The perils of boredom

Well….possibly following the advice of Sun Tzu……Philip Rose is now available on Twitter – @PhilipRose 123

Speak roughly to your Philip Rose, And beat him when he sneezes. He only does it to annoy, Because he knows it teases.

22 thoughts on “The perils of boredom

  1. Another youngster takes her life due to cyber bullying. – anonymous haters – if YOU decide to have anonymous haters! Arrrrrggghhh! Fucksakes just click no!!!

    This site is repulsive – as is all social networking sites if used correctly.
    Get your head back in the game my friend. People are listening & learning 🙂

    • As usual, it’s all quite odd. was originally intended for flirtatious activity – to ask questions like ‘do you fancy so and so’ or ‘what is your favourite band’. It was, like Facebook and the rest, innocent. It’s the KIDS that are doing this to each other. If you get rid of, somebody else will do it, or the kids will find yet another way of being nasty. And like all things, 99% of the users are happy. What is perhaps more interesting is that the owners say that the bullying is only in the UK and Ireland. And of course, there is the other oddity. No-one is forced to go on, and it is easy enough to block people or to withdraw completely. Yet all the kids involved in this malarkey keep going back for more each day (in this case, 2 months). So there are much bigger questions to be asked about all this – just why do kids feel forced to go online to complete strangers and divulge all their personal problems, and why are the parents so absolutely clueless?
      It’s not the site that’s repulsive – it’s the kids using it. And again, we have to ask – what has gone wrong with the kids who do this? People need to THINK, not just wildly blame everybody else.

  2. This following post will contain cuss words!!!!!!!! is bloody disgusting! Those using it to be malicious. SHOULD be ashamed of themselves!
    Finding joy in hurting others is fucking mind boggling to me!!!!!!!!! Kids are dying OKAY! That is the important part of all this!!! So getting in a game just to be a mean truth telling individual is horse shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “This isn’t freedom, it’s anarchy. And it’s got to stop” That is a quote I just recently read. It sums it up just beautifully for expressing exactly how I feel about those claiming to have rights to be heard. Life is full of sadness, it is also filled with joy. If you are not looking for joy then shut the fuck up! When I say you, I am not pointing any fucking fingers! I MEAN EVERYONE!!! If the trolls need to attack me for what I have said here. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa – are you shouting at me or just shouting in general? Haha!
      Mean truth telling is still truth telling! Sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind or do we still just plod along being everyone’s friend whilst kids keep killing themselves – mostly because the parents are embarrassingly neglecting twats! is a disgusting site but it does have the option of NO anonymous comments. If you are being bullied why the hell would you remain there? This is something we need to look into.

    • Again – why is it that is disgusting? It’s the kids/adults using it that are disgusting. This site cannot be blamed for the actions of other people, and it’s pointless to suggest that they should close down, as another will spring up, and then another. And what do you want? For companies like and Facebook to essentially be the nannies for the kids?
      One of the things that the Internet does is to expose the worst aspects of children’s behaviour, and people don’t like to see it. So the option is to shout at – not to ask what has gone wrong with the kids.
      You speak of finding no joy in hurting others, yet you are part of a group that does exactly that – from persecution of Kody Maxson, death threats to me, and even bullying of you, Lisa. So what are we trying to say here? That there are some people who SHOULD be hurt? Innocent people? The Todd Squad is fast becoming one of the most evil vigilante groups around – yet you seem to think that this is acceptable. So really, you’re being a bit hypocritical.
      Go and look for joy. Leave others to at least attempt to stem the tide of ignorance and hatred.

  3. I am shouting at who ever the hell will listen! Or REPLY for that matter! I am tired of hate. If we keep using it as a weapon….nothing will change. In my mind. But hey what the hell do I know! Yes, I am aware of the NO anonymous posting. My daughter will never use that site! If I could make all teens never use it. I would! But I can’t make that happen by being a bitch! Saying people will only listen to me if I total ass wad commentary!

