Carol Todd – It’s a disgrace!

Good Lord! Just as I was thinking that this story was completely finished, the disgraceful Carol Todd and her even more disgraceful partners in crime – Gillian Shaw  and friends – crop up again. When are people going to realise that this story is a total embarrassment, not just for the Press as a whole, but maybe even for the whole of Canada, or at least that part of it called British Columbia?

‘The night of October 10th still haunts me.’ Total crap. In her own words, Carol Todd says that on that first night her primal urge was not to scream to the sky in anguish, nor to dissolve and crumble into a confused mess. No. Her first urge, apparently, was to write a blog entry, and not a particularly good one at that. I’m not sure if that’s the first thing I would do after such an event.

Now, on with the peculiarities. If people can’t see through the lies by now, they never will, but at least I’ve tried to show sense.

‘On the morning of October 11, we had realized that the video that Amanda posted on September 7 had been removed from YouTube.’ Interesting. Who is ‘we’? Why, after the tragic event, would one’s first concern be whether or not one’s daughter’s work of fiction was still on YouTube?

I have mentioned this before, and when I stated that Carol Todd specifically reinstated the video, I was doubted as usual. YouTube, very wisely, took it down as a mark of respect. And really, it should have stayed down. But what does Carol Todd do?

‘Gillian Shaw from the Vancouver Sun had become aware of this and was tweeting about why it was gone. I somehow had seen her tweet between my shock and fog and tweeted her back to say that I wanted it back on Twitter to be used as a learning experience for others. Within hours, the video was back.’

Now ask yourself this. Why would Gillian Shaw be so concerned? To be tweeting about something that was none of her business so quickly is a bit odd. So – in all her despair and grieving, Carol Todd finds time to check twitter, get in touch with Gillian Shaw, and get the video back on YouTube? Suspicious much?

Something stinks about this. We are led to believe that Carol Todd knew all about the videos that Amanda produced, and we know for certain that she knew it wasn’t a tale of a stalker and one photo that did the rounds. So why would she not anticipate that her daughter’s reputation would be the dirty linen publicly washed? My view is that the woman’s insane, and I can’t see much argument against that.

What really, truthfully, motivated Carol? It could be two things.

Firstly, it is a slim possibility that she was ignorant of all the facts. I have a feeling that perhaps everyone around Amanda had either fallen for the story, or convinced themselves that it was true. Yet that is hard to swallow. If she did know the story, then you have to ask yourself why on earth a mother would want all her daughter’s sordid history dragged out for the whole world to see.

Secondly, and this may be closer to the truth, I think that this might have been orchestrated right from the start. Carol Todd would have been seeking two things – fame and revenge. Fame for her daughter and for herself, and revenge upon all those she considered worthy of blame. The idea that this video – essentially a story of a lost child, Internet exhibitionism, and poor parenting – could be used as an anti-bully campaign at this point is laughable.

If Carol Todd had seriously wanted the world to learn from her daughter’s experiences, she would have campaigned against the sites like Omegle and BlogTV, she would have shouted from the highest mountain against the dangers of the Internet, and she would have urged parents to be much stricter and to impose control and supervision upon their children. She might have also changed it into a big mea culpa, and perhaps issued warnings about the use of drink and drugs. But no. She turned it into a look-at-me story. Why else would she flood the Internet with pictures of her daughter in provocative poses to become the wank material for dirty old men worldwide? Even when the supply began to dry up, she would release a few more titillating pictures from the family album. And note that she did absolutely nothing to track down or even mention the videos online and to have them deleted – that was left to people like me and a few others.

So there is something very wrong in this scenario.

‘The media contacted and came in droves. Was it just a news story they wanted or did they want an unknown juicy tidbit? As a family, we decided to only let the Vancouver Sun do the story (with the exception of one or two minor reports).’

Phoney baloney. All of Amanda’s juicy tidbits were already widely known. Most reporters would have simply wanted to know was why the Hell this child got into such a mess. Carol Todd allowed the Vancouver Sun to take charge because she knew that they would not ask any awkward questions. Not once has Gillian Shaw asked one decent question of Carol Todd – not one question about the videos, not one question about the drink, drugs, and sex. All of Gillian Shaw’s reporting has been vapid and worthless. Only in Canada would she get an award.

Carol Todd fails to mention her connection to Patrick McGuire, the even more useless piece-of-shit reporter who raved on about the ‘stalker’ aspect. I wonder why? Maybe because he and others wanted to know more about BlogTV? Because it was them who knew that Amanda was ‘a celebrity of sorts’ in the world of Internet nudity? Or who broke the Daily Capper news (so long ago now that I forget that it was me who broke that to him, and I am the unknown ‘commenter’ he refers to in one of his articles)?

