Raven Kaliana

Well, there’s been quite a long gap in this blog, with only a few posts being made in the last few weeks.

My thoughts about this blog are many. Regular readers will know that, at one point, I closed it down. This was due to an inner moral conflict – how can I try to explain the Amanda Todd story in a way that avoids dragging the poor child’s life history into the gutter? However, I noticed immediately that the disgusting Todd supporters took advantage of the closure, counting it as some sort of victory. And, whilst I was personally sick and tired of this tawdry tale, Carol Todd continued unabashed, ignoring the fact that her daughter’s name still attracts ridicule and vitriol on all the sites that still allow commenting.

I seem to find myself in a very odd situation, in that I appear to be the only person still concerned about getting to the truth behind this story – or, perhaps more accurately, the only person left who can be bothered any more.

People may be asking themselves why I continue. Indeed, I ask myself that every day. There are quite a few reasons, and over the next few days I will be trying to explain why I think the whole treatment of the Amanda Todd story is morally reprehensible, and I will also be giving a great deal of explanations about why I think that the entire story has been fabricated. I felt the need to try and wrap up this blog once and for all, and to provide, finally, a full and conclusive end to it. I think that I have reached that point now. As a sort of tongue-in-cheek challenge, if, after the next fortnight or so, anyone still believes that they haven’t been completely conned by this story, then they are indeed beyond help.

Meanwhile…..regular readers will know of my adoration of Malala Yousafzai and of the blog’s dedication to Chelsea Manning. Now, they have both been nominated for Nobel prizes.

So in the same spirit of featuring people who deserve praise and admiration, today I introduce Raven Kaliana. Google will provide more information should anyone wish to find out more about her.

And so I leave you with something to think about. Raven Kaliana’s history is, as seems to be so common, one of appalling parenting. In crimes concerning children, the vast majority involve parents, family and close friends. Perhaps we should pause to think about Carol and Norm Todd’s real role in this fiasco. And yes, I am finger-pointing. And no, Philip Rose is never wrong.

Take care everyone. And don’t forget – tomorrow belongs to me.

3 thoughts on “Raven Kaliana

  1. Hello!I am new to this blog.But in 1 day I read almost all the relevant articles.I just don’t understand why “Philip” or “Perso” (perso?one of the best nicknames I ever saw) and Todd’s squad can’t cooperate.Todd’s squad sees “Philip” as a bad guy.WRONG.He actually is searching the truth.Even if he finds the truth about Amanda he will not be listened because of the media and the Amanda’s supporters.Who cares if he is a friend of Kody or “Viper”.I don’t think that he deserves to be judged by Todd’s Squad.If Amanda died because of bullies WHY WOULD HER SUPPORTERS WANT TO BULLIE OTHERS.No logic at all!If Amanda would be “alive”(maybe she is-time will tell the truth) noone would care about her.Now because she is “dead” everyone sees her like a source of inspiration.And her mother Carol Todd profits a lot.For me,it seems odd that Carol is so public and “important”-SHE GETS ALL THIS ATTENTION BECAUSE OF THE DEATH OF AMANDA NOT BECAUSE SHE TRYES TO HELP.
    10000 teens kill themselves but only Amanda is the “voice”?Why?Because she was a pretty girl?I think so…
    She committed suicide because of her own thoughts(I don’t think that she was bullied so hard-teen logic-don’t bulli a nice girl).Why would you say that Kody or “Perso” or X killed her?-They didn’t pressed the trigger at all.In my oppinon-Amanda died because of YOU.(all her fake friends,family and all of you who instead of helping and protecting her you persecuted her…and you all well known that she had some problems-but for you it was easier to laugh and hurt)..Don’t try to cover yourselves behind some “cyber bullies”…It is sooo pathetic.
    I don’t say that Amanda or that “Philip” is “the bad guy”.Maybe he “stalked” Amanda but I think that now he is a good man and in my oppinion he is really helping-he is the only voice who is heard by the Todd’s Squad.I can write an entire blog about this but my English doesn’t “help” me.I wait for the day when Todd’s Squad will see that “Philip” is helping…But they are blind and they are just puppets on a string.They judge “Philip” because he is still posting about Amanda.AGAIN NO LOGIC.Why they judge when they are obsessed and they post 1000 things about Amanda in a day-and 90% are rubbish about funds.money and something called “Light up the world for Amanda”.If I will die tomorrow noone would give a shit.
    It is a pitty that Amanda can’t revive to tell us the real story…Still she is more present as dead.
    If “Philip” will allow me to write more about what I think,It would be my pleasure to write.Sorry if my logic is broken but I didn’t sleeped for almost 3 days and I can concentrate.

    “Philip”-man keep the good work up!

    All the best!

    • .If Amanda died because of bullies WHY WOULD HER SUPPORTERS WANT TO BULLIE OTHERS.

      Well said my friend – and its encouraged at the highest level believe me. I should know – the attacks on myself were repulsive & disgusting. My family – including my 2 year old grandson were deemed fair game as targets to upset me – for simply asking questions & seeking answers on a story that had become so big generally but also to me personally. It didnt take me long to realise that I was dealing with a bunch of self serving hypocrites using Amanda for their own personal agendas & were not interested in the bigger picture of what & why. This will never change.

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