    • Haha! Such passion!

      Your daughter will never use that site? Good. What did you do to ensure that? Most parents are selfish morons. They prefer to put their head in the sand with fingers in their ears – THIS is the biggest problem & Philip knows it. As long as he is ‘hating’ on these types of imbecile parents he will have my full support.

      Btw Philip take the video down – the girl doesn’t deserve to be mocked. She was a daft wee lassie with no guidance what so ever.

    • It’s a joke, really, that you are tired of hate, yet belong to the Todd Squad, who perpetrate hate on a massive scale, even amongst themselves. At the beginning of all this, I took a very calm, peaceful and loving approach, only to be met with lunatic maniacal hate. All from your companions in the Amanda Todd group. So yes, I’m a bit tired of hate as well. But I will do everything I can to make sure it doesn’t win – even if it takes a degree of hatred to do so.

  4. She thinks all the media sights are dangerous. As she should! She is just as passionate on this cyber bullying fight as I am. I applaud her and her decisions. Will she one day decide to use FB,…others. MAYBE so. But she will be ready and educated in all! For now, at 13 she wants nothing to do with it. She is aware of hate offline. Has felt the wrath of some teenage girls. She will not risk going online to hear more. Phillip knows a lot. HOWEVER, I don’t agree with his direction. I will tell him every day to stop involving teens. Of this story…or any damn story. You want to spend your days attacking parents. Well go the hell ahead! Ughhh more to say…and in the end who the hell cares what I have to say!

    • Best to keep your girl off these sites altogether. Teenage girls are the worst when it comes to bullying. Boys tend to get angry, throw a few punches then go back to being mates again but girls….they want a crucifixion!

      I don’t agree with the girls being dragged into this story either. I feel sorry for them. They lost their friend & still people tell them to go kill themselves? (I saw this on their accounts) I can’t get my head around that. Evil little bastards!

    • Involving teens? Now that is hypocrisy again. If you remember my ‘ultimatum’ I warned that I would involve teens, and the response was very much ‘go ahead’. The Todd Squad were prepared to see teens pushed over a cliff if necessary, simply to protect a pack of lies. And yet again – you fought hard to protect teens, yet fully supported the persecution of Kody Maxson and others, so I don’t understand where you are coming from. Again, are you saying that only those teens YOU don’t like should be persecuted? Shylah Watson and Bianca Nitoi (friends of Mrs Todd, and used as part of the propaganda bandwagon) could easily have come forward and told the truth, but they didn’t. Unfortunately, they are involved in this, and it needs sorting. If you or the Todd Squad, or Carol Todd, want the persecution to stop, then you know how that’s done. And come on – what would your brilliant solution to all of this be?

  5. I assume you mean Philip branded you the biggest enemy? That’s very unfair! is a horrid site but it is the responsibility of the parents to monitor their kids activity. Too many going around with the ‘we cant watch our kids 24/7 rubbish’ its a cope out & neglecting attitude. Too many parents are either too wrapped up in their own lives or are to frightened to lose their kids affections. It’s sickening.

    Btw Lisa Renee has my email address if you want to get in touch. It’s the only way I’m communicating til I get my facebook account back. Interesting that hypocritical anti-bullying crusaders decided to report me as fake when they know damn well I’m not. That is the price I paid simply for voicing my own opinion against the bullies & liars of Todd Squad.

    • The biggest enemy of the truth is hypocrisy. You can’t defend one side of the story me, perhaps) and then remain in the Todd Squad and not criticise them. Lisa has her own agenda, which entails being a double-agent. That’s unfortunate.
      I have to agree with you Colin. Parents are ducking and diving, desperately trying to avoid the fact that they are, in the main, a lot to blame for various things. And as you have seen – the Todd Squad is not beyond turning on its own members – even when they are innocent.

    • Lisa a double agent? Haha! Lisa seems legit to me.

