October 10th 2013 – a special day


On October 10th, 2013, this blog will be featuring some short films:

Amanda Todd and Bianca Nitoi flashing on BlogTV

Amanda Todd’s final BlogTV flash from December 2010

Amanda Todd and Shylah Watson in a never-before seen exclusive.

Amanda Todd’s bedroom antics as shown on Motherless.

And many more!

All versions will be full and uncut.

Hopefully, this can be used to shine some light on why young teen girls do such things when under the influence of mentally ill parents.

6 thoughts on “October 10th 2013 – a special day

  1. Hello Mr. Rose,
    I am commenting here for the first time so that is why I chose the most recent blog entry to do so. I’m not internet savvy so I don’t normally follow blogs and sights I tend to just read them for my own personal use and move on. Please don’t hold this against me as a person who only cares enough to like a page as the extent of my desire to make a difference; there are many reasons for my inactivity but I am passionate about a whole series of issues, teen bullying is one near the top of my list.
    A little about why I am posting. I only recently stumbled across the blog doing research about bullying for a short story I am writing (A current hobby of mine that I hope to one-day turn into a profession). At the time, I had completely missed the Amanda Todd story. I was just starting with writing and had turned off not just the T.V but pretty much all outside noise so the event went unnoticed. As it normally happens, I went on Google and the story came up with links to YouTube. I was at work at the time and they, for obvious reasons, block YouTube. To get around this I simply looked for another sight that might play the video; your blog came up. I have spent the last week reading most of it.
    The truth is I’m not sure why I am commenting. I have nothing to add other than some points about media inadequacies. I will get to them but you or another person has probably touched on the subject already. I guess I could just say thank you for taking the time. The blog has been illuminating and inspirational for me.
    I live in a world surrounded by conservative Christians. I find that the ‘church’ acknowledgment of such issues, such as the culture of flashing on the internet seems to be lacking. Even recently, I had a conversation about the issue and I get the impression that they: either don’t think it happens or are unaware of the numbers in which it does. Also, there is the complete insanity of a ‘don’t do it or the predators will get you’ mindset. Completely ignoring that they mostly do it for their latest ‘love interest’. Maybe Christians don’t think their boys would be interested in such things. I grew up in the church. I can tell you, without any doubt, I wanted to see boobs. I beat my head against a wall trying to discuss sexuality, in all of its forms acceptable and otherwise, with my peers but to no avail.
    I freely admit and I am continually working on my own problems with pornography. People ask me what kinds I have seen. My response was always, “the shorter list is the kinds I haven’t.” The only thing on that list was child pornography. I now know, thanks to this blog, that is a false statement. I could make all kinds of excuses but the reality is there were times when I would look at my screen and thought there is no way that girl is 18. I do not count myself as some sort of sicko (I don’t actually like teen webcams but it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve seen them); I am a person with a problem, who is trying to do better. Dealing with this issue is a lonely journey, because as I said, and you have, nobody wants to talk about sex and the various cultures surrounding it. We love to show hints of it as much as possible in mainstream media but actually having the conversation, that’s too difficult. I endeavour everyday to do better.
    This brings me to the media and my opinions as to why they went about it the way they did (apologies if I repeat anything you have said). First, a term I thought up recently (if someone else has said this again, apologies it is not my intent to copy). The media hit the ’emotional jackpot’: an attractive, sexualised, teen-aged, white girl. Seriously, all they needed to do was flash her face on T.V and we would sit through their commercials. They didn’t need research. All they needed was the flashcard video, a recent photo and some popular social issue to latch it to and BAM! The whole world is in a frenzy. Sitting here typing this I can think of three different types of blatant news stuff-ups.
    One, completely ignoring easy to find facts. A few years back the UFC held its first event in Australia. One news reporter in his program stated that the UFC had just three rules “no biting, no hair pulling, and no eye gouging. Or so I am told.” (Not an exact quote, possibly in a different order but it was those three and he did add the extra bit on the end) A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH WOULD HAVE INFORMED HIM OF THE RULES. But, why bother when you’re trying to promote your own opinion?
    Two, if you don’t have a story, make something up and make sure people are afraid of it. The A Current Affair program here in Australia broadcasted a story about how milk companies were adding a chemical called ‘permeate.’ The population got in an uproar and suddenly we have permeate free milk. Of course, milk companies added the substance, and continue to add, because it is part of the process of making milk. Who needs truth when you have fear?
    The last is simple. Over exaggerate. Weather: everyday a new record is set. Food: What is this doing to your body? Or, why is that a super food? Continually refer to the past: “this comes on the back of that other thing which is slightly related.” Now everyone at home is worried about an epidemic. Finally my personal favourite the “all but”: “the car was ALL BUT destroyed.” “The girl was ALL BUT bullied to death.” What the hell does it even mean?
    The Amanda Todd story could be told utilising all of these tools, add the picture of the pretty girl and its win, win, win. You can see why I have turned off my TV and missed the story. They didn’t bother to look, they made sure we were afraid by making stuff up, and they massively over exaggerated the problem. However as I read your blog, and many other articles from the time, I realised that the Sept 2012 video did all of these things as well. I don’t think it is a coincidence.
    The second thing is I think it was a story that could satisfy everyone, especially if you don’t go past the Sept 2012 video. Conservatives can get on their pulpits and say thing like “Young women take heed; one mistake will ruin your life.” Sure if you’re driving on the wrong side of the road that will very likely ruin your life. Conservatives have tendency to immediately resort to the most drastic outcomes when they don’t take the time to try to understand anything going on in the world. I know this has been said in the blog but I think it helps with why the explosion happened. Feminists and liberals could also rant about ‘slut shaming’ and the culture of misogyny and so on. This was a rare occasion where everybody can agree and go on a unified tirade.
    I want to thank you again for your time and effort. The world needs more people interested in truth and engagement in the serious issues that plague us.

