Carol Todd – getting desperate?

I have to hand it to Carol Todd, she never overlooks an opportunity to cash in on another story. In this case, it’s the story of Rebecca Sedwick. I won’t say much about that, except to say that it shows up the worst aspect of all this nonsense in that the alleged bully, aged fourteen, is likely to end up being treated like a criminal and not a child. But hey, that’s the American way. And, of course, we cannot avoid the central hypocrisy – Amanda Todd was an innocent child who slept around, drank, exhibited herself online, took drugs but was forgiven because, after all, she was just a child incapable of knowing the consequences, whereas foolish children who write even more foolish comments on a Facebook page need to be locked up, cursed and punished.

So let’s just take a cold, unemotional look at this latest Carol Todd article.

Where do I start? Look at her picture. Does that show a mother full of grief, at odds with a world that she can’t quite understand, or is it the face of a woman who looks quite happy in the spotlight that her overwhelming failure as a mother brought upon her? Founder of the ‘Amanda Todd Legacy’ – a legacy of lies and even more bullying activity.

She starts the post with ‘Dear World’. She really has let all this get to her, which is a shame, but very typical of delusional people. I think she does believe that the whole world is reading her words, and that the whole world cares, but she’s quite wrong. Her sphere of influence barely exists beyond British Columbia now.

‘It makes me wonder again how kids can be that mean and cruel towards others. I always wonder — do their parents know?’ Oh dear, Carol, you really need to take more care with what you are writing. How many people have aimed the same question at you? Didn’t you know what Amanda was doing? And if you did, why did you not do anything to stop it, and why have you never been open and honest enough to admit the truth? These pesky parents – useless, aren’t they?

So – after an extraordinarily brief mention of Rebecca, we get straight on to Carol’s favourite subject because, let’s face it, that’s what really matters – that and not much more.

Now I ask you just to consider something that is odd. Does Carol actually write this stuff, or is it written by someone else? I only ask that because she writes ‘The same day as the one year date of Amanda Todd’s passing.’ Wouldn’t she write ‘my daughter’s’ or ‘Amanda’s’. It’s a strange thing to write. But let’s proceed.

Can we guess what the aim of this article is? Well, I can. Carol Todd will be hugely aware that the story is dying, and she will be increasingly frustrated that it hasn’t come to a satisfactory conclusion. Deep down (as it appears she is that sort of woman), she will be wanting revenge on all those people who she considers culpable – in her mind, the schoolkids and the imaginary predator (who we don’t hear so much about these days). She will also be getting scared that it’s all coming to an end, and that she will soon be left alone to come to terms with it all – not something to be welcomed. Her being busy has provided her with the ability to not have to sit down and think about where she went wrong. When she does, it will be horrendous.

So what is this article trying to do? Quite interesting. She desperately wants to blab out all the information she knows, and this is the closest she comes to it so far. But she also adds in a new aspect – an aspect of tantalising mystery.

We get a description of the fight scene. It took ‘planning’. Carol Todd loves her melodrama. There would have been no special ‘planning’ – that’s ridiculous, and she says it just to give it an air of criminality and subterfuge, of a hunt and an ambush. The girl knew what school Amanda went to, she went there with her mates, a few others turned up (no doubt after a bit of texting and Facebook activity) and the ‘fight’ took place. This sort of crap goes on in every school – perhaps not on a regular basis, but often enough not to be worthy of much attention.  It’s not exactly ‘Gunfight at the OK Corral’.

Amanda’s choice not to file charges is strange. Firstly, it’s likely that she wouldn’t have welcomed a court case, as all the juicy details would have come out. What you have to remember here is that we have underage sexual activity, drink, drugs – the whole works, all of them illegal, even in British Columbia. And Amanda wouldn’t have wanted to risk all the flashing stuff being talked about – the girl might well have brought all this up in her defence. And, of course, Amanda would have been even more hated if she had brought charges. It certainly wasn’t done from an altruistic concern.