      I’m not in any group – I’m not even on facebook anymore – well until they reinstate my account. Not sure why its taking so long. Grrrrr. needs to monitor what is allowed on their site – plus the reporting of abuse doesn’t get the attention it needs but you are right – its the kids who are choosing to to all this stuff. Why oh why do they go back?
      In the recent case here in UK the victims sister got hate as she was preparing to go to the funeral?? Absolutely mind boggling that kids would do this but why was this girl on the damn site after whst had just happened to her sister? Are we dealing with some sort of addiction? I don’t know – its nuts!

    • Unfair. HA! I used to think that way. Now, it just doesn’t matter. He can brand me all he wants. If I am the enemy I guess it is time he treats me like one. So I will confess all my/his truth about myself. And if they and he want to attack me. Go ahead. I really don’t care what any of the readers or effn PR himself thinks about me. I am tired of explaining. I am tired of getting angry. If my country went to war and one of my family members had to go…I would run off into the mountains. I would hide and protect them. They would not fight the war. Yet I would want my country to win? Does that make me a bad person? That I can’t or do not wish to fight? Yet I could fight with Rose every damn day till my eyes pop out. About anything!! Just a cycle…..round and round…till I vomit. The ride is almost over for me. He can bring his wrath to my door if he wants.

  6. What is it that is so upsetting about the video? According to you and your group of friends, it either doesn’t exist or it is fake. Or would you like me to post the original?

    • What a silly absurd question! I despise the posting of this video, yet you ask if I’d like for you to post the original? HA! I should say yes. please do! But instead I will say shame on you for even asking. Upsetting only because I am ashamed to see it myself. Edited version, real version. Neither one needs to be passed around. It isn’t the greatest path to take. Then again, who cares what path you take….in the end you will do what you want. Keep fighting Phil. I bet it helps you sleep better at night.

  7. It’s important to look at this much more deeply. Is it really just set out to mock? (try looking at the ‘Yakety Sax’ video on this blog if you want to see mockery). Some of these videos are out to show, perhaps in the wrong way, the truth about things. Many teenagers are perplexed and annoyed by the deification of Amanda, and this is the only way for some to fight back. By making it into such a farce, isn’t it indicative of how the whole Amanda Todd story has now become nothing more than a joke? And perhaps it shows that Carol Todd ought to really consider stopping it all now. The mockery and debasement will only continue to get worse as time goes on.

  8. It’s interesting. What is more important? Partial truth, or total lies? Which is better? Lisa – the group to which you belong is founded on total lies, and continues to be so. Maybe you can carry on fooling yourselves forever, I don’t know.
    When each of the online horror stories are looked at closely, it is an unfortunate truth that in ALL cases, the kids involved were mentally ill, or suffering from appalling parenting – it’s undeniable. I’m sick and tired of parents allowing kids to smoke weed, drink, take drugs, do whatever they do, and then when it all goes tits up, suddenly blame everyone else but themselves. And in most cases, none of the child’s activities have been secret. So yes – I apportion a Hell of a lot of the blame on parents. Amanda was allowed to drink, take drugs….well, I’ve explained all that until the cows come home. But apparently, it’s all someone else’s fault. Get a grip.

    • It is astonishing that this group you are in sort of sets itself up as a guide for teens, when most of its members are uneducated, histrionic, violent and mentally unstable. It is also rather worrying that Renee Porten, the leader of the group, prefers the company of women and has, in fact, told me that she quite likes the idea that the group attracts vulnerable young girls. Unfortunately, the checks that are in place in the real world do not apply online, so I would put it to you that these teens you speak of are in greater danger than you think. If there’s one thing worse than a vigilante group of nutters, it’s a group who thinks that in some way, without any experience or qualifications, they can set themselves up as psychology experts.

  9. I wish you guys would stop your bitching – more importantly keep me up to date! At this rate I might go ‘elsewhere’ Even the demented one is sounding appealing to me! Haha!

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