What are words worth?

An interesting article from the Daily Telegraph. The comments, too.



4 thoughts on “What are words worth?

  1. The girl sets up a fake account to bully herself? To get attention? Why does this seem depressing but true?
    No doubt the ‘truth’ will be what aresholes need to believe. Same story – different girl 😥

  2. I believe it’s a compendium of the abuse she suffered on the site. Her way to attribute fault. I expect the fuliginous clarity is a result of her catatonic depression prior to taking her own life. RIP Hannah.

    In my view it’s a regrettable by product of scrutinizing the Amanda Todd case that makes the Smith story so alarmingly controversial.The mother is wracked with sadness she can’t stop crying during the interview and the Father is angry, rightly so but misdirected. Funeral details are well documented within the media, even a dress code is established and the event is also documented. Real action and attention is taken to the site Ask.fm who many (wrongly) attribute the blame.

    And then there’s Carol, invisible Norm and the tribe. Where, what, why, when and how. I heard a story of cremation and, or burial in their garden. Isn’t that what 6 years old do when their pet hamster Snowball goes to special sleep? Not quite what you’d expect from the internet sensation of tragic bullying that is Amanda Todd My Story . Oh Todd clan when will you confess?

    • Thanks for commenting again. I am currently stunned by the Daniel Perry story, and need to gather my thoughts about how this blog should continue. I feel like I have been shouting and screaming about all this for eight months, yet no-one has listened.
      The authorities, doctors, psychiatrists, experts, need to get involved with all these stories – not half-arsed liars like Carol Todd, who has set herself up as the expert on all things parental.
      I have always been concerned that Carol Todd’s ducking and diving has meant that the core issues – those of kids doing frightful things online with the parents being totally unaware or uncaring – has been ignored, and that she’s done a lot of damage through her lies. The Daniel Perry case will, of course, be handled 1000 times better in the UK. And it will show that EVERY kid is a possible victim, not just pretty young girls.
      It’s come as quite a shock when I saw it on the news. When I have recovered my sanity (if that ever happens) I will be posting about it soon.
      Take care.

      • Oh – and you are totally correct in your observations of grief. In EVERY other similar case, the mothers are inconsolable and virtually paralysed from grief, and the fathers stand angry and resolute. In the Todd case? Father gets a tattoo, mother gets her face on as much TV as possible, with barely a sign of sadness. Weird indeed.

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