What is more remarkable is that the Todds didn’t press any charges or deal with it at the time. They had plenty of opportunity to deal with it there and then, to complain to the school about negligence and so on. And if Amanda was sexually active at the time, all of this would have been taken quite seriously. My view is that they couldn’t be bothered – remember that it was dad who was on the scene – Carol had hardly anything to do with her daughter until later. Carol never talks much about her absence of nearly two years, does she? As for Norm – well, who’s he?

We get the ‘moving city’ malarkey again. We already know why Amanda moved so often – it was the parental problems which ended up with her moving from the family home, to her dad’s place, then with dad to a new house, then back to mother. But of course, moving school again might have worked 40 years ago. It’s just that in the Internet age, everything follows you around. But again, pay attention. Amanda never moved that far physically. She was always in the Maple Ridge/Coquitlam area.

‘I wonder if THEIR parents know. I wonder how they feel now that young children are involved. Makes you think more deeply.’ OK – let’s be a bit more down-to-earth here. Carol Todd says she knows who the bullies are. Now, if it was me, I would have made damned sure that the parents knew. It is highly likely that, even with my own feelings of forgiveness and understanding, I might well have given in to going round to their houses, kicking the door down, and saying ‘If you ever let your kid do that again, I’ll personally take them to one side and skin them alive’. But being reasonable, even at this late date I would be tempted to gain some closure by trying to open up a dialogue with the parents. Carol Todd never knew what her child was doing – so why should these parents have a clue?

And now the mystery deepens. We get a couple of shots of comments. Where are these from? The quotes are quite vile, but not uncommon. Kids will say terrible things to appear tough, and Facebook and social media simply amplifies all the hatred. Note that the comments have been ‘liked’. I think we will never know why Amanda was so hated, and I won’t go into all the possible reasons here.

However, we can tell two new things here, and I think Carol Todd is, as usual, too stupid to realise what she has done. Or perhaps she has done it on purpose. Who knows? The second comment implies that it must have been well-known that Amanda was sexually active. I use the term sexually active, but maybe ‘sleep-around’ is more valid, for that is how she would have been seen by her peers. But we also have a name – Renan Tarras. Was that deliberate? If so, it’s quite a naughty move by Carol Todd to actually name a minor and possibly cause trouble. Is she looking for revenge on Renan?

‘I was listening the other day to someone who said they knew the kids involved. That there was remorse from some but not others.’ What kids do is almost inexplicable. There will, of course, be ones who feel an amount of shame, and there will be some borderline psychopaths who will never care. But we are not dealing with a clear-cut story here. Amanda made enemies, simple as that. She wasn’t victimised for being gay, too thin, too fat. There was more to it than that and if Carol Todd ever decides to at least try to tell the truth of the story, maybe we’ll know fully what went on.

‘To be left alone in peace but still after six months, one of the girls and her friends couldn’t leave Amanda alone. They decided to continue to harass her even further which created more stress and trauma that she had been learning to get rid of.’ This is an unfortunate and misleading statement. Amanda was very much the architect of her own downfall, and her September video was just about the worst thing she could have done. Readers will know that it was all a pack of lies. There are rumours about other videos presented under the isabella identity – videos that were designed to provoke responses, of her smoking weed, and getting at other people in her life, and generally being provocative. In simple terms, she kept the fight going, but she did so with lies. Even in her September video, she writes that she expects hate. She should never have been allowed to do it, but it’s too late now. Unfortunately, her September video does not reflect a story of harassment, stress and trauma – it reflects the stupidity of a young girl and her even worse parents in not knowing how to avoid conflict. It is an unfortunate thing about the Internet – put yourself out there, and it’s pretty obvious that you will attract haters. Amanda never realised that, even after the cops came in December 2010. But all that has been covered here. And it continues to amaze me that Carol Todd still allows the interest in her daughter to carry on, knowing full well that it’s the nudity that keeps the story alive – nothing else.

The rest of the article is the usual tripe – painting the world purple, the snowflakes, we’ve heard it all before.

But I leave you with this. If Carol Todd is so genuinely against all the evils of online behaviour, especially bullying, why has she never spoken out against the anti-Kody Maxson Facebook pages that threaten death? And while we’re at it – why do her supporters appear to blame Facebook or, more recently,, but fail to mention sites like cameracaptures, Omegle and so on? Why is that aspect of the story swept under the carpet when, for so many reasons, it should be central to trying to come to terms with the truth behind all this? Or is Carol Todd simply trying to blame everyone else but herself?

