Another email sent

To the Vancouver Foundation:,,,,,,


I am writing to you to give you an opportunity to explain why you still do not tell the truth about the Amanda Todd case, and therefore put yourselves at risk of being accused of fraud.

By now, most people know that the Amanda Todd story is almost totally fabricated, yet you still solicit donations to your foundation and the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund, knowing full well that the story is pretty much a total lie.

This means that people are donating from the goodness of their hearts but you are, in fact, deceiving them. This is not fair, and should be discontinued as soon as possible.

If you do not cease in soliciting these donations fraudulently, I will be forced to take civil action. I have already contacted the police regarding this matter, and I will also be contacting the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund directly, as well as the media who still mislead the public.

Thank you for you attention.

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