The end game

The video today is a good reminder of 1976. Such a long time ago!

Well, it’s been an odd week. A very odd week, with loads of discussions, loads of decisions but, more than anything, for me at any rate, a realisation of many things – not least that Shylah’s and Bianca’s parents really don’t give a toss about what happens to their daughters. But what’s new? Carol and Norm kind of set a trend.

By the way – at last we got decent comments! My previous post has brought out, for perhaps the first time, the beginnings of a real discussion. Thanks to everyone for contributing.

I must admit I’ve been flummoxed. I still can’t get my head round why, after cajoling, begging, being polite, and eventually threatening to go psycho over these kids, the likes of Renee Porten and the rest of the Todd Squad did not once flinch in their refusal to be kind to Mrs M. Not once. Christ,  I thought I was a hard bastard, but bloody Hell, that Renee makes me look like Little Bo Peep.

Let me set out what might have happened. There were two ploys planned. I was, to quote Captain Blackadder ‘As cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University’. I would tell you my plans, but then that would spoil the element of surprise should I need to resurrect them in the near future.

But let me just point out the fact that the repercussions would have been horrendous. Not that it seems to matter to Renee and her cronies – after all, none of them would be affected. Or would they? mwahahaha! mwahahaha! (I really need to stop channelling Dr. Evil).

A by-product of all this, though, was that I found out who my TRUE friends are. Those people who really know me supported me. Those who don’t know me, didn’t. So we sorted out the wheat from the chaff.

(and by the way – any astute viewers will see the original title of this post in the bar at the top. I didn’t change it. Who knows, it may be used one day!)

But why plan all this?

Well, I knew that the message would get back to Carol, and that it would go round the Todd Squad. And I sort of knew what the response would be – that is, they would let me slaughter anyone rather than have to tell the truth. But I also knew that some of the verminous Todd supporters would get in touch.

Take Renee Porten, for instance (for anyone who doesn’t know, she’s head honcho of the ‘Amanda Todd’ closed group on Facebook).

What a little liar! Doesn’t anyone know by now that it is far easier to tell the truth than to lie? And what a vicious character.

‘I don’t know any of these girls’ she said when I mentioned them. Then, when I kind of hinted about what I would do, two minutes later: ‘Yes, I know who Shylah is and I will get in touch to warn her’. Good grief! If you’re going to lie, at least do it properly.

In a rather manic way, she said I was a ‘roadblock’ in the way of their plans, and that they ‘wanted rid of me’. She said that there was no doubt that Carol knew about what I was threatening, but ‘instructions’ were to ignore it.

So I upped the stakes. I calmly explained what the likely consequences of my actions would be – and believe you me, they would not have been good. But the reaction was ‘go ahead’.  Well, I must admit that was like a red rag to a bull, but then most of their responses are.

I went on to talk about a certain Will Burke, a fellow admin of the same group with Renee. Again, for those who don’t know who Will Burke is, he is a demented lunatic who goes round the Amanda Todd pages in several guises and threatens young kids. He has been banned from Facebook, but has re-emerged with extra fervour. So what was Renee’s view of Will? ‘He is part of the team’.

(But what does the delightful Renee have to say about a violent thug like Will Burke? ‘Will and I do not always see eye to eye. He serves a helpful purpose and is passionate. Yes he crosses lines. I have spoken to him on a number of occasions.’

A helpful purpose? What would that be? Child-threatener?)

Not really a nice team, is it?

So Renee lectures me about how ‘good’ this team is and, of course, I question it. And guess what comes up? ‘pedo’. Yep – that old nonsense. Honestly, it’s quite laughable – if you can’t make a decent discussion, resort to name calling.

So I raise the question of the persecution of the mother of the young man who was wrongly accused of being the imaginary stalker. Reaction? Now, come on, you know what’s coming…….he/she deserved it. These people are so nice. I mentioned that perhaps an apology and an explanation might be a good thing to do…..’nope’.

And this all comes from Renee, a woman who claims to be ‘a force for good’. Just how delusional can you get?

So now the pressure is on. Renee runs off and warns everyone. She tells Carol, she tells all the lovely people – warning! warning! Philip Rose is about to tell the truth!

I supply some evidence. ‘Where did you get those videos from, pedo?’ says Renee, as if I am some sort of super-sleuth Capper who goes around tempting Shylah and the rest to do all sorts of dreadful things against their will.

‘Well, they’ve posted them there themselves, on their own accounts!’

Five minutes later, some of the videos are down, but not before I have downloaded them. Not bad for someone who didn’t know any of these girls!

‘Would you like to see any more evidence?’ I ask. ‘I’m not going to look’ replies Renee, probably sticking her fingers in her ears and singing ‘la la la’ at the top of her voice.

And so it goes on. Others join in. ‘Go ahead and sacrifice the girls’ – OK, those weren’t the real words, but you understand the thoughts behind the many comments.