News just in: The comments in the post were edited – I assume because Carol Todd knew she would be causing trouble. But too late – Renan Tarras is the new name in the frame. He’s on Facebook as ‘Renan Mangwhoree Tarras’ and perhaps also ‘Renan Tarras’ – 16 years old, from Canada. Maybe even Chilliwack. Anyone who cares to follow this up and provide more information would be doing me a great favour.

31 thoughts on “Carol Todd – getting desperate?

  1. Ooops! What has Carol done! Is this someone else being thrown to the wolves? Just what was his crime? Being young & stupid? Ok hang him!! 😉

  2. Why haven’t the RCMP acted on these screencaps? Isn’t this what has happened in the Sedwick case? I mean the bullies were arrested on similar evidence? I know the cases are in different countries but surely the kids that wrote out that stuff about Amanda be at least spoken too?

    • There is something distinctly odd going on. What we have to remember is that most of this is from 18 months to two years ago. Why does Carol Todd STILL not let all this lie?
      Firstly, it is peculiar that she has kept all this stuff. Just where was it? If it was on Amanda’s Facebook page, then it could have just been deleted. Was it on one of Amanda’s own Facebook pages? Or on someone else’s page? If it was on Amanda’s page, then why not just delete it. If it was on someone else’s page, then why bother to search it out, and to keep it so long? From what I’ve seen, most of the kids involved knew each other, and they were relatively local. Why didn’t Carol deal with it at the time? I’m assuming that Amanda wasn’t actually living with her, and that Amanda was with dimwit dad. But it’s odd that Carol knows these people, but has never seemed to try to sort it out. If she was that concerned at the time, she could have got in touch with the parents. Even if Amanda didn’t press charges and so on, there was plenty of opportunity to deal with it seperately – with the school etc. We have heard that the girl was expelled or suspended, and we don’t know what else occurred in the background – just what is it that Carol Todd wants to happen?
      Carol made two big mistakes – the initial release of the name Renan Tarras, and the obvious implication that Amanda was well-known for being sexually active – and not in a good way.
      But come on? Just what are the RCMP going to do? Look at the comments – they are nothing more than the terrible comments of 14-15 year old idiots who hated someone for whatever reason. You and I – and most other people – know that these comments abound on Facebook and, and we know that some girls actively (bizarrely) not only invite these comments, but leave them on their accounts. The Sedwick case is different, as it looks as if there was a deliberate planned action to bully the girl involved, both physically and mentally. The main protagonist carried out a long campaign, and was the ringleader. When she essentially bragged about it, she was asking for trouble. The Todd story is not the same, as there was no campaign led by an individual – Amanda had many enemies, and she just pushed her luck too far with the girl who punched her.
      In all fairness, by now in many other countries, especially in the UK, someone somewhere would have tackled this story and told the truth, but nobody in Canada wants to know the truth, as it would spoil the myth. The cops have given up – there will never be any arrests, and I doubt very much that the ‘investigation’ is still continuing. Remember – Carol Todd and the cops have had since December 2010 to do something about it.
      Renan Tarras is just another character in this fiasco. Carol Todd will never put an end to it – she’s too stupid, too vindictive, too wrapped up in the money and the fame. All she needs to understand is that it’s over – it’s history – and it’s time to move on. Amanda died from stupidity and neglect – nothing more, nothing less. And if you look more and more closely, it’s becoming clear where the stupidity and neglect came from. She’s just done a VERY good job of diverting attention away from herself and on to idiotic teens.

