An email sent to West Coast RCMP

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Well – the local police seem to excel at incompetence. I have received two replies, one from Peter Thiessen:
‘I am currently away from the office and will return Monday Aug 12.. Please call Sgt Rob Vermeulen 778-290-2929 or 778-290-2908 for assitance or I will respond upon my return.’
Remarkably, I have also received a reply from Rob Vermeulen:
‘I am away on vacation, returning to August 22. I am not able to monitor email and will not receive your email. For any media related inquiries please call 778-290-2929.’

For what good it will do, here is a copy of an email sent to the West Coast British Columbia RCMP.  As they have not responded to any of my earlier communications, I expect no reply. The next step for me is to raise these points with the Police Complaints Commission, and then I guess it’s onwards and upwards to Christy Clark and eventually the Queen, Canada’s Head of State (God bless her!).  This story WILL come to an end, and it WILL be proven to be a fraud and a pack of lies.

And for all you daft clucks out there (DeeJay, basically) – the police could have contacted me any time over the last seven months or so, as they have had my details since December 2012.

The email:

I am writing to you because I am extremely concerned about your ongoing incompetence when dealing with the Amanda Todd case.

I have written to you before, and hopefully this is the last time I will have to do so.

I have to ask a couple of questions.
Are you simply so incompetent that, in reality, you cannot actually solve this case, when everyone else has? Or are you, as I strongly suspect, involved in making sure that this fraudulent story remains intact?

One of my main concerns (apart maybe from the fact that you are a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money) is that, as a police force, you should have the protection of those citizens who you work for as a central duty, but you have categorically failed to do so. There was one subdued reference to the fact that Kody Maxson was innocent but your incompetence – a word I will very likely use more than once – when it comes to keeping the public informed has meant that he and his family have come under enormous and totally unnecessary pressure from threats, directly and indirectly from the public.

This is not acceptable. Although you announced this once several months ago, it was not enough, and you should have spent a lot more time and effort in making sure that he did not become an innocent victim of the maniacal Amanda Todd supporters.

Another concern is that you seem to be involved in fraud. Should this become known by the public, you will contribute to destroying what little faith people still have in you. Not only that, of course, but you will have been breaking one of the laws that you are meant to so staunchly defend.

How might that fraud be perpetrated? If you really are so incompetent that you don’t know that the whole story is just a pack of lies, then you might just about get away with it. Maybe an incompetent police force is better than a fraudulent one. However, it is very difficult to believe that you can be quite so incompetent.

If you ARE aware that the story is a pack of lies, then you are in big trouble. This letter will be forwarded to the British Columbia Police Complaints Commission, and to Christy Clark, and if it is not resolved at those levels, I expect you are probably aware that here in the United Kingdom, I can contact the Privy Council if necessary, as they have jurisdiction.

The fraud you are committing is in letting people believe the story and therefore encouraging them to donate funds, out of the kindness of their hearts, to the Vancouver Foundation and the the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund. You are also involved in fraud, because you are allowing a false story to be spread as true for your own purposes. You are also involved, through this fraud, with incitement to murder and harass, because you have done so little to prevent the vigilantes from publishing highly inflammatory material. You are also involved in fraud by pretending – yes, surely you must have been pretending – to have a number of people working on the case, when you know that there was no case to investigate.

All in all, you have behaved terribly, and it has to stop – the sooner the better. In the same way that an absence from a court appearance is taken to mean guilt, I will consider a non-response to this email as an acceptance of your guilt.

This email will be published on my blog, which has quite a high number of readers, many of them from British Columbia, so I suggest you act soon to avoid any embarrassment.

Yours in anticipation,

Philip Rose

15 thoughts on “An email sent to West Coast RCMP

    • That’s interesting. Of course, they won’t respond. Or at least I highly doubt it. I mean, how would they respond? ‘Yes, we are totally incompetent’ or ‘Yes, we know it to be a fraud’? I don’t think so. Which is why I will escalate it. We are now at a point where we know that the story has been almost entirely fabricated, so it will be interesting to know where all this will end up. Thankfully, the way the Canadian law works is that the final say remains in the United Kingdom, so I can take this all the way – in fact, I can visit the people at the top in person, so that’s helpful.
      How should they respond? Not sure. If it was down to me, I would immediately release a statement stating that Kody Maxson had nothing to do with all this. That is the least they can do. Following that, they should then, perhaps, acknowledge the fact that the suicide was nothing to do with stalkers/predators/what have you and issue another statement to stop people from keeping on with all the vigilante activity and libel. But they won’t do that. My guess is that it will be totally ignored, even if I spam their inboxes on a daily basis. However, I also guess that if I formally raise a case with the Police Complaints Commission, they will at last have to acknowledge the problem. If that doesn’t work, it’s on to Christy Clark, perhaps, and if that doesn’t work…..well, eventually, I think it goes to the Privy Council here in the U.K., but I haven’t thought that far forward yet.
      I will also ponder bringing a civil action for fraud (the Vancouver Foundation and the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund) but we’ll see.
      This story is far from over.

