Tina Meier – a good mother


An interesting article. Here are some extracts:

‘Meier, Megan’s mother, now runs the Megan Meier Foundation. Its goal is to promote awareness of bullying and “promote positive change to children, parents and educators in response to the ongoing bullying and cyberbullying in our children’s daily environment,” according to its mission statement.’

“At the time, it was very, very hard for me to have an ounce of sympathy,” she says. And she understands the impulse that prompts people to seek what they believe is justice in an unjust world. But, she adds, over time she has come to believe that such acts simply feed a cycle of violence and pain.

She wishes that more people would follow in Tina Meier’s footsteps.

“Rather than people attacking perpetrators online, I’d like them to invest that effort in trying to educate people in what bullying is, or cyberbullying is, and more productive ways to deal with it,” she says.


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