  3. ust what the hell did Carol or her daughter do to you personally? Why are you so on top of this story. You are the one who is keeping it alive with your alleged “facts” And just answer me you cannot because you know you cannot. Anser me truthfully. Why do you hide behind a fake name. Lord Lucan is you too. Roy is a dummy name too. You are interested in the Todd case and pouring out hate for a reason but NEVER say what your personal interest is in this. Colin Connoly is a sheep to you. He drank your kool aid. Is not there other issues in the world more tragic than this girl’s death. Who cares about your alleged deep sleuthing. You got no info you got nothing. And why is a traitor like Chelsea Manning your hero you dedicated your rag of a blog too? Chelsea Manning is a sexually confused idiot who sold out their country and jeopardised the national security of thousands. Much worse than the bogus charges you hurl out against Carol todd and her daughter. Every body read the Wiki on the traitor to their country
    Chelsea Manning
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Page semi-protected
    Chelsea Manning
    Manning in April 2012
    Born Bradley Edward Manning
    December 17, 1987 (age 25)
    Crescent, Oklahoma, U.S.
    Known for Release of classified U.S. government documents to Wikileaks
    Criminal charge Violating the Espionage Act, stealing government property, violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, multiple counts of disobeying orders[1]
    Criminal penalty 35 years imprisonment, reduction in rank to E-1, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, dishonorable discharge[2]
    Brian Manning
    Susan Fox
    Signature signature
    Military career
    Allegiance United States
    Service/branch United States Army
    Years of service 2007–2013
    Rank Private (E-1)[3]
    Unit 10th Mountain Division SSI.svg 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division
    Awards National Defense Service Medal ribbon.svg National Defense Service Medal
    Iraq Campaign ribbon.svg Iraq Campaign Medal
    Global War on Terrorism Service ribbon.svg Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
    Army Service Ribbon.svg Army Service Ribbon
    Army Overseas Service Ribbon.svg Army Overseas Service Ribbon
    Chelsea Elizabeth Manning[4] (born Bradley Edward Manning, December 17, 1987) is a United States Army soldier who was convicted in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses, after releasing the largest set of classified documents ever leaked to the public. Manning was sentenced to confinement for 35 years and to be dishonorably discharged from the Army. This was reduced by 112 days for harsh treatment received during pre-trial confinement at Quantico. Credit for other pre-trial confinement and good behavior could result in release on parole after eight years.[2] In a statement on August 22, 2013, the day after sentencing, Manning said she had felt female since childhood, asked to be referred to as Chelsea (instead of Bradley), and wanted hormone replacement therapy.[4]
    Assigned in 2009 as an intelligence analyst to an Army unit deployed to Forward Operating Base Hammer near Baghdad, Manning had access to databases used by the United States government to transmit classified information. She was arrested in Iraq in May 2010 after Adrian Lamo, a computer hacker, told Army Counterintelligence that Manning had confided during online chats that she had downloaded material from these databases and passed it to WikiLeaks. The material included videos of the July 12, 2007 Baghdad airstrike and the 2009 Granai airstrike in Afghanistan; 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables; and 500,000 Army reports that came to be known as the Iraq War logs and Afghan War logs. Much of the material was published by WikiLeaks or its media partners between April and November 2010.[5]
    Manning was ultimately charged with 22 offenses, including aiding the enemy, the most serious charge.[6] She was held at the Marine Corps Brig, Quantico, Virginia, from July 2010 to April 2011 under Prevention of Injury status—which entailed de facto solitary confinement and other restrictions that caused domestic and international concern—before being transferred to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where she could interact with other detainees.[7] She pleaded guilty in February 2013 to 10 of the charges.[8] The trial on the remaining charges began on June 3, 2013, and on July 30 she was convicted of 17 of the original charges and amended versions of four others, but was acquitted of aiding the enemy.[1] She will serve her sentence at the maximum-security U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth.[9]
    Reaction to Manning’s disclosures, arrest and sentence was mixed. Denver Nicks, one of her biographers, writes that the leaked material, particularly the diplomatic cables, was widely seen as a catalyst for the Arab Spring that began in December 2010, and that Manning was viewed as both a 21st-century Tiananmen Square Tank Man and an embittered traitor.[10] Reporters Without Borders condemned the length of the sentence, saying it demonstrated how vulnerable whistleblowers are.[11]

    • Oh its the return of the twin flame! Haha! You have been sorely missed Greg! Haha! How’s the rogue demon hunting coming along?
      Watch out for Colin btw – he hates it when his surname is spelt incorrectly! He might go all ‘Michael Myers’ on your ass! Haha!