  1. So, your aim when you wrote this was to insult them to the point where you knew they wouldn’t respond. Congratulations, I’m pretty sure you’ve succeeded.
    I don’t pretend to know how Canadian Law works (or UK law, for that matter), but here in the US, one needs to deal with the law as if they are a monolithic corporation. They move at a glacial pace, they only act when it’s in their best interests to do so, and, most importantly, they never, ever admit a mistake. Admitting mistakes costs people their jobs. Here in the US, it’s known as “The Blue Code of Silence.” Here’s how Wikipedia defines it;

    “…an unwritten rule among police officers in the United States not to report on a colleague’s errors, misconducts, or crimes. If questioned about an incident of misconduct involving another officer (e.g. during the course of an official inquiry), while following the code, the officer being questioned would claim ignorance of another officer’s wrongdoing.”

    Do I know that the “Blue Code of Silence” extends to this Police Complaints Commission or Christy Clark? No. But I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts that they’d rather ignore this than deal with the possible repercussions.
    Now you’ve given them several emails, the last of which is quite accusatory, giving the police ample ammunition to denounce you as an obsessed nutbar to the Police Complaint Commission, or Christy Clark, or anyone who anyone who brings up your name regardless of how valid your points are.
    Well, at least that’s the way I see it. But what do I know?
    I hope I’m wrong. I hope the truth comes out eventually.

    • I think you are probably right, but past experience has shown that no matter what approach one takes, the truth about this story will never be publicised. I have tried at all levels – with sane reasoning and insane diatribes, but really, no-one bothers. I’m going for a sort of scatter-gun approach now, maybe – chucking out as much stuff as I can in the vain hope that somebody will respond.
      One thing – amongst many – that I have learned from all this is that once a myth takes hold, it is almost impossible to break. 99% of the original supporters have moved on, leaving behind just a core of cult-like believers and a few people like me. All I have managed to do is to in some way simply put a small amount of doubt into a few people’s minds, but that’s all.
      However, I still retain my belief – that if the police and authorities start to support lies, for whatever reason, then we are in serious trouble. So maybe that’s it – we are in serious trouble!
      Thanks for making the effort to comment.

  2. So why did Peyton, a girl from Texas, name the young man mentioned above as an extortionist in a video long before October, 10, 2012?

    An entity called Kody1206 was nominated for the Daily Capper 2010 Blackmailer of the Year award for his “relationship” with Peyton, a young girl from Texas.

    14 December 2010
    Have a listen at 4:50

    What a concidence that said Peyton went on BlogTalk TV and told the world who Kody1206 was.
    Funny she she says it was a certain young Mr.M.
    Have a listen at 0:37

    So yeah sure – young Mr.M from the British Columbia Lower Mainland did have a reputation for blackmailing girls.
    Oddly he is currently charged with sexual interference with a girl under 16

    … and then there is the excellent physcial description of young Mr.M that Peyton gave.

    It’s all a very unfortunate coincidence.
    If it helps *Philip* sleep at night …
    Every day *Philip* comes home from a busy day of grey insignificance to then open the blue door to his Empire of Delusions ..
    Oh to feel like one matters .. for once.

    • It’s surprising – hang on a minute, no it isn’t – it’s unsurprising that you know so little. I will no doubt get back to this, but it is tiresome that I have covered all this in my blog, but you still continue with your nonsense. However hard you might try, you will find absolutely no link between Kody Maxson and Amanda Todd – to a certain extent, what you are saying is that everyone who ever went on BlogTV must be connected, therefore everyone is guilty. And of course, you conveniently overlook the fact that the police stated categorically that Kody was not involved, but you choose to ignore that. Coincidence does not equal guilt. Which is unfortunate for the vigilante types like you, but fortunate for justice and fairness.