    • For my part, I completely agree with your assessment of the “media frenzy” culture. What gets the viewers? What gets the ratings? What sells? The media play to today’s gotta-have-it now public that have the attention span of a gerbil.

      As for your 5th paragraph, what you’ve viewed is understandable. Some videos of minors have been online for years and gone through so many name changes that unless somebody was involved in video sites several years ago, most people would never know. The videos have made their way to adult sites without the operators knowing the ages or identities of the subjects, and likely don’t bother to ask contributors for information on that. Rule of thumb – any videos taken from Stickam or BlogTV are more than likely of minors.

  2. Chris,
    You completely missed the Amanda Todd story? You’re not the only one. Although the supporters would like to think that the whole world knows about it, it is actually very parochial in its reach, especially now.
    I’m glad you appreciate the effort I put in, but to be honest, now I look back at it I think I could have done a better job. The story is on its last legs now, and interest is fading rapidly. If things had still continued as they were, I would revisit some of the posts and make them clearer and explain more.
    It’s interesting that you bring in the Church aspect – always a minefield. But I think you will find much of the behaviour patterns to which you refer are everywhere – a combination of basic denial tendencies, a desire to avoid having to think about anything controversial, and possibly to avoid problems for which no-one has a viable solution.
    As you will know, most people want to have a comfortable view of life. In the Amanda Todd instance, the prevailing ‘comfortable’ view is that all girls (especially if they are pretty) are innocent creatures devoid of the ability to be ‘bad’. If anything deemed to be ‘bad’ does occur, then, as with every event, be it war, poverty, starvation, the urge is to blame other people, as long it’s not yourself. In this case, the blame was put upon the bullies and the imaginary ‘predator’ – hugely convenient scapegoats to avoid confronting other issues, such as the sexuality of teens and, as I see it, the woeful inadequacies of today’s parental care, amongst other things.
    The Church and sexual behaviour – that in itself would justify another blog, and it would be a Hell of a lot longer than this one. All I can say is that I think it’s getting a lot better.
    Problems with pornography? Well, I’m not sure you should bother about that. If you do have a problem, there are plenty of secular places to go, and you can always find something on the Internet. And bro – take it from me – EVERY bloke has looked at all the versions of porn in existence, and anyone who denies it is either lying or a freak of nature.
    Which brings me to perhaps a controversial point. Child pornography – a phrase that seems to be bandied about willy-nilly by the hysterical nutcases of this world (aka Todd supporters).
    The stuff involved in the Amanda Todd story and elsewhere, and which has been termed child porn, is not really in the same league as the kind of stuff that CEOP and the IWF would call child porn. Have we really become that stupid that we are open to the idea of condemning virtually every young boy with a picture of his girlfriend’s boobs a child pornographer? Well, unfortunately, maybe so. But it’s not. And look at the strange double-standards that have arisen in all this bonkers stuff – a girl who flashes is an innocent angel, yet a boy with a photo should be criminalised. Bizarre.
    So don’t put another layer of shame and guilt into the equation. I wouldn’t call it child porn – I would call it idiot porn, as most of it comes from idiots behaving in an idiotic fashion. Stupid porn. Imbecile porn. Spur-of-the moment-when-you’re-a-bit-drunk porn. To a great extent, that’s all it is. To categorise a boob-flash as child porn is simply ridiculous, and just represents the reaction of a dimwitted Establishment who haven’t got a clue how to deal with the 21st Century.
    On to the media – well, they are shameful, but you are right – the Amanda Todd story was just a magnet for the worst type of Press exploiters, but it was perfect, in that everyone could find something to get passionate about. It was a masterpiece in emotional entanglement. And why bother with facts? Nobody’s ever going to check.
    Appeal to fear and anger – watch out for the pedophile, the predator, the bully! Whatever you do, do not appeal to common sense. Unfortunately, it’s what a lot of people like.
    Ha ha! Exaggeration – the main tool of the sensationalist journalist. Words like ‘suicide epidemic’, ‘bullying contagion’. The end of the world! We’re all going to Hell in a hand cart! Reality? Cases like Amanda’s are extremely rare. They just happen to be trendy at the moment. Unfortunately, what the likes of Carol Todd don’t understand is that emotional fatigue follows – what was once ‘shock horror’ becomes ‘not another one – boring!’.
    I particularly enjoyed your last observation about the types who can use the story – the hell-fire preacher types can say ‘We told you so’; the secular fanatics can use it to further their beliefs that religion caused it all; as for the Feminists – give me a break. Yet again, males are to blame for everything, women are saints. LOL. And as for the Liberals – ‘Praise the sluts!’ Holey moley.
    Yes this truly is a fantastic story, and the complexity of it is both intriguing and frustrating – intriguing because there are just so many things to think about, frustrating because it is almost impossible to come up a valid description of it all.
    Thanks for commenting. And don’t let all the Church stuff get to you – most priests are pedophiles. On that note – laters!

    • Thanks Philip & Roy for the understanding. I think I was just trying to establish that I’m a normal guy before climbing the moral high ground.

      Philip, Your blog is good. I spent over 2 hours writing my first comment. Reading and re-reading, as soon as I sent it, my head was in my hands. Should have said this or been more specific about that. You did a great job pointing out all the logic gaps in the story, anybody reading now, like I did, should understand.

      Anyway I could prattle on, but I won’t, thanks for the response. I will keep up to date around here and probably tell others, mostly for the media manipulation and what people are doing online, seeing as how the Amanda Todd issue, isn’t really an issue any longer.

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