I virtually plead with them. All you have to do is apologise. ‘No’. All you have to do is tell the truth. ‘No’. All you have to do is to comment on my blog, say what you like, call it off, save the girls. ‘No’. Are you aware that these girls (at least one of them) will be in big trouble? ‘Yes’. But you won’t do anything to stop it? ‘Correct’.

Then, what – THREE days after the ultimatum? – we get the comments appearing. And, really, they weren’t too bad. But they took it down to the wire. And good old Colin almost comes to the rescue. It’s just that he didn’t cry. And he’s not a girl.

So there you have it. The Todd Squad were prepared to allow a handful of girls to be subjected to pain and humiliation, so long as the almighty Todd Squad, the Holy Carol, remains intact. No doubt they were all prepared for a propaganda counter-attack this morning – spouting the usual nonsense about it all being lies, about how I am every troll on the Internet, about how I am perso, Viper, rOra, Satan himself.

But it didn’t work that way. All they did was to reinforce just what a bunch of scum the Todd supporters really are. I hate using words like scum – it’s chucked around so much these days – but it gets across what they really are. And as for DeeJay’s latest effort (see end of yesterday’s posts), that takes scumminess to entirely new levels. They were prepared to sit idly by and watch girls get torn apart by the wolves (mmm….Rose’s Rioters?) just so they didn’t have to acknowledge the truth.

But don’t you Todd supporters go bragging that I’ve backed down. Well, OK, do, because it will give me a reason to kick off again, and it would be a shame to waste all those meticulous plans.

Before I go. As usual, when I think something is important, I have a tendency to repeat it over and over again.

The girls involved in the Todd flashing fiasco (Shylah Watson and Bianca Nitoi and others), or their parents, or Carol Todd, or many other people, for that matter, could have, by telling the truth, saved a lot of pain and anguish inflicted on someone else – Mrs M.

No-one has really mentioned Mrs M, but I ask all mothers out there who might be reading this (and everyone else too, it’s just I think mothers will be more moved) to think and to have compassion.

Mrs M has a son. To everyone else, he might not be the the best of sons in the world, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Mrs M loves him. Now consider – the son that you love has had hatred and malice thrown at him by the bucketload. Not for any valid reason, not because he deserves it, not because he is guilty of any crime, but because of rumours spread about by Anonymous and Patrick McGuire, aided and abetted by Carol Todd. And he receives death threats – and judging by the levels of lunacy shown by Will Burke, Renee Porten and the rest, these are death threats to be taken very seriously. Just how would YOU feel?

Yet Mrs M lives with this sorrow and anxiety on a daily basis. And why? Because Carol Todd and her cronies, even when asked under extreme threat, refuse to do anything about it. And before anyone says anything – yes, a long time ago I approached her and her scum in a polite and rational manner, resulting in persecution of me.

So today is, perhaps, a good day for me. I have confirmed that all my worst thoughts about Carol Todd and her gang are true. So perhaps I can have a happier weekend, even though such a confirmation isn’t nice, in many ways.

Once again, thanks to my supporters. I’ll try to brighten up your weekend. And to those who doubted me – well, I did ask you to trust me, you chose not to.

Ta ta for now. Have a good Saturday!

Peace and love to P, J and M (my American friend) for sticking with me. To GF, who got caught in the crossfire. To Roy. And maybe to Colin, who rushed in at the last minute. Oh – and a big shout out to SAMANTHAAA, who has popped up every now and then from day one.

25 thoughts on “The end game

  1. ‘Good old Colin almost came to the rescue?’ Grrrrr. I can take the ‘old’ but not the ‘almost’ Grrrrr.
    Didn’t I swoop in like a comic book superhero & save the day?? Damn that Lisa from stealing all MY glory!! I’m not having it – I’m the saviour here! Doesn’t matter what you or others say I know I am! Remember – Happiness = Denial 😉

    Btw Chris Froome is looking good 🙂

    On a more serious note I drifted away from the story for various reasons. I have had some of my own family issues to deal with recently so that took priority – and dealing with the infuriating site called Facebook. Grrrrr. But to be honest I’m fed up with it all & at some point this story has to be put on the back burner.
    I still kept up with your blog – and Renee got in touch asking me why I thought you had requested to speak to her. I replied that I had often said to you that she was a ‘sane’ Amanda supporter. Haha!
    I had been thinking of commenting before I did but to be honest I was curious how it would all play out. Well we got our answers.

    I’m glad you ‘backed down’ as it wasn’t the way forward so congrats to Lisa for this! (said through much gritted teeth! Hehe!)

    Tour de France will end tomorrow with another British winner! No doubts about this!