      • “to a certain extent, what you are saying is that everyone who ever went on BlogTV must be connected”

        To the contrary:
        Everyone named in the infamous Daily Capper show prior to October 10, 2012 as a Capper is “connected” to the issue of online grooming.
        The original statement was that in 2010 then 14-year-old Peyton from Texas was a victim of online grooming of young Mr.M.
        Peyton identified Kody1206 as young Mr.M.
        She was able to name him, describe him, knew his address & phone number and even some of his relatives.

        Mr.M aka Kody1206 received the “2010 Daily Capper Blackmailer of the Year Award” in that lurid online show.
        What a nice boy! So well practised in the art of online grooming.

        Uploaded on February 20, 2011 Check out 16:54 -16:13

        And again for the hard of hearing – here is Peyton naming her blackmailer: Have a listen at 0:37

        As to RCMP:
        14-October-2012 was NOT the first time that RCMP received a tip regarding young Mr.M’s extortionist behaviour.
        Sing me a song of of botched investigations & send me a crate of oranges.

        Young *Mr.M* online groomed and blackmailed young girls.
        Multiple girls!
        Not mentioning the girl *Philip* is clinically obsessed with at all btw!

        gotta go fxxxing computers nao!

      • Your comments are entirely valid. However, have you found anything that links Kody to Amanda? Apart from….well, nothing really. You have to try harder than this.

    • I happen to be passingly familiar with the escapades involving Peyton and her on again/off again online “attraction” to Kody. I was there in several of her chats when she discussed this. I’m also aware that there was (is?) something seriously wrong with Peyton as she willingly became involved with an adult Dutch pedophile and child pornographer commonly known as r0ra (whose alleged real name was revealed back in February). Kody was involved with Peyton. There is no evidence to suggest he was involved with Amanda. The DailyCapper channel was generally accurate about most stories but the operator DID sometimes make mistakes or embellish.

      Peyton in my opinion is a very disturbed child but her mother apparently allows her online relationship with criminals despite visits from the police based on evidence submitted to them.

      • “I’m also aware that there was (is?) something seriously wrong with Peyton as she willingly became involved with an adult Dutch pedophile and child pornographer”
        via *Roy*

        The definition of online grooming according to INHOPE*
        “Grooming is defined as “actions deliberately undertaken with the aim of befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, in order to lower the child’s inhibitions in preparation for sexual activity with the child.”

        INHOPE Hotlines (International Association of Internet Hotlines) offer the public a way of anonymously reporting Internet material including child sexual abuse material they suspect to be illegal.

        It sounds like in his previous comment *Roy* is:

        – admitting to associating with Cappers in 2010 during the time both Peyton & the girl *Philip* is clinically obsessed with &were being online groomed, exploited & blackmailed?

        – blaming the child victims of online sexual exploitation & online grooming for their “poor behavior?”

        So what we have here is a an adult male who re-victimizes victims of sexual exploitation under a pretext.

        Do the events of October 2010 still smart a lot?
        Imagine the prey turning the tables just like that.

        “Or will she be back in his fat ass hands again?”


      • I hate to be rude, but you should really stay away from discussions if you do not know what you are talking about.
        Everyone here is fully aware of the definition of grooming, and we are fully aware of the actions of certain people online. What you are failing to understand is two basic things:
        1. Some, not all, of the behaviour of some young girls – like Peyton and many others – is hugely perplexing. What Roy and I are surprised by are the patterns of behaviour in which some of the girls, despite heavy warnings from concerned people, despite all sorts of warnings, even from the police, and despite attention from their parents, still insist on going back to expose themselves and carry on relationships with guys who they know cannot be trusted and, in some case like Peyton’s, form serial relationships. It cannot be simply explained as a gender issue. Sure, there are some girls (and boys might I add) who are cruelly tricked, but there are others – amongst which I will include Amanda, Peyton, Aurora Eller and many more – who are fully aware of what they are doing, and, call it an addiction, an ailment, a mental illness, call it what you will, they are fully proactive in encouraging responses from males. To imply that the onus is always on the males is erroneous, and only clouds the issue. It should be noted that Amanda went to huge lengths to remain online, and she had more than several opportunities to get away from it. To keep on insisting that all these girls are innocent and tricked is foolishness, and to turn it into a vehicle for anti-male or anti-pedophile witch hunts does no good whatsoever. You need to look much more closely at why these girls go online and do what they do, even when they are fully aware of the consequences. And to keep on playing the ‘she was a child’ card is also bad play. All of the channels that Amanda used had warnings which Amanda could read; Amanda was old enough to know that once the police called, she should stop; and remember – according to her mother, she was old enough to make the choice to take drugs and drink. The whys and wherefores of Amanda’s behaviour are many, but to seek to categorise it simply as some sort of online trickery will not solve the real problems – such as why she was allowed to do it, why she chose to do it, why she kept on doing it. I believe we are talking of something truly complex here, and it isn’t helped by your desire to make it into something it’s not.
        2. You obviously fail to understand the online players in the situations like the Capper community. Of course there are people who closely watch what’s going on – who the Hell do you think reports the likes of Amanda’s behaviour? Who the Hell do you think makes the reports to CEOP and IWF? You will notice the word ‘hero’ bandied about by that community, and you will know that they are hated. Who are the heros? The people who do the dirty work, while sanctimonious dickwads like you run around like headless chickens. If you have read my blog (which I always know that most people don’t) you will see that it was ME who tracked down Amanda’s video on cameracaptures and managed, through the help of my viewers, to have it taken down – a very tiny victory. But what did I get for it from the Todd supporters? A torrent of hatred and abuse, which I have to say has had an appalling effect on me, in that I have allowed anger and emotion to get the better of me recently.
        So, usually I thank people for their comments, but for you – just fuck off and get educated.