      • I could care diddly squat what your god dammed opinion is of me. You and your alias based trio are just pushing this story to the fucking limits and blaming Carol Todd for doing the same. You need to answer me! What did this family ever do to you? Why is a traitor like Chelsea Manning who sold out his/her country such a hero to Phil Rose who hides behind a an alias? Like I say, I do not care what you think of me because you are all hypocrites. A traitor like Chelsea Manning? Causing through their opportunism to compromise the security of the nation they swore to protect and serve. That is who you dedicate your blog to? You dae to castigate the Todd family but you worship a traitor who caused a nation’s secrets to be compromised? Hypocrite. That was my point if you can even read! . Who cares about Colin and how he hates his name misspelled.

    • I am not on medication. You are judging me based on a religious belief? You obviously do not know what a twin soul/flame is. Do I make fun of your religion? Say you are on medication? Answer the question. Why does your friend, Phil dedicate a web site to a traitor to their country. Google Chelsea Manning. Look it up. Phil says it is time to let the Amanda Todd case go but he keeps it going? He calls her and her mom bad names? At least Amanda Todd caused her own demise. Chelsea Manning was a sexually confused person in the army who sold to WIKI Leaks sensitive secrets. Those secrets compromised the lives of thousands. Again. What has the Todd’s done to Phil that he sees it necessary to say over and over and over all sorts of charges. Even if they are true, does it justify his rantings? Who is the greater villain Chelsea Manning who was convicted of espionage? Who endangered their country? What is the greater sin or crime? A little girl who did things on a webcam and got bullied and took their life? Amanda at least paid for what she did. She punished herself. The traitor Chelsea Manning is in prison for betraying his country. I am not against transgenders, but the fact that Phil sees him/her as a hero while seeing Amanda and Carol as villains is truly a miscarriage in common sense. So you have my case. Mr. Rose I am waiting for your answer..

    • Well you can’t make fun of my religion 😉
      We are superior to all others!
      As for Bradley/Chelsea – I think Philip drank their kool aid 🙂

    • Well you can’t make fun of my religion. I am Catholic therefore superior to all others!
      As for Bradley/Chelsea – I think Philip drank their kool
      aid 🙂

  4. Pvt. Bradley Manning made waves when he released the largest number of classified documents in American history to Wikileaks.

    Then, after being sentenced to 35 years in prison, she captured everyone’s attention again after coming out as a transgender woman. Introducing herself as Chelsea Manning, she is fighting for her request to receive hormone therapy while incarcerated – an ongoing battle for transgender prisoners across the country.

    “We want to make sure that transgender prisoners have access to the appropriate medical care that they are entitled to, and there are too many systems that are not providing that care or are not knowledgeable about what that care should be,” said Amy Whelan, a senior staff attorney with the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

    By estimation, transgender prisoners represent a very small percentage of the federal prison population and an official record is not available. However, in the last 2005 census of prisons 1 percent of prisoners’ genders was not identified. The Florida Department of Corrections said there are only seven in the Sunshine State.

    No matter the number, the battle for fair medical treatment and protection from sexual assault is ongoing. Prisoners are entitled to medically necessary treatment and medication, treating anything from schizophrenia to diabetes, with some citing the Eighth Amendment as proof. Some, however, don’t feel that gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder (GID) is one of them.

    “All prisoners are entitled to receive treatment that’s medically necessary, and this is treatment that’s medically necessary, so I don’t feel like it’s special treatment. Just like a diabetic should receive the treatment that he requires to treat his disorder, so should someone receive it for gender identity disorder,” said Cassandra Capobianco, an attorney with Florida Institutional Legal Services (FILS).

    Vanessa Adams was a transgender woman who had not transitioned and was diagnosed with GID by doctors at a prison in Missouri in 2005. She made at least 19 requests to be given hormone replacement therapy, all of which were denied because she was not undergoing therapy before she was incarcerated – called a “freeze frame.” Adams attempted suicide multiple times and attempted to cut off her penis and testicles with a razor, causing her to be moved to multiple prisons across the country.

    “No one knows what it is like to be in the wrong body,” she told a staff member who found her standing in a pool of blood.