    Catch you later

    White Knight/Superhero

    • You are the author of lies Perso. You are a pedophile and you know it. Now you added me to your circles on Google to make it look like we are friends. Question: How can I betray my own soul. Amanda Michelle is my soul’s other half. How can I betray my own soul’s other half. You know what you did. You bastard ass motherfucker! I hate you! I want you dead! You are salso stupid! Carol and Will will certainly figure out it was you you piece of excrement who added me to the circles on Google. Anyway….. That is not EVEN the google profile I am active you pedo boy loving girl loving psycopath who hides under a fake name because you are a chicken shitted coward. Fuck You!

      • Fuck you you hypocrite. Mock my intelligence with your pedo friend. You think I give a fuck fo\r you bitch? I would love to ball bat you to the concrete pavement you punk ass bitch. Colin you are a pedo too. Die a miserable death you fucktard.

      • Oh, the Cybercops are going to LOVE this. Just will until the RCMP sees the screenshots of THIS, unless Philip is already undertaking this.

      • You may think i am just a stupid person making insane comments. How do you know I am just waiting. Watching. Ready to pounce?

    • Go fuck yourself. Phil. I sam working and talking to people who will physically kill you. I personally don not care what happens to me. Bitch your dead body on the pavement bloody and your teeth knocked out. That is what I want more than life.


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  2. thanks for thw shout put! i wish i had time to comment back to everything in it! as much as i wanted those girls to be outed i think they will do theyre own damage as the years or even months go on. i loved reading the comments on the last post! i always wish i had some better imput foryou all but im glad to be included in any way! thank you phillip! 🙂

  3. also i just read ldee jays” or whatever her name is new blog about you haha! i wonder if anyone reads it other than people who come to your blog daily.. thats the only way i heard about her. and as for her saying if you posted about the girls thhe police would investigate is just uneducated and stupid.. you have already posted numerous things whihhave all been before made public by those girl. i just shake my head at her! lol

  4. Thanks for the mention. I hope my little contributions helped close up some gaps in timelines. I only regret my YT convo’s with Amanda are gone. I also wish I could have somehow kept up with her in 2011 but she was one person. There were so many others to tend to, to advise, to warn, or as a last resort, to get banned. Everything seems so risky now what with the NSA able to read any of this at their leisure should they want. Even when a fellow “anti” PM’s me on my old YT account and brings my attention to a child in danger, I still do my best to sleuth out information to help out. Still, I always feel like I never do enough.

    One good thing. An individual who got reported to ICE late in May for constant egregious violation of the law in the material he posted online suddenly disappeared after the last widely publicized sweep last month. I have no way of knowing whether my contribution there helped, but after seeing NONE of the well-publicized online child pornographers ever face charges – Coke, m0d, perso, r0ra, swan, etc, I’ll quietly pat myself on the back just to assuage my ego, to tell myself I did make a difference in my own small way.

    Please stay in touch.

  5. to dee jay since you feel you have a reason for everything … actually i made my name on here “Samanthaaa*” because MY NAME is Samantha. Anyways, that is all 🙂 (would comment on your blog but i would have to make an account which i have no need to when i know you will see this)

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  8. This is my opinion, not based on any fact, but on merely what I perceive.

    I perceive that this GregSticker person who claims to somehow be bonded to the late Amanda Todd’s soul, is in reality a pedophilic predator, one of her many “fans” in video chat sites, who somehow got it in his twisted little mind that some sort of “connection” developed between him and her, that her sexual performances were somehow aimed specifically at him as well as the other adults watching her, and now that she is gone and has been exposed for what she was, he has become enraged because his misconceived “pure” relationship with her has been destroyed, as is her image. The “madonna” part of his “madonna/whore” perception of her is gone, leaving only the other part which by virtue of its name implies there was nothing special there to begin with. He then compensates by creating this imaginary bond between their “souls”, this “twin flame” nonsense, as a last ditch attempt to salvage a relationship that never was. I believe he will snap at some point and take his own life, though hopefully nobody else while he’s at it, in a final attempt to rejoin his “lost love”.

    Again, this is simply my perception of the matter.

      • Only if you’re independently wealthy, but then I’d still have to divorce my wife and cut her in on the deal somehow. Will you let me drive on the right side of the road when nobody’s watching?

  9. Colin, I can’t LOL to your “pure of heart” reply since I’m out of replies in this thread, so I’ll have to do it here. LOL

  10. Just wanted to drop by and introduce myself. I’ve always been fascinated by this case, and i always felt something “didn’t smell right” about the way it was being presented to the public. When I found Mr. Rose’s blog, I was enthused that someone else wanted to know the facts of the case. Over the last few months, I’ve become hooked on the blog. I have a few opinions about some of the facts, but this doesn’t seem like the time to delve back into that. It seems as if Philip has “gone underground” for the time being, and you all seem to have bigger fish to fry than dealing with my silly questions, so I’ll wait until the time is right.

    I just wanted to say I await the safe return of our humble narrator.

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