  3. I think you feel guilty about Maxson and know he’s innocent, bc you are not.

    I think that you know the story to be untrue bc you were involved with her and any misguided decisions she made – bc she was lonely and went looking for love and attention in the wrong places? – I think you know bc you watched her perform on cam.

    I think this is why you are so obsessed and frustrated, bc you can’t come right out and say it.

    I think if Amanda did make regrettable decisions her parents didn’t know – 16 yr olds are deceitful and notorious for making mistakes – only back in the day they were not documented with screen caps and threats to perform more.

    I think, that does not make The Amanda Todd legacy, fraudulent. Those funds are for the struggling g children or NOW. And I do believe money is raised by selling Stay Strong merchandise.

    I think Amanda had decided to stay strong, but some big bully adult had her over a barrel. I think she made bad choices. I think ALL teens make bad choices.
    I think someone got to her and threatened to expose those choices and footage, after she made her video. I think that pushed her over the edge. I think that person is YOU.

    And last but by no means least, I think you cannot share these images, bc you, your real name and your pedophilia will be ousted.

    An innocent person uses a real name, not SEVERAL pseudos.

    I don’t think Amanda was an Angel and I don’t think that she portrayed herself as one. I don’t think the ‘Todd supporters’ portray her as one either. They are there to help the struggling teens of TODAY.

    I personally am impartial to the whole ‘movement’. But, don’t count your chickens.

    Why not so outrages by the Parsons case? Reteah’s father has conducted interviews. Hannah, recently commuted suicide in the U.K! Where you claim to live, why not pay that case some attention?

    I think bc you knew Amanda before she died. Or do you REALLY believe she is still alive? I’m sure her mother wishes that daily. I know I would had any of those girls (and many more) have been my children. Why fight for the so-called truth on ONE persons suicide by bullying, when you can be helping so many others. Why Amanda?

    I think you’re very obsessed and kind of creepy and I wish I had never stumbled across this blog.

    But what I think doesn’t matter, the same way no one gives a flying shit about what you think is truth and lies and the reply that you are anticipating will prove that. Lol. I think you need to get out more.