    While continuing her sentence at FFC Coleman in Florida, she finally managed to remove her penis.”[Prisoners] are at the mercy of correctional physicians and staff to provide them with care, and when that care is not forthcoming, some prisoners with severe gender dysphoria become so desperate that they take these actions,” Whelan said.

    Adams was sent for treatment in Massachusetts, where she continued her sentence. In 2009, she was represented by FILS and the National Center for Lesbian Rights and other groups and finally in 2011, the Bureau of Prisons dropped its freeze frame rules regarding hormone therapy. Now, each prisoner is evaluated individually.

    Plus, estrogen and testosterone is not something prison pharmacies would have a problem getting their hands on.

    “[Hormones are] really the only effective treatment for GID,” Capobianco said. “They prescribe hormones to other people with other disorders, including to sex offenders in the Bureau of Prisons… it is certainly something they can get and we know that because they prescribe it to people who had a prescription coming in, and they eventually prescribed it for Miss Adams.”

    Another battle facing transgender prisoners is where they are housed. In Florida, prisoners are placed according to their physical gender, which is problematic to those who have not transitioned.

    Non-heterosexual inmates are more likely to be assaulted in prison, but the dangers within prison walls is especially high for those who are transgender. In a study conducted of California prisons by the by the University of California Irvine in 2007, 59 percent reported being sexually assaulted while only 4 percent of randomly selected straight inmates could say the same. In the same study, 41.2 percent of transgender prisoners said what happened to them was rape – compared to 2.2 percent for straight inmates.

    Also, 70 percent of officers said they were not aware of the assaults against transgender inmates. Even worse, 64 percent of transgender victims who required medical treatment after the assault said they did not receive it.

    Changes are being seen slowly across the country, though. At least four jails or prisons in Cook County in Illinois, Cumberland County in Maine, Washington, D.C. and Denver, Col. have extra provisions in place to accommodate transgender prisoners as much as they are entitled to.

    “My hope is that prison systems will move toward treating gender identity disorder the same way that they treat schizophrenia or heart disease or any other disorder,” Capobianco said. “All prison systems should be providing evaluations and treatment for all of their transgender inmates regardless of what treatment the person received prior to incarceration or really any other factor. If they need it, then they should get it.”

    What a hero. A traitor to their country who in the name of their own self righteousness compromised the lives fellow soldiers. And you call me weird? Crazy? You support someone that jeopardised the lives of fellow soldiers? Someone who broke the oath to serve and protect? You dare criticize a little girl and her grieving mom? Yes this angers me.

  5. I got nothing to lose so I will say this. After this You shall never hear from me again. I swear on the soul of Allah! The lot of you are mistaken. Phil, you do not have to answer to me. No. But Allah will judge you. The Catholic Church is not superior. They are heretics. The Holy Eastern Orthodox Church started Christianity. Read your history Colin. I only wish Phili[p the Rose would answer, but the coward he is…. Go ahead. Do something smart. Curse an Islamic Holy Man. Curse Mohammed. I would love to see a Fatwa called after you. All of you. Allahu Akbar!

    • Oh good grief! I couldn’t make this sort of thing up if I tried! Welcome back Greg. We now have Allah entering into the mix.
      Chelsea Manning is a saint. If ever I end up in prison, I think I will claim I am a woman and get banged up in a women’s prison. Quite literally! In fact, it sounds quite appealing! Although being surrounded by hundreds of sex-starved women would be nothing new.
      OK Greg – you ask why I keep on about Carol Todd.
      The Amanda Todd story is a pack of lies. We all know that by now. Now there are good lies and damned lies, and this falls into the damned lies category. Apart from all the ludicrous vigilante activity that Carol seems to have ignored, and perhaps even encouraged, we have seen persecution of children online by the Todd supporters, a yearning for all sorts of revenge and retribution on certain children, a hotch-potch of idiotic finger-pointing and blaming, and exploitation by Carol Todd for money and fame.
      Her infamous video has, in the end, sparked off more enmity and hatred than could be imagined – the idiotic Feminist fringe who use it as a stick to beat all men; comment rows that use the most vile and violent language; uncontrolled suicide ideation and so on. Just look at yourself, Greg – threatening and cursing someone who is just seeking the truth.
      In time, the Todd story will be shown up for what it was – a series of lies that created more trouble than it was worth.
      Thanks for the amusement, Greg.

