors, I believe, not outside as Amanda claims.
      Has the world gone mad? British people winning things all over the place? AND nice weather? Perhaps it’s the Apocalypse!

  10. In my rambles yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to fully read your blog post. Now that I have, I knew who had written those words before I confirmed it on one of your comments. The “lady” you speak of is not a very nice person. Her words of hate towards anyone and everyone make me really sick to be honest. She has lashed out at me before and I am sure she may again now that I have shown my face here. I could go on about how I feel about the things she says and does, but it won’t help anyone. Just another tongue I cannot control.

    • Lisa – maybe you can’t control this vile woman but our own ‘random act of kindness’ hypocrite Carol Todd certainly can. This was shown to full extent when a blog post written by her telling the truth a truth bout Amanda Todd was amended within a couple of hours – truth supressed – yet attacks on real innocents are allowed? It truely is disgusting.
      Carol is suppose to be a campaigner & crusader for anti-bullying yet she not only allows this malicious bully to comment on her blog she also shares this persons own blog posts straight onto her own facebook page! Some anti-bullying campaigner eh? Bullying is acceptable – if its in Carol’s interest.
      Btw I’m not Philip as stated by morons. People whom comment under their own names are attacked – as you know.

      Have a special day Lisa 🙂

      • Lord Lucan (or can I call you John?) – here you are, at your age, taking time off to comment here. You are just a Lord – Carol Todd is a queen – Queen of Hate. Hasn’t this story been all about hatred, lies and hypocrisy right from the start?
        These comments have at least been a bit lively. But you’re right – bullying the bullies is not the best way forward.
        Good luck, Lucan!

  11. Well done twisting my words. I did not name call, I did not outright call you perso. What I said, was if you are in posession of something that you claim nobody else is, it certainly gives the impression that you obtained it through some means, which you would have to have been present for. As for Mrs. K, you seem to be the only one on here crying for her… where is she? If she wants support then she is free to seek it out. And despite the words you pick and choose to share in your blog and twist into some warped reality, I don’t allow anyone, nor do the rest of the admins in ATO, to target or bully or attack within the group. That is the only place we can control that, we are not internet police. There are bigger and more pressing issues in my life than checking in here and meeting your demands. You seem to have all the time in the world, good for you, kudos! The rest of us have lives and responsibilities. Also for the record, I never lied to you. When you asked me about the girls, I did not know them. I searched and contacted Shylah when you asked me about her. I’ve done what you asked, and thank you to Lisa for appealing to your nature and convincing you not to publish this apparently horrible content…keeping in mind tho, if you took it from their own accounts, how much do they really need it to be hidden? Anything else you may have just proves you have been where you should not be.

    • That’s odd. I have checked the chat we had, and it would appear you did resort to name-calling. Now – why do you think I acquired my information ‘through some means’? What do you imply by that? If I have a picture of the Queen’s Coronation in 1953, does that mean I must have been there? If I have pictures that, as I have stated, have been sent to me by people who were present, but who were there to protect, does that make me some sort of criminal? Only in your uninformed opinion. These girls are so stupid that they, themselves, put this stuff online – it is on their OWN accounts, which I find bizarre.
      Mrs K? For goodness sake, you brainless twerp (OK, I won’t filter what I really think) it’s Mrs M – M for Pete’s sake. The whole point is that she is AFRAID – afraid of people like you and the rabid lunatics in your group. If they can threaten children, innocent women, anyone who stands in their path, then she cannot stand tall and fight – it simply is too dangerous, due to the ignorance of people like you.
      Of course you don’t allow bullying WITHIN your sordid little group – it goes on with messages to people’s inboxes under hidden identities – 13thMask, ‘la Punisher’ – all those pathetic comic book names that Will Burke and the others use to attack defenceless people.
      You are not the Internet police? Ha ha. The Internet vigilantes, more like. You are the very worst type of people – ignorant, stupid and hypocritical.
      You have responsibilities? Don’t make me laugh. How it it a responsibility to maintain hatred and malice? You have a responsibility to Mrs M, but you vile hypocrites don’t see that. You disgust me.
      You have absolutely no idea what these girls are up to, do you? As for the nonsense about being where I shouldn’t be, I have been nowhere that isn’t freely available to everyone.
      Can I just ask? I can understand your virulent anti-male stance, but why not protect a fellow mother? Is just goes to show just how vile you really are.

      • Hello Phillip. It’s been a little while since we last conversed. I’m just now catching up to the July blogs. Your mention of the word “vigilantes” caught my attention. There was (still is?) a group of individuals operating on Youtube calling themselves the Youtube Vigilantes, or YTV. If anyone ever runs into them, stay away. Their claim is to protect kids online from the long since defunct Youtube Yahweh Clan (YTYC) and predators in general when in fact evidence has been found that implicates the YTV as a cover group for the very predators they claim to fight against. When I retired from whiteknighting in YT back in 2011, there were at least two well-known pedophiles who affiliated with the group.

        Since I don’t follow the Witch I don’t know whether she has any contacts with that group, but she seems just enough of a moron to fall in with them.

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