    • Dealing with your last statement first, you commented, therefore you must be concerned, and I think my viewer numbers contradict what you are saying. However, I will try to address your comment in order.
      Ask yourself – would a person who is not innocent, as you claim, contact the police so many times and in such a challenging way? I would suggest that the absolute scarcity of any challenge to me is because people know that I can deal with any criticism with facts, and that I am right. Please note: what you THINK and what is REAL are two totally different things – maybe you should learn that.
      It would help if you at least made an effort to quote facts. Amanda wasn’t 16, for a start. And, according to Amanda’s mother’s very own words, she knew exactly what was going on, which is a bit bizarre, don’t you think?
      Money is being raised, but where do you think it’s going? Into Mrs Todd’s back pocket, that’s where.
      And we know what pushed Amanda over the edge. Again, my blog has explained all this, but I doubt that you have bothered to read any of it.
      ‘An innocent person uses a real name, not SEVERAL pseudos.’ Well, coming from someone who has commented as ‘YoureANutBar’, then you too must be guilty of something by your own faultless logic.
      The Rehteah Parsons case – I may post about that soon. More parental neglect. And you talk of Hannah Smith – a story in which it is now stated that 98% of the hate came from her, which again is quite bizarre. I may deal with that later. The reason why I steer clear of those issues is because I am concentrating on this one – if I spread out to the likes of Aurora Eller, Giovanna Plowman, the Arianators, I would be here forever.
      It’s true – I do have a theory that she is still alive. This is due to the lack of funeral information, the lack of any coroner’s report so far, Mrs Todd’s very real lack of grief, and the fact that the Amanda Todd bandwagon seemed to be rolling so quickly and efficiently after the event. Don’t you think it odd that Carol Todd managed to give up her job immediately, and never once spoke of returning to it? And that it all neatly coincided with the anti-bullying campaign? And Jessi Slaughter was forcibly taken into rehab by the authorities, so I don’t see it as being totally misguided. It is certainly something to ponder.
      Again I repeat – I concentrate on this story so it gets my full attention. To look at any others would take a lot more effort, and would hamper my ability to deal with the story properly.
      I will give you one piece of credit though – I should get out more.
      Thanks for commenting, and have a nice day!

    • The content of your post demonstrates the deliberate rejection of concrete evidence posted so far, including evidence straight from Amanda and her mother themselves.

      “I think if Amanda did make regrettable decisions her parents didn’t know – 16 yr olds are deceitful and notorious for making mistakes – only back in the day they were not documented with screen caps and threats to perform more.”

      SHE WAS NOT 16! WHAT CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT? This all began when she was 14, and Carol DID know as per the police visit spoken of by Carol herself in writing and on air interviews. Carol has STATED she knew of illegal activities of her daughter and she chose to do NOTHING!

      “I think Amanda had decided to stay strong, but some big bully adult had her over a barrel. I think she made bad choices. I think ALL teens make bad choices. I think someone got to her and threatened to expose those choices and footage, after she made her video. I think that pushed her over the edge.”

      PER AMANDA’S OWN WORDS, her images were ALREADY OUT by December 2010. She KNEW some of the consequences, but she proceeded anyway. Despite every reasonable effort to get her to stop by a few people in her life and a few online, she returned again and again to those actions which led to her tragic end, AND HER MOTHER LET HER! There was nothing to bully her about regarding online performances – she KNEW she was being capped and she ADMITTED images of her had been released publicly. Why is it so hard to admit that THERE REALLY ARE KIDS WHO CHOOSE TO DO BAD THINGS while knowing what the consequences will be. That’s fodder for daytime talk shows!

      You also question my presence in chat rooms – HEL-LOOOO! Where the hell do you think the evidence comes from that online activists submit to law enforcement? It doesn’t fall from the sky or wash up on a deserted shoreline in a corked bottle. It’s the result of long hours of work, 90% of which is just observing and recording pertinent dialogues. It involves developing multiple identities and personas for different purposes, weaseling one’s way into conversations with some of the most vile people imagineable in an attempt to get them to admit to certain things or give a clue as to their identities.

      Despite all that, I guaran-damn-tee you there is NOTHING as mentally, psychologically, or physically draining as the 10% of the time engaged in active intercession, in trying to temporarily befriend a kid in order to convince them of the real motives of some of their online “fans”, or verbally sparring with the predators, outnumbered, hoping that the host won’t be convinced by them to kick me from the room so they can have their way with them, or as a last resort having to try to get a host’s account terminated as with Amanda to cut off or minimize the amount of damage that’s done.

      You see that news video I posted below? Who the hell do you think is responsible for bringing people like that to justice? Do you have any idea how many pages of chatlogs and screenshots I turned over to the activist who headed up the hunt for this guy? Do you? Do you know HOW the victim’s guardian came to find out what was happening to her? And who do you think got the police in Peyton’s town to pay her a visit? Who turned over evidence on Aurora Eller which to this day it is still unknown if that was the material which ended her activities?

      Until you’ve been in battle, fighting for the kids online, until you’ve gone through what several of us have gone through, you have NO SAY in the strategies and tactics used.


    A well-known pedophile and child pornographer who was being pursued by online whiteknights has finally been arrested! Please see the video story below:

    Note that evidence had been submitted for several years but it seems NOTHING was done until one individual was able to track down the identity of one of his victims and alert her guardians. The guardians contacted law enforcement and the rest fell into place.

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