  6. Does one ever stop to think that with fame…hate and love will follow? Even if it wasn’t for truth, some will stand beside and others will walk the other way. You can curse at all those that don’t follow or walk beside the famous but in the end it will just make you look foolish. I wonder if Greg has ever looked up celebrities online? With every one I guarantee, hate pages will be found. Is it only because The soul of Amanda is within him that he despises this blog? I wonder how Allah feels of such things? I do not need to attack your religion. However, claiming the things you have make me feel very uncomfortable and rather sick to my stomach. If Phil is obsessed as the label says, what in Allah’s name are you?

    • Well, Lady Lucan, it must be quite disturbing for you knowing that your husband is still alive and well and commenting regularly on this blog. You are quite right. After the spectacular win of Frances on the Bake Off (as forecast on this blog), even poor old Ruby is talking of haters. It’s just human nature (unfortunately). And look at poor old innocent me – tons of hatred, and I am such a nice person.
      But Greg is not really a bad person. Off his rocker, maybe, but not bad. This story gets people upset, and that’s no surprise. It’s just a shame they’re getting upset for all the wrong reasons and in all the wrong ways. Greg genuinely feels certain things, and that’s his way. He wouldn’t really kill me if he met me, I’m sure. I expect that venting all his thoughts here might actually make him feel better.
      But I wish him well, and hope that one day he’ll see that love and understanding are much better than hate and anger – perhaps he’s not reading his Bible/Koran properly.

  7. Ok.Not a bad ideea.Don’t judge Greg…we are pathetic.He is just upset and he has another vision in “Amanda’s story”.But the comments made my day better.Now the religions are involved….Not normal.

    • Greg is brillant 🙂 He never lets me know how Amanda is doing though? Most unfair as I care deeply. Maybe he will reply once he’s finished his rogue demon hunting for the night? 😉

    • The Todd Squad would have had me killed. WordPress is about the last place I can operate without any harassment. If I had published things, they would have been in on it like a shot. I’m already pushing my luck with some of the things posted here, but as yet I haven’t crossed the line.
      In Canada, they have introduced Draconian measures to protect the Todd case (OK – 0.1% of me wonders if they are in any way conspiring in maintaining the myth). They have made it illegal to not only show any of the stuff, but to provide links and to even request the links. They have tightened up the rules that have, in effect, made it even illegal to post pictures of your kids on the beach should it come to court. So sorry – no more info.

  8. Dude, seriously, i almost throw up reading all the bullshi* in this page… I really, REALLY, wanna someone you love commit suicide to know if you would let it go in just one year all the things that will consume you… It’s so easy to be critical at soneone’s actions when you just need to sit in a chair in front a screen, write some phrases and move on to another thing… I don’t have no relationship with the story, besides be shocked the first time i saw it, and even with this little connection till today i expect the police to put their hands at whom is the responsable for all this story, so do you think her mother just had to let it go and never more speak about what happened just 1 year after? If it was my children that commited suicide, even if i’d started fight against bullying for the rest of my life, i would have all rights to wanna the head of the perpetrator… So stop talkung bullshi* cause wasn’t you that lost a beloved person…

    If you think that the history just kept alive cause one detail that started all the evens (her flashing at webcam) you have serious problems…And i would love to know, if the police’s investigations didn’t end, to they get here and check some IP adress… Cause someone that do the assumptions you did here, almost trying to put the responsible for all the things at Amanda’s hands, is the same type of person, if not the same, that started all the events that finished with her death.

    • I suggest you read the whole blog and find out that it wasn’t ‘one detail’ as you say, and that there is no ‘perpetrator’. And please, this is just a search for the truth, don’t get stupid and say things like ‘is the same type of person, if not the same, that started all the events that finished with her death.’ That’s just too ridiculous.
      Thank you for commenting, though, and I hope you take the time to read the entire blog. Meanwhile, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

  9. Incredible that this woman will stop at nothing to exploit her daughter’s death. Amanda was a pathetic little girl, a victim of the worst parenting ever.

    Watching fifth estate didn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy about this family.

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