Another one for DeeJay Bewy to go mad over

As usual, the insane DeeJay Bewy has managed to pick up on my posts and ensure that my message is spread as widely as possible. Thanks for that, DeeJay. So just to keep her occupied over the weekend, perhaps she will be interested in my little addition in helping the police to come to a satisfactory conclusion regarding the Amanda Todd story.,,,
west coast <>,,,,

With regards to your seemingly unending Amanda Todd case, I would like, yet again, to extend some help.

Perhaps you would like to contact two people – Ms Shylah Watson and Ms Bianca Maria Nitoi.  I am sure that they will be only too willing to confirm that there was no coercion nor trickery involved in the episodes of flashing.

In case you do not wish to contact them directly, then I would suggest that you contact Bianca Nitoi’s mother, Lore Nitoi, who is easily traceable, or indeed, you could go straight to the person who knows most – Mrs Carol Todd – and ask her.

If, for some reason, you are incapable of finding these people, I will be happy to supply all the contact information you require.

Thanks once again for your attention. I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Is there a reward for doing all your work for you? If so, I will get back to you with a list of charities it should go to. Thank you.

Yesterday’s post:

Again, I have contacted Amanda’s local police force. And again, they will do nothing to protect innocent citizens.

It would appear that you are ignoring my communications.

It is obvious that there never was a stalker who sent round one photo.

To help you with your detective work, I attach the following link:

Here, you will see that on December 5th, Amanda knew that all her friends found the pictures. On the 17th December, she was banned from BlogTV. I have captured the very instant that occurred. You went round on December 23rd.

And no – the chatlog is not faked, it’s not been photo-shopped, it’s real. And just in case you don’t know, Amanda Todd was cutiielover.

So it’s time you and others told the truth. That’s the least we can expect from a police force. All you need to do is to reiterate that Kody Maxson is innocent, and that there was no stalker involved. Is that too much to ask? Should you still doubt the veracity of my claims, I have a lot more evidence, but surely you are aware of that.

I expect no reply, but I will conclude by telling you that this email, like the others, has been published. Should you be thinking of taking any further steps to silence me, I can tell you that I welcome every opportunity to put forward my case.

Thanks once again for your attention.

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