‘Anyone with kids understands the fear of possibly losing a child but no one actually wants those realities to become a real story.’ It makes me laugh sometimes. Carol Todd has bent over backwards to make this a story. Indeed, no proper parent wants their child’s shortcomings to be paraded in public. Unless, of course, you are Carol Todd.

And we finish off with more rubbish.

‘The story that Gillian wrote and that Mark shot helped others see a story through the purple haze. Amanda’s legacy has reached widely across the world. Her story has benefited by saying out loud that it is okay to reach out for help when it is needed the most. For those reasons alone, we should be breathing deep sighs. What is usually not done has had a silver lining.

Thank you Mark!! Thank you Mike for knocking at my door!! And thank you Gillian for trusting me and allowing me to read what you had written before you sent your pieces of writing to your editor. Together, we got the stories and details right.’

‘Amanda’s legacy has reached widely across the world.’ Well, no it hasn’t really. What HAS gone round the world is the nudie pics, and those have turned the story into what it has become – yet another Internet bandwagon. Before September 2012, hardly anyone had heard of Amanda. Now, hundreds and thousands of people have seen her videos, thousands have gone on to the RIP pages and the videos using words like ‘slut’. ‘Go drink bleach’ has become a new phrase for kids online, as has the word ‘Todding’ to mean committing suicide. Thousands of kids have become upset when they go online and find out that their idol, their heroine, was a serial flasher, a drug taker, a sleep-around, and I dread to think how many parents have had to explain what ‘masturbating online’ means. Amongst most teens now, Amanda has become the byword for teen stupidity.

And just what is the legacy? A bunch of nutcases going round saying that young children (the mythical bullies) should be punished for eternity? That an innocent person accused of being a stalker should be tracked down and killed? Not once – not once – has Carol Todd admitted that the stalker accusations should be forgotten. Not once has she said that it’s time to forgive all the stupid kids who got involved in this fiasco. Carol Todd has become the ogre-like figurehead for a group of people who make the worst bullies seem like charming people.

‘Together, we got the stories and details right.’ No. Together, you concocted a myth that has as little do do with the truth as the Todds have to do with good parenting. Together, you have just written a pack of lies and what’s worse is that you know them all to be lies. But maybe it just runs in the family.

I gave this post the heading ‘It’s a disgrace’ because that’s what it is. But deep down I think most reasonable people know that now. Carol Todd is desperately hanging on to the last remnants of fame, but she’s on a sinking ship. This time next year it will have disappeared without trace.

3 thoughts on “Carol Todd – It’s a disgrace!

  1. Wow! This was like a little refresher of the story – or at least the beginning – and yeah its extremely hard to swallow.
    I know grief takes many different forms & I’ve seen a lot of them but this leaves me somewhat bewildered 😥
    Twitter – YouTube – contacting reporters – writing a blog entry? I’ve not even heard of the likes of this before.
    Purple day was only 3 weeks ago but it doesn’t appear to have done the trick for Carol judging by a couple of recent posts.
    An extremely brief intro to the Rebecca Sedwick story is quickly changed into Amanda again – including the mention of a minor. Now we have this post?
    I never did understand why she pushed this story so far – considering what was & has being discovered about her daughter. The girl HAS been dragged through the mud repeatedly & in my opinion unnecessarily. If Amanda was my family I would want the attention to disappear rapidly & keep her reputation as intact & respectable as possible. To let her rest in peace.
    My own opinion is her mum simply can’t let story die because she hasn’t come to terms with the reality of her daughters life & suicide. She has been busy keeping busy & trying to keep that dreaded but inevitable reality from hitting home. It must be mental torture & I do feel sorry for her – but I’m well aware of some of the damage done in order to maintain her version of this story. This isn’t right.

  2. “Thank you Mark!! Thank you Mike for knocking at my door!! And thank you Gillian for trusting me and allowing me to read what you had written before you sent your pieces of writing to your editor. Together, we got the stories and details right.’”
    Holy shit I thought these were your words in jest.
    I was shocked to realize that this was a direct quote.
    Ps: I just found this because of an argument I was having about the sexualizing of children and am sad to say Amanda Todd has been successfully whitewashed.
    I’ve never seen anything like it.
    Almost every page you can find is all lies.
    You don’t even find anything when you Google Amanda Todd kicked off blogtv three times.
    I have never actually witnessed history be rewritten before and even though it’s ultimately a small thing it kind of gave me a sick feeling.
    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when it’s almost impossible to find the truth about this girl anymore but if you want to see dirty picks of her it will take about 10 seconds.

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